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    4.5 stars rounded down to 4 This is an excellent historical fiction mystery series, set in 1812 London I won a Goodreads giveaway of book 10 in the series 3 years ago and enjoyed it so much that I decided to read the rest of the series I have been borrowing the books from the library.Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is a wealthy heir who has developed a reputation for solving murders, sometimes at the request of a local magistrate, Sir Henry Lovejoy, and sometimes at the request of friends relatives One of the people who assists him in his investigations is Paul Gibson, a surgeon friend of Devlin s from their time in the British army Gibson pays grave robbers to dig up bodies so he can dissect them and learn about the causes of death But he comes to Devlin with a problem He has a body of a young rising star at the Foreign Office in his mortuary, who was reported to have died of a heart attack His examination of the body shows that Alexander Ross was murdered He wants Devlin to find out who murdered him, even though it is not classified a murder by authorities Devlin agrees to help his friend and there are deaths before the mystery is solved.There is a side plot concerning Devlin s love life, which started in book 5 in the series.I recommend that you start with book 1 and read them in order, as there are continuing plot elements throughout the series I raced through this book in 2 days.Two quotes Description of Ross Alexander was a diplomat by profession It can be a dangerous game, diplomacy A dance of shadows in the darkness Weather The day was sunny but not excessively hot, the sky arcing above the open fields a pale blue scattered with puffs of high white clouds.

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    This is such a good series and it just keeps getting better and better As with the previous books this one is full to bursting with dead bodies, political intrigue, mystery and historical interest All very good indeed However its main strength is in its wonderful characters and in particular of course, Sebastian and Hero There is so much chemistry between the two of them and one day they are going to have to admit it to themselves.Special note to Hero s big scene where she shows us exactly what she is made of, and then of course that last chapter was a delight in itself I am really looking forward to the next instalment

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    This is fast becoming my favourite series as each instalment gets better and better I tried to read this slowly to prolong the enjoyment but ended up inhaling it as usual Maybe this is one series I will have to re read Sebastian St Cyr finds himself embroiled in another murder But this time it s a murder the police do not know about His friend, surgeon and anatomist Paul Gibson has discovered that one of the bodies provided to him by the body snatchers, did not die of a heart attack but of a wound to the back of his skull Sebastian must tread quietly if he is to discover why this young man was killed so stealthily and who is behind it What he finds is politically sensitive and involves the top echelons of government and diplomacy This is awkward for Sebastian as he has just become engaged to Hero Jarvis, whose father Lord Jarvis is right hand man of his cousin the Regent, Prince George and enemy of Sebastian s father Lord Hendon While Hero and Sebastian see their marriage of one of convenience, they are clearly made for each other, but just haven t seen it yet Hero is certainly a girl before her time, as her reaction to being abducted leaves no doubts These two will definitely have a lively relationship and I m looking forward to seeing sparks fly.

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    Sebastian St Cyr finds himself in an unusual dilemma when his friend and surgeon, Paul Gibson, works on a resurrected body of a young man who reportedly died of heart failure but determines he was murdered Sebastian must surreptitiously investigate without disclosing how he came to know of the true circumstances of Alexander Ross death In the meantime, he s also preparing for his marriage in less than a week This was SO good Bodies piling up and the list of suspects longer than manageable, all with elusive motives Sebastian and Hero s drama was almost palatable as they discover about each other and contend with Jarvis in the background Everything about this story was well done I hadn t a clue whodunit let alone why but the crazy ride was fun and the ending lived up to the building suspense I m just loving this series and can t wait for the next one.

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    Another excellent series Its a great historical mystery.

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    Another fabulous instalment In this one, apart from the progress in the relationship between Devlin and Hero, I learned a lot about international and diplomatic events during the period that America wanted to seize Canada, that it took 6 weeks or AFTER the event to learn that America had declared war on Britain that Russia allied with Britain against Moscow when decades later we had the Crimean war that Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland were also involved, bartering and negotiating over who got to keep Finland Russia or Norway Denmark Britain was also paying Sweden large amounts of gold in the hope they would support the British.The most interesting piece of information to me was the British navy impressing American sailors.The funniest part concerned the storage and exhumation of the first body that starts the book As always, the role of the body snatchers and its interaction with the medical community, is endlessly fascinating I LOVE this series and wholeheartedly recommend it.

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    It s not going to be easy, investigating a murder no one knows occurred. I decided to end a self imposed moratorium on binge reading the series and once again plunge into fascinating and dangerous world of Sebastian St Cyr.As with other instalments, the less is said about the plot the better But let me assure you, it is un put downable as every chapter brings new turn and twist to the mystery while Sebastian navigates dangerous political waters and international intrigues to bring a murderer to justice Ms Harris seamlessly marries the plot with fascinating elements of history making the journey of solving mystery enjoyable than the mystery itself I adore Sebastian I adore his intelligence, his reserve, his honor, his unwavering dedication to seek the truth He is an irresistibly sexy man I m glad with the direction Ms Harris decided to go with Sebastian s personal relationship He depended too much on the love of his life , Kat, who seemed to drain him emotionally and physically Hero, on the other hand, is so much better as his leading lady She is the perfect partner for Sebastian smart, independent, strong and admirable Hero and Sebastian s compatibility, whether they realize it yet, is quite obvious The relationship between them is a subtle dance at this point Ms Harris shows that less is in portraying the attraction between the two The last chapter is especially lovely.It could ve been a 5 star book if for some moments in the plot that felt contrived and a certain scene where Hero quite aptly lives up to her name and does a few things that frankly, although very admirable in my eyes, were unrealistic.I m looking forward to the next installment.

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    I d planned to take my time with this book Planned to take my time and read it slowly because I know it s likely to be awhile before we get the next installment.I started it last night at about 10 00 and finished it at about 3 00am.So much for my big plans, huh Once I started reading, I literally could not force myself to stop For me, though, it wasn t so much the mystery that kept me reading as it was for the interaction between Sebastian and Hero While the mysteries themselves are always so well done, the main selling point for these books to me is the character interaction and development Ms Harris has crafted a wonderfully complex character in Sebastian St Cyr, and Hero is proving to be the same I m putting the rest of this under a spoiler cut, though I m not going into great detail, I do allude to some events that would be considered spoilers Better safe than sorry, right view spoiler raises hand I have to state that I am a huge, huge Hero fan I ve always preferred her to Kat as I think she s Sebastian s equal in many, many ways, so certain events in this book pleased me greatly The ending, especially I cannot wait for the next installment to find out what happens next.Hero is just fantastic in this book, and it s been wonderful to see her slowly moving to the forefront as a lead character She has a moment in this book in which shewell, I don t want to spoil it, but it was so badass that you ll know it when you see it.Ohand anytime that Paul Gibson gets a larger than normal amount of page time also makes me very, very happy.The mystery itselfI ll admit, I had to go back and reread certain parts to make sure I was following along with who killed who, because I got a little confused There were so many victims and so many suspects that I had a hard time keeping things straight at times PlusI may have also been rushing a bit while reading because I was anxious to get back to the Sebastian Hero stuff I mentioned above hide spoiler

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    I really wish that I could give this book than three stars, because there are some really good things about it The author clearly does research the period and it is interesting to have actual people and events woven into the narrative I also like the two main characters, particularly Hero who is full of spunk However, Ms Harris writing seems to bring out my inner pedant, which is something I find hugely frustrating when I read a novel For example, a minor character towards the beginning of the novel is Astley Cooper, who was a prominent and influential surgeon of the period In the novel, he is referred to as Dr Cooper However, as a surgeon of that time, Cooper did not have a university degree Surgery students were apprenticed to surgeons medical students who became physicians went to university Only physicians were accorded the title of Doctor Consequently, until relatively recently the correct title for a surgeon in Britain was Mister and not Doctor Another matter which brought out my inner pedant was the reference to a church as St George s, Hanover , rather than St George s, Hanover Square This was presumably an editing issue A further problem with Ms Harris writing, in my opinion, is that it demonstrates a degree of laziness There are times when I really wished she or her editor would make use of the thesaurus to which they no doubt have access Some words are particularly overused For example, in this novel, it was hunkered Sebastian did not crouch, bend down, bend over or kneel He invariably hunkered down and the constant re use of the same word was intrusive and irritating Ms Harris also constantly re uses the same descriptions Hendon, for example, is hardly ever introduced into the narrative without his white hair and blue eyes being commented on In general terms the narrative also overuses the same plot points Sebastian and Hero, either separately or together do very little investigation which does not involve going from one place to another in London and questioning their interlocateurs, who almost invariably answer all of their questions immediately although not necessarily truthfully This is interspersed with bouts of activitity in which they violently and efficiently dispose of their various assailants with no apparent repercussions I could go on about the problems I have with this novel, but I won t Because for all my criticisms, I still enjoyed reading it and I will without doubt read the next instalment in the series I guess this is because I like crime fiction and I love reading about the Regency period, so a series which combines both of those elements is pretty much a sure thing for me, even if the writing is not all I could hope for.

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    Here the mystery is rather complicated because there s not only one killer, but several Sebastian and Hero get involved in some unsavory happenings.Some of them are hilarious some of them heartbreaking view spoiler Even if she was one of the villains, I felt sorry for Madam Champagne hide spoiler

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Where Shadows Dance download Where Shadows Dance, read online Where Shadows Dance, kindle ebook Where Shadows Dance, Where Shadows Dance 5e8eeec41915 How Do You Set About Solving A Murder No One Can Reveal Has Been Committed Regency London, July That S The Challenge Confronting CS Harris S Aristocratic Soldier Turned Sleuth Sebastian St Cyr When His Friend, Surgeon And Anatomist Paul Gibson, Illegally Buys The Cadaver Of A Young Man From London S Infamous Body Snatchers A Rising Star At The Foreign Office, Mr Alexander Ross Was Reported To Have Died Of A Weak Heart But When Gibson Discovers A Stiletto Wound At The Base Of Ross S Skull, He Can Turn Only To Sebastian For Help In Catching The KillerDescribed By All Who Knew Him As An Amiable Young Man, Ross At First Seems An Unlikely Candidate For Murder But As Sebastian S Search Takes Him From The Queen S Drawing Rooms In St James S Palace To The Embassies Of Russia, The United States, And The Turkish Empire, He Plunges Into A Dangerous Shadow Land Of Diplomatic Maneuvering And International Intrigue, Where Truth Is An Elusive Commodity And Nothing Is As It SeemsMeanwhile, Sebastian Must Confront The Turmoil Of His Personal Life Hero Jarvis, Daughter Of His Powerful Nemesis Lord Jarvis, Finally Agrees To Become His Wife But As Their Wedding Approaches, Sebastian Can T Escape The Growing Realization That Not Only Lord Jarvis But Hero Herself Knows Far About The Events Surrounding Ross S Death Than They Would Have Him BelieveThen A Second Body Is Found, Badly Decomposed But Bearing The Same Fatal Stiletto Wound And Sebastian Must Race To Unmask A Ruthless Killer Who Is Now Threatening The Life Of His Reluctant Bride And Their Unborn Child