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The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition pdf The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition, ebook The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition, epub The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition, doc The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition, e-pub The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition, The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition 00c48dbed57 Conan The Barbarian Born On A Battlefield In Cimmeria, His Life Was Spent Wandering The World Of The Legendary Hyborian Age From Boy Thief To Pirate, Mercenary And Outlaw, Ultimately Becoming King Of Aquilonia, Conan Carved A Red Swathe Through Lost Cities And Unexplored Jungles, Facing Hideous Horrors Or Supernatural Menaces With Nothing Than A Sharp Sword In His Hand And A Beautiful Woman At His Side Collected Together Here In The Chronological Order They Were First Published Are Robert E Howard S Definitive Stories Of Conan, Exactly As He Wrote Them, As Fresh, Atmospheric And Vibrant Today As They Were When They Originally Appeared In The Pulp Magazines Of Than Seventy Years Ago

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    Review updated on February 20, 2019 Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black haired, sullen eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandaled feet The original Conan the Cimmerian what needs to be said The barbarian outgrew the original stories and became a household name along with Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes Robert E Howard is the grandfather of sword and sorcery genre and fantasy in general Conan is the grandfather of all barbarians the most recent example that comes to mind Karsa Orlong from Malazan epic is an exact copy of Conan and mighty sword and axe fighters too numerous to name A barbarian character class in any fantasy PRG This is the guy responsible for it The stories are written almost 100 years ago, they are still very entertaining and impossible to put down their age did nothing to diminish their fun value.The plot of most of the stories can be roughly summarized in the following way A problem comes to Conan, usually started by an evil sorcerer Conan solves the problem using his sword, axe, or even just bare fists taking care of the original troublemaker along the way He often gets to rescue a damsel in distress Or two There is a lesson to be learned here most of the problems can be solved by brute force method, and sometimes this is the best method to deal with a given problem Lots of writers tried to continue Conan story, or copy them with various degree of success None approached Howard s level of mastery Speaking about mastery, Howard rarely gets credit for something he excelled at world building His skill at this is easily equal to J.R.R Tolkien and Robert Jordan read The Hyborian Age if you do not believe me While reading the book I was transported to mysterious Stygia, noble Aquilonia, untamed Cimmeria, and other places All felt alive Somehow everybody and their brother missed one important character trait of the original barbarian he was not stupid Every single barbarian coming after him definitely had a mental deficiency Conan spoke several languages, liked art, and was quite a philosopher Civilized men are discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing Ah, don t we all miss simpler times A couple of words about this edition Gollancz hardcover It includes every single scrap related to Conan written by Howard, including drafts, fragments, and synopses In other words, a must for every serious Conan fan The quality of paper is excellent and so is the quality of hardcover The illustrations however spoil the whole very positive impression A crudely drawn asymmetric helmet on the front and something resembling a monkey with a sword sorry, Conan failed to impress Final rating 5 stars of cause Conan stories promptly reside in my top 5 fantasy series list.

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    I m going to read the whole of this book in 2019, in order most recently read at top 01 Jul 19 9 Rogues in the House Up Next 01 Jul 19 8 The Pool of the Black One He watched with the calm alertness of a wolf, and when he struck it was with the devastating suddeness of a thunderbolt With echoes of Sun Tzu, The Odyssey, and Sinbad the Sailor, this story hits a new high, evoking a genuine sense of mysterious horror that threatens not just the body but the soul itself 5 mysteriously evocative stars of dark horror.27 Jun 19 7 The Slithering Shadow Conan and his current squeeze Natala stumble upon a fabulous high tech radium illumination, vivifying liqueurs, advanced narcotics lost city peopled by drug addicts and a nameless shadowy horror The dark humor and gritty battles left a smile on my face 5 stars of mirth laced bloody mayhem.24 Jun 19 6 Black Colossus A demonic cosmic horror, a lich like ancient sorcerer, a tremendous battle of armies that made me think of Erikson s Malazan A beautiful princess in need of rescuing this ticked all the boxes, however I m pinging a star for the villain s gloat speech, at the end I hate those with a passion 4 dungeons and dragons inspiring stars.08 Apr 19 5 The Tower of the Elephant 5 Cosmic Horror Tragic stars This is a ripper of a story OMG Spiders I hate spiders especially giant ones Simple thievery becomes a rescue mission and the original thrust of the story is turned on its head in a third act climax worthy of the name Brilliant in both brevity and completeness of technique This story is a showcase of story telling ability that could be used as a text book example of how to do it 07 Mar 19 4 The Scarlet Citadel Captured, imprisoned in a fell dungeon, surrounded by cosmic horrors, escape, a massive pitched battle, wizards by Crom What a story 5 blood drenched stars.03 Mar 19 3 The Phoenix on the Sword A good start, but later in Conan s life when he is King of Aquilonia He thwarts an assassination attempt complicated by cosmic horrors 4 spectral stars torn from an abysmal realm of blasphemous horrors and made such flesh that only a talisman bound sword could kill Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black haired, sullen eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandaled feet 01 Mar 19 2 Cimmeria verse Poetry is not really my thing 3 huh, poetry stars.01 Mar 19 1 The Hyborian Age Simply genius world building in action This fictional historical essay sets the stage for what comes next 5 genius stars 01 Mar 19 0 This book just arrived on my doorstep Leather bound, beautiful paper, a work of art in its own right Joy Sadly postponed for a week as the eBook seller Dymocks may you rot in bankruptcy eReader is a crashy bit of spam software that should be consigned to bit hell I then went to the angels Angus Robertson and paid for the hardcover version The Complete Chronicles Of Conan 9780575077669 Hardback Robert E Howard should arrive by the end of February.

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    I m glad I finally got around to reading the Conan stories, even if I did take my sweet time to do it The reason for my delay is twofold firstly, I thought these stories hadn t aged well considering that they had been published for the most part in 1934, which is three years before The Hobbit itself was published so to those out there who think that Tolkien created modern Fantasy, well, sorry guys, but even if his contribution is hugely seminal, Howard was there first Don t get me wrong, I absolutely love Tolkien s work, but I think we should be fair and give credit where credit is due That said, The Lord of the Rings is and will remain the most perfect piece of Fantasy literature the world has ever seen, and that s my truth secondly, I wasn t and still isn t particularly attracted to Conan as a character, who, or so I thought, had about as much charisma as, say, a fruit fly, or even a yumushi and for those out there who don t know what yumushis are well, let s just say that you don t know how lucky you are.Anyway, I m pleased to admit that I was wrong on both accounts The Conan stories haven t aged much, or rather not as badly as I feared and Conan isn t as dumb and transparent a character as I erroneously thought All in all I was agreeably surprised by Howard s talent and found myself completely drawn into his world, leaving my apprehensions well behind after just a few pages into the first story And speaking of stories, I won t go through each of them as there are simply too many in this book but will instead share with you three of my favorite ones.A WITCH SHALL BE BORN is IMHO the best of the bunch The story is about a bitch uh, sorry, a witch who manages to take her twin sister s place as queen of Khauran, a powerful city state, and turns into a blood thirsty tyrant, allowing all kinds of atrocities to be carried out against her people and enemies Thank the Gods, Conan is here to save the day, and it is with unfeigned relish that us readers get to see the evil witch get her comeuppance The writing is misleadingly simple and straightforward, peppered at times with a touch of archaism which falls right into place with the literature genre we re dealing with here A total winner.In RED NAILS we follow Conan and his pirate lover Valeria as the couple travels through a deadly jungle to a mysterious jade city which at first seems deserted Ancient history somewhat reminiscent of that of the pre Columbian Americas, adventure, sorcery, treachery, human sacrifices, last minute rescue, everything here mingles and commingles in one hell of a good story which is considered by many to be Howard s best effort I can hardly disagree.JEWELS OF GWAHLUR follows Conan as our pea headed barbarian is searching for the titular jewels in the lost city of Alkmeenon I particularly like this one because of where it s set a sort of Fantasy Africa , because of its plot twists, and because toward the end we get to see that Conan also has a heart which I find salutary , and not only three hundred pounds of muscle and a big sword A good story through and through.OLIVIER DELAYEAuthor of the SEBASTEN OF ATLANTIS series

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    Sexist Racist Culturally imperialist But, you know what I had a dang fun time reading them What It s pulp fiction about a barbarian who doesn t understand civilization and has a personal code of ethics and the swordarm to enforce it among the civilized people of the mythical Hyborean age Were you expecting Shakespeare

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    Possibly one of my favorite authors characters books of all time Conan By Crom, Conan kicks ass One of the original and still one of the best fantasy characters out there This book collects all of Robert E Howards original Conan stories together into one mighty tome Each story is a standalone but by the end they tell the tale of several parts of Conans life, from his adventurous beginnings to his rise to the crown of Aquilonia.If you have never read any of Howards original Conan stories, stop whatever you are doing right now and read some You will not regret it.This is one of my all time favorite books and have re read cover to cover it 4 maybe 5 times now and it just doesn t get old.I look forward to reading it again soon, it is a massive inspiration to me I cant say enough good things about it, so go discover Conan s adventures for yourself.Thanks for reading Lee

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    8 05 2011Right So I m re reading and in a number of instances reading for the first time the original Conan canon courtesy of this handsome volume albeit my copy is a bit cat scratched in a manner that actually makes it befitting of its battle scarred subject I ll be updating this review with my comments on the stories as I read them The Phoenix On The Sword It begins near the end Near the end of Conan s career as a wandering thief, mercenary and pirate, when he has finally settled down as king of Aquilonia, one of the lands in what roughly corresponds to modern day Europe in Howard s map of the Hyperborean age Conan in maturity is a formidable man, invested with all the experience and authority of a man who has clawed his way to the top in a savage, perilous world and he still has than a touch of the worlds defying, against all odds bravado of the barbarian He needs it, because a cabal of conspirators is scheming to overthrow him There s some weird sorcery, some stirring battle scenes and interesting asides on the power of the poet, a figure even Conan respects for his ability to move people s hearts in a way he cannot Suffers a little from a deux ex machina ending The Scarlet Citadel Is set in the same era as its predecessor and roughly the same plot a conspiracy against King Conan, but everything is taken up a notch or two the enemies are , and deadly, the wizardry is weird and powerful and Conan battles against ever insurmountable odds Again, sorcerous intervention saves Conan at the end, but this time it is honestly won when Conan rescues a trapped sorcerer Once again, Howard shows that he is equally adept at conjuring scenes of high weirdness, such as the scenes in Tsotha s dungeons, and stirring action, including a truly magnificent large scale battle Much as I liked The Phoenix In The Sword I think this story takes everything it did well and does it even better The Tower Of The Elephant Takes us back to Conan s years as a wandering rogue This is where the quintessential Conan stories really begin, even though I like the early tales of Conan Begins with a vintage display of Howard s scene painting abilities, in a vivid snapshot of a seedy tavern in the thieves quarter of a Zamoran city This is the story where Howard s theme of the difference between civilized man and a barbarian, and the superiority of the latter, really begins to be developed Conan is brash, impulsive, deadly when crossed, but also clever, resourceful and ultimately capable of acting according to a moral code that has its own rigour even if it has little respect for worldly laws Less action than the last two stories, even though Conan does slay a lion, and a plot that hinges on elements of cosmic weirdness that are next door to science fiction at times Also has a tinge of the genuinely tragic I felt that Howard s prose was evolving and has shed the occasional clunkiness of the last two stories for a leaner, sinewy style that effortlessly keeps pace with its irrepressible protagonist It s also where Howard really starts giving us a sense of the larger world surrounding Conan 12 05 2011Black ColossusThe last story took us back into the long backstory to Conan s eventual kingship, changing the focus of the series to Conan s wandering rogue years, thereby establishing the milieu that this character is most associated with This story brings back the martial setting of the first two stories, and adds one element that was to become a hallmark of the series the wench In this case, a princess, no less, who is being taunted in a manner fraught with erotic tension by a mysterious sorcerous stalker An appeal to the god Mitra suggests she go out on the streets and entrust the fate of her fraught kingdom to the first man she meets the man of course turns out to be Conan A touch of humour in the depiction of Conan s rough and ready table manners, an undercurrent of erotic suggestion, memorable opening in a lost city, a knock out epic battle, an evil sorcerer and a sexy pay off this story has it all Equally important, even though Conan s involvement in the story is somewhat the product of chance or Destiny , his victory is mainly his own, the product of superior tactics on the battlefield The Slithering Shadow Howard ups the erotic tension in this one with suggestions of depraved orgies and a girl on girl whipping scene He also furthers his theories re civilization and barbarism by contrasting the effete ineffectualness of a highly sophisticated but decadent civilization with Conan s rough and ready dynamism This time, Conan runs up against a truly weird enemy, described in terms that HP Lovecraft would have approved of and surely did A creepy, almost claustrophobic interlude that doesn t outstay its welcome The Pool Of The Black One While this tale introduced Conan the pirate, it does very little else for me Conan is depicted as an amoral opportunist to an extent that does not go well with the essential gallantry that is alluded in tales such as the last two, the weird menace is a little too generic to really stand out, and very little is really achieved except that Conan outpaces a monster, gains control of a pirate ship and wins another interchangeable wench Not a highlight.

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    Robert Ervin Howard January 22, 1906 June 11, 1936 lived a short live but created some brilliant characters, for example Solomon Kane the puritan swashbuckler Kull Most famous is his creation of Conan the Barbarian About whom he wrote between 1932 1934, lots of short stories and one whole novel The hour of the Dragon and while that book did borrow somewhat from his earlier stories it did have the excitement and tension of the shorter Conan stories.This book contains most short stories as well the afore mentioned novel as written by Robert E Howard And is well worth your time and money.I had my first encounter with Conan in the b w comics of the Savage Sword of Conan comics I then proceeded to find about this character and found that there had been a few other writers who had worked with the character but none was as good as the original writer When I got my first Conan paperback in English I found that it was sometimes poetry and adventure at the same time.Over the years I did return to Conan on a regular basis and with this book it made reading the variety of tales about the Cimmerian Barbarian a pleasure He has been a companion in my bookcase for most of my life this book is a welcome addition to my selection of novels If you have not read any Conan this is a great start as well as a complete collection and then find the b w Savage Sword of Conan comics, they are really great.

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    It s hard to make adequate comment on a writer whose work created an entire genre and the larger creative industry that genre spawned Conan the Barbarian means different things to different people, because the character exists in so many different versions the original Robert E Howard stories the de Camp and Carter pastiches that expanded on Howard s vision and popularity the new generation of books that the original pastiches inspired the Marvel comics that pushed sword and sorcery into the pop culture mainstream the Dark Horse comics that revitalized and revisualized the character the 1982 film that first set Arnold Schwarzenegger on the path to pretending to be an actor As a result, it s entirely possible to know Conan without really knowing the original stories in their original forms a problem that this weighty collection addresses nicely.The Complete Chronicles pulls together all of the original Howard stories in their original forms including those edited as a part of the Howard de Camp Carter paperback collections that cemented the character s popularity Unlike previous multi part Conan collections, this book anthologizes the stories in the order Howard wrote them, rather than in chronological order according to the character s history This means a lot of jumping around through the different ages of the character the first two Conan stories Howard published are actually two of the last Conan stories, both taking place when Conan is king of Aquilonia the familiar thief, barbarian, slayer, et al came later However, i prefer this arrangement because it shows off how Howard s own understanding of the character changed and grew over time, the narrative and the character becoming and complex.Some of the Howard stories are better than others some are properly about the world than the character A surprise to a lot of people who read the Howard pieces for the first time is how often Conan appears only after other secondary characters have set the story up Many of the stories show their 30s pulp origins a little too strongly most commonly with lines like By the gods Conan ejaculated But taken all in all, the Howard canon creates a haunting and memorable mythology that stands the test of time, and which can t help but make one wonder to what greater heights Robert E Howard might have taken the character and the world of the Hyborian age if he d had time.

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    Although I have seen most of the films about the adventures of Conan the Barbarian so far I had not read the first stories by Robert E Howard as I believed were some stories of not very high literary value so I did not think reading them was something urgent Reading the first of the stories in this collection, I was thinking that the impressions I had before were fully in line with reality, giving me the impression that they were too short, written in haste, exaggerated, repetitive, and generally characterised by immaturity and thus I could not call them anything than teenage fantasies But as I moved from one to the other, progressing in time, I found that there was a continuous improvement, with stories becoming and ambitious, and complex, mature, ending on some that I really could call them objectively very good and so my final impression from this collection is positive Of course there are also weaknesses in them, but that does not change the fact that anyone who likes such readings will have a very good time by reading these fascinating adventures that always end up in heroic, bloody, breathtaking fights.As for Conan, along with the upgrading of the quality of the short stories, there is an upgrading of their hero, which starts from something very simple, from a combination of all these characteristics of the ideal warrior but also of the perfect male, at least as they perceived at that time to end up to something complete, to a man who has thought behind all his actions and a complete perception of the world around him Interesting is also his so called barbarism which at first is just an element that emphasises his frivolity, but ends in a complete system of values that gives the writer the opportunity to use it to make a critique of civilized society As for the world were our hero moves, the author takes elements and names from many cultures to create a bygone era, where war was a permanent state and many powerful warriors and magicians competed for power Conan tries to get what this world offers him, without necessarily understanding it, with his barbaric nature preventing him from settling somewhere and stop his wanderings In other words, the author created a modern hero who draws his origins from classical mythology and has all the features that were capable of making him a reference point for the genre of epic fantasy and that I think is of the greatest importance in these short stories Robert E Howard , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

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    This was a great collection of Robert E Howard s stories centering around Conan the Cimmerian a.k.a Conan the Barbarian A very complete appearance of his published Conan stories and of The Hyborian Age, an article describing the peoples and regions of Hyboria The stories are among the most influential of fantasy, and a must for serious fans of the genre.Also included are story drafts, a fragment, and synopsis for works that were not completed during Howard s life A valuable addition to fans of Robert E Howard is an afterward by Stephen Jones, which describes the circumstances of Howard s life under which his writing and publishing occurred.

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