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Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) pdf Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) , ebook Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) , epub Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) , doc Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) , e-pub Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) , Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) 3a02c3aaa5f Do As They Say Or Die In The Dungeons, The Poor Storekeepers Would Say Do As They Say Or Disappear, The Commoners Would Warn But Venir And Melegal Could Not Have Cared Less What Anyone Had To Say They Had Been This Way Since Their ChildhoodAs The Underlings Rally All Of The Evil Forces They Can Muster To Destroy The Mystical And Legendary Darkslayer, Something Unexpected Has Upset The Delicate Balance Between Good And Evil On The World Called Bish, Making The Darkslayer A Pawn In Other Insidious DisputesStrife And Turmoil Are Constant Features Of Life As Humans Struggle To Survive Among A Wide Array Of Creatures, Including Orcs, Ogres, And The Most Evil Of All The Underlings When Recklessness Provokes A Royal Household, Venir Is Forced To Flee The City, Along With His Great Two Headed Dog And His Comrade, The Skinny Thief Melegal The Royals And Underlings Soon Unleash Some Unusual Powers Against Him And Start To Close In Facing The Final Showdown, Nothing Unfolds As It Should

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    I liked this book It is so much like the old fantasy adventure stories from my youth that I felt like I was in a time warp Imagine the great stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser and you will have an interesting parallel to this book.The book is full of action and keeps you at the edge of your seat, wondering what is going to happen next Sometimes however, this can create a meandering feel to it Each episodic scene could sometimes feel disconnected to the overall plot line I enjoyed the characters and their relationships to each other I would have liked to see a little development, but I don t think that this book was designed for that.It is a fun, romping read in a well developed setting that keeps your interest, without a ton of deep thinking Just as it was designed I suggest you read this book, if you enjoy tales of daring do

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    At the start of this book, you think it s going to be similar to Fritz Leibers Fafhrd and Gray Mouser big hulking warrior and slim thief as inseparable companions having adventures.However, it soon turns out that the warrior is on a mission to destroy all the Underlings the evil race in this particular novel , rarely listens to his friends and does what he pleases Some of this is caused by his magic armour and weapons compelling him or making his anger for the Underlings all consuming.So, between his magic armour and the work of the omnipotent being who created the planet they are on, there s just mindless action, getting into a bind, and then a deus ex machina type of resolution before the next fight.The author has tagged on a prequel at the end of the story to explain how the warrior got his magic weapons, but even before then, he didn t listen to the people he was with and got into a problem through just doing what he pleased.I got this book as it was free on Kindle store, the other books in the series need to be bought, but based on this first one I won t be getting them.

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    AUTHOR Craig.wow you are long winded I can see where this book could have been chopped possible into another book Many adventures Many creatures Many actions, incidences, travels OMGoodness Slow down Craig and let my brain catch up GENRE Science fiction.SETTING world of BishCENTRAL MALE CHARACTER Venir, a warrior Melegal, a thief SYNOPSIS Venir is battle strong and always battle ready He is also hated by the Underlings who want to destroy him Melegal, his shadow, is always ready to make coin from Venir s strength Together life takes them everywhere to battle anything on the world of Bish.SEXUAL EXPLICITNESS Nothing than the characters carousing Nothing explicit.WHAT I LIKED How Bish was created and the overall characteristics of Bish.WHAT I DID NOT LIKE Too many characters in one book Let s see Humans, Orcs, Half orcs, Dwarves, Gnolls, Underlings, Kobold bandits, Arachna men, the Royals, Blood Rangers, the Vicious, etc etc I give this book 3 stars because too much Sci fi in one book As previously stated, difficult to wrap my head around so many separate events and characters in one book.

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    A grand Swords and Sorcery epicCraig Halloran has really cast the fireball out of the arena here with tantalizing style Accurate elements right out of your favorite gaming scenarios, in a easily digestible feast for most everyone who appreciates the fantasy genre A bit of Elric but not nearly as bleak AIt s an enjoyable read that has me thinking I need to pick up of his work.

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    Very fun book with an interesting world The pace was nice and the characters were very interesting

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    Wrath of the Royals, the first in the 16 book Darkslayer series following Venir, the Darkslayer an axe wielding barbarian and his companion Melagal the cowardly rogue as they run from the titular wrath of one of the royal families Venir tends to get himself into bets, as alpha male types just seem attracted to him, and one such bet ends him in the bad books with one of the most powerful, and twisted, royal families.This leads to the pair going on the run to escape the inevitable wrath However, little do they know that the Underlings those twisted, evil humanoids Venir is driven to hunt are after Venir from different angles one due to his relentless genocide of their race, and another due to being hired to hunt him down by the royals.On the surface, I expected this to be a basic sword and sorcery tale the barbarian wandering the wilds hacking down the Underlings I was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly well told tale with different layers and a intricate plot than I had expected.Halloran s prose is decent, with a good knack for getting the balance between over narration and concise descriptions There is enough description of the world without it being laboured There are some odd choices for phrases or wording here or there eg Impending pain was on its way , and the book could do with a decent thorough edit, but for a first book it is a good effort.The world of Bish turns out to be something of an experiment on the part of a God, seeing if she can design a world that will remain in permanent conflict for eternity, good and evil constantly vying but neither side ever truly winning While this could be seen as literally setting up for deus ex machina whenever the author chooses, this didn t really come to the fore in this book.Venir is a reasonably well crafted character, albeit a stupid brute and something like Logen Ninefingers from Joe Abercrombie s First Law when he puts on his magical helmet yes I know he becomes driven to destruction, somewhat akin to the emergence of The Bloody Nine Numerous times he just gets up in the night and wanders off searching for the conflict he has sensed, the helmet guiding him onwards But his actions play well off those of his travelling companions, which has now become something like the fellowship of the ring, but without a ring.The book ends with an extended epilogue giving an idea of Venir s life before he found his magical axe, shield and mind controlling helmet.A good self contained book, which concludes well and could be read on its own, without continuing the series, though I plan to ideally before my Kindle Unlimited period runs out.

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    I listened to the audio book version of this one.This story was an interesting one and makes you think on who is really in control There was only a sprinkling of magic in this one It felt like a DnD game to me but we ll told.The characters you never really get to fully know in one sitting you are left wondering all the time about them they feel realistic enough but over all you never get to meet any one character on a deeper level.many outside forces seem to play over this world and it gives you pause to think if the same is happening to our world.through this story, there is no clear overarching enemy you run into an antagonist that is delt with but, the story feels a bit unguided a lot of stuff happens but it s hard to tell where the story is going The out of word scenes felt a bit jarring when they come up and pulled me a bit out of the story.over all it s a good story but it could use a bit lead in to the plot.

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    Not sure yetI first purchased this book back in 2013 and didn t get than a few pages in before I gave up Seeing that there are 15 books now in the series, I thought I should give it another try This book is extremely hard to get in to It was even painful at times Overly descriptive scenery that often contradicted itself in the same paragraph drove me nuts I found myself skipping over these parts I have finally made it to the end, and I will buy the next book I have read other books by Mr Halloran that were great I am not sure if this is one of his earlier works and that is why the writing is so bad But I am hoping that this series gets better as it goes, because it does have potential.

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    I love Chongo Audio version.This was great a lot going on Though a bit of a cliffhanger which I don t care for I look forward to the next part.The narrator brings it to life.This Audiobook was given to me for free at my request from the publisher, author or narrator and I provided this unbiased voluntary review.Reasons I enjoyed this book Action packed, Easy to read, Entertaining, Funny, Great world building, Tragic, Wonderful characters.

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    I liked it, good story Certainly a change of pace from reading apocalyptic and crime fiction stories Looking forward to reading book 2.

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