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Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) txt Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) , text ebook Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) , adobe reader Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) , chapter 2 Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) , Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) f488fe Loving Him Couldn T Be Worse Than Losing Him Could It Candace Andrews Has Had Enough Of Pleasing Others In An Act Of Birthday Rebellion, She Sets Out To Please Herself By Walking Into The Tattoo Parlor Owned By Her Cousin S Ex Boyfriend All She Wants Is A Little Ink, And Brian S Just The Guy To Give It To HerAs Soon As She Submits To His Masterful Hands, Though, The Forbidden Attraction She S Always Felt For Him Resurfaces And She Realizes The Devilishly Sexy Artist Could Give Her So MuchSweet, Innocent Candace Is The Last Person Brian Expected To See Again She S Everything He S Not, And Her Family Despises Him He Doesn T Need The Hassle, But He Needs Her, And This Time No One Is Taking Her Away Not Even Those Who Threaten To Make His Life A Living HellBacked Into A Corner, Candace Faces The Worst Kind Of Choice Cave In To Those Who Think Brian Is A Living Nightmare Or Hold Her Ground And Risk It All For The One Man Who Rocks Her WorldWarning This Book Contains Explicit Sex, Naughty Language, Tattoos Aplenty, Family Drama, A Hot Rock Concert And A Bad Boy Hero Who S Pierced In All The Right Places

About the Author: Cherrie Lynn

Cherrie Lynn has been a CPS caseworker and a juvenile probation officer, but now that she has come to her senses, she writes contemporary and paranormal romance on the steamy side It s much fun She s also an unabashed rock music enthusiast, and loves letting her passion for romance and metal collide on the page.When she s not writing, you can find her reading, listening to music or playin

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    4.5 stars You touch yourself in front of me and I ll pull over and have your knees crammed around your ears in a fucking nanosecond See if I don t Brian This book was JUST what I needed to read right now heavily tattooed and kinkily pierced bad boy hero with big heart, super cute and very steamy love story, no big bad guy, laugh out loud moments, and a happy ending Also educational lol, I learned all about apadravyas and their benefits heeheehee PS, if you google that, its very NSFW Had a little bit of a Beautiful Disaster kinda feel to it not like 100% but I m pretty sure if you loved BD, you d love this The hero, Brian, would definitely fit in as Travis and or Kellan Thoughtless Effortless s long lost brother And its a light read and not very long took me just a couple hours Its hot, steamy, sweet and leaves you with a happy feeling Some quotes Do you love this girl I m fucking crazy about her Fucking crazy I ve gathered But I asked if you love her I asked if you ll say the words I m talking true, enduring, unconditional, hold her hair while she s puking from morning sickness love Hell, yes, I ll say the words I love her I told her I love her I ll hold any frigging thing she wants me to If you even dare to think the word whore again where she s concerned, I ll hang your nuts as knockers on her fucking front door, you got me Brian How I see Brian For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    5 stars The other day, a book group I m in asked What was the first indie book you read There are 4 5 I binge read right in a row, and Rock Me was one of them Just thinking about this book gave me the itch to re read it, and since it s been a few years, I jumped right in I read this book for the first time over 5 years ago, and it was just as good as I remembered in my re read Candace annoyed me still, but Brian made up for her annoyance plus some

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    Rock Me is book two in the Ross Siblings series and another very sexy read I ve had this one sitting around for awhile, but kept putting it off because of mixed reviews and comments from friends Wow, am I glad I didn t wait any longer to read this awesome story I adored Brian What a great hero His piercings and ink nearly drove me to distraction and had me searching the web for information Ladies, when you ve got some privacy, check out this picture of Brian s Apadravya It s his penis piercing and damn Did he ever put that baby to good use I liked Candace and felt bad for what she had to go through with her family A big part of the story was about the drama they caused for her because they couldn t accept her for who she was Her journey to freedom was sometimes heartbreaking for me because I know what it s like to be in her shoes.Overall I enjoyed this story, though there were a couple times when resolutions seemed rushed, but all in all, I loved this one and will read it again I m hoping to find stories by Cherrie Lynn

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    2 stars.

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    4 STEAMY BRIAN STARSI m starting off with a picture of MY Brian The ONLY man I could picture the whole book was Carey Hart and let me tell you that that man is the quintessential tattooed bad boy He makes me sizzling HOT I literally drool over him AHHHHH I m in lust Candice the heroine is sick of her parents running her life They re always trying to control her and every move she makes She s the good girl and is always doing what s expected of her So she decides she s gonna be a little rebellious on her birthday and get a tattoo which is a big NO, NO with her mother There is only one person she wants doing the tattoo though and that s Brian the owner of a tattoo parlor and her cousin Michelle s ex boyfriend Candice has been harboring a major crush on him for the last 2 yrs At the end of the tattoo and an almost embarrassing orgasm later Brian slips Candice his number and Candice gives Brian hers After torturing herself for a week and wanting so badly to call him, she lands up running into him at the video store and they decide to hang out at her house and watch a movie together and LORD HAVE MERCY the fun begins.Brian is having it rough He has issues with his family They re always judging his choices and lifestyle and making him feel bad When Candice shows up she s like a ray of sunshine in his life and he s drawn to how warm and loving she is They immediately strike up a flirty friendship and it develops quickly He struggles with thinking he s not enough for her He feels she deserves better but he needs her, he can t get enough of her, he craves her and feels a certain possessiveness over her These feelings are really strong and strange for him He s not like that with other girls but Candice is not just another girl She weasels her way in to his heart She d filled in the missing pieces in his life If she jerked them out now, he would collapse, parts of him scattered so far and wide he might never gather them back together again The sexual tension with them is OFF THE CHARTS I loved it, absolutely loved it It was fun and sizzling and I thought the certain piercing Brain had added extra spice to the story I love it when you look at me like that, he murmured, his fingers kneading into the plump flesh of her cheeks How am I looking at you she managed Like you want to eat me alive, but you don t have a spoon Brian Overall I really enjoyed the book It was than just a book about sex, it had some depth Candice and Bryan had to work through some family issues and Candice had to learn how to stand up for herself and be independent She had to learn to take charge of her life I would highly recommend this fun, quick, steamy and heartwarming book I can t wait to read the 3rd book in this series Leave Me Breathless Favorite quote..I d rather look back and regret something I did when I was young and crazy, than look back and regret something I never had the courage to do, and realize it s too late Brian

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    I adored Brian I thought his dialogue was f ing brilliant Cherrie Lynn did a fabulous job with him.

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    Great read I do think Brian needs to dump Candace and hook up with me.

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    4 starsOverall, I really liked this book I will admit to being confused with the abrupt decisions Candace made toward the end of the book However, Brian than made up for that issue I couldn t help but fall completely and utterly in love with him He is the reason I gave this book 4 stars.

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    I gave this story four stars not because it was sexy as all get out, or because the hero, Brian was a tatted up alpha male, I gave it four stars because this well written story earned them I read several reviews after I finished this book, and a lot of people loved Brian, but of them really disliked the heroine, Candace I have to say, I was actually quite surprised by this Let me explain why Candace and Brian came from affluent familes, although Brian had become somewhat of a black sheep due to his personal preferences on his outward appearence Let s face it, tattoos, aren t necessarily taboo any longer, but visible body piercings haven t entirely found their place in the acceptable concensus That being said, I admired Brian for his make no apologies appearance and I thought he was adorable Candace, on the otherhand, was controlled by her parents need for good social position and also their need for her to find the right kind of perfect man To say nothing of the overwhemlingly sheltered life she was forced to live and the fact that she was a 23 year old a virgin Candace understandably waffled back and forth with the knowledge that she loved Brian, but also, not wanting to disappoint her parents being with someone who might embarrass them When Candace took some time away from Brian so she could think, I cannot tell you how much I admired her strength in taking that step back if nothing else than to be sure that Brian wasn t some kind of rebellion against her parents I ve known many women who would no give themselves a well timed selfish break but would blindly dive in head first and become co dependent as soon as any man proclaimed their undying love This story wasn t a light, airy read, it was heavy in places where it needed to be, which in my opinion, made it much believeable.I ve come to the understanding in life that if you stay in a relationship or decide to get out, you must earn it either way Having regret is the worst way to live a life making sure it s the right choice, equals happiness forever Thank you to my GR friend, Daphne, for the loan

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    2.5 stars The heroine brought this rating down What a stupid, immature, moody child She definitely doesn t qualify as a woman in my eyes.Candace is 23 going on 15 She has a very protective parents who control where she goes to college, scare everybody she dates and support her financially in every way However, Candace just bitches about it, does nothing and allows her parents to even pick her friends.Enter Brian, the hot tattoo artist This is a man her cousin had dated and Candace always loved To celebrate her 23rd birthday, Candace decides to get a tattoo in a place where her parents can t see, of course and Brian s the man for the job Some spoilersThus starts a relationship where Candace is constantly running hot and cold She begs him to relieve her of her virginity but freaks out when her Mom almost find them together Then she stalks him when she sees him with a woman friend and dresses provocatively to supposedly tell him that nothing can happen between them Huh EVERYTHING is about her, so she doesn t give two figs about messing up with somebody else s wedding and when Brian needs her, she leaves him to fend for himself because if I can t be with you, it was because I loved you so much I can t burden you with my issues. Pleeeease Have you a heard a bigger bunch of self sacrificing drivel But you know what s her problem She wants to have her cake and eat it too She wants to have her man without any problems with her parents She says she wants to save herself but she does NOTHING to bridge the gap between them At the end, Brian is the one that does everything And BTW, the way that problem was solved was VERY unrealistic Psycho controlling parents don t become sweet and caring in a couple of weeks.The best part of the book was Brian s apadravya that s a genital piercing Needless to say, don t Google this at work

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