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    I love this book It has been 14 years since I have read it and I still remember clearly what it means to me Life is long.and in this long life you lead a series of mini lives In each life you become a different version of you We are blessed with the chance and sometimes forced against our will to reinvent ourselves again and again until one day we are very old and find that we are living in Florida wearing polyester pantsuits Did you ever imagine that would be you That person you marry at a ripe young age may become someone from your past that now seems as insignificant as an old high school boyfriend That job we have today that s so important may be a mere blip on the radar when we are 85 Will you even remember the name of the company It s something I like to think about And it works both ways Sometimes I hope that the life I m in never ends and my fear is that one day its time will be up In other periods of my life, I remember that nothing is forever and this some day may not be remembered by me at all Very few books have given me such a lasting message I plan carry it with me throughout my long lifetime.

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    A breathtaking and thoroughly original novel I m completely in awe of the choices Shields made in the shaping of this narrative The whole is flawlessly cohesive The parts are poetry unto themselves.Essentially, it s a book about loneliness, every kind of loneliness starved, suffocating, denied, cherished, physical, existential, or simply the result of petty misunderstanding And it s not always clear cut She allows for ambiguity She allows for the reader s subjective response, whatever that might be And then she gently guides you to a different vantage point, one you hadn t considered.The body, through birth, sex, illness, and death is discussedgraphicallybut with such grace, such reverence, such heartbreaking candor, it s actually beautiful.This novel struck me to the core.I love it so much, I don t even want to know what others have said about it

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    The Stone Diaries tells the story of Daisy Goodwill Flett s troubled life beginning and ending with sadness and death There is so much to absorb about the character s in this short novel that I feel the need to read it again, and probably will at some point, but for now. Mercy, Mercy.Cuyler Goodwill loved you so.Why did you not share your secret I did like this somber 1995 Pulitzer Prize winner that does actually have a few laughs, and one shocker, but was somewhat annoyed each time the storyline came to an abrupt halt at a crucial juncture throughout the telling In the end, thankfully, most of the missing puzzle pieces do unite, and Wow What powerful last words from Daisy view spoiler I AM NOT AT PEACE sure wish Cuyler would have told Daisy how much he loved her mother, given her affection and Mercy s engraved 18k wedding ring as he once planned instead of burying it in the time capsule under the pyramid hide spoiler

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    The type of book others rigorously want to imitate That is, the elusive turn of the century all American novel , with myriad glimpses at gorgeous post millennial metafiction The Stone Diaries no doubt inspired other works of immeasurable brilliance like T C Boyle s World s End and Coetzee s Elizabeth Costello it is heartbreaking, endearing, and, best of all, quite accessible Although the Puig like tricks, that is, Latin American lit concessions, are quite distinguishable The symbols of marble and hard rock as counter contrasts to flimsy flowers and biology are made eternal, in this must read novel It s a true reminder of the pesky but overpowering relationship between life and death, or the ethereal and the tangible This one deeply astonishes.

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    I didn t like this book, but it was mostly because I didn t like the main character and her lack of personal substance She never, ever, even once, feels any joy, passion, or grief There is one period in her life where she appears to experience depression, but again, there is a lack of strong emotion, which really is typical of depression A person who has three children, marries twice, and is widowed twice, usually experiences some sort of deep emotion This flaw in her personality had me lacking empathy with her It seems the author s basic premise is that the main character, Daisy, lacks strong emotion because she was not raised by her biological mother, who was herself an orphan, and that these things have some how caused both her and her mother to be inherently flawed Either that or Daisy has physically inherited this dysfunction from her mother, but I lean toward the former because of some passages in the story They lack passion and passionate expression Daisy never hears she is loved, nor do you find love expressed by her her mother, Mercy, never said she loved nor otherwise expressed love, although she was loved greatly and with deep passion by Daisy s father What I did like most was the author s use of symbolism Stones and flowers are heavily used, perhaps overly so at times There is the building of monuments by Daisy s father of course made of stone , his life as a quarryman, Daisy s gardens, her second husband s love and knowlege of plants, names of characters, and much If that sort of thing excites you, you might love this book for that alone.I would also like to say I m surprised so many reviewers found this book funny I thought it was terribly depressing There are a few amusing passages, but I couldn t see calling the book as a whole funny And lastly, it is strange to me that this is considered a fictional autobiography Most of the time it is third person narrative granted, there are points when Daisy is apparently refering to herself in the third person as Mrs Flett or some such, which I found a bit disturbing I suppose it helps contribute to that feeling of her lack of sense of self, the void within her life that she herself doesn t really fill is not capable of filling There are other times it does not feel like her voice, just narrative, and there is just a small portion of the book that is in first person It does not feel at all like a diary, which again may be for the effect of distancing the main character from herself Someone with this personality disorder might write a memoir in this manner and call it a diary, I suppose And it does cover Daisy s life from beginning to end.The novel s well written, and I think the author achieved what she set out to do Overall, just not my cup of tea.

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    This book won a Pulitizer Prize in 1995, and it was an honor well deserved I d never even heard of it, I just picked up up at the Goodwill because the description on the back cover intrigued me, but once I picked it up, I couldn t put it down.The story is a fictionalized autobiography of one Daisy Goodwill Flett Born around the turn of the 20th century and living until the 1980s, Shield s Flett reflects simultaneously on her own tragic life and the life of a North American century The mix and overlap between these two subjects is fascinating, and Shields writing is first rate, making this a pleasure to read.Though it is written as if it s an autiobiography, The Stone Diaries does not limit itself to subject matter that its protagonist could have known Starting on the day of Daisy s birth, with her mother, Mercy, and moving both backward and forward through time, the book gives perspectives and experiences of many of the supporting characters as well, including Daisy s father, the woman who raises her, her husband, and her children Though the speaker is sometimes not clearly identified, the moves between perspectives are far less confusing than would be expected don t worry, it doesn t read like As I Lay Dying or anything like that The story is actually told in a way I don t think I ve ever seen before, with a mix of omniscent and present narration, and constantly moving time and perspective Shields deserves her award just for being able to pull that off successfully, nevermind the story But the story is compelling Daisy s life is hard and full of tragedy the childbearing death of her mother, twice widowhood, etc , but the tragedy takes backseat the both Daisy s and the other characters knack for reinvention of themselves when circumstances change Both as a human story and as a parable for the countries in which the novel takes place the U.S and Canada , these reinventions work very well.I was impressed enough by this book that I passed it on to my mother, and I will be on the lookout for of Carol Shields work I d definitely recommend it.

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    2016 usa geography challenge INDIANA 2016 aty reading challenge week 15 a book set in the past 100 years ago I seem to have an affinity for novels about women s lives set in the past century Perhaps it is because they give me glimpses about what my grandmother s and mother s lives might have been like Some of my favorites include So Big and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn The Stone Diaries now takes its place among these favorites It is written as part autobiography part biography by an omniscient narrator, about the life and times of Daisy Goodwill Flett, who was born in 1905 and died in 199_ Biography, even autobiography, is full of systemic error, of holes that connect like a tangle of underground streams And this telling of Daisy s life as daughter, wife, mother, is full of holes, gaps in the narrative, letters that present only one side, etc And these holes perhaps represent the huge, gaping hole in Daisy s life that should have been filled with her mother s love For Daisy s mother, Mercy Stone Goodwill, died giving birth to Daisy She was such an obese woman that she didn t even realize she was pregnant And poor baby Daisy was laid on a cold stone table, alone in the world for her first breaths Remember this poor child is motherless, and there s not one thing worse in this world than being motherless Her father is too distraught over the loss of his beloved wife to care for the infant so Daisy is raised by the neighbor lady, Clarentine, who abruptly deserts her husband and moves to Winnipeg to live with her son, Barker, a professor Daisy stays with them until Clarentine s death when Daisy is eleven Her father, a virtual stranger, finally takes charge of her then and they move to Indiana to start a new life together And the question arises what is the story of a life A chronicle of fact or a skillfully wrought impression The bringing together of what she fears Or the adding up of what has been off handedly revealed, those tiny allotted increments of knowledge This novel does a masterly job of revealing all through bits and pieces, through impressions.Shields writing can be blunt, sometimes funny, often poignant Nor, though she knew she had been loved in her life, did she ever hear the words I love you, Daisy uttered aloud such a simple phrase , and only during the long, thin, uneventful sleep that preceded her death did she have the wit and leisure to ponder the injustice of this My kind of book

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    It s ironic that I read this book while I was reading Sex and the City The two novels are as disparate as different planets One book is a about an ordinary housewife struggling with life s little trials, the other, a place peppered with big names and obscene money, fur coats and Lear jets This book is phenomenal It s probably the best book I ve read in the last year And it s funny to think about because there is no person, or plot twist, or moment that makes it memorable Each and every page is special because the perspective of this woman is so true, so sensitive, so illuminating Somehow even a minuscule event in this woman s life becomes important great even This book is truly about the journey.

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    My mother s name was Mercy Stone Goodwill And so begins what appears at first to be an autobiography of a woman named Daisy but yet as the pages unfold, it becomes something unique, an outsider s observation of someone s actions or inner thoughts though at times even the narrator, be it Daisy or another does not seem to know exactly what is going on It seems at times to be a pseudo biography, or perhaps apt , to be a philosophical treatise on human nature and a woman s psyche, or maybe it is a somewhat humorous yet sad look at the place of a woman in the twentieth century The novel explores what one thinks as one is dying or ill or going through the loss of a loved one but then explains that although it has the appearance of truth it might just be all made up However, as the author makes clear, if we are told it is the truth we can accept it.The ins and outs and ups and downs in the life of an ordinary woman could have been told in an even, flat tone with perhaps exclamations when a milestone is reached age 31 Marriage 3rd child , but instead the narrative meanders, always going forward but yet constantly looking back over its shoulder at certain places so we can peek into the minds of others and be a part of their going forth into the world apart from Daisy One chapter is told entirely in letters only letters TO, never FROM and another chapter is a series of interviews with people who knew Daisy when Although it is doubtful these interviews happened, they ring of truth, and because Daisy is never very forthright herself about what s going on, the opinions and insights of others are important to the narrative.In the end we are left with a shopping list, a bridal trousseau, school awards, a collection of books, fingernail clippings, and a memorial write up of a life lived Daisy s thoughts about life and what others perceived about her life sometimes wrongly, but that would only be natural are also left with us.As I read this book, I would often think this is a strange novel Sometimes it made me wince, sometimes it made me laugh This book touched on subjects not often analyzed or seen in the fiction that I normally read Mom Tell me where babies come from Then, Ooo, yuk come to mind as one great scene The inclusion of pictures was definitely a pleasant surprise The different writing styles was interesting and although I sometimes wondered if I actually liked this book, I did find I had to read to the end The observations made by the author were sometimes painful but very perceptive If at times it seemed to get wordy and bogged down in too much analysis, the author changed the style and started a new chapter in Daisy s life.From The tide of fertility and the consolation of fruit salts to her faltering pendulum heart, her stiffened coral lungs the descriptions and comparisons in this book are beautiful and poetic and some I had to read several times so I could fully appreciate them It s 4 stars instead of 5 for me as at times I was impatient for the story to move forward but the book is incredible for the observations the author makes about our lives.

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    I ve just finished reading this for the second time, the first time being several years ago The I read by Carol Shields, the impressed I am by her writing skills I think the structure of this book is excellent, and very, very skilled.

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The Stone Diaries download The Stone Diaries, read online The Stone Diaries, kindle ebook The Stone Diaries, The Stone Diaries 63caf6896506 The Stone Diaries Is One Ordinary Woman S Story Of Her Journey Through Life Born In , Daisy Stone Goodwill Drifts Through The Roles Of Child, Wife, Widow, And Mother, And Finally Into Her Old Age Bewildered By Her Inability To Understand Her Place In Her Own Life, Daisy Attempts To Find A Way To Tell Her Story Within A Novel That Is Itself About The Limitations Of Autobiography Her Life Is Vivid With Incident, And Yet She Feels A Sense Of Powerlessness She Listens, She Observes, And Through Sheer Force Of Imagination She Becomes A Witness Of Her Own Life Her Birth, Her Death, And The Troubling Missed Connections She Discovers Between Daisy S Struggle To Find A Place For Herself In Her Own Life Is A Paradigm Of The Unsettled Decades Of Our Era A Witty And Compassionate Anatomist Of The Human Heart, Carol Shields Has Made Distinctively Her Own That Place Where The Domestic Collides With The Elemental With Irony And Humor She Weaves The Strands Of The Stone Diaries Together In This, Her Richest And Most Poignant Novel To Date