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    ay no se sufr mucho leyendo este libro tendr que intentarlo en otro momento.

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    I m not the target market for this novel Not a huge fan of magical realism , but it isn t a bad book, and I thought the translation was done well Pick this one up if you want to explore feminism and unconventionality in a weird and unique way.

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    The review below was authored by Paperback Paris Contributor, Mallory Miller Read .Armon a Somers does not neglect the strange and unnatural, which is evident from the very beginning of The Naked Woman, the first of Somers novels to be translated into English You should know, within the first few pages not a spoiler , the main character decapitates and re attaches her own head It is this inception that made Somers latest such a revolutionary masterpiece when it first released as La Mujer Desnuda in Uruguay in 1950.Somers was a transgressive fiction writer in the mid 20th century and The Naked Woman satisfies the characteristics of the genre a focus on characters who feel trapped by the norms and rules of their society, and who decides to break free from those constraints in strange, sometimes less than realistic ways If you re a fan of Gabriel Garc a M rquez or Clarice Lispector, it s highly advised you order this book right away Through Rebeca Linke s adventures in The Naked Woman, Somers looks at the ways in which women have been defined by religion, patriarchy, and their community.After she leaves home in nothing but a coat as she embarks to a rural village, Rebeca cuts off her own head then puts it back on, almost as an act of transforming into a new person by doing so She then strolls through the nearby woods naked and encounters several different men who immediately lust after her The men of the village form a mob and begin looking for her as she wanders through trees and foliage, avoiding them at all costs Many of the men who want to capture her are driven by sexual desire and anger they want to control her and put her back into the accepted social constructs, but they are also attracted to her and want her for themselves Even the priest, who many of the villagers go to for answers, is obsessed with The Naked Woman and finds himself painting her when he isn t giving confessions or sermons.Somers uses this newfangled circumstance to show how an entire community can be turned upside down when faced with a situation that doesn t fit neatly into the conventions of their society She also shows how men react when they are faced with something they do not understand or know how to handle Most of the male characters that Somers creates are dangerous or ineffectual, and their misogynistic tendencies are extremely telling.Although this book is creative, the magical realism elements can sometimes be confusing, and the plot seems to take a backseat throughout most of the book If you re known to shy away from the magical realism of, say, Haruki Murakami, The Naked Woman may not be for you But if you love weird stories about powerful women throwing off clothes and conventions, you ll want to pick this book up right away.

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    This gem from the 50s that English readers finally got to appreciate in 2010s, is the ultimate satire of the hispanic magical realism and also a full fledged subversive masterpiece in its own right A simple story about a small, pious town that is engulfed with sightings of an unapologetically nude woman, and the barbarity that ensues, is so delicious in its wrangling of colonialism, society and Christian othering It s also incredibly written in a language that seems like a successful merging of Cortazar and Jean Rhys I ll be surprised if it isn t on the reading list of all the good MFA and comp lit professors in a few years A work of substantial quality, it does seem a little dated in some conceptual misgivings almost 70 years since it was written, in today s post feminist era, but this wholly depends on the context juxtapose it to the anglo fictions of today, and watch the radicalism of yesteryear work its magic yet again.

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    A weird and thought provoking Uruguayan feminist novel I don t normally read magical realism but this was gripping I read most of it in one sitting It was so rich that I probably need to read it carefully at least once to get the full effect.

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    Somers s story of a woman leaving behind societal expectations creates a dark and violent tale The elements of magical realism and nightmarish sarcasm make The Naked Woman a truly remarkable novella.

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    Very dark with a disturbing look into how woman are seen

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    There s a lot to unpack here 3.5 stars

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