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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Devil May Cry
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • English
  • 22 July 2017
  • 9780312369507

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    Feb 12, 2014 It s not fair to show someone the sun and then to banish him from it Even the devil may cry when he looks around hell and realizes that he s there alone Devil May Cry is the story of Sin of Sumeria and Katra Agrotera Kat already appeared in previous books of the series She is the daughter of view spoiler Artemis and Acheron hide spoiler

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    Sin or Nana Su en Sumerian God always AND Dark Hunter not very willingly and Katra Agrotera Goddess So far, this story is my favorite.Who can possibly love the powerful and beloved daughter of a Greek Goddess and an Atlantean God A Sumerian God of course Katra is the daughter of Artemis and Acheron I suppose this is not really a spoiler, because we learn about this fact early in the book This is also a fact that Acheron does not know, meaning that he does not know that he has a daughter for the last few thousand years and that her mother is his worst enemy and only lover.No, thankfully Acheron will not murder Artemis when he finds out Artemis made him promise to her that he will not kill her and that he will be a good boy and stay at their room until the situation on Earth is clear Yes, there is a major problem on Earth Some ancient demons are about to get loose The Gallu demons are out and want to transform anything in their approximate area into one of them One bite is enough to make any mortal and immortal, a Gallu Earth s only salvation is Sin An ex Sumerian God who has lost his powers because of Artemis and Acheron helped him become a Dark Hunter and live forever, Besides killing any Gallu, Sin s main task is to revenge his lost life and his lost people He basically wants to make Artemis suffer before he kills her.When Sin meets Katra and learns that she is the daughter of his worst enemy and at the same time the daughter of his best benefactor, he is bewildered Especially when he starts developing feelings for her This is an awesome book There will be battles between Garru demons and Charonte demons Simi and her sister have a major role in his book , a great love story between Sin and Katra where Sin learns to love again and Katra learns how to love for her first time Sin is a God of fertility after all and horrible secrets that see the light of day Acheron is very emotional, forgiving and sweet in this book I got a little confused with the transferring of the godlike powers between Artemis, Katra and Sin Because the transferring happens several times in the book I presume that the most important thing is that in the end everyone is powerful and happy.

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    I m just saying you hold on to your virginity for eleven thousand years waiting for the one , maybe it s not a good idea to give it away to a guy you just met a couple of days ago A crazy guywho wants to kill your whole family and hates youIt reminds me of a song Hey, I just met you,And you hate me,So, here s my hymen,Call me, Crazy I guess she just got tired of waitingSo, this book is about Katra and Sin Sin is also known as Nana I don t know about you, but a guy named Nana just ain t gonna do it for me There are only two things that come to mind when I think Nana Someone s grandmaor The dog from Peter PanNeither of these are sexy, in my opinion You could think what you want I don t know what rocks your boat, and frankly, if either of these do, I don t want to know.Katra is sent to kill Sin Nana, by Artemis, but she decides to give him her eleven thousand year old virginity instead And, they have to save the world from some Sumerian demons.The best part of this story, as always, is that we learn a lot of new things about Acheron, and they are juicy A fun tidbit is that he has a dream about a girl he will meet and who will hate him I hear wedding bells lol I only have to get through another book or so until his book Can t wait

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    If Kenyon had been borne before modern times, she would have been a traveling bard For this woman can tell a story like no other writer on earth I have been a fan of hers for almost ten years, starting with her historical romances written as Kinley MacGregor I had turned away from my true self, abandoning the world of fantasy and the supernatural I didn t read any horror, fantasy, and I turned my nose up at paranormal Who wants to read a book with a vampire as a romance hero I scoffed I laugh at myself now I read Night Pleasures out of curiosity, because my sister loved it so much She was the big paranormal fan in the family, you see Well it was love at second sight I already loved this author as Kinley MacGregor A decade later, I am a paranormal romance fiend Well, this many years into the future, I can say that Kenyon still has it Her imagination knows no bounds Her ability to take ancient myths and build a modern story around the, filling the story with lovable or hateable characters with the human quirks that make a reader keep reading, is a great gift Few authors write a tortured hero so well as Kenyon does And Sin joins the ranks I was a little skeptical how this story could succeed in bringing a hero who was an ancient Sumerian god to life But it was done very well Sin might have been a god, but he has a humanity that makes me love him all the Katra, introduced in Kiss of the Night, finally gets a book of her own And it was grand I liked her from the beginning It s great to see her story, and how convoluted her family tree is To reveal that would spoil things, so I won t But there is a familial reunion in this book guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes if you are a Dark Hunter fan Kat is a fun heroine, but also very lovable Her heart is big and filled with kindness, and she has the wisdom and sensitivity that makes her perfect for an embittered man like Sin And she can kick some serious bottom too Kat and Sin were a great couple Definitely one of my favorites in the Dark Hunter series so far It s great to see both of them find happiness, after Sin had lost so much, and Kat had gone eleven thousand years missing a vital part of her identity Both of the had seen love go wrong, and had the wary hearts to prove it, but they found each other, and saved the world in the process.I also gained some insight into a long despised recurring character in this book, Artemis Spoiled, selfish, mercurial, yet she does have the capacity for love Still not my favorite, and still making me desirous of slapping her hard enough to make her eyes roll, but I can see that she does have some good points.A consistent strength of Kenyon is the cast of secondary characters that she weaves into each story This book introduces some new faces that had me laughing out loud in the gym on the elliptical trainer with their sarcastic quips I love the wit and the humor in these Dark Hunter books It helps to transition very well from the scenes of sadness as these ancient characters go through awful events that have left the mark of suffering on their psyches love how she intertwines mythology along with the things that surely come out of her great imagination in her books It s great to see familiar characters from the myths, but in a story that shows different aspects and brings these characters to life, dare I say that the myths could not delve into Like Hades sarcastic wit, and his fear of Persephone being angry at him Gotta love that poor Hades, the all powerful god of the Underworld is a whipped husband I must say that I find Hades to be quite the hottie The much beloved Simi and her sister Xirena also make appearances, with their love of shopping, Diamonique, and devouring demons Acheron has a very pivotal role in this story that I loved, and we get to see of his backstory If you are a fan of his of course you are , you need to read this book I need to get the last two books read before I can pull out his book, Acheron We get to meet Xypher, who is the future hero of Dream Chaser I am already intrigued with him Sin s brother Zakar is an interesting character whom I hope to see again, as well Kenyon also gives us a sympathetic look at Daimons, as we learn they are not the worst enemies in this universe Kenyon is one of the funniest writers I ve ever read It s amazing that she can also write some of the most angsty, most tortured heroes I ve had the pleasure sounds sadistic of me to read about, yet she can make me laugh out loud at the gym, uncaring that people are probably wondering if I m going crazy or something.If you want several hours of enjoyment that takes you into a world just like our own, but is filled with action, adventure, magic, myth, and an incredible love story, you should read this book.

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    I feel like such a bad person for dislikeing this book I mean so many people loved it, saying stuff like this is my favorite out of the whole series ect I just couldn t see it I couldn t connect with either of the main characters I didn t the plot and I sure as hell didn t like the end Full review to come.

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    3.5 5It s really hard for me to rate this book I m torn between giving it 3 or 4 stars This is a good story but I found it moved quite slowly, and somehow I grew a bit bored around the middle of the book I didn t feel like I was engaged in reading or became excited the way I did when I had read the previous ones in this series Just when I thought about giving it 3 stars, there was something holding me back It might be because I m personally interested in Ancient Mesopotamia and the Sumerians, and in my opinion, the author did a good job weaving some of them into this modern fantasy paranormal romance book Besides, the last 10% could make me wide awake and I found the ending was pretty impressive.After weighing everything and my overall feelings carefully, I decided to push my rating up to 4 stars

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    Devil May Cry turned out to be a bit of a weird addition to the Dark Hunter series The story was very entertaining, but the romance was surprisingly dull Thousands of years ago the Greek Goddess Artemis stole the powers of Sin, the Sumerian Fertility God, before the rest of her Pantheon waged an underhanded war of manipulation that ended with the whole Sumerian Pantheon being wiped out Sin, now an ex God, still hungers for vengeance despite being one of the Dark Hunters Unfortunately Sin has pressing problems than his plans for Artemis as the lethal Gallu demons that were buried by his pantheon are now stirring and they are hungry for human flesh Their goal is to destroy mankind and anyone else who gets in their way Sin is the only one with any chance of stopping them That task seems next to impossible without his God powers, but Sin is determined to fight to the last Katra, a handmaiden of Artemis, is tasked by her mistress to keep an eye on Sin, who has been acting stranger than normal lately, and given the order to eliminate him if it looks like he is about to try and seek his vengeance and make an attempt to kill Artemis It is not long before Katra realizes that Sin will need help in his efforts to fight the demon threat The tough bit will be convincing Sin of that fact as he is not eager to trust anyone with a connection to his greatest enemy The story was a ton of fun The Gallu demons were vicious enemies and there was plenty of tension as Kat and Sin fought against the clock to stop the most powerful of the demons from escaping their prison The big plus for this book was that both Kat and Sin were than human Kat s home was on Olympus and she had a lot of powerful connections and friends to call upon Her connection to Artemis also resulted in us seeing plenty of the Greek Goddess, Acheron, and most importantly Simi Which was fun As well as old favorite characters this book introduced a couple of interesting new characters The first was Damien, the less evil than normal Daimon The second was Xphyer, a murderous than normal Skotos Hopefully we will see of them in the future Despite the fact that both Katra and Sin were likable characters with fascinating back stories I felt their romance was a bit dull They had the least chemistry of any pairing in the Dark Hunter series so far and I even felt like some of the humor between the pair fell flat The disappointing romance was only in minor flaw and it did not stop this being another really fun installment of the ever entertaining Dark Hunter series We got a few major revelations and developments in this book that will likely have a big impact on the coming books Rating 4 stars.Audio Note This was narrated by Holter Graham I though he did a decent job, but will admit that I prefer Fred Berman and Carrington MacDuffie I totally missed Berman s interpretation of the Simi Graham made her seem too normal

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    I LOVED it Sin is a Sumerian Fertility God whos powers were removed by Artemis thousands of years ago Katra is one of Artemis s Kori who is sent by Artemis to kill Sin After traking him down, and getting to know him a bit, she finds all that Artemis says may not be the truth Shocker Katra finally gets to meet her father, Ash Not many books make me cry, but I teared up when Ash finally learns of her existance after eleven thousand years, and gets to meet her He is just so wonderful

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews 3.5 stars This far along in the Dark Hunter series, there are still things that I enjoy about it The characters are usually likable and generally relatable, the Greek mythology woven into the stories is interesting, and the overall Dark Hunter concept is intriguing These things, as well as being a huge fan of Acheron and very much wanting to read his story, have kept me coming back and slowly working my way though the series However, lately, whenever I pick up one of these books, I seem to have a harder and harder time getting past some of Sherrilyn Kenyon s writing quirks to really be able to enjoy the story she is telling I know for a while there Ms Kenyon was publishing an almost unbelievable number of novels and novellas per year far than most authors I read , and I think that the rapid pace at which she was writing these books shows through in the lack of quality When I m feeling like taking my red editor s pen to a book and rewriting passages in my head while reading, it isn t a good sign.Now that I m a writer myself and learning the do s and don t s of writing, I keep seeing and writing no no s in Ms Kenyon s work To begin with, her books tend to have a lot of repetitiveness not just from book to book, but within each individual book The dialog can be a little too long winded and often leans toward being cheesy and juvenile With Ms Kenyon being a huge Buffy, the Vampire Slayer fan, I think she s going for that kind of sarcasm, but sometimes just doesn t know when to reign it in Also, most writers and editors I ve talked with have said there should be no head hopping, yet Ms Kenyon does this constantly Sometimes she switches between several different characters multiple times within a single chapter, which as a reader, can be frustrating to keep up with Last but certainly not least, a large amount of the narrative prose in Devil May Cry was written in a passive voice with an overuse of be verbs which would probably explain a large part of why I didn t feel deeply connected to the characters A few times, I experimented with rewriting some sentences in a active voice and found that the narrative would have really popped if Ms Kenyon and or her editor had given care to this process.Another issue I had with Devil May Cry was the number of poorly explained occurrences which seemed like plot holes Probably the most glaring one was Kat getting bitten by a gallu, but no one realizing it until she falls ill Now the gallu are vicious demons, so I couldn t help wondering wouldn t Kat have known that she was bitten, and if she did, wouldn t she have told Sin, knowing how dangerous a gallu bite could be Granted there were some intense and emotional scenes following the revelation, but overall, it seemed like a too convenient set up for bringing Ash into the mix and creating a permanent bond between Sin and Kat Long after the fact, Kat finally acknowledges that she knew she d been bitten but forgot Really How does one forget being bitten by a monstrous demon I know I certainly wouldn t have, and in my opinion, this weak excuse made Kat look completely incompetent as a warrior goddess I think Ms Kenyon could have done a lot better with that one Another thing that didn t make sense to me was that Kat said she could access Apollymi s powers, but at no point during the story did she do so It seemed to me that if Kat could use the destroyer goddess s power, she probably could have wiped out the demon invasion all on her own, but for some unknown reason, it didn t work that way These are just two of the prominent things that left me scratching my head.This may be of a personal preference, but I ve always disliked Sherrilyn Kenyon s habit of introducing surprise powers or surprise characters with the needed powers to make things work out It s almost like each and every book is nothing than a series of mini deuce ex machina moments It makes me feel like the characters don t have to work as hard for their victories, because there will always be a fail safe By the same token, I find it annoying when a character s powers and magical devices arbitrarily work or don t work to suit the story An example of this is that Sin and Kat use a sfora given to her by Acheron to locate Sin s brother, Zakar, but when Zakar disappears again later, Sin and Kat just stand around for several pages wondering how they ll find him again, eventually coming to the conclusion that they ll just have to wait for him to return I wanted to jump into the story and say, Hello, use the sfora again Finally, they think of that, but then the device doesn t work for some unexplained reason To me, relying on this type of storytelling is not only lazy, but it confuses the overall mythology of the series to the point that it s about as clear as mud I never have any idea who can do what, because as soon as I try to figure it out, they re sure to find some untapped power source or their powers will quit working or some other equally ridiculous thing will happen.Up to this point, I know I ve been pretty critical, so I m going to try to add a few positives here Even though I felt like they were somewhat underdeveloped as characters, I did like Sin and Kat as the hero and heroine Although Sin s past wasn t brought out in as stark relief as some of the other tortured heroes in this series, he was a tormented soul nonetheless I sympathized with him not trusting anyone because of having been betrayed so many times in his life He was also robbed of most of his god powers, and when he finds out who did that to him, he is understandably upset, although he does come around rather quickly in spite of it Although she isn t officially a goddess, Kat wields power than many of the gods She is a tough girl who can handle herself pretty well, but at the same time she has great compassion for humanity When Kat s parentage was revealed, I guess it wasn t too surprising, but at the same time, I had very mixed feeling about her mother s and father s identities, mainly because I didn t really want these two characters connected in that way However, I can t say much about that without giving away a big spoiler.Sin and Kat made a nice couple, but I can t say that I felt a deep connection between them As with most of the stories in the Dark Hunter series, their relationship develops within a matter of days which is just a little too quick to be entirely believable to me There were some touching moment between them, but oftentimes I felt like their deeper emotions were being skimmed over and not given the weight they deserved Their first love scene was good, but ended a bit too abruptly and without enough payoff, considering that it was Kat s first time Also, and this is another personal preference, I wasn t overly fond of the way Sin and Kat and other characters throughout the series simply zap their clothes on and off at will when in the heat of passion Initially, it was kind of cool, but Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it so much now that it s starting to loose its novelty In my opinion, not having the characters take their time undressing each other, takes away valuable moments for foreplay and the building of sexual tension.Probably the best thing about Devil May Cry was Acheron We get to learn several things about his past, probably in preparation for his story The scenes where he imparts his wisdom to Kat and expresses his own regrets about the way that he treated Nick were among some of the best in the book These scenes actually had some depth to them and proved to me that Sherrilyn Kenyon can write deeply moving material that isn t constantly filled with breezy one liners This gives me hope that Ash s book will be better than Devil May Cry and some of the other recent offerings in the Dark Hunter series.I ve come to the conclusion that you can t have a Dark Hunter book without revisiting many previous characters Other secondary characters who showed up include Artemis, although I have to say that I wasn t entirely pleased with the direction her character was taken in this book She has always been a character that I love to hate for the way she has treated Ash, but here Ms Kenyon couldn t seem to decide whether Artemis was going to be a selfish witch or sympathetic The softer side of Artemis that was shown here in a few scenes is very difficult for me to reconcile with the vengeful goddess who beats Ash and uses him as a sex slave The other characters who put in appearances are Apollymi the Charonte demons, Simi and Xirena the Dream Hunter leaders, D Alerian, M Adoc, and M Ordant and Deimos, the Dolophoni Wulf and Cassandra Kiss of the Night have a brief phone conversation with Kat, and Stryker One Silent Night puts in a cameo at the end We are also introduced to Xypher, a rather intriguing Dream Hunter, who becomes the hero of Dream Chaser Devil May Cry had enough issues to annoy me, but in spite of that, it was still mostly entertaining which is why I didn t rate it any lower I simply had to work hard at trying to ignore the glaring holes and writing that wasn t quite up to par, and just enjoy the ride for what it was It was still better then some books I ve read, and I do plan to continue with the series for the time being Even though it might be difficult to reign in my criticisms, I m invested enough at this point that I can t turn back at least until I ve reached Acheron Just two book to go.

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    How can anyone be afraid of love How can they not His face was completely aghast When you love someone truly love them, friend or lover, you lay your heart open to them You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, and you let them inside a part of you that only they can hurt you literally hand them the razor with a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart and soul And when they do strike, it s crippling like having your heart carved out It leaves you naked and exposed, wondering what you did to make them want to hurt you so badly when all you did was love them What is so wrong with you that no one can keep faith with you That no one can love you To have it happen once is bad enough but to have it repeated Who in their right mind would not be terrified of that Acheron ParthenopaeusTHIS QUOTE I LOVED IT And of course once again,Greek Gods Vampires Daimons Dream Gods Dark Hunters Insignificant Humans blabbering Of course Captivating dry humour The whole book Concept 2.5 5.0Execution 2.75 5.0 Characters Bespoken 2.75 5.0Cover 2.75 5.0Overall 2.75 5.0As for Katra and Sin Matter of fact I loved this pair heart eyes P.S Ash is back And bitch goddess Artemis is getting on my nerves now

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