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Before They Are Hanged summary Before They Are Hanged, series Before They Are Hanged, book Before They Are Hanged, pdf Before They Are Hanged, Before They Are Hanged efb54b5526 Superior Glokta Has A Problem How Do You Defend A City Surrounded By Enemies And Riddled With Traitors, When Your Allies Can By No Means Be Trusted, And Your Predecessor Vanished Without A Trace It S Enough To Make A Torturer Want To Run If He Could Even Walk Without A StickNorthmen Have Spilled Over The Border Of Angland And Are Spreading Fire And Death Across The Frozen Country Crown Prince Ladisla Is Poised To Drive Them Back And Win Undying Glory There Is Only One Problem He Commands The Worst Armed, Worst Trained, Worst Led Army In The WorldAnd Bayaz, The First Of The Magi, Is Leading A Party Of Bold Adventurers On A Perilous Mission Through The Ruins Of The Past The Most Hated Woman In The South, The Most Feared Man In The North, And The Most Selfish Boy In The Union Make A Strange Alliance, But A Deadly One They Might Even Stand A Chance Of Saving Mankind From The Eaters If They Didn T Hate Each Other Quite So MuchAncient Secrets Will Be Uncovered Bloody Battles Will Be Won And Lost Bitter Enemies Will Be Forgiven But Not Before They Are Hanged

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    We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged Heinrich Heine Before They Are Hanged is Abercrombie s second entry into the twisted and grim world of The First Law It follows on from the three story arcs that The Blade itself stylishly led towards Bayaz, the first of the Magi is venturing to the end of the Earth with his bizarre collection of distinctive personnel for reasons unbeknown to all apart from the Mage himself Superior Glokta has traveled South to infiltrate the politics of an allied nation, hoping to find out what happened to his ill fated predecessor and preparing defences for the attacks soon to be initiated by an advancing and ultimately imminent rival army The remaining narrative intertwines the stories of the rough living, legendary warrior group of Threetrees and the Dogman with the troubles in the North where the Union is tackling the Northern King s great forces Here we follow the action of the worst armed, worst trained and worst led army in the world For one of the narratives arcs, three points of view presentations are followed, often within the same chapter switching between actions and opinions The second has two viewpoints from very different characters summarising the happenings in the unwelcoming harshness of the cold real world with battles looming The final is presented by Superior Glotka alone A former dashing fencer who was tortured, crippled and now is an inquisitor torturer Trust me, you would have to wake up pretty early in the morning to outsmart this gentleman He is perhaps the finest creation in this series, for his tortuous past, achingly uncomfortable present and also his internal monolgues which are as highly gritty as they are humorous I mentioned he is the only POV section in this arc, but his internal thoughts are often so comically different from his statements and actions that it is like two amazing viewpoints His character is outstandingly well written There is also a pretty distinctive juxtaposition in his presentation of events and environments He still sees beauty in the world in his descriptions of things and then a second later could be commanding a subordinate to cut off a traitors body part.I very rarely read other reviews before writing my own, but I did catch one snippet from a status update that was very apt It stated that Abercrombie s stories are full of bastards that grow on you I think that that is a perfect analogy I honestly shouldn t care about most of the people written here Why do I truly care about vain, flamboyant, selfish officer Jezal when something bad happens to him Perhaps he deserves all he gets for his previous outlook and analysis of existence Why do I care about Logan Ninefingers He seems like an average warrior guy with scars encompassing his body, who people say was pretty handy with a sword and did some damning things in the past I really cared about the majority of the main characters Although a few fantasy character tropes are presented, spoilt King in waiting, mages, Devils etc Nothing at all seems cliche and that cannot be said for a lot of modern fantasy works My review of The Blade Itself raved about the characters and from my previous paragraph, you can see my opinions there haven t changed If anything, my views have been reinforced and heightened about how much of a knack Abercrombie has for this aspect of his fantasy work Although not really too negative and off putting, I did comment on the lack of action throughout the first book Action wise, Joe truly has raised the bar high here Battles, sieges, and The Bloody Nine all are expertly presented and adrenaline pumping It doesn t all need to be full guts gory and bloody to have an emotional dark impact either, and there are a few moments here that are poignant in their effectiveness for that reason I call this the just made this up but it sounds cool pushing Bran from the Tower technique, very intricate actions that have long lasting effects even though the act in question was simple In addition to the lack of action, my other grating issue with The Blade Itself was the world and the histories, although not hollow, did seem a bit unfulfilled I was unsatisfied that there was still no map, but a lot of the above has been rectified here Most of Bayaz et al s scenes are travel based the end of the world isn t close so we are presented cool stories by the characters to pass the time at campfires Bayaz talking about the history of the world, his relationships with other important, almost legendary figures and his past failings are memorable A scene that stood out to me was very simple, perhaps twelve pages where an ensemble discusses their scars So not only have the already complex characters become deeper, the world and its past are filled in pretty well here There is also a bit of a love story here to look forward to I was highly satisfied with the majority of what I read here Abercrombie is a genius is his moulding of characters and of all things grim Normally, the ending of a story can add a star to my rating The finale to one of the arcs of this book had the opposite effect I will not go into details but I will be interested in the comments to see if people agree and or know the narrative I am discussing I felt let down and almost like I had wasted my time waiting for that culmination This is probably a 8.5 10 but Last Argument of Kings must give me a reason for the arc ending this way If it does, I will re evaluate what I have written in this little section To conclude, this trilogy seems to be a character driven fantasy that is unequaled in the genre Gripping, thrilling, gritty and pretty damn awesome www.youandibooks.wordpress.com

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    okay enough with the reviews and comments from folks saying that there aren t any likeable characters in this series what we have here are 1 a barbarian with a heart of gold sure, he can turn into a mass murdering psychopath when pressed, but my gosh, that doesn t happen too often 2 an ex slave who lives to destroy her former abusers yes, she s grouchy savage suspicious of everyone, particularly white people do you blame her she was a former slave, abused and raped repeatedly come on 3 a centuries old sorceror, also very grouchy hey, he s been alive for centuries he s seen the rise and fall of men he s trying to stop the world from ending give him a break 4 a spoiled nobleman he doesn t stay spoiled for long the reader clearly sees him grow and discover new found empathy, freshly discovered understanding of the world and the people around him a person can change, can t they these are all completely loveable and endearing creations i understood their bitterness and suspicious nature and off putting high handedness, but i also cheered their slow movements towards understanding each other, towards kindness of a sort , towards decency their courage has always been obvious, but with this novel, they become much recognizably human reading about their journey was pure pleasure and the end of that journey a great bit of dark, dark irony it is a rather a brave and surprising thing for Abercrombie to pull off although i am confident will come out of that journey.also pure pleasure the continuing misadventures of the torturer Glotka i was pleased to see a decrease of his italicized snarkiness it is still there, of course, but it is not everywhere and no longer functions as a kind of shorthand for actual characterization it is just a part of who he is was anyone reminded of Tyrion at King s Landing when reading about him seeing to the city of Dagoska i was Glotka remains a wonderful and unusual character as do West and Dogman and all the rest sure these are all some bitter folks, but they barely even qualify as anti heroes to me, they are heroes.Before They Are Hanged is a great middle book unlike many second novels in a series, it does not feel at all like it is treading water if anything, this is where the action of the series truly begins the description of the various travels, battles, and siege are all riveting and Abercrombie retains his status as a writer who truly knows how to describe action the depiction of magic and of mythology remain compelling the mysteries remain mysterious but not in a confounding way we learn but just enough to keep things tantalizing and the writing remains muscular i usually hate seeing that word to describe prose because i m often not sure what it even means, but in this case, the word fits the writing is tight, sardonic, self aware, and muscular this was than a good read, it was a wonderful experience and i am really stoked to see how it all turns out in the third book.

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    Glokta is an excellent torturer Some would even say the best, but somewhere down his crooked path he made some rather nasty enemies Such is lifeSo, as a polite death sentence, he gets sent on a mission that is suicidal and near impossible to complete Anybody else would fail However, this is Sand Dan Glockta the most ingenious torturer and manipulator to ever wear the Union s colours You can t simply get rid of him His enemies have made a terrible mistake in underestimating him Physically, he is very weak Mentally, he is brilliant and ruthless You d be a fool to cross him A party of haters Abercrombie certainly likes to give a dark twist on what could have been a conventional fantasy series Instead of having a company of friends and allies, there is a company of misfits who absolutely detest each other Bayaz, the first of the Magi, has brought them together to recover a deadly weapon it s clearly for his own ends, but he has concocted a persuasive lie about his intentions Despite his supposed moral superiority, he is just as bad as the rest Indeed, the group s members are mean, selfish and they re all killers This makes for an amusing, and somewhat unusual, group of travelers The chances of a member being murdered are just as high as the party working together As the novel progresses this dynamic begins to shift The hatred doesn t evaporate, though it does develop into a mutual need to succeed and survive They learn to rely on each other s talents, and even go as far as to pay the odd compliment on each other s killing skills Such comradery In the end, they ve got each other s backs Either that or there all dead It was a slow development that was appropriate to their personalities it would have been very strange if these guys suddenly became best mates overnight These just aren t the sort of people that have friends, at least, not for very long It s all about Glokta, the nastiest bastard in fantasy.Superior Glotka was once a hero Those days are long gone He now enjoys to torture in the same ways he was once tortured But, he s not malicious It s his job to torture Someone s got to do it, right So why not an expert Why not get some fun out of it Except on his mission he learns to torture people in another way he manipulates them emotionally and forces them to aid in his hopeless defence of Dogoska whilst he tries to uncover who murdered his predecessor It s not an easy task, but Glokta can handle it He s one tough, remorseless, bastard Honour, eh What the hell is that anyway Every man thinks it s something different You can t drink it You can t fuck it The of it you have the less good it does you, and if you ve got none at all you don t miss it I love his characterisation it s dark and powerful, but most importantly it s utterly unique I feel like I should hate this guy, though somehow he comes across as sorrowful He s a pragmatist he knows what his weaknesses are, and he knows what he is No other writer I ve come across in fantasy can write such villainous characters that can so easily be sympathised with Mark Lawrence certainly couldn t pull it off in his Broken Empire Trilogy I think Abercrombie has earnt his reputation as King of grimdark fantasy What s not to love There s war, political drama and evil vs evil These early books are so much better that his newer stuff The First Law Trilogy1 The Blade Itself A bloody four stars2 Before They are Hanged A gritty fours stars3 The Last Argument of Kings A strong four stars

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    You can find this review and at Novel Notions We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged I am astonished by how much I loved this book I went from thinking that grimdark wasn t for me to being an unapologetic convert to the genre Whatever the cause for my change of heart, I m insanely glad it happened, because Before They Are Hanged is absolutely fabulous Brimming with humor and overflowing with compelling characters, the second installment of The First Law quenched a thirst for high stakes and long odds that I didn t even know I had Honour, eh What the hell is that anyway Every man thinks it s something different The of it you have the less good it does you, and if you ve got none at all you don t miss it First, I m crazy impressed that Abercrombie was able to pack this much character development and engaging plot into a second installment With so many trilogies, book two is something to struggle through, bogging readers down in overly extensive world building and an awkward trudge from the introductory plot points of book A to the concluding plot points of book C There are exceptions, of course City of Blades, Words of Radiance, Valor, and Bloody Rose are among some of the best books I ve ever read, and they were second installments, though not exclusively for trilogies It looks like I can now add Before They Are Hanged to that list, as it kept me completely enthralled from start to finish People love to see death It reminds them that however mean, however low, however horrible their lives become at least they have one Abercrombie could and should give classes on crafting amazing character development Every single perspective character grew by leaps and bounds in this book Even those whose point of view chapters were scant in The Blade Itself Ferro, West, and Dogman were incredibly compelling and vibrant and sympathetic I cared about every single perspective character, and was always a teensy bit desperate for my time with them to last a little longer before the point of view shifted Abercrombie did an amazing job of imbuing each plot line with a sense of urgency that kept me on the edge of my seat for the duration of the book It was honestly a little exhausting, but in the best way possible While all of the characters grew tremendously and felt almost tangibly real, the award for the most character development in this book and possibly in any book I ve ever read has to go to Jezal Luthor I don t want to spoil anything by getting into how he grew and why, but I was astounded by his alteration Anyone can face ease and success with confidence It is the way we face trouble and misfortune that defines us Something that is always hit or miss for me is an author s presentation of sex scenes Some are beautiful, like those written by Nora Roberts, emphasizing the emotion of the act than the mechanics Some are painfully awkward, like just about every sex scene I ve ever read by Stephen King The man is insanely talents with words, but they fail him when it comes to sex I wish he would just not Abercrombie s sex scenes are hands down among the funniest I have ever read There was one scene in particular that was perhaps the angriest mutual sex act I ve ever read, and it had me laughing so hard my sides hurt A choice between killing and dying is no choice at all You have to be realistic about these things Also, I m not usually a fan of fiction this militaristic I tend to get lost in the details However, Abercrombie excels at that as well, and really makes me care not only about the outcome but about the battles themselves Is there anything this man can t do An open mind is like to an open wound Vulnerable to poison Liable to fester Apt to give its owner only pain I don t know if I ve ever rated another book with 5 full stars and placed it among my favorites that left me so unsatisfied There were decisions made and outcomes reached that were incredibly anticlimactic and had me groaning in disappointment However, I knew from the warnings of friends Petrik and Emma in this case not to expect rainbows and unicorns This is grimdark, after all The name of the genre should tell you not to hope for a happy ending Because I was warned, that frustration that I felt at said outcomes only added to the reading experience for me There were no neatly tied conclusions to the plot lines Abercrombie followed throughout this book I have a feeling that I ll feel the same except to a greater extent about the final installment And I m actually okay with that While I still have my fingers crossed that SOMETHING will turn out okay for at least one or two of the characters, I have no illusions of a happily ever after I actually think that it would cheapen the entire story if everything worked out in the end, and I don t know that I ve ever felt that way before I love happy endings, but such an outcome wouldn t be at all believable in this case There was no such thing as luck Luck was a word idiots used to explain the consequences of their own rashness, and selfishness, and stupidity More often than not bad luck meant bad plans I m so glad that I decided to give this series another chance, and that I happened to be in just the right mood for it when I picked it up If The Last Argument of Kings is as good as its predecessors, it looks like I ll be rearranging my already stuffed living room shelves to make room for another favorite series Here s hoping it blows me away

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    While Superior Glokta holds Dagoska against the Gurkish, Collum West endures untold hardship in the north in the companion of the Prince and Logen s six barbarian friends Meanwhile, Bayaz, Logen, Luthar, and Nessa head toward the edge of the world for something that should best be left buriedAs Elizabeth said in her review of The Two Towers, middle books in a trilogy are tricky business While you occasionally get one the literary equivalent of The Empire Strike Back, most of them are like Temple of Doom This one is way closer to Empire in terms of quality It even has an ending as shocking as Luke, I am your father Where do I start How about Glokta Glokta is the Tyrion Lannister of the First Law trilogy as far as I m concerned He s crass, crippled, and very complicated His protectiveness toward Ardee and dedication to the hopeless task of defending Dagoska against overwhelming odds won me over More Glokta in the next book, please As for the other characters, I love how Bayaz keeps trickling out details of the history of the Magi, all the while not being completely trusted The friendship between Logen and Nessa seemed fairly natural and I love what s going on with Luthar The events in Aulcus were gripping page turners It was really hard to put the book down at the end of my lunch break Qwai and Longfoot could be fleshed out a bit but you can t have everything Where would you keep it all Colonel West and the barbarians enduring the hellish Northern winter made King Stannis march toward Winterfell seem like a breeze West pushing the Prince off the cliff was one of my favorite parts of the book.The ending was better than my highest expectations I wonder how Bayaz and company will rebound from that, as well as Glokta and the mess he s found himself ensnared in.In closing, no sopho jinx here Before They are Hanged was even better than The Blade Itself Five gore spattered stars

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    Well, let s be realistic about it, this book is awesome Disgusting, bloody, violent, hard, gritty, showing no mercy to anyone, murderous and hope shredding And yet, it is addictive and leaves you craving your next dose I am filled with adrenaline from reading it, but there are no rainbows and comfort foods on my mind I want some relief from the darkness and despair, but the only way to get it is by getting the next book and annihilating it no other way

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    Don t write off the fantasy tropes just yet, all you unbelievers This trilogy shows that there is still an enormous amount of life left in some of them This dark sequel to The Blade Itself is everything I hoped it would be I would be hard pressed to select a favourite out of the multiple plot threads featured in Before They Are Hanged, but I m probably partial to the sequences featuring the Named Men Again, there is an old school sense of wonder to this novel, despite the modern fantasy grittiness There are some nasty surprises between these pages and many issues aren t resolved in quite the fashion that the reader might have expected, or even had hoped for But, as Logen Ninefingers would almost certainly say you have to be realistic about these things A great mix of epic and heroic, fantasy heads can do far worse than giving this trilogy a spin Unless they are averse to some swearing, violence, dark humour and the occasional rather, um, unrefined and comical hop in the sack It is at times an uneasy and unsettling read, yet I can t help but feel that this is part of its charm.The action scenes are relentless and splendidly written, albeit somewhat gruesome on occasion The book showcases everything from minor skirmishes to full scale pitched warfare There is even a siege thrown in for good measure Two wars being fought on two separate fronts inevitably equal a high body count Abercrombie certainly appears to have a knack for this kind of thing You d think that the character development would suffer in all this chaos and madness Oh, how wrong you d be As the second novel in a trilogy, this could easily be seen as a bridging work However, I enjoyed it even than the first There s certainly a lot going on The Blade Itself was very good, but it didn t really go anywhere and left the reader somewhat mystified as to where the story was headed Before They Are Hanged rectifies this in spades, and there is a lot of progression Here s hoping Last Argument of Kings continues this run of good form and closes the trilogy in spectacular fashion Capital

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    The fun continues I give a high rating due to its page turning storytelling, dark humour, fight battle scenes, and characters Especially characters There are new interesting characters made first appearance on this book view spoiler For example Nicomo Cosca and Caul Shivers They will have important roles on Best Served Cold You ll love Cosca although he is an unreliable drunkard hide spoiler

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    4.5 With Characters Like These Who Worries About the Plot Stars Buddy read with Athena, Alexa, Ashley, Eon, Anasylvia and MichelleThe Blade Itself was a complete character study without a lot of plot, Before They Are Hanged has a little plotting involved but for me it was still all about the characters I travelled with them, I worried for them, I hoped for the best even in the midst of the worst and at the end I m left wondering how they will ever get out of the complete mess they are all in.Glotka Strange how, with time, even the most terrible suffering of others can become tedious Glotcka has proved again what a complex character he is Is he the misunderstood hero or is he the villain I m never quite sure myself He can torture better than anyone but still it seems that he has a conscience and I love the inner dialogue he has I look forward to his chapters because even though in so many ways he is awful he is also extremely clever and knows the true score He might be dead as soon as the other players in this dangerous game he is playing If he can t keep on the right side of the people in power he will be the body floating in the docks So he plays his part of the game better than anyone else and proves that just because you are horribly crippled the mind is a dangerous thing and being smart will save your ass than a solid sword arm.Logen and Ferro the rest of the travelers Bayaz, Jazel, Quai and Longfoot I ship Logen and Ferro so hard Both are fierce warriors with horrible pasts Again we get to see Logen and the burden he has carried by having Ninefingers as a traveler in his head Logen is calm, smart and collected He hands out great advice and seems like the true leader of the pack But when The Bloody Nine comes out to play no one is safe, even his allies Ferro, I just want to hug you, but you d probably slit my throat if I tried Learning about her past made me feel so much for her character She is a feral beast to be sure but I loved the time she and Logen spent together and how close they became Jazel surprisingly has grown on me, all it took was a near brush with death and some real pain to make the boy grow up a bit He might be a decent person after all and it just make me wonder what is Bayaz grooming the boy for Easy, now, and listen to me It hurts, yes Seems like than you can take, but it isn t You think you re going to die, but you won t Listen to me, because I ve been there, and I know Each minute Each hour Each day, it gets better Bayaz is still a huge mystery to me and everyone else he is traveling with so I guess it is only fair I m in the dark about his character as well It seems that Quai has started to question his master a little and the First Magi must tell stories of his past in order to convince the group that he is prepared and will not make the same mistakes again All the great heroes of old, you know the great kings, the great generals they all faced adversity from time to time Jezal looked up He had almost forgotten that Bayaz was there Suffering is what gives a man strength, my boy, just as the steel most hammered turns out the hardest Wow what a journey these characters had and I will say at the end of it I was beyond surprised with how it all turned out With all they went through to get where they were going I didn t expect the outcome and can t wait to see what the band of brothers Ferro will do now.The Northmen and West The Named men from the north have found a common ally against Bethod, but the crafty king has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and things might just get a little bloody It was a bad day for men, all in all, and a good one for the ground Always the way, after a battle Only the ground wins I was so upset with West at the end of The Blade Itself but seeing him in his new position and having to deal with the Prince and a few other circumstances I really began to like him again He has practically redeemed himself to me and I honestly felt extremely bad for him at one point view spoiler She winced and stared down at the ground beside his feet I didn t mean to well I owe you a lot, I know It s just that you re too angry for me That s all West stared at her as she trudged off up the hill after the Northmen, hardly able to believe his ears She was happy to bed that stinking savage, but he was too angry It was so unfair he almost choked on his rage.So no love for West yet hide spoiler

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    Having waited nearly two years to delve back into this series, I was a bit concerned about picking up the thread of the storyline without becoming overly confused Surprisingly, that never proved to be much of an issue at all a true sign of a well written tale Another surprising revelation was that I enjoyed most all the characters this time around, which was one of my big complaints from book one I basically hated two of the points of view in that one Jezal was such an insufferable snob, but nothing that a little smack in the mouth couldn t fix Both he and Glokta became much sympathetic characters over this leg of the journey However, I was still aggravated with Glokta s constant bellyaching I get it, you re crippled, your body is wrecked in a thousand unspeakable ways, every movement is pure torture, but can you give it a rest already Thankfully, it was toned down somewhat from book one, which was torturous to read at times.Our story here picks up right where book one left off, and soon finds the cast split into three main groups Our core group of Bayaz, Logen, Ferro, and Jezal is led by a navigator to the edge of the known world on a quest to acquire an ancient weapon capable of destroying the Gurkish emperor a powerful magi at odds with Bayaz Meanwhile, Glokta is tasked with an impossible mission of not only holding the port city of Dagoska, which is currently under siege, but also rooting out any Gurkish sympathizers within the high council Then lastly, Jezal s old friend Colonel West welcomes Logen s pack of barbarians whom Logen still believes to be dead into the ranks of the Union army to scout out a way to defeat the Northern savages .The story was told, once again, through the multiple points of views Although, the author adapted a technique that I wish all writers would follow Whenever the action perked up, he stayed with that particular POV until the scene reached its natural conclusion, rather than building to some cliffhanger only to jump to another storyline That s a cheap and vastly overused ploy to make a story appear to be compelling than it actually is I always hate to be manipulated in such a manner.Often, the second novel in a trilogy is a lesser work, typically populated with backstories and filler material to set the stage for the finale not so here This book, in my opinion, was superior to book one in every conceivable way Not to mention, the ending to one of the POVs was such a lark that I felt compelled to say, kudos to Mr Abercrombie for having the cajones to pull that rug out from under us I found it oddly hilarious Bottom line There are so many threads left dangling here that it just begs you to jump right into the third and final book, but since I ve already managed to hold out for two years between reading books one and two, I think I can resist the urge to wrap things just a tad bit longer After all, my TBR pile is not getting any smaller Bonus In the mist of all this killing and savagery two of my favorite character managed to hook up, in one of the most awkward sex scenes I ve ever had the pleasure of reading review of book one, wherein I ramble for hours on end, over matters entirely unrelated to the story.

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