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Pompeii pdf Pompeii, ebook Pompeii, epub Pompeii, doc Pompeii, e-pub Pompeii, Pompeii e6874d98150 With His Trademark Elegance And Intelligence Robert Harris Recreates A World On The Brink Of DisasterAll Along The Mediterranean Coast, The Roman Empire S Richest Citizens Are Relaxing In Their Luxurious Villas, Enjoying The Last Days Of Summer The World S Largest Navy Lies Peacefully At Anchor In Misenum The Tourists Are Spending Their Money In The Seaside Resorts Of Baiae, Herculaneum, And PompeiiBut The Carefree Lifestyle And Gorgeous Weather Belie An Impending Cataclysm, And Only One Man Is Worried The Young Engineer Marcus Attilius Primus Has Just Taken Charge Of The Aqua Augusta, The Enormous Aqueduct That Brings Fresh Water To A Quarter Of A Million People In Nine Towns Around The Bay Of Naples His Predecessor Has Disappeared Springs Are Failing For The First Time In Generations And Now There Is A Crisis On The Augusta S Sixty Mile Main Line Somewhere To The North Of Pompeii, On The Slopes Of Mount VesuviusAttilius Decent, Practical, And Incorruptible Promises Pliny, The Famous Scholar Who Commands The Navy, That He Can Repair The Aqueduct Before The Reservoir Runs Dry His Plan Is To Travel To Pompeii And Put Together An Expedition, Then Head Out To The Place Where He Believes The Fault Lies But Pompeii Proves To Be A Corrupt And Violent Town, And Attilius Soon Discovers That There Are Powerful Forces At Work Both Natural And Man Made Threatening To Destroy HimWith His Trademark Elegance And Intelligence, Robert Harris, Bestselling Author Of Archangel And Fatherland, Re Creates A World On The Brink Of Disaster

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    Pompeii demolished in the world s most famous volcanic eruption in A.D 79 killing thousands at the apex of the Roman Empire, ironically the people never knew Mount Vesuvius was this a volcano understandable since the previous significant one occurred 1,800 years before, no town existed, and the name unknown to them because the word hadn t been invented yet, but soon would lets say by borrowing from the Roman god of fire Vulcan Our story unfolds when a young despondent man of 27, a recent widower Marcus Attilius Primus arrives in the prosperous resort city, the kind that if you have money they like you, he has an important job here, as an aquarius the chief engineer of Aqua Augusta a huge aqueduct which supplies 250,000 inhabitants with life giving water around the Bay of Naples His predecessor Exomnius vanished, where is he Wasn t he from the island of Sicily in the Mount Etna area This confounded mystery puzzles everyone, however life continues and Rome quickly sends a replacement because prominent officials have villas there, many powerful Senators, a bright honest individual causes Marcus numerous problems the era is shall we hint a little corrupt Pompeii is ruled by a wealthy businessman Numerius Popidius Ampliatus a former slave, a man of immense courage he has to show the people his preeminence After an earthquake of almost two decades ago flattens the city Ampliatus flourishes, maybe unethically done nonetheless the houses were rebuiltbribes the local magistrates into doing his bidding all for the good of Pompeii s future he implies This is not a dull novel so complications occur, a water break in the aqueduct must be found swiftly, and repaired, the engineer falls in love surprise surprise with Corelia the daughter of the cruel Ampliatus who hates him, you can t trust a man who will not accept a kickback..And we haven t yet mentioned the great Pliny the Elder, writer, soldier , philosopher, naturalist, adviser to Roman Emperors Vespasian and successor Titus his tough son, the new Caesar of a few months, the latter a former comrade in the Germanic campaign and now the obese old man in poor health is admiral of the fleet , a honor bestowed primarily for his loyalty to the ruling family in actuality has very little nautical experience, luckily the Roman naval port is Misenum close to the disaster Moreover Pliny a very curious man indeed prides himself in knowing all, his countless books testifies to this fact Besides his talented nephew of 18, Pliny the Younger can help him observe the catastrophe, anyway a closer look would be betterHowever the book comes alive when the dead fall under the avalanche that buries Pompeii under rocks and ash, toxic clouds of gas arise over 20 miles in height, noon becomes midnight, darkness engulfs the stunned citizens, walking blindly in the deluge nearby Herculaneum too, the grim sounds travel to Rome 150 miles away as the excruciating heat flows down from the mountain frying the victims just six miles distant Pompeii a celebrated town of 20,000 disappears and is forgotten for seventeen centuriesA marvelous, exciting book the only fault is it s 200 pages too short I wanted to learn about the doomed city and the peoplea lost civilization well worth knowing.

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    Attilius s occupation is an aquarius in the Roman Empire, a job description that nowadays would be director of waterworks operations and maintenance for the southern district of Italy As the earth beings to swell and shake in ominous warning in advance of the tragedy that is to come, the main aqueduct cracks and fails and Attilius is sent out to repair it So this is a historical novel and we learn of life in the Roman Empire around AD 79 at the time of the eruption of Vesuvius Here are masters and slaves, filthy rich and beggars We get a little romance as Attilius meets the lovely daughter of a viscous, cunning landlord who used to be a slave himself We learn a lot about Roman culture meals, daily life, transportation technology, ships, soldiers, relations between men and women, political and financial corruption, and the unique role of the baths in Roman culture It s an old fashioned boy gets girl despite obstacles romance story during a fast paced hectic three day period between when the aqueduct fails and the volcano blows We learn about the aqueduct system, tunnels, reservoirs and siltation tanks We learn of famous real life Romans such as the general and prolific scholar Pliny the Elder and his nephew, Pliny the Younger.

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    This is the story of a latter day Super Mario, an Italian plumber who overcomes very difficult challenges to fix the water supply to Napoli and surrounding areas before the local volcano erupts to ruin everything for everybody OK, I admit that I am grossly trivialising a tremendous story, which is really about Marcus Attilius Primus, the aquarius, or chief water engineer, who is sent to the Bay of Naples to manage the water supply to all of the towns in the area The main artery of the supply is the aqueduct, Aqua Augusta, which Attilius s grandfather may have had a hand in building under the supervision of the great Agrippa Water engineering has been the career path of Atillius s family back through at least four generations.From the off, Attilius is up against it His predecessor disappeared mysteriously, and neither his team of engineers and slaves nor those masters who govern Naples and the surrounding area, are inclined to trust the new aquarius The first chapter opens with the horrendous execution of a slave who has been held responsible for the deaths of one of the local lord s prize fish The lord s daughter, accompanied by the unfortunate slave s mother, urgently seek the help of Attilius, who quickly discovers that it is something in the water which has killer the precious fish But they are too late to save the wretched slave.Events unfold and develop during the two days leading up to the famous eruption which buried Pompeii.This is a rivetting read, if ever there was one As you would expect, there are many dangers to overcome, and, as you read, you will be wondering who will survive and who will not This does not become clear until the final pages I have to confess that I was wishing for the demise of certain characters, whilst hoping for the survival of others That is a sign of how well Robert Harris engages the reader with the actors in this story.Definitely merits five stars.

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    I have been a bit fascinated with the idea of Pompeii since I was a girl and the National Geographic ran photos of the people frozen in mid flight trying to escape the horrors of the eruption of Vesuvius Robert Harris has visited Pompeii through the story of Attilius, the engineer in charge of the aqueduct that served the area Before the eruption, before the horror, there is a problem with the flow of the water Attilius seeks to repair the breach in the aqueduct and this leads him to be in Pompeii at exactly the wrong time.I did enjoy reading the story There was the tension of knowing what was to come and the wish to see Attilius survive the inevitable I can imagine that much of what people felt and the reactions that came too late were exactly as Harris depicted However, I could never become truly invested in his characters and I therefore felt very little for their plight It seemed a bit trite, like a 1970s disaster movie think Poseidon Adventure , although I do not know what I could have expected him to do with this foregone scenario Not a bad tale, just not a great one I would still like to go and see the ruins of Pompeii for myself It is easy to form a tightness in the chest when one thinks about how horrible this must have been for the actual people who lived there How hopeless it was in those moments before the cloud of fiery gas spewed down the side of the mountain and froze them in time forever.

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    It should be a Two For One A suspense novel to take to the beach and some insight into life in the Roman Empire and the eruption of Mt Vesuvius And maybe a small tutorial in primitive plumbing Unfortunately, it turns into an 0 For One.The plot is serviceable Marcus Attilius Primus is an engineer newly in charge of the section of aqueduct that services Pompeii He investigates the mysterious failure of the water supply and along the way, discovers that his predecessor was corrupt He falls in love and is stalked by bad guys who want to shut him off permanently Meanwhile, Vesuvius prepares to make it all moot.But the characters are caricatures The hero is REALLY, REALLY NOBLE, the villain is AWFULLY, AWFULLY EVIL, and the love interest is darned good looking Life in the Empire is similarly exaggerated with lingering attention to the grotesque and decadent but almost nothing about how most people lived.I was relieved when Vesuvius erupted.

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    Geology meets Volcanology meets All Round Mr Nice Guy.Having read Imperium by Robert Harris few short months ago I found that I quite enjoyed his uncomplicated writing style I in no way mean unsophisticated or simplistic, for he is an author who can comfortably shoulder the mantle of an old fashioned storyteller Many authors try to be story tellers, but they over write or have not the skill and under write, or get caught up in too many tangents, thinking that everything they do has to be with the single intent of delivering the next great International Epic Bestseller Pompeii certainly became an International Bestseller, but it was not really an epic It was a story of a man an Aquarius and was melded with a intriguing blend of geology, volcanology and precise Roman history Very well done, in my opinion, but no epic.I do not know if the geological and volcanological elements would put others off, whether others may prefer a story about people only, but I happened to find them extraordinarily fascinating I have a feeling the book was not what some may expect Where you may have expected a Wilbur Smith type epic multiple characters and their lives in the lead up to the Mt Vesuvius explosion that is not what you got.Robert Harris gave you instead, Attilius the all round Mr Nice Guy , an Aquarius who came to the Bay of Naples as a result of the mysterious disappearance of the former Aquarius, Exomnius, and took over the running of the Aqueducts And for the most part, this is Attilius story as he finds the water supply in disarray and bit by bit, clue by clue, he starts to unravel the causes Will it be in time though Obviously, since everyone knows what happened to Pompeii and Herculaneum, everyone will realise he cannot be in time to do anything about those disasters, but can he be in time to avert others I found the final third of the book to be the most compelling The eruption and the various stages of the eruption and how it might be experienced from different places in the surrounding area In the towns, at the base of the volcano, on the water, in the Bay I was mesmerised by it all.There was a moment where I thought the book perhaps could have finished and yet it went on And there was a scene or two that seemed inserted to make the book longer as those scenes kind of tripped up the urgent momentum of the book during the eruption But I had to give the book 5 stars It deserved it in my opinion For despite its flaws, it had me at ave nb ave is a Roman hello.

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    The waters have stopped flowing from the aquedect who you gonna call Dambusters The water engineer heads out amid widespread corruption in Pompeii, thwarts a murder plot, finds out what happened to his predecessor, falls in love, and investigates the ominous rumbling from the nearby Vesuvius Sounds good no Harris is good at building up the air of menace in the days preceding the eruption Every action can be looked at as minor compared to the devastation coming and he really does a great job of creating an atmosphere of anticipation in the reader He s also done a great job at recreating the feel of living in Roman times, as well as supplying a lot of information on Roman aqueducts giving you a sense of awe and genius for the Roman Empire Where he falls down though is in the characterisation Attilius, the engineer, is the hero He s a stoic, good looking gent who sends his pay home to his mother and sister in Rome He doesn t take bribes, he s hardworking, and is disliked for his strict attention to detail all for the good of Rome naturally He s so perfect in fact that he s boring But he s not alone A equally dreary love interest is introduced who meets the engineer no than 3 times briefly but over the course of those 3 encounters the reader is supposed to buy that they have fallen madly in love and would die for each other The whole reason for the engineer to rush back to Pompeii after escaping it is because of this love interest and as such everything feels very contrived It s this lack of convincing that stops the reader in their tracks because there s no real reason, once the eruptions start, to care what the engineer s motivations are He s a paper thin cardboard cut out and so is his love interest So what The third act also falls down Harris does a great job of setting the scene but once Vesuvius erupts he somehow manages to make it boring For a thriller to fail in the third act is not a good sign and I could quite easily put the book down and do anything else It s not a bad novel by any means it just seems trite at times which spoils the overall effect Harris has obviously done his research, it s just a shame the same effort didn t go into making an interesting enough scenario to take place during this immense natural disaster or characters worth caring about.

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    This book was just okay for me I liked the historical side of this I have always found this story kind of sadly fascinating I just didn t find that in this book This wasn t particularly character driven There was a problem with the water plaguing the area and it focused mainly on that without giving depth to the characters There was a lot time and detail that went into this problem, but I needed that same attention to detail regarding the people The historical part felt well done the fiction part just didn t grab me.

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