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    Still not loving this series unfortunately

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    Sequel to Dark Heart ForeverThis book follows Jane again in her obsession with her green eyed werewolf boy Luca, in a story filled with werewolves, vampires, angels and a crossing into a parallel world called Nissilum It also comes complete with a love triangle, plenty of action, a mystery, heartbreak, magic, betrayals and political intrigue Should be the perfect book for me right Why just 2 stars I think this book was sent to straight to publication without being edited Aside from the numerous glaringly obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes, the continuity in this book is awful For instance, in one chapter Raphael notices Jane wandering into the palace kitchens at a party and thinks that she is up to something, but then Jane is off somewhere else, then chats to Raphael, and only very much later does she wander through the kitchen looking for Soren Another time, Jane and Vanya are barricaded inside the house because Lowe is violently protesting outside, but then in the very next chapter Lowe is at home with Luca having a nice cosy chat IT DOESN T MAKE ANY SENSE I could almost forgive these kinds of mistakes in the first few chapters where Jane first meets Soren and the narrative leaps about through time without explaining anything fair enough, we are hurrying through their meeting to just get to the meat of the story and are allowed to just assume that some conversation took place Jane is going to Paris Jane is in Paris Jane meets Soren and he asks her if she wants to go get a coffee She says yes It is suddenly the next morning and Soren is ringing her up Jane is back home in England again WHERE WERE THE INTERACTIONS IN THE MIDDLE Another thing I noticed sometimes it is said that Soren s parents were murdered when he is 6 years old, and then later on, someone says that they died when he was ten WHICH IS IT I tried to quickly find the quotes to back this up and haven t yet , but I did find the first time Soren tells his own story and listen to how confusing this is There once was a good boy A boy born into a hard working law abiding family, who raised him to be good mannered, considerate and honest The boy lived happily until he was ten years old when something happened to destroy everything he believed inOn his sixth birthday, a man came to the door p172 HOW CONFUSING IS THAT And finally the shifting perspective Most of the chapters are told in the first person from Jane s point of view it is Jane herself telling the story But some of the chapters also focus on either Luca or Raphael and these are told from the third person perspective This is absolutely fine once you get used to this shifting style and you can think right, we are focusing on Luca now Except in chapter 41 where both Luca and Jane are in the scene and the author can t seem to decide if she is following Luca in the 3rd person or Jane in the 1st person and jarringly shifts perspective WITHIN THE SAME PARAGRAPH I personally think that this is a really amateurish mistake, and really bewildering for the reader The first book left me so confused because I genuinely couldn t decide if it was genius or complete rubbish but this is just bad Aside from the bad writing the story itself is only ok The different scenes making up the jigsaw of the story didn t really fit together, and some parts just felt irrelevant Luca was moody and mean at times, Jane needs to stick up for herself , and I still have no idea whose side Raphael is on I don t think I have accidentally let some spoilers slip in this review, but because the book is so bad my advice is to just avoid it like the plague.

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    Possible Spoilers After saying I wouldn t rush out and buy this book because the first book Dark Heart Forever was.just okay, I still ended up and rushing out to buy it when I found out it had been released early in one of our local supermarkets.Dark Heart Rising starts a few months after the end in book one Alot has changed between Jane and Luca, for one, they ve broken up and he s engaged to marry someone else While Jane is left reeling over her broken heart, she tries to move on and forget about Luca While in Paris visiting her grandmother she meets a boy named Soren who offers to help her get Luca back While they take on their journey, Jane realises that there is to Soren than meets the eye and his is hiding a deadly secret, once that could put the whole of Nissilum in danger including Luca It was pretty easy to slip back into Jane s worlds after the events of book one I found this time around, I was better connected to the characters and that I enjoyed them that much I was really interested to find out what had happened between them and although I was a little disappointed that they had broken up, I also found it a necessary story line that makes you really see what the world of Nissilum is really like Hiding secrets around every corners and taking away people s free is only some of the things that happen there and I was glad that we got a peak into that A few new characters were introduced into the story too like Soren and overall, I think he was a great addition I also really loved that we got to see of Vandra, and that we got to see a completely different side of her that was portrated into book one This one I much preferred.The story itself was easy following with unpredictable twists to the story and also a few predictable ones but they kept me interested until the very end I noticed there were quiet a few typo s in book to but hey, not everyone is perfect The only major problem I had with the book was Luca I completely understand he was was trying to please his parents and follow the rules of Nissilum but my god, I have never wanted to shake a character so much in my life than I did with him He was just so frustrating for pretty much the entire book He spent all his time moody, cold and so sad by trying to ignore Jane that he was just willing to over look his and Jane s happiness In the end, he did redeem himself but I really hope that Luca doesn t come back Overall, I did enjoy this book than book and I will look forward to reading about Jane and Luca s story.

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    I stumbled upon Dark Heart Rising, sequel to Dark Heart Forever and decided to give the book a try Dark Heart Forever didn t impress me much, but I don t think it s horrible, though to be honest when I opened Dark Heart Rising I found myself unable to remember most of the events in book 1 I only recalled there s a werewolf boy and a human girl in the story, and the werewolves, vampires, witches and fallen angels all live in a secret dimension of their own and these supernatural creatures are banned to mix with humans Hell, I can t remember who is the bad guy Okay, one hell of forgettable book it is.Dark Heart Rising is a passable YA novel and it is easy to read, the main character Jane is an okay heroine who isn t a pain in the ass like so many other Paranormal YA book females Though I found nothing outstanding in Jane and the entire story seems to be lacking when it comes to originality and style.Still, everything is fine until the new male character, Soren s past is revealed plot spoiler warning I found it problematic for the author to justify mass killing of an entire family And why would Jane trust Soren and help him locating his younger sister who was adopted by another werewolves family after she learnt what he had done Wouldn t she worry that Soren is only playing nice in order to sever his own agenda Wouldn t she worry that Soren wants to find his sister only to finish what he had started years ago I know if I were Jane, I d be deeply worry end of spoiler The ending isn t bad, but it has nothing to differ itself from countless other YA paranormal romances in the market, and the author didn t bother to make up her mind on what she wants to do with Raphael, the villain in book 1 at one part, Raphael is a hatred ridden psychopath, then he shifts into a deeply troubled young man who plots to start an revolution in his society in the next chapter I suggest you to read the book when you can borrow it in the library.

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    Dark Heart Rising is even worse than Dark Heart Forever It s a total mess in both writing and story Writing wise, there is an extreme amount of errors So many, in fact, that it makes me wonder who on earth the editor was because let s be clear here even using spellcheck ought to have picked up many of them Apart from misspellings, there were misuses of words, cases where the wrong name was used, details which were inconsistent even with others in the same paragraph This is incredibly poor The story wasn t much better The female characters Jane and Lila are both utterly useless Jane is idealised into this higher than high character, someone morally superior, self sacrificing, with a pure heart the most deserving of love you can imagine Except she does precisely nothing to earn such a reputation Just as in Dark Heart Forever, she wanders around making stupid decisions, only inadvertently not causing huge damage, and fawning over any teenage boy who half glances at her We see rather less of the insipid Lila, but it s quite enough to judge her as the passive damsel in distress She s childlike, easily manipulated and desperately crying out for the slightest scrap of affection Speaking of any teenage boy who half glances at her , the plot involves a rather half hearted second love triangle in which Jane s heart flutters over a third boy after Evan and Luca She crushes on and kisses said third boy, runs around Paris and Nissilum with him and describes his muscular thigh pressing against hers a few times before the author forgot any of this ever happened and never mentioned it again Talk about a loose end, although why I should be surprised by this from an author who decided Jane and Luca were obviously in eternal teenage love after book one and she didn t need to sell that to us any further is beyond me I mean, seriously, Jane spent 95% of Dark Heart Forever fawning over and in a relationship with someone else and denying that she liked Luca as than a friend and the BAM They re meant to be and their families are pulling some Romeo and Juliet shit.I m not even going to try and address all the goings on with Raphael Is he a twisted little creep hooked on revenge or the disillusioned revolutionary I really don t care In all honesty, I probably shouldn t have even read Dark Heart Rising after how I felt about Dark Heart Forever, but I m packing to move house right now and it was just about the only book I could access.

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    Source This book was gifted Title Dark Heart Rising Series Dark Heart 2 Author Lee Monroe I have conflicting feelings about this book, I don t like Jane But I feel like if we had a different main character, this series could hold so much promise as the world of Nissilum holds a lot of potential Jane is just incredibly bland in my opinion, and I don t understand why she is attractive to three different boys in just two books The introduction of Soren in this book felt kind of like a poor choice, his story was just there to add angst, and I feel like the first book ended well enough for this book not to exist There was quite a few random sentences and inconsistencies throughout this book as well, characters not being where they were a paragraph before, spelling mistakes etc which made the book a lot difficult to read, as well as the story lacking a consistent and fast paced flow In reality, I just was not into this book, despite many others loving it.

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    Spoiler Alert At the end of Dark Heart Forever, Evan turned out to be Raphael, the son of Anna s teenage love Gabriel Raphael wanted revenge because he mistakenly believed that Anna had broken Gabriel s heart and caused his death Luca, Dayla and Lowe saved Jane and her family from Raphael s wrath when they were able to prove that guilt ridden Gabriel had in fact broken Anna s heart when he deserted her A sombre Evan returned to Nissilum along with Luca and Dayla In Dark Heart Rising, the second installment of the Dark Heart series, Luca finds himself in a bind when his parents, unhappy with him being with a mortal, betroth him to another werewolf, Lila Luca is duty bound to obey his parent s wishes and a heartbroken Jane is forced to contemplate life without him To take her mind off Luca, Jane joins her grandmother on a trip to Paris where she meets a Hungarian art lover, the mysterious enigmatic Soren Balzac It s not long before the two strike up a tentative friendship.Jane comes to discover that her meeting with Soren was not by chance after all when he reveals that he is from Nissilum and wants to help reunite her with Luca in order to prevent him from marrying Lila whom he happens to love himself Jane is unsure if she can trust Soren after his initial deception but is swayed by the thought of being with Luca again.Celeste and Cadmium incarcerated Raphael on his return to Nissilum for his actions in the Dark Heart Forever He has been released and supposedly cured of the madness that had been inflicting him With Cadmium seriously ill, Celeste has hopes that Raphael will step up and fulfil his duty as ruler of Nissilum Raphael however still seeks answers to his father s disappearance and uncovers some startling discoveries that reinforce his beliefs that Nissilum s rule is not what it seems Jane and Soren return to Nissilum Raphael is surprised when he sees Jane and intrigued by Soren whom he sees as a kindred spirit Luca however is shocked when he sees Jane with Soren and struggles to keep his emotions in check for the sake of his family Jane s only true ally is Luca s sister Dalya Jane has further reservations about Soren when she meets his one ally in Nissilum, the vampire Vanya, who Jane almost fell victim to in the previous book What dark secret is Soren hiding and what are his true reasons for being in Nissilum I really enjoyed this sequel and thought it was better than the first book The plot moved along nicely with lots of suspense and twists that I didn t see coming unlike the first installment Soren being the son of Gabriel and Vanya for example That Gabriel certainly has a lot to answer for although he s as yet to make an appearance something that will hopefully be remedied in the next installment The development of Jane s character throughout the book was pleasing She s mature and emotionally stronger in this book Vanya was a surprising revelation too I found her quite creepy in the last book but we see a wonderful zealous and loyal side to her in this book Her ironic dry sense of humour as well as the scene where she dresses Jane up as a vampire made me laugh Soren was a pleasant addition to the book as well He had his secrets but he also had genuine reasons for keeping those secrets In the end his intentions were honourable Also how cool is the fact that he s half angel half vampire One of the highlights of the book was the chance to explore Raphael s story and perspective I found myself understanding his motives and even liking him I respected him for doing the right thing by Soren when he had every reason to see him as a threat.I m really looking forward to seeing how the author will develop further in the next installment Dark Heart Surrender especially with regards to Raphael and his new personal mission to find his father in the mortal world It will be interesting to read how Luca copes with the mortal world now that he has decided to join Jane there.

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    Dark Heart Rising is the sequel to Dark Heart Forever I read the latter last year and really enjoyed it, so I was eager to get my hands on this one I also wanted to read it because Lee Monroe is a British author and I love to support homegrown writers.The book starts with Jane and Luca now apart, which I wasn t expecting I thought that after the events of the previous installment, we d finally get to see the two together but it seems not Luca is now betrothed to someone else and Jane is nursing a broken heart To take her mind off Luca, she joins her grandmother on a trip to Paris, where she meets the enigmatic Soren who has links to Nissilum Jane isn t sure if she can trust Soren but he tells her that he can help her get Luca back, so swayed by the thought of being with the boy she loves again, she decides to trust him However, Soren is hiding some dark secrets of his own which might endanger the very people that Jane holds dear.Unlike the first book, I found this one a little slow to completely engage me Although I was happy to see Jane again, as I really liked her character, I did get a little annoyed with her at times because she seemed to be making many of the same mistakes over again However, I think that is part of what makes her such a unique person She s been hurt in the past but she s still willing to trust people and give them a second chance The story is largely concerned with Jane trying to get Luca back again which meant that although there were some interesting new characters introduced into the series, we didn t get to see much of Jane and Luca together I m hoping that this will be remedied in the next book The majority of the story was set in Nissilum which meant that I got a better insight into how the world works and the laws and regulations on which it has been built This was interesting but it also meant that there was a lot less interaction between Jane and her family, which is one of the elements that I previously enjoyed In the first book there was a good balance between Nissilum and Jane s home which helped to keep the story grounded and I felt that that was a little lacking this time The plot got exciting as the story progressed and the pace really picked up in the second half of the book which had plenty of secrets being revealed and lots of twists and turns thrown in Overall, although I didn t enjoy this as much as Dark Heart Forever it was still a good read and I ll certainly be looking out for the next book in the series.

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    This is one of those books where I could not stop reading it, but wanted to throw it out my window at the same time I became so angry at Luca in this book I understand he is suppose to be portrayed as a loyal man but he would become so wrapped up in trying to please his mother to the point of having no compassion what so ever towards Jane I will only allow myself to cry one tear over her then never again COMPASSION It was hard for me to finish near the end when he wouldn t even believe the story she was telling him I mean honestly If I wanted to stop a wedding, I would ve said something like the chick was prego NOT come up with such an elaborate one So why wouldn t he believe one that was so..BELIEVABLE Then there s the fact that he chose his family over her I give her props for going after what she wanted but I honestly wouldn t of taken him back at the end She was his SECOND CHOICE Sure he gave up his family and world for her at the end but only after she had to prove herself You prove yourself to her Luca And don t even get me started on the ballroom confrontation after the Garden Secret Revealing Skeptical Luca who blames Jane and ask her what has she become scene..If I were Jane, Which thank to god at that moment I wasn t I would ve bitch slapped that hole entire werewolf family Okay maybe except Dayla But still I don t care if they would have eaten me As long as I got that one good slap in and told Henora to Go fuck herself..Then I would ve died happy And yes, Luca would ve gotten one too The whole Lila doesn t deserve this. shit, Luca please Jane didn t deserve it For once in my life, I was rooting for the under dog, Soren Sure he murdered his whole family but at least he didn t leave her Not to protect her Not to give her a chance at real love Not to help her in anyway BUT TO HONOR HIS DUTY A DUTY THAT WAS A LIE I m done Before I pop a blood vessel or something.

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    I finally dove into this book and did not regret it I loved reading every moment of it I just couldn t get enough.One thing I enjoyed about this book is the tortured lovers I know this many sound weird, but I liked the struggle between them It made the ending much sweeter Even though the tortured lovers were separated, against all odds they came together I loved that both of them learn so much about each other and had to carefully think about the decision they were making.This book is also jammed packed with action as well as secrets left and right As the reader, I enjoyed learning the secrets as well as traveling back and forth to Nissilum This is wonderful world created that I adore.The love interest in this book I loved Seeing to people separated by the laws of Nissilum and came together made my heart swell with joy Luca and Jane love is forbidden They had to fight to get where they were and seeing them fight together made them ever as a team I really loved Jane s strength Her strength to do what she had to do when she didn t want to do it, made me smile That is what love is about Sacrificing something else for one another.I just learn that there is a third book I am supper happy and can t wait to read it This book has captured my heart and had me at hello Simply fantastic and loving, Dark Heart Rising is an amazing book

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