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➺ [Reading] ➼ Las piedras del cielo By Pablo Neruda ➯ – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Las piedras del cielo, meaning Las piedras del cielo, genre Las piedras del cielo, book cover Las piedras del cielo, flies Las piedras del cielo, Las piedras del cielo ae33c5c48c6ce This Suite Of Thirty Poems Is Neruda S Last Love Song To The Earth When He Wrote These Poems He Was Dying Of Cancer, And As The Title Suggests He Addresses Not Ordinary Stones, But Cosmic Ones Stones That Reconcile Immobile Permanence And The Clarity Of Spiritual Flight When The Poet Meets His Crystallized Self, The Encounter Takes On An Eerie Brilliance The Village Voice Bilingual With Introduction An Excellent Bilingual Editon Choice

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    To harden the earththe rocks took charge instantly they grew wings the rocksthat soared the survivors flew upthe lightning bolt,screamed in the night,a watermark,a violet sword,a meteor.The succulent skyhad not only clouds,not only space smelling of oxygen,but an earthly stone flashing here and there changed into a dove,changed into a bell,into immensity, into a piercingwind into a phosphorescent arrow, into salt of the sky.

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    Una trentina di poesie per rilassare la mente, durante qualche manciata di minuti in biblioteca proprio quel che cercavo in un momento di particolare tensione Un piccolo libretto che ho poi portato a casa, per proseguire la cura.In pochi versi liberi, un intero pensiero, la chiave per la vita e la morte, che potrei cos sintetizzare pietra eravamo e pietra torneremo Nell eternit dei minerali, la caducit della vita Io sono questo nudo minerale eco del sotterraneo sono felice di venire da cos lontano, da tanta terra ultimo sono, appena viscere, corpo, mani, che si scostarono senza saper perch dalla roccia materna, senza speranza di permanere, deciso all umano transitorio, destinato a vivere e a sfogliarsi.Ma c anche una ricchezza di colori e trasparenze, quelli di tutte le pietre della terra ci sono i riflessi e le luci del cielo, come scrigni preziosi contenenti le gemme della Vita Ci sono i silenzi e i ripetersi delle aurore e delle onde del mare La pietra era l prima del vento, prima dell uomo e prima dell aurora il suo primo movimento fu la prima musica del fiume.E c l a inesauribile per la sua donna Si diffonda nella crisi,in altra genesi, nel cataclisma,il corpo di colei che amo,in ossidiana, in agata, in zaffiro,in granito flagellatodal vento del sale d Antofagasta.Che il suo minuscolo corpo,le sue ciglia,i piedi, i seni, le sue gambe di pane,le sue vaste labbra, la sua parola rossacontinuino la pelle dell alabastro che il suo cuore mortocanti rotolando e scendacon le pietre del fiumeverso l oceano.

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    To harden the earththe rocks took charge instantlythey grew wings the rocksthat soared the survivorsflew upthe lightning bolt,screamed in the night,a watermark,a violet sword,a meteor.The succulentskyhad not only clouds,not only space smelling of oxygen,but an earthly stoneflashing here and therechanged into a dove,changed into a bell,into immensity, into a piercingwind into a phosphorescent arrow,into salt of the sky I, pg 3 Oh emotion plungeddeep into substance,dark wall that protectsthe sapphire spire thick rinds of stonesbasic to softness and strength,to the burning secretand the hard shell of night,eyes inside,insidethe encrusted radiance,waiting quietlyas a prophecythat a lucid stroke could unearth.Oh dazzling transparency,orange of petrified light,light s full force VII, pg 15 I want the lightlocked inside to awaken crystalline flower,wake as I do eyelids raise the curtainof endless earthen timeuntil deeply buried eyesflash clear enough againto see their own clarity XII, pg 25 Here as proof is the treein pure rock, in the sturdy beautyforged by a hundred million years.Agate and carnelian and sparklereplace sap and wooduntil the giant s trunkshed its damp rotand a statue just like it solidified the living leavesfell apartand when its straightness was toppled,the forest burned, an igneous dustcloud,an astral ash wrapped it upuntil time and lava awarded itthe prize of transparent stone XVI, pg 35 Slate clouds, bitter cloudslet black threads dangleover the winter buildings rain of stone, rain The dense city crowddoesn t know that strandsof stones dropped straightto the heart of rock city.Clouds unload winter stonessack by sack and blackwater falls from above,a black was over the city XXI, pg 45 Leave me an underground, a labyrinthto resort to later when, without eyes,without touch, in the emptiness,I might want to come back to lifeor to mute rock or the hand of the shadow.I know how not you, anyone, or anything else to put myself in this place, on this pathbut what will I do with these pitiful desiressince they didn t work out on the outsideof the usual life,and what if I don t seek, personally, to live onbut to die on, to be partof a metallic and dormant state,of passionate beginnings XXVI, pg 57 I m coming, I m coming, wait up, stones Sometimes, some tone or season,we are able to be together, or to be one,to live, to die in this great hushof hardness, mother of all glow.Sometimes flowingthrough volcano s fire or river s arboror fresh air s faithful circularsor stuck trek through the snowor caked dust in the desertregions, metallicdustcloud,or even farther, the polar father of stone,icy sapphire,Antarctica in this point or port or birth or deathwe shall be stone, borderless night,unbending love, unending brilliance,eternal light, buried fire,pride condemned to its intensity the only star that is ours XXX, pg 67

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    A love song to the cosmic stones and to earth and its strength, and a eulogy to the delicate, vulnerable, feeble human existance to harden the earththe rocks took charge instantlythey grew wings the rocksthat soared the survivorsflew upthe lightening bolt,screamed in the night,a watermark,a violet sword,a meteor The beauty of description of the earthly and heavenly stones that Neruda gives us is merely one part of this poetry collection the love, admiration, and jealousy of the strong, beautiful rocks is a front for a great pain the suffering and the weakness of humanity The comparison comes up often between the giant immortal beings that are the rocks, and the small mortal life of man the dark stone does not knowthe passing pace of the worm The reader not need to know that Neruda was dying as he wrote these verses, as the fact reveals itself boldly, yet subtly, within the folds of this beautiful book.There are two peices of short prose memoires in this collection that are equally fascinating, speaking of magical personal experiences in relation to rocks I, like Neruda, am fascinated with rocks, and was spell bound by this collection Nevertheless, it is still not my favorite of his works.Neruda is an Alchemist of Words, he possesses magic that turns language into beauty in its most pure form Pablo, if you really believed that your death was the end of you, you are so wrong your words are but diamonds, eternal and pure.

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    I really like the concept of using constraints as a catalyst for creativity In this short collection of 30 poems, Neruda uses stones as his constraint and thus running thread The stones carry varied meanings throughout the collection sometimes hard, sometimes worn, sometimes beautiful His writing can be gorgeous I especially liked his storytelling in the prose like poem V and poem XXIV Poem XIV beautifully compares life to the travails of a volcanic rock lovely On the other hand, a good chunk of these poems string together beautiful words in an indecipherable manner Which lessens the impact of the poems.and my rating.

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    1904 .

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    Nice selection of untitled poems by the master himself.

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    I love Neruda, and I want to love these poems The subject matter, the lyricism all mean I should enjoy it.One thing, however, makes it impossible for me to enjoy this particular version the translation It s not the words chosen, but rather that Nolan has at times decided to change the form of the poems themselves Single lines where two clauses are linked by a colon are frequently split into two for reasons that appear to have nothing to do with rhythm or length and everything to do with highlighting the second clause This highlighting of phrases that Nolan feels important also shows up with single lines that separated out from the stanza it was part of in the original At one point he even goes so far as to change the number of stanzas in a poem XXVII, a single stanza in the original, becomes 3 stanzas in his version I can, and frequently do, quibble with word and phrasing choices and still enjoy a poem in translation, and I understand that the vagaries of moving between two languages makes changes to form all but inevitable But, at the same time, I find changing the form itself to the extent found here to be unforgivable.

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    Neruda, how can your majestic simplicity be able to define such intricacy When it is love, or things of love, I can think of no other who can best express it for me Man gets such a rise from your enchanted words that at times I envy your tongue because I wished that I would have been able to drip my ink upon paper so marvelously And I sit here, with your cup of words in front me in which I have drank from its rim so abundantly You are a seer and a seer you will remain until man has lost its ability to exist, and from there we will be just as the stones in the sky, each bearing our wings Unlike Neruda s love poems, stones in the sky gives off a bit of a morbid overtone, as if it was written by a man who has welcomed death and I do understand that it was written before his passing.

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    Neruda writes with such clarity and beauty even as he was dying of cancer This bilingual edition ia a wonderful, reflection of his later years He addresses the earth through various stones, minerals, and the passaing of time through geology Some of lines are mystical, even transcedent and deep others are harmonious and elegant I loved every one of the thirty poems here.The translation by James Nolan fits the Spanish elegantly.

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