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    There s a sad task every librarian must attend to, and that is the weeding of books that are not circulating My comrade in books, Nancy, found this one languishing in the young adult section On our shelves since April of 2011, this title has never gone out Never I took pity, and decided to bring it home with me I only wish I had liked it Virginia was born in an Andean village in Ecuador Her people were called indig nas by the mestizos, or Spanish descendants, and treated as second class citizens When she was seven, Virginia was taken away to work as a maid and babysitter for a mestizo couple Though she had been promised a paycheck and a chance to attend school, her abusive employer never came through on either commitment When Virginia expressed her wish to learn to read, she was told that that would be unnecessary You re going to work for us your whole life vowed her boss At least her employer s husband was kind to her he referred to Virginia as my daughter It was only when she got older, and he d been drinking, that he came pounding on her bedroom door in the night But, when Virginia finally got the chance to leave the couple and return to her parents, she hesitated Going home meant living in poverty, and having no future other than farming and being a wife This is essentially a Cinderella story, only in this tale, Virginia ella needs no fairy godmother She pulls herself up by her own bra straps, and makes her dreams a reality by working hard, and getting an education Resau teamed with Maria Virginia Farinango to produce this novel based on a true story I m not sure why Farinango s life story needed to be fictionalized Is the stink of James Frey s A Million Little Pieces still hovering over biographies And while the story is compelling enough I was never once tempted to stop reading I think it would have had impact if it wasn t shrouded as fiction I also wish the authors had found a way to deliver their positive, uplifting messages without making them sound like hokey platitudes Though I wasn t overly thrilled with this book, I m going to feature it prominently during our summer reading library program I hope someone else takes it out For the right girl or young woman, this may mean the world I would also suggest it as a possible choice for a book club There s a lot to talk about, and I m willing to bet your group hasn t read too many books set in Ecuador.

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    I m so conflicted about this book.There s a lot of good in it, and there s a lot I learned from it It shows a great deal of the conflicts that Maria Virginia went through, not just external, but internal While I can t sympathize with all of her struggles, I can definitely sympathize with feeling like you re trapped between two worlds in terms of culture At least I ve always had a chance to chose how I want to identify and how involved I can be in my culture After all the horrifying abuse Maria Virginia went through, it s no wonder she didn t know where she stood.I left Ecuador when I was a child, but back then, I grew up comfortably above the upper middle class My parents and their families struggled with poverty throughout their lives, but I didn t have the same struggles.In the United States, I m Hispanic I ve got dark enough skin and curly brown enough hair to be identified as such Sometimes I trip over words and mispronounce them, and I speak Spanish with an accent that s a bit of a reflection of the melting pot status of Miami Basically, I ve got a Miami accent a little bit Venezuelan, a little bit Colombian, a little bit Cuban, etc So my ethnicity is always pretty obvious.But it wasn t like that in Ecuador Speaking to my father about it, it s clear to me that he grew up aware of the division between the classes, the racism toward those of darker skin color, etc There s a very detailed social hierarchy there one most people outside of Ecuador wouldn t even consider.I left before I really got to experience that world or understand it I learned about the race problems here in America I ve dealt with them and I ve seen them and I m still learning about them The U.S is my country now and will be until I die But I don t know how comfortable I feel at idea of being so ignorant of the place I came from So reading this book was kind of an odd experience I guess I wasn t expecting to learn so much, but I m glad I did I was really invested in Virginia s story, and I was really heartbroken to hear the things she was put through It was a reminder of some of the things I witness in Quito too just little moments from people s lives, moments that I now realize show parallels to the things Virginia experienced.I just wish, honestly, that the writing in this book had been better.This was not exactly written by an Ecuadorian woman alone This was written by a woman who met Maria Virginia and interviewed her and translated it and then editorialized A lot Props to the writer, she actually admits on her website she fictionalized and tweaked a lot of the events to better represent the socio cultural context of Ecuador and she merged other stories into this.ButDo you see what s wrong with this I admire Resau for trying to help a woman have her voice be heard, but I m so annoyed by the idea that this couldn t be written entirely by Maria Virginia, that this couldn t be kept 100% true with some occasional I don t remember this exactly, but I do remember or and while this never happened to me, it has happened to others moments.Also, it does start to ring less than true with dialogue like, My revenge will be getting an education One day she ll ask for my forgiveness In the end, I ll win Come on That s the kind of thing you think up on the shower three days later and repeat in your head over and over again wishing you could have said it in the moment And that entire scene with the Mother s Day Play I kept wondering, did that really happen Seemed a little too perfect to me When it came up again later, I was still having trouble believing it.And since this WAS apparently written by a professional writer, how the hell did anyone let lines like this book is the key that will open the lock to the door to a new life get through to the final product At least try to reword it, will you Nice sentiment, but so awkwardly constructed.Usually I d pull the old life is stranger than fiction card, but that s the thing I don t know It s difficult to really believe in this book knowing parts of it were fictionalized When cheesy things happen, I don t think, man, life sure is weird I think, lol that s so fake And in general, I hate that it was done to appeal to wider audiences That s the worst possible thing you can have in your mind when trying to tell a story whether fiction or non fiction Maria Virginia s story doesn t have to be every Ecuadorian girl s story In fact, her story doesn t have to be a reflection of every indigenous girl You don t have to fictionalize it to appeal to a wider audience Who gives a flying fuck about the audience If you have something worth saying, people will listen And if you don t think you re saying enough then seek out voices and write stories It makes me kind of sad to bash on this book so much because the content really is fascinating Seeing so much of the internalized racism that Maria Virginia experiences is terrible, but it s also kind of unexpected how quickly she s forced to assimilate toward this other social class She s constantly at a conflict, reminded of where she comes from, wanting to blend in, wanting things to be different, wanting the roles to be reserved, wanting to be something else It s a complicated thing.It s pretty sickening how quickly the family that s forced her to work tries to brainwash her, the father of the house trying to groom her while the mother finds any excuse to beat her She reveals a bit about her own family life There were already dark hints about her parents, but once she delves into it, it just complicates the entire thing Her family life wasn t perfect either After she s reunited with them, she s not very close to them Mostly, she starts to build her own life separate of them.I also love that she s the one to decide to go to school She s so young when she makes that choice, but she s set on it immediately And she s so persistent She learns to read, she goes to school, and she prepares for higher education.Last year, when I read I Am Malala, I couldn t help but be in constant awe at how passionate Malala was regarding education for girls, and how she kept pushing for it even after it turned terrifyingly dangerous Seeing girls everywhere, from any part of the world, be told they don t need to learn and still want to pursue it is a really incredible and admirable.I ll give the writer credit where credit is due Maria Virginia s personality does shine through She is really spunky, and she is really determined and curious It s nice to hear so much about her memories and her actions, because it kind of lets her character shine.I do kind of wish there hadn t been such an over the top emphasis on it Show don t tell and all that I can tell she s spunky You don t need to remind me every twenty pages or so.Oh, and her early obsession with MacGyver is so amusing Even when dealing with really dark subject matters, when she somehow makes a connection or imagines herself pulling a MacGyver style act of heroismit s so funny Oh, and, tangent time It s just one last thing because it was bothering me the whole time I understand where this sentiment kept coming from Maria Virginia grew up wanting to be like the beautiful women of tv and entertainment in general She had a very specific image of what the indigenous older women looked like And the worst woman in the world the one who practically made her a slave shared that in common with them But it seriously grosses me out the amount of emphasis that she kept putting on the appearance of overweight women Every time she mentioned the way the doctor s chin looked like or her fat hands or her stomach, I kept thinking, who gives a shit how fat she is That s not what makes her a terrible person, you know Even after a period where Maria Virginia wishes so much she was skinny that she stops eating and gets vitamin deficiency, THAT gets brushed aside really quickly to, now I eat well but I exercise See Healthy Unlike the Doctorita Have I mentioned she s fat YES I know I Get It That s not what s wrong with that woman the fact that she s violent and racist is enough to go on And how convenient that the weight of the men is never brought up I don t know I kept expecting the book to make some kind of reflection or comment on that, but it never did Yes, this is being written from the POV of her as she grows older, so technically there s not a lot of introspection going But there should have been some When it comes to her skin tone how dark it is, how she looks compared to others there s some insightful comments and thoughts It s not like the writing couldn t treat issues of self identity well, so what was the deal I don t know It really bothered me It s such a shallow thing to focus on at random.Rant over Back to the review.In the end there is a lot of good in this book, and the story, the content But I m not rating Maria Virginia or her accomplishments or her life I m rating this book I can t really bring myself to give it three stars or higher because of the writing It s not just distrustful, at times, it s not as well written as it could have been.I do applaud these two women for trying to get this story out there to reach people There is some merit in that and I m sure they ll continue to try and do great things I just wish their next endeavors are a bit successful in their execution And like I said don t let my rating discourage you from reading the book yourself.

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    Oops, I finished already I could just never tell what was going to happen and I HAD to keep reading.In some ways this reminds me of certain books that were popular with kids in middle school and, as I understand it, still are slightly graphic, exploitative books about abused children, sometimes memoirs Come to think of it, those are popular with adults, too I say that ONLY to point out that I think there s a big audience for this book, which I wasn t expecting at all This book is the opposite of exploitative, seldom even approaches graphic , and above all, features lovely, simple, skillful writing.There are so many things I want to say To say that it has most easily understood depiction of Stockholm syndrome that I ve read is an oversimplification.Virginia surely you don t mind if I call you Virginia, right what else could I call you, now doesn t shy away from her own faults and weaknesses the authors present them baldly But her bravery and persistence are written matter of factly, the way it probably seemed at the time.I can t help wondering how things might have turned out if Virginia hadn t been beautiful, but I also feel sure that she would have found another way I wonder how much the opportunities that her beauty brought her really made a difference in the long run I might come back and write later It s that kind of book.

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    I have the privilege of knowing both these ladies and I am absolutely thrilled that they had the opportunity to work together and create this amazing novel For anyone who is interested in how close this is to the truth, Maria says it s 98% truthful The novelization occurred to make the story readable and easier for readers to relate to Maria Virginia is one of the most remarkable women I ve ever met her story does not end with her achievements in the book In fact Laura says that one the hardest part of putting the book together was trying to decide where to end it Maria s accomplishments are amazing I met Maria through a mutual friend who had hired her in Northern Colorado to help out around her property Maria helped my friend with the gardening and canning and other chores and earned enough money to attend college in Ecuador to work towards a degree in Psychology Needless to say I loved the book In all the times I had chatted with Maria we had never talked about the past, only the present and future, so even though I had an inkling of what her past was like, I never knew the full extent of it Reading it I could hear Maria s attitudes of life is hard but you don t have to let it overwhelm you Well worth your time to read.

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    This is both an extraordinary story and an extraordinarily well written one The book tell the true story of Virginia, who is or less sold into slavery when she s only seven, and what happens to her over the course of the next ten or so years This is not a long ago story, either.Parts of it are very hard to read, especially if one is easily bruised by gratuitous cruelty Parts of it are like what one imagines surfing on the back of a dolphin would be like, purely joyful There are a lot of bittersweet moments in Virginia s young life The cultural divide is a large one for me there s very little that I knew about Ecuador before picking up this book, so in addition to the story as story, I was also picking up fascinating bits of Equador.Highly recommended Thanks to Wendy for pushing this.

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    Based on the true story of a seven year old Indian girl in Ecuador sent to work for a cruel couple as a virtual slave, the novel is emotional and upsetting Her story is rather unbelievable as she cares for an infant and keeps house for working parents at such a young age This happens in other parts of the world and is not unique As she matures, her situation must change The story is skillfully constructed and not told in a chronological fashion It is a moving story of a bright girl who overcomes disastrous conditions.

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    I gave this book 4 stars but it really is a young adult book I think it would be amazing for young girls to read it as teens or preteens, because the way Virginia overcomes all the obstacles put in her way to become educated and then comfortable in her own skin is so inspiring I loved her inner thoughts and the fact that it is based on her real life makes it all that much interesting The issues of race, class, and background are all woven into the story in a setting, Ecuador, that i had never read about before.

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    I actually wasn t that excited about reading this book, my friend insisted that I should and I m really glad I did It was beautiful, I never knew what was going to happen and that made me always wanting to continue reading it until it was done And it was beautiful, again My emotions were totally moved with the stream of pleasant and unpleasant events I d just say, for the third time it was beautiful.

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    There were not many highlights in this book,with the exception of the main character I personally did not get any poignant message for it Even though it was based on a true story,the content of the story was simply forgetable.

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    To begin with, a novel like the Queen of Water was never a book I intended on reading It was half way through my freshman year, 5 minutes into class when my English teacher Mrs Trammel began to count down There was only one reason for this and it was the 10 minutes of silent reading rule Now, of all days today was the day I decided I could live without a good solid book weighing down my backpack, much to my misfortune I glanced around the classroom in horror scrabbling for a book, anything that would help me avoid the much dreaded shame walk to her boring old bookshelf not to mention her seeing I lacked basic preparation would ve deduct from my daily grade On the empty table across from me a lonely worn out paper back sat tucked behind a stack of textbooks I dodged a few passersby and stealthy snatched up the book, sat back down, and pretended this book belonged within my finger tips As the class grew silent I skimmed over the cover and grimaced Just the sight of the words based on a true story made me cringe, I was strictly a fictional kind of person and I assumed this story would never satisfy my mind s eye I gave in to the surrounding silence and began to read The plot built up slowly, taking its time painting the landscape of a small Andean village in Ecuador, mountains and valleys, open skies like no other and a golden sun The book begins to play out the life of a seven year old indigenous girl named Virginia, who is stolen from her home to work as a servant by a mestizo couple Mestizos are an ethnic group of Spanish descent, speaking Spanish with fair skin and fancy last names The world I was introduced to was no different from the segregation of many countries I had learned about Throughout her life Virginia must fight to keep her spunk and internal flame, something that is constantly tested She is degraded, beaten, and told to believe the purpose of an indigenous girl like herself is to serve the members of a higher class Despite betrayal, heartbreak and shadows upon her world she teaches herself to read and write in secret and find love in everything she does The queen of water is truly an inspiring journey about perseverance and self and I believe anyone like myself could be changed by such a soulful story I will never understand the origins of a superiority complex driven between two cultivated ethnics but I am glad the novel was able to help expose readers to the exploitation of girls around the world whose families grow up in poverty When I held this book in my hands for the very first time it was never my intention to judge it s cover so poorly I still question to this day why the beautiful cinnamon brown woman with long dark hair and golden beaded necklace never intrigued me as much as she does now.

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The Queen of Water download The Queen of Water, read online The Queen of Water, kindle ebook The Queen of Water, The Queen of Water 93220eafd956 In This Poignant Novel Based On A True Story, Virginia S Story Will Speak To Anyone Who Has Ever Struggled To Find His Or Her Place In The World It Will Make You Laugh And Cry, And Ultimately, It Will Fill You With HopeBorn In An Andean Village In Ecuador, Virginia Lives With Her Large Family In A Small, Earthen Walled Dwelling In Her Village Of Ind Genas, It Is Not Uncommon To Work In The Fields All Day, Even As A Child, Or To Be Called A Longa Tonta Stupid Indian By Members Of The Ruling Class Of Mestizos, Or Spanish Descendants When Seven Year Old Virginia Is Taken From Her Village To Be A Servant To A Mestizo Couple, She Has No Idea What The Future HoldsIn This Poignant Novel Based On A True Story, Acclaimed Author Laura Resau Has Collaborated With Mar A Virginia Farinango To Recount One Girl S Unforgettable Journey To Self Discovery