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✼ [EPUB] ✴ Last Argument of Kings By Joe Abercrombie ❆ – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Last Argument of Kings, meaning Last Argument of Kings, genre Last Argument of Kings, book cover Last Argument of Kings, flies Last Argument of Kings, Last Argument of Kings a44cdda752472 The End Is Coming Logen Ninefingers Might Only Have One Fight In Him But It S Going To Be A Big One Battle Rages Across The North, The King Of The Northmen Still Stands Firm, And There S Only One Man Who Can Stop Him His Oldest Friend, And His Oldest Enemy It S Past Time For The Bloody Nine To Come Home With Too Many Masters And Too Little Time, Superior Glokta Is Fighting A Different Kind Of War A Secret Struggle In Which No One Is Safe, And No One Can Be Trusted His Days With A Sword Are Far Behind Him It S A Good Thing Blackmail, Threats And Torture Still Work Well Enough Jezal Dan Luthar Has Decided That Winning Glory Is Far Too Painful, And Turned His Back On Soldiering For A Simple Life With The Woman He Loves But Love Can Be Painful Too, And Glory Has A Nasty Habit Of Creeping Up On A Man When He Least Expects It While The King Of The Union Lies On His Deathbead, The Peasants Revolt And The Nobles Scramble To Steal His Crown No One Believes That The Shadow Of War Is Falling Across The Very Heart Of The Union The First Of The Magi Has A Plan To Save The World, As He Always Does But There Are Risks There Is No Risk Terrible, After All, Than To Break The First Law

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    Because, even after the first two volumes, every character will STILL surprise you Because Glokta is the best fantasy character I ve found since Tyrion Lannister Because Logen is a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker Because you should ve seen it coming but you didn t You really didn t Because even gritty fantasy writers are usually afraid to go this far against expectations Because you will laugh You will get angry Because you will hate the ending Because the ending is perfect Because the last surprise is on the last page Because every combat sequence is spot on Because every character s actions are spot on Despite the fact that we sometimes don t need quite as much explanation as we get Because we need fantasy authors willing to give people like Terry Brooks, Margaret Weiss, Tracy Hickman and Robert Jordan a really good wedgie Giving dead people wedgies might be in bad taste, but it s occasionally necessary Because worlds with swords and sorcerers are boring when they re perfect Because people are boring when they re perfect Because perfect things are boring Because this series is totally not boring Because in some ways Abercrombie s series works better than A Song of Ice and Fire in some ways, just some, not all of them, please put down those rocks.Because it s time to read something entirely made out of awesome Because this is it Because Just because.

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    Say one thing for Last Argument of Kings, say it s dark fantasy at its best Logen s father said After finishing the book and the trilogy, I decided to give this book a rating of 5 stars Why well, as Logen Ninefingers always said you have to be realistic about these things Last Argument of Kings is the conclusion to the First Law Trilogy and it completely delivered on all aspect of great quality dark fantasy It provides a fitting ending to the trilogy, it s dark, funny, bloody, oh yes it s really bloody, intense and packed with fast paced actions Out of 670 pages around 300 pages are filled with war, death, and Abercrombie wrote it in a way that we, the reader feels we are truly in the middle of all the chaos and mayhem with all the characters Actions scenes, torture scenes are all vivid although sometimes there is way too much details into some unnecessary stuff imo However, it doesn t change the fact that Abercrombie really pay attention to details and gave one heck of a fine trilogy into the literature world Joe Abercrombie will now be included into one my favorite author lists along with Brandon Sanderson, and at the same time along with Mistborn trilogy, these trilogy are going to my favorite shelves Any fans of dark fantasy and Song of Ice Fire series will definitely have a blast with this series like I am.

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    and so the excellent First Law trilogy concludes this was a splendid experience and certainly a hearty one as well many things to consider and many enjoyments to be had a full meal and quite a bitter feast at that.and here is the Last Argument of the title, succinctly delivered by the ferocious sorceror Bayaz Power makes all things right That is my first law, and my last That is the only law that I acknowledge SPOILERS FOLLOWthis is a really marvelous series bold in intent, clear in purpose, both a strikingly rigorous critique of the systems of power and a fun, fast paced adventure that turns expectations around narrative characterization upside down it is not perfect the most egregious fault is a certain shallowness in the dialogue many lines read as if they are coming from a particularly snarky tv sitcom i do not like but that fault, and other minor ones, pales in comparison to all the positives of the trilogy.the first book basically functions as a a prologue indeed, in other books, the entirety of the action in that book would probably have been dispensed with in a chapter or two but The Blade Itself sees the building of character and the constructing of a strong foundation for its overarching narrative as key to its design, and so The Blade Itself sticks in the memory as one of the most in depth introductions to the action that i ve experienced a bold move i like the second book is where all the action is at but man does Abercrombie fuck with reader expectations in Before They Are Hanged there are two primary narrative threads in the second book a Quest for a Band of Adventurers and the Defense of a City Under Siege for such a contrastingly to the first book action packed novel, the decisions of how to end these two adventures is rooted in the need to illustrate failure so much so that the novel functions as a sardonic critique and attack on the use of Quests and City Sieges in fantasy the Quest goes nowhere nothing is gained and the whole thing is pointless the Defense of a City fails good people are slain, a city is taken, and then the hero is rewarded for doing a good job in drawing out the Siege his actual failure being preordained by his loathsome masters truly a a kind of rough justice in terms of reader expectations for classic narrative pleasures i like.Last Argument is likewise determined to smack the reader upside the head with their own complacent desires this happens in two distinct ways 1 showing the true darkness at the heart of its sometimes rather loveable characters and 2 giving the novel s various narrative threads some of the bitterest versions of happy endings that i ve experienced.to the first goal, it is important to point out what Abercrombie did in the second book he made his characters highly appealing their courage loyalty cleverness are highlighted and they are given amusing character traits to make them charmingly down to earth they grow and they do brave things and the novel shows that they can be better human beings, if given the opportunity the third book is counting on the reader to remember those positive little bits all the better to sting that reader when they are reminded of these characters true natures the only person who escapes unscathed is the most unloveable character of all the savage and bloodthirsty Ferro, who is my own favorite character other characters do not make it out with their loveability intact Logan the berserker barbarian s stomach turning past is actually explored with an emphasis on his various mindless atrocities and, most importantly, we are given a scene where we witness Logan s terrifying alter ego do truly horrible things my God, he cuts a child in half he becomes distinctly un loveable after that little bit and the same goes for the rest anti heroes who Abercrombie set up to be surprisingly sympathetic are given their chance not to shine, but to molder Glokta tortures innocent people that he knows are innocent, simply because he is following orders Jezal overindulges his tendency towards frustrating ditheriness Ardee becomes a self pitying, self loathing lush Black Dow, Frost, and Severard betray those who have given them trust Quai is shown to be a foul imposter and most stark at all, Bayaz the Eccentric Magician is shown to have the true colors of a classic megalomaniac, uncaring of who he hurts kills, primarily interested in maintaining his authority, a liar and a bully and a murderer, contemptuous of all who do not share his goals, and willing to do literally anything to further those goals and gain power Bayaz the Eccentric Magician the only character who seeks to truly protect a kingdom against the powers of darkness turns out to be the darkest monster of them all i like.to the second goal well, i don t want to do what i did above, and list the viciously ironic happy endings delivered on all the remaining characters one example will suffice a Happy Marriage for a king and his new bride a happy ending where a lesbian is forced to pretend to be deliriously happy to bed her man night after night or else her lover, a stalwart lady in waiting, will be tortured and killed a happy ending where the naive new king is so pleased with his wife s change of heart that he never questions how that radical change of heart occurred he finds her crying at the window each night after a session of lovemaking well, it must be because she is homesick the cumulative effect of all of Abercrombie s bleakly sardonic decisions is one that gave me a hollow, depressed feeling and yet i was thoroughly engaged and challenged by each of his decisions i felt attacked i felt like the rug was pulled out from under me i felt as if all that i held to be important and meaningful were simply false constructs based on lazy thinking and a complacency with what i have automatically considered as good , as right being challenged like that is a rare thing i like.

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    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Say one thing for this reviewer, say she s a weak minded sucker.She really enjoyed the first two books of Joe Abercrombie s The First Law trilogy This story was original, had a unique style, fascinating characters, and a darkly cynical style She liked it It was fresh But she was kind of hoping, even daring to expect, that the last book, Last Argument of Kings, might have an ending that was, if not perhaps exactly happy, at least somewhat satisfying.Unfortunately, Last Argument of Kings was realistic than happy Hooray, some might say a realistic ending But realistic is not what this reader reads fantasy for For three books she read about people s heads being chopped off, painful body parts clicking, toothless gums being sucked at, pain, wasting disease, bodies being cleaved in half, pain, betrayal, torture, treason, tyranny, loveless marriages, abusive fathers and brothers, miscarriage, alcoholism, prejudice, pain Lots of pain It has to get better, right Alas, no There just wasn t enough redemption to balance all of the pain A couple of characters became noble they couldn t have become less so , but their triumphs were outweighed by the degradation of other characters It was all just kind of depressing.Besides that, there really wasn t anything new in Last Argument of Kings The story ends for better or for worse , but there was none of the freshness that was so exciting in The Blade Itself The writing is well above average, but not brilliant, and it certainly wasn t pretty.What she s trying to say is The First Law is an entertaining and well written story for someone who is the cynic than the optimist But it left this reviewer feeling icky Very icky Read Joe Abercrombie book reviews at Fantasy Literature.

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    The end of this series is a cleverly crude mirroring of it s opening, and it s just so damn hilarious I m saying no regarding that, but Abercrombie never fails to make me laugh Logan Nine fingers is such a great character he really is the strongest aspect of this series You can never have too many knives, his father had told him Unless they re pointed at you, and by people who don t like you much His wise courage allowed him to defeat the impossible Only he would have survived such an ordeal Abercrombie sure knows how to write an excellent battle sequence, but the one on one combat at the end of the book is a whole new level of gripping It was tense It was exciting And it felt like it could have gone either way Every stroke of the sword was vital One wrong move and it was over The odds were against Logan he faced a terrible foe, but Logan is a survivor He has been through so much in his life, and he will continue to face his enemies until he falls He is unshakable His proficiency for killing grants him a new beginning by the end He is in a position where he could go anywhere and be anyone It will be interesting to see how far the character goes in the future Now I ve of course read Red Country but I want to see Logan after that I hope one day that we finally get to see his end, whatever that may be I think we need to because at the moment Logan s story is far from over An origin story would also be quite good We know the basics of where he came from, but to read about it all would be great Strong endings all round Power makes all things right That is my first law, and my last That is the only law that I acknowledge Logan is not the only great character in this series Sand dan Glokta stands amongst my favourite characters in all fantasy fiction He is on par with Tyrion Lannister in his wit, cynicism and intelligence He is the unsung hero He is the cripple the man twisted with rage and despair, but he also pulls through it and continues to serve his country despite his many personal daemons He finally gets his due, one deserved and one justified Perhaps As I said with Logan, I would love to see a reprisal of this character His newest novels The Shattered Sea trilogy whist in themselves quite good, simply are not on par with his first trilogy The tone isn t the same The story is not as good So I think a return to this world is in order, hopefully some time soon The First Law Trilogy1 The Blade Itself A bloody four stars2 Before They are Hanged A gritty four stars3 The Last Argument of Kings A strong four stars

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    Okay, so here s the thing with this book and why I gave it no stars 1 It s the third and final volume in a trilogy that up to this book was pretty much as good as fantasy gets good characterizations, egaging plot, nice overall writing style, etc etc etc.1a I specifically liked the first two because they were surprisingly nasty, not dark mind you no brooding emo heroes of the night , nasty.1b Nasty isn t meant sexually either, incidentally, in case you were flashing to Janet Jackson right then.2 All of that remains true for this book I think it s important to know that no actions or events in this book are implausible given what s happened before or are unbelievable to the characters as written to this point.SPOILER ISH3 Man, everything goes to shit and everyone dies or is fucking miserable forever is what happens here in book three 4 And that turns out to be the point of it all, the philosophy the series intends to convey That everyone is a total shit and you will die and death will be awful and degrading, but that s what life s like anyway so who cares 4a I think it s because that s the IT of the series that I found the book so dispiriting and also retroactively ruinous of the first two, which I no longer particularly like knowing what they d lead to 4b Which makes me worry a little that I ve turned into Pollyanna No Unhappy Endings let s have some cookies and hugs.4b i Or even worse, someone who requires moral edification in entertainment.5 I am going to resist those ideas about myself, even as I struggle to figure out why this is so repugnant to me, why I feel so. almost offended by this book I guess because this ending seems as trite as one where everyone wins and has cookies and hugs, only looking for some deeper credibility by instead of cookies it s slavery instead of hugs it s sharp pointy sticks being jabbed in various orifices It ends up not TRYING to say anything then the easiest black or white thing it could say, and it s even worse when you have this feeling the author COULD HAVE DONE BETTER.

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    As the Gurkish march on Adua, Bayaz schemes to defeat them, Jezel discovers his secret parentage, and Glokta tries to learn things no one wants him to know Meanwhile, the Northmen are holed up in a fortress in the hills with Bethod s army at their gate, waiting for the Union army to arrive Will they arrive in time Is even Bayaz enough to defeat the Gurkish Apart from my Dark Tower reread of 2011, It s been a long time since I read the final book in a fantasy series I guess re reading the Elric books was the last time and probably Amber before that The Last Argument of Kings, final book in the First Law trilogy, is way up in the series ender hierarchy.The manure hits the windmill in a serious fashion in this volume Several pretty important characters die The rest of them have their lives change in real ways Who would have Jezel dan Luthar and Logen Ninefingers would wind up kings Or what would happen after they did Glokta and Bayaz were by far the most captivating characters in this volume Glokta shocked me time and time again and I m still not sure if Bayaz slew his mentor or not, only that he has his fingers in most of the pies in the bakery All the revelations toward the end blew my mind.There are so many things I want to gush about in this volume, like Bayaz using the Seed against the Eaters, Glokta marrying Ardee West, and the fight between The Bloody Nine and the Feared I knew the confrontation was coming as soon as the Feared was introduced and I was pretty sure of his weakness I just didn t picture the battle to be so brutal.The character development over the course of the three books was pretty damn amazing considering where Jezel, Logen, and the rest started The ending was the icing on the cake.Like I said in my reviews of the other books, people compare these books to George R.R Martin but they aren t that similar other than the brutal deaths The First Law is way like Pratchett This particular volume reminds me of Watchmen quite bit when the heroes find out just how thoroughly they ve been jerked around.Five blood drenched stars That s all I have to say.

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    Disappointing This book probably deserves better than two stars, but I just can t bring myself to call it good, because I didn t really enjoy it even though I read it fairly quickly Don t get me wrong it s interesting enough, and the characters are still vaguely engaging, and there s plenty of action By all means, the formula is there even though it does feel a little bit tired.So what s the problem I guess I was just hoping Abercrombie would be able to salvage some of his characters and bring the story to a satisfying conclusion, but frustratingly, most of the characters end up less likeable at the end than they were at the beginning, and the book s conclusion feels loose and sloppy.I m okay with a no good and no evil sort of world, with ambiguous heroes, but for crying out loud, Abercrombie can t seem to come up with a sympathetic character, or any sort of heroic progression His characters are in turn spineless, self centered, vengeful, ruthless, feckless, and amazingly passive Unlikeable in the extreme Logen seems to be a completely different character from one book to the next, Ferro is static, Glokta becomes boring can he stop tonguing his gums for a page or two, please , and Jezal crumples into a worthless sack of dookie By the end of the book, there was not a single character I was rooting for, and I really didn t care whether they lived or died In fact, I was kind of hoping they would die, since then there wouldn t be any sequels Whatever happened to characters like Elric of Melnibone, Raven of the Black Company, Caine, Tyrion Lannister, Riddick, et al The humor seems to have disappeared by the third book, as well This is too bad, since humor actually makes the characters a lot sympathetic.There is also some odd plotting The logic of Bayaz is baffling why exactly is he spending so much effort to build an empire when he could have accomplished his goals with a lot less hassle he is, after all, incredibly rich and powerful and all that And why does he show so little interest in his empire Not even a hint of pride What s the point In the end, that s what I came to What exactly was the point of the story Oh well Maybe I ll pick up another book by Abercrombie someday, but not any time soon.

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    The last book in Abercrombie s dark fantasy trilogy Done Dusted.It s going to be a while before I ve properly assimilated everything that happened over the course of the series It s quite something, and it s well worth your time if you enjoy genre fiction.Last Argument of Kings thoughts Strange and painful events seemed to follow in his wake like stray dogs barking behind the butcher s wagon.Like I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews, it isn t clear whether this wants to be dark heroic or dark high fantasy It does contain elements of both It s very, very violent and bloody at times, but it also has moments of hush and awe As expected, the action sequences are spectacularly impressive, especially any featuring Logen Ninefingers, or particularly, The Bloody Nine He stood still and caught his breath, the sword hanging down by his side, the grip cold and wet in his clenched fist He d never been much of a one for moving until it was time Best tell me your name, while you still got breath in you I like to know who I ve killed I d be hard pressed to select just one word to describe Abercrombie s writing, but something that did spring to mind was immediate There is an intimacy and urgency to the prose that pulls the reader in, kicking and screaming, for better or worse, until everything is played out At almost 700 pages in pretty small print this is no light read, and yet it s over before you know it.The characterisation in this story and in this entry in particular, is extraordinary beyond my ability to describe The POV characters are fairly ambiguous for the most part and you re never quite sure just who is going to carry the day as the biggest bastard, or beloved, of the series I think, though, that I m not alone in being partial to master Ninefingers, who is easily one of the most bad ass and provocative anti heroes to grace if you could call it that the pages of a book It meant nothing to the Bloody Nine who men were, or what they had done He was the Great Leveller, and all men were equal before him His only care was to turn the living into the dead, and it was past time for the good work to begin.A word of honour has to go to Inquisitor Glokta, whose inner musings are a delight and whose story is rife with intrigue and delivers the most surprises It always amazes me, how swiftly problems can be solved, once you start cutting things off people.As with the previous books, there is a lot going on, mostly concerned with warfare Siege, battle, bloodbath, siege wash, rinse, repeat Despite that, it remains a fascinating story that manages not to be overshadowed by the mayhem The extended ending is likely the portion that readers will quibble over the most, but it s a fantastic achievement all in all Great stuff all round.Addendum In a recent review of a different book I made a comment regarding the use of crude expletives during certain, um, scenes of intimacy The same thing happens here, but it didn t seem so out of place at all This either makes me the biggest hypocrite in the universe, or this is just that good a book You have to be realistic about these things.

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    Mercy and weakness are the same thing in war, and there s no prize for nice behavior When your two favorite characters in a book are a master torturer and a warrior who occasionally is filled with so much bloodlust that he forgets who he is and is as likely to kill a friend as much as a foe you really shouldn t be surprised to have mixed feelings at the end of the series.But I was surprised Maybe I m too used to the series I m reading ending by tying everything up neatly in a bow and giving out an appropriate number of Happily Ever Afters I can t really say that happened There are some people who got what they deserved, others who got far than they deserved and even who did not get what they deserved at all At the end I wasn t sure how to feel This is one of those stories that is going to stick with me and I ll wonder what the characters went on to do long after the story ended I m going to give Joe Abercrombie some props He made me love characters that I shouldn t have liked at all I mean who loves the torturer in a story, but Glotka is one of my all time favorite Anti Heroes I also adore Logan who sometimes goes on killing sprees and might kill his most trusted ally, still Logen Nine fingers really made this story for me.Say one thing for Joe Abercrombie, say he is never boring I flew through the last half of this book needing to know what was going to happen I was surprised by revelations that just kept coming There was one character that I absolutely loved in prior books that I couldn t believe how much I despised them by the end of this one But you love to play the good man, don t you Do you know what s worse than a villain A villain who thinks he s a hero A man like that, there s nothing he won t do, and he ll always find himself anexcuse I really do not want to give away anything about this story I just ask that you go in with an open mind and be ready for a very wild and unconventional and always entertaining ride The ending to this trilogy is much like Abercrombie s characters complex, interesting, controversial and perfectly unapologetically flawed Maybe that doesn t sound like a good thing but looking back on it now a week after I finished I really liked some of the chances he took with his story.I really hope he revisits a few of these characters since he left it a little open for some of them in the future I grew really attached to so many of the characters in the story and I really want to see them again.

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