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Raising Kane files Raising Kane, read online Raising Kane, free Raising Kane, free Raising Kane, Raising Kane 0da4a0fc6 She Surrendered The Reins Now He S Raising The StakesWhen A Patch Of Ice Sends Attorney Ginger Paulson Head Over High Heels Down A Flight Of Stairs, She Has No One To Care For Her Young Son And Her Invalid Father Until Lethally Sexy Kane McKay Shows Up At The Hospital, Determined To Prove His Cowboy Chivalry Past Experience Has Inoculated Her Against Take Charge Men, But Even Ginger Isn T Immune To Kane S Invasive Charm And Built Ford Tough BodyFor Two Years Rancher Kane McKay Has Followed The Little Buddies Mentoring Program S Cardinal Rule Hands Off His Little Buddy Hayden S Mama But One Look At Ginger S Bruised Body And Kane Is Through Watching The Stubborn Woman Take Care Of Everyone But Herself The Feisty, Curvy Redhead Needs His Help, And He Ll Give Her The Hands On Type Whether She Likes It Or NotAfter Kane Throws Out Doctor S Orders And Issues His Own Demands Her Full Sexual Submission Ginger Realizes Kane S Caring Nature Extends Beyond Just Fulfilling Her Physical NeedsCan The Former Hell Raiser Convince The Gun Shy Single Mom To Look Beyond His Past Toward A Shared Future Warning Contains One Sweet And Hot Hunk Of Cowboy Manflesh Who Uses Every Sexual Trick In The Book To Render A Sassy, Fast Talking Attorney Speechless And Put A New Twist On The Term Binding Arbitration

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    5 stars Contemporary Western Romance Erotica BDSM Whew boy LJ s wildly sexy Rough Riders series, with its hunky, dominating, pant inducing, studlicious cowboys, makes me smile, laugh, cry, and fan myself in utter erotic glee every single time Kane McKay is another yummy, to die and drop panties for hero, and he and strong, independent lawyer Ginger are pure fire together Raising Kane is another smokin hot, hawt, HOT read and one of my favorites of the series.I just loved Kane s sweet and soft side and the way he was so nurturing, caring, and protective of Ginger and her son Hayden, but then all alpha, dominating, and demanding in the bedroomYOWZA Kane joins his twin Kade from Tied Up, Tied Down for my favorite McKay man It s an entertaining, wickedly erotic read that s emotional, funny, touching, yet deliciously raunchy with a hero who s equally tender and dominating, a heroine who s stubborn, strong, and genuine, and an adorable kid who adds to the story, rather than detracts There s plenty of nekkid fun, naughty rope play, and scorching hot sex, but there s also lots of heart, which is what makes this series so fantastic Big 5 sweet, studtastic stars Here s my Kane or any of the yummy McKay men for that matter

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    Can there be too much sex in an erotic romance Uhsorry to say, but yes, when it keeps the story from developing Now don t get me wrong, no one can write an erotic scene quite like Lorelei James her descriptions, the dirty dialogue , but in Raising Kane, I thought it was a tad too much of a good thing It got to the point that I horrors thought about skimming the umpteenth scene of Kane and his lady lawyer lover Ginger goin at it Yes, I thought that LJ got the point across quite well that Kane and Ginger were one smokin hot, dirty, can t keep their hands off each other couple, but whew, I sure was glad when they came up for air and the story started to develop Maybe it was the placement of the scenes fairly early in the book or maybe it was something else I didn t really connect with Ginger but I just didn t totally feel the romance in this one I think my problem was with Ginger I think she took the rehabilitated Kane wasn t he a man whore loser in the previous books a little too much for granted Kane just add a goatee to him The plot 37 year old single mom, tall, curvy redhead Ginger Paulson moves back home to Wyoming to help take care of her handicapped retired judge father and to take over his law practice She feels her 8 year old son could use a male influence in his life so she signs him up for the Little Buddies mentoring program He s paired up with 37 year old former bad boy looking to turn his life around Kane aka Buck McKay, a hot looking, studly cowboy if ever there was one Kane is attracted to Ginger, but it s hands off his Little Buddy s mama But when Ginger injures herself in a fall, who s going to look after her and her father and young son It s Kane to the rescue Will Kane and the gun shy Ginger be able to control the attraction that s been brewing between them for 2 years Can Ginger give up some control and follow Kane s commands in the bedroom Can Ginger and Kane have a future beyond their obvious chemistry in the bedroom Ginger Sex, sex, and sex that s Ginger and Kane These two were insatiable, and did practically everything possible sexually except a m nage Kane awakened the sleeping sexual giant within Ginger Yes, these scenes were predictably hot, but after a while I craved some story When LJ finally got around to it, it became a much better, well rounded read They faced a few problems his reputation and feelings of not being good enough for Ginger her jealousy, her refusal to ask for help when she needed it, and her taking Kane for granted just a bit , their backgrounds were explored a bit , and the story ventured out of the bedroom a little Yes, there was a predictible plot point that I saw coming a mile away antibiotics the Pill lots of sex uh oh , but LJ had to do something to make Ginger realize the intensity of her feelings for Kane.Kane was a real sweetheart I can t believe Ginger didn t hog tie this thoughtful, sexy stud and never let him get away LJ gave Kane a complete character makeover The man whore from Cowgirl Up and Ride was replaced with a mature, but still sexy husband worthy and great dad material man who not only loved her, but her son and father Now where was she going to find a better man than him So even though Ginger wasn t my favorite heroine, and the plot wasn t all that complicated, Raising Kane still has enough going for it to recommend There s some typically great storytelling and raunchy dialogue, some smokin hot sex scenes, there s some catching up with the McKay clanand oh yes, there s Kaneand Kane That was enough for me, and I m sure it will be for fans of the Rough Riders series 4 stars

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    3 1 2 stars Technically, this is the same rating I gave to Shoulda Been A Cowboy, but I liked this book better so I m rounding my rating up to 4 stars Here s my Kane Note I know Kane s Stetson hat is black, but I took the liberty of changing it for a white one Why Because he s my Kane and I can do whatever I want with him, LOL.

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    This ladies is my Kane McKay sigh image error

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    i cannot recommend these rough rider books highly enough you ve got sweet, sexy, dominant cowboys with hot little sassy women that keep them in line, what s not to love.this is 9, there are also 3 other books that are connected and i don t have a bad thing to say about any of them or the other 2 books that i ve read by lorelei james for that matter.i loved kane and ginger, was so happy to see kane get his and sweet little hayden.the only question i had was, why did lorelei clarify at the beginning of the book that this takes place between books 7 and 8 it didn t seem to make a difference in the overall timeline of the book i don t think it made reference to anything that would have even drawn that to my attention or made me think it was out of place.and wow, cannot wait for jessie and brandt s story next loved the set up for that i think it comes out in november then after that, i think we get chase, then tell keep them coming.

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    Kane McKay is tired of living in the shadow of his former hell raising lifestyle He wants to move on with his life, grow up and settle down He even knows who he wants to settle down with sexy single mom Ginger Paulson The problem is Ginger s eight year old son Hayden is Kane s Little Buddy and he is not supposed to have a relationship with a mom in the program that connects father less young boys with an adult male mentor.Ginger slips and falls down a flight of stairs, causing a hurt shoulder and ankle Kane volunteers to help her with Hayden and her wheelchair bound father while she recovers, despite her reluctance to rely on anyone else Once Ginger has sexy cowboy Kane within arms reach, she finally gets the courage to let him know she wants him and has for some time Kane can t resist finally getting to have Ginger where he wants her in bed nekkid with him in control They have to take things easy at first because of her injuries but once she heals, Kane takes command with no holds barred Let s just say Kane has rope and knows how to use it.Kane and Ginger s sexual chemistry is combustible but he wants than just sex He suggests they keep their relationship quiet at first because of Hayden and the Little Buddy program However, Kane embarks on a campaign to win Ginger for his own with all of his sexy cowboy charm and his skillful silver tongue.Kane and Ginger s story was hot, sexy and sweet Kane was such a wonderful man, he helped Ginger with her son and father and basically just tried to take care of her since she was always taking care of everyone but herself Plus he was dominant and very sexy during their love scenes Kane admired Ginger s strength instead of being threatened by it, he appreciated the way she cared for her son and father He was a little self conscious of his lack of education compared to Ginger s job as a lawyer but she convinces him that she thinks the world of the caring man he is and stuff like that doesn t matter Ginger was an admirable person, she worked hard to be a good mom and daughter She admires Kane and appreciates him for the caring man he is today and doesn t judge him based on his past the way some do.As you can tell, I loved the story and though Kane was an amazing hero He and Ginger make a great couple, I really enjoyed seeing them find love together since they were both lonely Kane was also wonderful with her son and father, he will be a great Dad Raising Kane was a sexy, sweet, hot and emotional entry into this great series.There is no M M or m nage in this book It does contain hot nekkid mattress dancing, oral scenes in the shower and various other places, a little bondage and anal plus some light spanking just to liven things up.

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    There s not much to review, so this will be short.Kane Buck McKay has been trying for years to drop his bad boy reputation He s cut down on the boozing, stopped skirt chasing and even signed up to be a mentor to a Little Buddy named Hayden Unfortunately for him, Hayden s mom, Ginger Paulson, attracts him like flame to a moth, and that s against the program s rules When she s laid up after a ice fueled slip down a set of stairs, Kane agrees to help take care of her, her elderly father and Hayden while she heals up.And, well, that s it That s what happens From the get go they admit their mutual attraction They have lots of sex starting early in the book and continuing throughout Neither is pushing the other away or avoiding commitment They don t use condoms so it must be True Love In short the book completely lacked conflict There s nothing these two overcome that has them grow as characters I mean, I guess Ginger learns to rely on someone other than herself, but that is not much of a character arc to speak of The writing s technically sound, the dialog natural, but the book lacks purpose The protagonists begin and end the book as the same people, only married and knocked up.I liked it, I read it in one sitting, but the lack of urgency or growth really made the sex boring I don t want to just be a voyeur I need a good reason to watch people bone meh

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    Woohoo, giddy up And it s another winner It s hard to not love these dark haired, blue eyed, silver tongued cowboys, with their bad boy charms both in and out of bed Kane you sexy devil Love it

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    Well, I really enjoyed this one It just had a sweetness throughout that was exactly what I wanted to read right now.Kane McKay has been Hayden Paulson s big buddy for two years Ginger, Hayden s mom, is a gorgeous, ian red head that Kane s had the hots for since day 1 She s felt the same but they ve hidden it really well The story starts with her falling down the steps of her office and injuring herself badly enough that she can t take care of her son and invalid father So, Kane steps in to sleep on the bottom bunk in the kid s room and help out Inevitably, sex ensues.I really like this series for several reasons I love the McKays and how James presents them They re not whitewashed They ve got plenty of flaws, but they re totally lovable None of them are perfection and I like that I also like the slice of life aspect We catch up with the whole clan and get an idea of what s going on, but it s all about the lead couple And what goes on with them is often just falling in love while dealing with daily life Admittedly, I get a bit squeamish about some of the sex I m not a fan of anilingus or domineering BJs, but I can roll my eyes and skim those parts and still get a really nice romance.Maybe Ridley s review lowered my expectations, but I really loved this one It was funny and very touching and a pleasurable few hours of reading.PS I suspect this book was written before All Jacked Up or at least mostly written because I see how it fits before AJU timeline wise For instance, Keeley doesn t seem to be married, India s only just pregnant with her second and all the others are just barely pregnant as well The question is, why was AJU released prior Maybe the answer will be in the next book

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    Oh My, where to start I do not know how Lorelei does it The story in this book is not what amazes me, it was the love and emotion in this book I thought was totally amazing How she can take a simple story and make me feel it so amazing, well that is amazing in itself I loved everything about this book Kane was sooo dam sexy, hot, and caring I love that he had eye s only for Ginger The sex love scenes again were of the charts HOT Lorelei has became one of my top favorite authors and I can hardly wait for the next book to come out.

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