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The Demon Trapper's Daughter quotes The Demon Trapper's Daughter, litcharts The Demon Trapper's Daughter, symbolism The Demon Trapper's Daughter, summary shmoop The Demon Trapper's Daughter, The Demon Trapper's Daughter 59fed9d3 Riley Blackthorne Just Needs A Chance To Prove Herself And That S Exactly What The Demons Are Counting On Seventeen Year Old Riley, The Only Daughter Of Legendary Demon Trapper Paul Blackthorne, Has Always Dreamed Of Following In Her Father S Footsteps The Good News Is, With Human Society Seriously Disrupted By Economic Upheaval And Lucifer Increasing The Number Of Demons In All Major Cities, Atlanta S Local Trappers Guild Needs All The Help They Can Get Even From A Girl When She S Not Keeping Up With Her Homework Or Trying To Manage Her Growing Crush On Fellow Apprentice Simon, Riley S Out Saving Distressed Citizens From Foul Mouthed Little Devils Grade One Hellspawn Only, Of Course, Per The Strict Rules Of The Guild Life S About As Normal As Can Be For The Average Demon Trapping Teen But Then A Grade Five Geo Fiend Crashes Riley S Routine Assignment At A Library, Jeopardizing Her Life And Her Chosen Livelihood And, As If That Wasn T Bad Enough, Sudden Tragedy Strikes The Trappers Guild, Spinning Riley Down A Dangerous Path Than She Ever Could Have Imagined As Her Whole World Crashes Down Around Her, Who Can Riley Trust With Her Heart And Her Life

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    3.5 5 stars.I m gonna review with a Pro Con List I will read the next one in the series I did enjoy it.Pro s first 1 Interesting Concept with fresh ideas Demons No sparkly Vamps 2 Easy to read Voice writing style 3 Pretty Decent Charcterization overall, they had depth, stayed true to self, and there were some touching moments.4 Decent World Building5 I liked the demons I liked the Demon world buiding, descriptions and hierarchyCons Not really cons about the book itself, just little things that irked me as a reader I applaud Ms Oliver s writing 1 I m confused on why there are demons roaming the earth to start with.2 If gas is so expensive how can Riley have a car when she can t pay her rent, and also how can she afford to buy her supplies Holy water is 12.00 a pint or something like thatit was hypocritcal to the storyline3 The way she treats Beck really grated on my nerves, and I wanted to slap her upside her head loads of times.4 Speaking of Beck, his dialogue drove me INSANE I get he s a good ole country boy, but saying Ya instead of you, and Yer instead of your Seriously It broke my concentration when reading It was distracting It made him seem stupid Maybe that was the point Wasn t that what the witch was hinting at anyways 5 If Master Asshat is such an asshat, why do the others let him rule You out number him, impeach impeach He abuses his apprentices, is a raging alcoholic, and is a major fucking asshole Why do they let that stand And if they know he is an abusing, womanizing asshat, why do they allow Riley to be his apprentice Um no Hell no 6 God I hate love issues triangle square Um, no thanks 7 Way too many questions, none of them answered, and then questions piled on I felt like I was reading Karen Marie Moning now, don t get me wrong, I love me some KMM, but this is the first book of the series I hope it s not drawn out like the Fever series I won t read it You hear me Ms Oliver I won t do it Just say NO to cliffhangers This is tongue and cheek people, tongue and cheek

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    4.5Stars TBR Reduce Challenge 10 2011 Alexa The Demon Trapper s Daughter is a really solid book It s fast paced, has some great world building and I loved the clever characters and crisp straightforward dialog and wicked writing style.Riley is a great MC, I liked that she wasn t some cocky know it all with attitude, she makes mistakes but isn t delusional to think she s above it all She fears but she s a fighter and wants to prove she can be one of the greats, like her dad, and survive in a mans world I respect that in a character and look forward to seeing some real growth in up coming books.I really liked all of the characters in this one, but I think my favorite is Beck For one thing he s a lot older for a YA, but he s funny, with a great sarcastic easy going attitude He brings a lot of life into this world.The plot is very rich with imagination and creativity I really enjoyed the way all the demons had specific names to go along with there rank and how dangerous they are, the magpie was my fav I also liked that there were a few other paranormal elements added to this world, but it s not overly done so it didn t feel overwhelming I loved the methods that the trappers used and just basically the entire operation of it all This would make a kick ass anime Just saying.Overall, I just really loved this one Fun, entertaining and captivating.A great great start to a series I can t wait to continue.

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    My review can also be found on my blog Collections.4.5 starsAfter reading some reviews, I wasn t sure whether or not I would like this book I heard some unappealing things about the characters, especially Riley I also heard that the romance included a love triangle Actually, it was scarier than that because the reviews made it sound like a love square I don t enjoy reading a book where I dislike the main character all the way through, and it s rare that I like a love triangle or anything than that So it just seemed the book wasn t going to work out for me But I m so glad I gave this book a chance because this was a case where my experience with the book ended up being completely different from those reviews I read The Demon Trapper s Daughter is about seventeen year old Riley Blackthorne, who wants to be a Demon Trapper like her father Riley does as much as she can to prove that she s capable of taking care of herself by holding her own against the demons and the males that dominate the Trapper world she chooses to live in She isn t perfect though She makes mistakes and some poor decisions, but she s strong and smart enough to make up for it when it really counts Some may not like Riley s attitude towards Denver Beck, her father s twenty two year old apprentice, but I think her feelings are pretty justified She had a huge crush on Beck a few years back, and it seems he went about rejecting her by being a complete ass jerk I also believe Riley s envious of all the time Beck gets to be around her father, who has been too busy with demon trapping lately to spend quality time with his daughter The good thing is Riley and Beck s relationship improves little by little through the book Another thing I liked was that the book also included chapters from Beck s perspective I really enjoyed his character He s funny, loyal, and protective He s been through a whole lot than most people his age It was refreshing seeing the world viewed by an adult in a YA book, even though this book didn t exactly feel like a YA The book was definitely focused on aspects other than romance, which I m glad for It s true, though, that it sounds like there s going to be love triangle or potentially even a love square At this point, I m all for Riley and Beck I m really liking their development together However, right now, there s a romance between Riley and Simon Simon s another fellow Demon Trapper He s 20 years old and a really nice, good looking guy I can understand the appeal, but I admit I wasn t quite feeling their relationship It moved a bit too fast, and I felt Simon was lacking that extra special something that would have made him stand out It didn t help that there were other, interesting guys like Beck and the mysterious Ori, who I think could be possible love interests for Riley I think Riley and Simon would be better off as friends, but I m sure there will be and I m hoping for development in the next book between Riley and all the guys, so we ll see I decided to only mention the characters and the relationships in this review, since those two things are the most important to me when it comes to determining if I like a book And if I kept going, this review would never end I will say though that the ending wasn t what I expected, and I wish it went just a tiny bit slower because there was a lot to take in with all the scene changes Other than that I thought The Demon Trapper s Daughter was a great start to the series, and I cannot wait to read the next book Soul Thief

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    Next time you see me in bed at 4 a.m., please force me to stop reading, i can hardly see the keys guys Just save me from myself and the deadly books.Me thinks 3.5 stars.Can t really say that i hated the book Can t say that i loved it either You may ask why, and, frankly, i don t really have a reason for it Well, maybe i do.Maybe it s due to the fact that Riley Blackthorne is a bit childish reckless inmature at times, she never thinks of the consequences, or maybe she does and just doesn t care Her one decision was a tad dumb, and she risked her life, but who cares I m not saying that i wouldn t have done it, if i had been brave enough for that but what do i know about braveness, i just sit behind my books all day But i ll give her one thing, she is sarcastic as fuck But that aside, she really is a emotionally weak Her mom is dead from cancer, ok, sad, but how many people have lost family and friends to cancer Countlees view spoiler And then her dad dies, she is now an orphan at 17 not as uncommon as you think but she can t even cut her dad up to pieces to save him from necromancers And i get how emotional that moment would be, but i would try just to keep him from being a mindlees apparently not so mindles slave bought by the highest bidder, only to go back to the grave after about a year Just my humble opinion here hide spoiler

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    More like a 4.5 rating I m usually introduced to series, after a few of the books have already been released Sometimes, it s better that way You don t have to wait a year for the next one Anyway, this year I m extremely excited about a few new series, Never and Hex Hall Now I can add this book to the list, unfortunately it doesn t actually come out until next year, so that means waiting even longer for the second book It s worth it in my opinion I don t usually overly boost about a book, but I m excited about this new series There is a lot of potential to build upon The characters are really likable and sassy I like sassy and strong minded heroines and heroes There are plenty of those in this book I usually pick one of the guys who are potential love interests and start crushing on them, then I cheer them on I would have to say, I can t decide between Denver Beck or Simon Adler, plus Ori I can t forget about him Which to choose hummmmmm Okay, I will admit that I prefer redneck Beck and mysterious Ori to goody two shoes Simon.I also really liked the premise behind this book, good verses evil and trappers who hunt the demons I thoughts this book was fast paced You get enough back story, but not in a boring too much information way I really loved Riley s character She s a fighter without being too macho Oh, I can t forget the cute Magpie demones, who steal shiny objects and flip you the bird Too cute Plus, they get stored in sippee cups Hilarious I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

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    Warten Sie, sagen Sie nichts Ich wei , wie die Geschichte endet Sie wurde zu Tode gemartert und starb als M rtyrerin Super, das war schon immer mein Traumjob 2,5 SterneDer Anfang war super, nach der Szene in der Bibliothek nahm meine Begeisterung aber rasch ab Gegen Ende wurde das Buch noch ein wenig besser, deswegen noch der halbe Stern Die Charaktere sind in Ordnung, auch wenn Riley mir zwischendurch auf den Keks geht m ssen eigentlich alle Hauptcharaktere in solchen B chern beste Freunde haben, die in sie verliebt sind , Simon traue ich nach wie vor nicht ber den Weg und der einzige, der ein wenig Biss hat, ist Beck Wirklich neugierig auf die Fortsetzung bin ich nicht

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    Maybe my rating might have climbed to 3 stars had I had the interest to find out what happened to Riley, Beck, Simon and Peter after Riley s future had been decided by the Demon Trappers Guild Who knows As it is I have read 160 pages and struggled for the last 20 or so with the first notions of boredom my opinion of the book is best represented by 2 stars The person I liked best about the book so far was that tiny, bling addicted Klepto Demon in ninja garb, who miraculously returned to Riley s apartment after Riley caught him and Beck sold him for her So cute Tell me, Goodreaders, did she get to keep him as a pet companion Another thing to like is the cover, because it fits Riley works in jeans and sneakers and she carries glass orbs filled with holy water to defeat grade 3 demons with them For people, who like me like stories with alternating points of view Enjoy The narration switches smoothly back and forth between Riley and Beck.

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    Another reread this year Bought these books when they came out in 2011 They re a super easy read, nothing overly special or out there about them, but they d be great for tweens and young teens Or even older readers just looking to power through something

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    I ve never done a DNF did not finish review before usually I don t get far enough into a book I don t like to actually qualify it as review material But Jana Oliver s The Demon Trapper s Daughter is unusual in that I made it most of the way before giving it up as being too irritating to be worth the effort to finish Obviously you don t need to read this whole review to know what my final verdict will be The Demon Trapper s Daughter is the story of Riley Blackthorn, the daughter of a well known demon trapper who wants to follow in her father s footsteps At seventeen Riley has been training as an apprentice to her father long enough to be trusted to trap a minor demon on her own But her fist solo trapping goes awry as it becomes clear that two demons are working together and, even worse, they seem to know Riley s name Riley thinks things can t get worse as video of her escapades hits the net, but another fatal collusion between demons leads to her father s death Alone in the world Riley knows the only thing she can do to survive is to become an independent trapper, but she must first finish her apprenticeship and her new master not only hated her father, but doesn t think woman are capable of working as trappers But becoming a master trapper is only the first of Riley s challenges she must also stand vigil at her father s grave for twelve nights to prevent necromancers from animating and selling her father s body, and sort out her feelings for two young men one of whom she s had feelings for since she was a child The Demon Trapper s Daughter has a lot of interesting premises In this dystopian world angels, demons, Heaven and Hell aren t a matter of faith, but known for a fact to exist It isn t spelled out when the demons first appeared, but the world has significantly changed Everything is extraordinarily expensive and school is held in old coffee shops and grocery stores Demons range from harmless little magpies that steal odd items from your home to monstrosities that have to be hunted down with holy water and lots of weapons And it was the mythology that kept me interested long enough to really give this book a go However, as I got further into the story I kept getting distracted and irritated by the YA elements that Oliver kept throwing into the story to keep the young adult label, and the incongruity of that with the book s adult content Because Riley is seventeen the story is littered with the requisite teenage dramas of boyfriends and bullies and that would be fine if it were balanced well within the story but it s not For a book that s targeted at young adults, there is a lot of profanity and frank sexuality We don t get sex scenes, which might explain how the book keeps it YA designation, but it s definitely a book for older teens at best But I persevered beyond the language, despite my feeling that it wasn t right for the age designation, because I kept hoping for the payoff There were a couple of different mysteries within the story, one concerning the holy water and another regarding a reality TV show about Vatican sponsored demon hunting, that had the potential to go somewhere But as I reached the last fifty pages of the book too many annoying distractions took away my ability to care how the story resolved itself One of my main beefs with The Demon Trapper s Daughter is the constant insistence that women would be regarded as less able to hunt demons It just doesn t jibe with a rough demon infested world that anyone capable of handling a weapon is going to be disregarded because of their gender It just seemed contrived to appeal to an audience that would likely be largely female and addicted to Twilight But the coup de gr ce for me was the random introduction of too many hot guys who are destined to flirt with the main character We already had two love interests in the first two thirds of the book, so when the story edges into it s final chapters there seemed no reason to bring anyone else into the mix I m sure the character had something to do with at least one of the mysteries that needed to be solved, but his appearance was too abrupt, too convenient and totally off putting I admit that I am not a huge fan of YA fiction that gets into the whole does he like me or doesn t he like me mold But I can overlook teen angst if the story is interesting enough Books like The Hunger Games and Divergent worked for me because there was a logic to the story as well as a good emotional payoff But The Demon Trapper s Daughter jumped around too much for my logic loving brain and didn t strike the right chords for me emotionally to make it work Despite my reservations, this book seems to be a big hit among the teen crowd, if the reviews on are any guide, but I suspect that most adult readers looking for a nice paranormal diversion would probably be better served by avoiding this one.

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    After a great opening scene a demon in a library , this book just did not hold my interest BUT Someone told me If you want to read a good urban fantasy set in Atlanta, try the Kate Daniels series, instead And the rest is history.

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