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❴Reading❵ ➶ The Perfect Play Author Jaci Burton – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Perfect Play, meaning The Perfect Play, genre The Perfect Play, book cover The Perfect Play, flies The Perfect Play, The Perfect Play 677343bae9b04 Football Pro Mick Riley Is An All Star, Both On The Field And In The Bedroom But A Sexy, Determinedly Single Mom Just Might Be The One To Throw Him Off His GameFor Years Mick Has Been Taking Full Advantage Of The Life Available To A Pro Athlete Fame, Fortune, And A Different Girl In Every City But When He Meets And Beds Confident, Beautiful Event Planner Tara Lincoln, He Wants Much Than The Typical One Night Stand Too Bad Tara S Not Interested In Getting To Know Football S Most Notorious Playboy Any BetterAs The Single Mother Of A Teenage Son, The Last Thing Tara Needs Is The Jet Set Lifestyle Of Mick Riley Even Though Their Steamy And Passionate One Night Stand Was Unforgettable Tara S Life Is Complicated Enough Without Being Thrust Into The Spotlight As Mick S Latest Girl Du Jour Tara Played The Game Of Love Once And Lost Big, And She Doesn T Intend To Put Herself Out There Again, Especially With A Heartbreaker Like MickBut When Mick Sets His Mind To Win, Nothing Will Stop Him And He Has The Perfect Play In Mind

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    5 stars Contemporary Sports Erotic RomanceThoughts Before Reading OHHH MYYY GAWWWD I have absolutely zero saliva left after staring at this epitome of cover HOTness Seriously, call a doctor quick cause I think I ve swallowed my tongue.Thoughts After Reading I think a review for this book is about the equivalent of crotchless panties or raspberry sauce on chocolate caketotally unnecessary I mean with a tongue swallowing, eyes bulging cover like this, who really gives a % what the story is, right Well, the even better news is that it s actually a great erotic romance with a too perfect , too sexy, to die for hero that can only be found in Romancelandia And yes, the sex is as satisfying and as smokin HOT as the cover 5 studtastic stars

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    Just in time for the upcoming Super Bowl is Jaci Burton s smokin hot new release, The Perfect Play And what a perfect sports romance it is Starting with the gorgeous cover C mon, how can you resist that cover model Things just get better after that The story has an almost Cinderella like feel to it Mick Riley 30 is Mr Tall 6 1 2 feet , Dark black hair, blue eyed and Sexy killer physique a millionaire superstar quarterback for the San Francisco Sabers Mick s a hard working athlete, but has never had to work for female companionship Women flock to him, starlets, supermodelsyou name it His female sports agent a real obnoxious, beautiful, power hungry redhead named Elizabeth wants nothing than to see Mick on a red carpet escorting the hottest actress, or at some charity event with a beautiful model on his arm Anything to get him into the spotlight so he can make money on endorsements Of course these dates never amount to much for Mickthere s no connection beyond the easy sexual conquest, and Mick is getting a bit bored with them if he s honest with himself One day after a hard off season workout at the team s facility, he spots a pretty blonde with killer legs wandering around lost looking for the Sabers team offices After a brief but friendly conversation where Mick directs her where to go, he realizes that the beautiful in a natural way blonde intrigues him Enough that he would like to pursue her And isn t that a first Mick never has to pursue any woman Tara Lincoln is a 30 ish, hard working, fiercely independent single mother of a 14 year old son, who owns her own event planning business Tara s worked hard to overcome her crummy childhood, and her newly established business The Right Touch is about to take off She s not looking for a relationship men have let her down in the past she s all about securing the future for her son Nathan and making sure that he doesn t make the same mistakes in his life that she did in hers But when she meets Mick Riley at the summer team party that her company has planned, she s tempted Oh, so temptedHe s charming, funny, interesting, and drop dead gorgeous And he seems interested in her Why is that when he could have any woman he wanted Well, I ll say no Mick and Tara embark on a relationship, and what a hot, sexy ride it is Jaci Burton fills the story with plenty of detail, so you know where the characters are coming from and you can understand their actions There s oodles of juicy hot sex, of course, and there s plenty of wining and dining of the initially reluctant Tara by Mick Tara is introduced to a world that is very foreign to her, one of red carpet events, vacations to exotic beaches oh, was that a hawt escape , and flights to St Louis to hang out with Mick s wonderful, loving family, and to watch his professional baseball player brother in action All the time they spend with each other brings them closer together, yet Tara is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, it seems She knows they come from different worlds, and wonders how once the NFL season starts, if their relationship can last Do they really have of a relationship than the I ve got to have him her hot sex Does Mick want than just a hot summer fling And what about her business Will it start to suffer if she s all wrapped up in Mick And how about Nathan Is she shortchanging him if she continues to see Mick Shouldn t her first priority be her son I have to say I adored Mick Yes, he had a bit of a womanizing past, put I figured that s just par for the course for a professional athlete He wasn t perfect he had a secret that he kept hidden and worried about revealing it to Tara , but he was real He had a big heart, was great with Tara s son that alone should ve sealed the deal , and was a fantastic, giving lover He was close to his family, super rich, and gorgeous what woman wouldn t want him Tara had a bit of a this can t be happening to me attitude going on, and who couldn t blame her She wavered between going all out and giving herself to Mick and she had no problem on that end the lady knew what she wanted and let the chips fall where they may, to should I protect my heart before it s too late I could understand her feelings, since Mick had never been in a long term relationship and she didn t know if he was capable of love But she did tend to frustrate me a bit I wanted her to trust Mick and believe in a future with him view spoiler When she got scared cold feet towards the end of the book, and hurt Mick, I wanted to shake her hide spoiler

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    What an overrated book Nothing about the story was new or interesting to me The sex scenes were hot, but if you want to read a hot sex scene, it s just as easy to pick up an erotica, which I d rather do to be honest The story aggravated me on so many levels It felt like I had fallen into a manufactured after school special on the dangers of alcohol I have a teen son and I m telling you now, he would never be caught dead saying this I didn t know I just wanted to be cool like the other guys It doesn t matter if those are would be his motives for drinking, he would never say those words out loud, and I m guessing most teenagers wouldn t either Also, since when is the announcement of someone admitting to be an alcoholic such an earth shattering moment I almost expected to hear the faint sounds of a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie in the background Now, if the guy had admitted he was a raging alcoholic who couldn t stop taking out his anger on people that might have been another story But to see a woman get so emotionally worked up because the guy she s dating admitted he partied too much in high school and now he chooses to abstain because he realized he was drinking way too much back then Give me a fucking break Please let me disclaimer that I am not taking alcoholism lightly I have experienced the downfalls of it first hand, as I m sure many of us have through close friends and family members This disease can wreck lives Maybe because I know how much it can wreck lives, I was very disappointed in how ridiculous this particular version of alcoholism seemed like a silly plot device.This is the woman s reaction when she figures out why Mick has refused her offers of a drink over the past few weeks Her throat went dry as the realization of all these weeks together finally fell into focus But she waited, not asking, knowing it had to come from Mick I m an alcoholic, Tara The gut punch hurt She palmed her stomach, was glad she was sitting, because the room spun How long Since I was a teenager Still think I lived a perfect life She didn t know if she was angry or hurt, at him or for him.Really A gut punch A bit melodramatic, I d say Now, if she had immediately fessed up to having past issues with people drinking in her life, I would have said oh yeah, that sucks No one wants to have to open old woundsOh, but we have to understand because this woman did have her own normal seedy past, and she gave us her own words of it s okay, most of us have been there and none of us had profound reasons for doing what we did wisdom Here s her gem from earlier in the book By then, I was drinking, doing a few drugs too, anything to numb the pain, you know Now, I know where the kid gets his lingo from Apparently, mother and son watched one too many Lifetime movies together.Last complaint I m thoroughly sick of every single mother story being about a woman who is emotionally unavailable I m tired of so many single mom stories painting this bleak picture of someone who has sacrificed 100% for her kids and won t date because their child comes first in every single area of their life Yet, the person is sad and hollow on the inside, just subconsciously waiting for a man to come and set them free.Usually single moms again, been there, done that, got the t shirt don t date because they don t have a sitter, they re too busy with work, or they don t have the time to go somewhere to meet men It s not because we don t want to date, or automatically assume that any guy who tries to get close to us is a dead end I dated here and there when I was a single mom, and was wise enough to keep my dating life separate from my home life until I was seriously involved with someone I m guessing most moms are sensible enough to do the same thing.In closing, this book was so not my thing Why the 2 stars instead of 1 I actually did enjoy a couple of the sex scenes It wasn t a total fail

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    I will admit I bought this book because of the cover.

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    This says it all I have a ten week old baby who wakes up every three hours, so sleep is a hot commodity right now Yet I stayed up late to finish this book because I so wanted to see Mick and Tara get their happy ending Loved the characters, particularly the hero, who is protective and alpha without being overbearing or angst y And it s quite a hot read

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    3,5 Playing Stars.Tara is a single mother, who got pregnant when she was just a teenager and manage to raise her son alone and create her own business She s happy alone, or so she thinks Enters Mick, famous American Football player, they met at a party she organized and he is immediately taken aback by her And for the first time he finds himself wanting to pursue a woman But between being a single mother, his public life and secrets buried in the past, this will probably be the hardest game Mick ever had to play If you want to read a quick, romantic and very steamy book, this a good choice It wasn t an unforgettable book and the writing style was sometimes confusing, not to mention that for a book whose plot as a single mother with a teenage son, there wasn t that much of the son Nonetheless, it was entertaining and a good series for when you need a heavy book break Rating 3,5 StarsCharacters Development Tara was probably one of the most immature heroines I ve ever seen She created drama for no reason at all and saw the bad in everything For someone who was tried to pass as a strong woman who raised her son alone, she could be worse than a child sometimes Mick was okay He was sweet, and sexy and a good guy, but for someone who used to a player in the non literal sense of the word he certainly became a good guy pretty much instantaneously I really didn t like Liz, so I don t know if I want to read the next book, considering is about her Steam HOT Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    2 STARSAs far as sports romance goes, this was very OKAY One Night With A Quarterback for example, or even better, The Hook Up by Kristen Callahan, a fave of mine for 2014, were fantastic This lacked so much for me First off, I felt there was too much sex I didn t feel an emotional connection between the hero and heroine till maybe the last 5% It seemed their relationship was based on sex and hardly , though I knew they were getting close.Tara was overly judgmental of Mick when she had no reason to be I understood she was scared and weary, but it was OTT The scene towards the end at the carnival is a great example She judged the situation so harshly it was comical when to anyone else it was obvious Mick was oblivious I know I m being hard on Tara, but if I don t like the heroine it pretty much ruins the book for me She didn t want her heart broken again Sure But that happened what, view spoiler when she was 15 To a drugged out, idiotic crackhead hide spoiler

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    3.5 I suppose I should bump it up to four for the cover cos that is serioulsy HOT Loved Mick and his family Tara was a bit harder to like why was she trying so hard NOT to have a relationship with him OK, she was a single mother of a teenage son but she was entitled to a life and happiness too Don t know the first thing about American Football but I wouldn t mind being down the dressing room after a game.

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    4.5 5First, let s just take a moment to savor this cover Jed Hill is among the wonders of nature, and I will never grow tired of staring at his absolutely ripped physique Fortunately, the book lives up to the cover Mick is a star quarterback at the height of his career and his carefully orchestrated fame Tara is an event planner single mom with a 14 year old son she gave birth to as a teenager When the two meet at an event Tara plans, neither of them have any idea where they re going to end up.Tara doesn t want a parade of men in and out of her life because of the bad example it will set for her son and because she s never really had any reason to trust men Her life is her work and her son That s something I can relate to Mick, on the other hand, is wealthy, famous, a star but he s sick of the bulimic models and vain starlets his agent has arranged for him to date Although this relationship starts in the bedroom and it gets off to a sexy start, believe me it quickly becomes than just sex Those of you who love erotic love scenes will enjoy the book, because there is a lot of super scorching sex in this story But the emotion isn t lacking either, and by the end you ll be delighted, as I was, when Tara opens herself to the possibility of being with Mick and Mick straightens out his priorities, making a firm decision about what matters most to him in life.My only quibble with the book is that I wanted an epilogue I wanted to see Tara have the family and support she s never had before Given that the next book involves Gavin, Mick s brother, a pro baseball player, I m guessing we ll get some of that then This is the first book I ve read on Kindle, so that was an adventure, too.I recommend this to contemporary romance fans, romantica fans, and those who love sports star heroes.A quick update A reader friend e mailed me privately to ask whether there was anal action in the love scenes because she doesn t like to read that There is I don t care for that either just call me Little Miss Vanilla but as I told her, I found that I was able to just skip a few lines and be fine It s a great story, and I d hate her to miss it for that reason.

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    2.5 StarsOverall Opinion Sadly, this kind of fizzled out for me The beginning sucked me in and had me intruiged, but by the end I was tempted but didn t to skim I got that they had awesome sexual chemistry, but I wanted than just sex gasp I know I liked the H He was great The h, however, ended up pushing all my buttons and definitely not in a good way She was constantly bringing up other women, even though the H never behaved in any way to deserve that only hints of a manwhore past She also was pushing him away for most of the book It drove me crazy I am so grateful that I didn t pay the 7.99 that it is on and got it through my library instead Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Tara and Mick s story They meet at an event that Tara s event planning company put on for his NFL team They hit it off and end up sharing a steamy night What Tara didn t expect was for Mick to find her after she snuck out of his hotel room, and for him to pursue a relationship There is some dancing around each other, but eventually they start dating and fall in love There is some family and career drama, lots of sexy times, and a few funny momentsand they get a HFN ending.POV This alternated between focusing on Tara and Mick in 3rd person narrative not my favorite.Overall Pace of Story Good until the end see closure section I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well.Instalove No Instalust Yes.H rating 4 stars Mick I liked him He was sweet, loyal, and hot I really liked how he jumped right in with her son and how he was with his family.h rating 2 stars Tara I appreciated how she seemed to be a good mom and brought herself out of a bad childhood, but her constant pushing away and bringing up other women all the time really irked me.Sadness level Low No tissues needed.Push Pull Yes view spoiler The h is hesitant because their lifestyles are so different She pushes him away for most of the book The H pursues the relationship throughout hide spoiler

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