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Unraveled files Unraveled, read online Unraveled, free Unraveled, free Unraveled, Unraveled 6c41e79fb Since Coming To Crossroads, Oklahoma, Former Outcast Aden Stone Has Been Living The Good Life Never Mind That One Of His Best Friends Is A Werewolf, His Girlfriend Is A Vampire Princess Who Hungers For His Blood, And He S Supposed To Be Crowned Vampire King While Still A Human Well, Kind Of With Four Oops, Three Now Human Souls Living Inside His Head, Aden Has Always Been Different Himself These Souls Can Time Travel, Raise The Dead, Possess Another S Mind And, His Least Favorite These Days, Tell The Future The Forecast For Aden A Knife Through The Heart Because A War Is Brewing Between The Creatures Of The Dark, And Aden Is Somehow At The Center Of It All But He Isn T About To Lie Down And Accept His Destiny Without A Fight Not When His New Friends Have His Back, Not When Victoria Has Risked Her Own Future To Be With Him, And Not When He Has A Reason To Live For The First Time In His Life

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    Q A format Lets see if I can put my jumbled thoughts into a coherent review.Q So, what did I think about this book A Hmmm, how do I explain AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH There Its not coherent, just like I suspected lolQ Is that a good or bad ahhhhhhhh A Bad, a very bad ahhhhhh I think its one of the most infuriating books I have ever read It made me want to cry in frustration, and bang my head against something hard preferably a wall But I didn t because everyone was sleeping at the time lolHalfway through the book I strongly considered stopping right there But I didn t because I didn t want to give up on the book just yet I think somewhere deep down I was hoping for the book to get better Man, I should ve just stopped there However, it did get a little interesting, for a little bit.I really got into it when Aden possessed the witch s body to get information I was like, Yes Finally this is getting interesting This was like halfway into the book From there until the part where they were in the cave with the witches and the fairies, vampires, and werewolves were outside of it fighting, I was happy This was towards the end of the book and I thought, Huh I think I m really going to like this ending and the book, for that matter after all Boy was I wrong After the incident with the witches and the fairies, Mary Ann had to leave town because the vampires and werewolves wanted to kill her view spoiler because they found out that she was a drainer hide spoiler

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    from Murphy s Library rated 4 and a half Oh my God I swear even if I liked Intertwined, I haven t expected Unraveled to be so good I just couldn t stop reading and I forgot to breath a dozen of times The book is wonderful While Gena wasn t steady with her writing in Interwined, she got homerun with this one.The narrative is excellent The voices are much better to comprehend now, the story flies and the actions are perfect I seriously was uptight the whole book, and the ending was amazing What isn t amazing is the fact that I have to wait till September 2011 for the sequel.Unraveled is a ride You feel sorry a couple of time who am I trying to fool You feel sorry all the time for Aden, and I think Mary Ann development in this book is amazing The things we learn about the main plot are fundamental, and the romance is well put I love Victoria I seriously love Victoria, and it is difficult for me to like a girl in a book But she is funny even if she isn t trying to be, but her tries sure are hilarious and fierce Love her.Aden, too, is a main character that I like I know, right This month I ve read two books where I liked the main characters for those who doesn t know what I m talking about, I like Rose from Vampire Academy too and Aden is totally the one I like He is funny, and now he isn t so confusing to read any I don t know exactly if I m the one that accepted the voices better, but I think they are better written now Much better written.I m in a Unraveled high since I finished it, so Please, if you already read it, talk to me The only think that doesn t let me give it a full 5 books in the rating is the fact that I found some confusing paragraphs, that even the high didn t cloud to me It isn t something that taint the story, but it bothered me, so it counts as a negative point.What made me love this book is the fact that we found a great plot underneath what seemed to be a common plot in the first book We actually got hooked, and Gena finally discovered how to hook us in her teen world Some parts are so ironical or nonchalant that turned the plot richer Amazing, really She outgrow herself in this book, in my opinion, and can be now be known as a writer for whatever age.A great book, putting this series I already liked in the main spot for me Now, I need to read the others books by Gena

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    As much as I adore these series, I can t stand it I just find the characters unbelievably unbelievable, and the only thing that kept me going was to find out what was gonna happen in the end Now that I have, I probably will end up reading the next book too Should be intereting.

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    I read the first book in this series and enjoyed it enough that I wanted to read this next book in this series I picked up a copy back when it was released I started reading it and got about half way However something happened and my interest got lost along the way I stopped reading and this book ended up in my long pile of to be read books I would pass this book many times and thought I need to pick this book up again and finish it I finally did and at this time I started from the beginning as it had been so long ago since I read this book Well I did get about half way again but this time it seemed that it took me a lot longer to get to the half way mark over this book and jumped to the last few chapters To be honest the ending was not as I had hoped and I was kind of glad that I had not spent all of my time reading this book to get to this ending Even though I lost interest in this series, I still do enjoy reading this author s books.

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    THIS REVIEW WILL HAVE A BOAT LOAD OF SPOILERS YOU VE BEEN WARNED I waited for the sequel to Intertwined for a year I was really excited because I thought Intertwined was awesome So when I finally picked up Unraveled I was pretty disappointed Unraveled takes place immediately after Intertwined and takes place for about a week The overlying issue for our heroes is the meeting with the witches they have to go to, and if they don t go to it all of them will be killed Only problem is that they don t have the time or place for the meeting So they spend the novel stalking witches to figure it out When the meeting was finally called, it was like that s it Really The second issue for our heroes is that Vlad is not dead Which really was not surprising But Vlad has Tucker remember Tucker Mary Ann s ex who knocked up Penny stalk our heroes I thought that was than lame Vlad is using a half demon to spy for him He s Vlad the Impaler, mother fucker He can take on Aden Stone himself.Then there s the new magical creature introduced, the Drainer A person who only survives by sucking the life force of magical beings And go figure, Mary Ann is revealed to be a Drainer I feel like her character has been ruined now I loved that before she repelled magic Now even Riley is scared of her because of what she is It didn t help that Mary Ann was either whining about how she might be a Drainer or whining about how Riley might not love her any for the entire novel The final issue is that plot of Elijah s prediction of Aden s death Throughout the novel it s all Victoria thinks or talks about I would have thought that Ms Showalter would have used this plot for I dunno the whole book series not killing Aden off until the final moments of the novel But nope She used Elijah s prophecy of his death in book 2 Tucker who is working for Vlad kills Aden To save Aden, Victoria uses her mighty vampire blood in a weird transfusion The result being that Aden is now a vampire while Victoria is human and has Caleb, Elijah and Julian in her head Characterization wise, Mary Ann and Victoria were just whining about their boyfriends while Riley and Aden were being all bad ass and saving the world It was over 500 pages of that and it was than annoying Intertwined took me about two days to read Unraveled took me about 3 4 months It took so long because I didn t want to read such crap so I kept avoiding it I was sad that this was the sequel I had been waiting for There will be a sequel to Unraveled called Twisted which I am probably going to read but I don t have high hopes for it.I am honestly not sure who I would recommend this book to You need to read Intertwined to understand this novel, and to me this was just a horrible sequel.

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    Ahhhh, wow Seriously just wow I m not sure I quite have the words to describe how good I thought this book was..I loved Intertwined and going into this one I was excited, ecstatic and.nervous Sometimes sequels never quite live up to the original, but I m pleased to say that I thought this one was just as good This book was so much heart wrenching than the first So many things happend and just when I thought things were toning down or slowing down..boom, something massive happened and everything was turned upside down It was filled with shocks, twists and gasp worthy moments Mary Ann, oh my god, Mary Ann I can t believe she s actually a Drainer It seems impossible what she can be something so horrible when she herself is so sweet My heart broke for her and Riley in this book, it really did It was one of those things that halfway through the story you knew that they weren t gonna get their happy ending, that they were gonna be torn apart and yet you kept hoping and praying for a different outcome right up until she left I desperately hope that they ll find away to be together in the next book, especially considering that Riley didn t really let her go alone He s tracking her and hopefully they find a way to sort everything out And what about everything that happened with Aden King of the vampires and beast tamer It was awesome to see how the vamps begin to accept him and fear him, he he as their king I loved how he managed to get control over the vamps beasts It was really interesting and I look forward to finding out the how and why in future books I was hoping to discover Celeb s past with the witches a bit , and was disappointed that we didn t, but I ll have my fingers crossed that we learn soon.The ending was marvellous Aside from the shocking fact that Vlad is alive, I was NOT expecting Elijah s prediction for Aden s death to come true so soon, maybe in later books, but not now And definitely not by Tucker It was incredible twist to have Victoria try to turn Aden to save him and have him and up with her beast and her with his souls That I was not expecting Lord, I CANNOT WAIT until the next book It better come out soon, because the way this book ends left me hanging and DESPERATE to know what s in store next for Aden, Victoria, Mary Ann and Riley.

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    One of the reasons I loved the first novel in this series, Intertwined, was because it was the ultimate paranormal read You like vampires, it s got em Werewolves Got those too Fairies, witches, goblins, demons you betcha It s like a creature overload and I love it Unraveled didn t disappoint Intertwined was of an introduction novel you meet Aden, lean about his abilities and you meet the three other characters Victoria, Mary Ann and Riley Unraveled is a lot action And revelations I thought I knew these characters after book one but that was only the tip of the iceberg Whew I m a little heartbroken at some of those revelations I have to admit that, I was absolutely enthralled in Riley and Mary Ann s story Aden and Victoria, who Not that the parts about Aden and Victoria were boring, there were quite the opposite actually, and that ending, holy wow But I was just interested in reading about Riley and Mary Ann, and I did not get nearly enough of them Even though this book is a little on the chunky side, it took me no time at all to read Mainly because I could not put it down Something was always happening to our fabulous foursome There are so many plot threads flying around, yet Showalter manages to weave them all back together You d think I wouldn t be surprised by the magnificence of it, I read so many of her novels And the ending I can t even describe my frustration How could you do that to me The one thing that knocked it down from a five star to a four, was because I thought it lacked any resolution sure we learned some new things and characters are taking different roads but nothing was really accomplished SPOILER I mean, sure, Aden got the witches to say this meeting is called to order and his friends didn t die but that s all I get Really Poo END SPOILER Overall, Unraveled is an captivating, action packed read full of all my favorite creatures I only demand one itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny thing MORE RILEY

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    I m beginning to think I need to eat my words when I say that the second book usually disappoints As of late, that has so not been the case After reading Intertwined, I might not have read Unraveled had it not been for that fact that I won a copy of it I would have missed an excellent addition to a series I will be continuing Poor Aden All he wants to do is have a normal life, attend high school, etc But, now he s the king of the vampires He has to make decision regarding blood slaves, challenges, and finding a Queen It was not surprising no one would accept that all he wanted was Victoria Not to mention he has to deal with the witches His abilities are really starting to come through, and I find him a really interesting character It s no wonder everybody wants a piece of him Speaking of Victoria, I liked learning about her and why she is the way she is She seems like a person now and not just a character throw into the story.I LOVED Mary Anne and Riley in this story Their romance is sweet and sometimes raw and emotional I like the new development of what Mary Anne really is I also really loved how that didn t matter to Riley I wonder how much trouble he will be in for what he has done to protect her It should make for some interesting subject matter in the next installment.I also enjoyed the involvement of the witches and the fae in this one I love it when a story twists how you normally think of a mythical creature although the fae weren t that different I did think the ending with the witches was really anti climatic It was way to abrupt, but I guess the author felt there were pressing matters at hand I really enjoyed the ending It was not I was expecting I can t wait for the next one

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    A M A Z I N G I seriously loved this book as much as the first one if not Riley stayed true to how he was in the first book but he was so much sweeter and protective over everyone He stayed with Mary Ann even when she pushed him away, even when he found out what she was. he still stayed and protected her and even at the end, he followed her Riley had me squealing and getting excited and ooh ing and aww ing throughout the whole book xDAlthough i do feel really sorry for his brothers because of the curse, but i think they will move on from it and find true loves of their own But seriously how annoying was Caleb I mean, yeah i know poor guy thinks he knows her and blah blah, but come on He nearly got them into trouble so many times And how selfish was Victoria at the end of this book To turn him without his consent or thinking of the consequences. and then she stuffs it up and gives him her beast and takes the souls which means that she doesnt know how to control them and she wont know how to keep them calm or stop them from possessing people s bodies or of finding out how to get them to move on I really hope Riley and Mary Ann join together again and find a cure for her becoming a Drainer coz then it will mean that they can never be together and that just WONT do But i think it will work out with the next book and they will defeat Vlad and come out victorious D D

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    Since I m sucking at posting reviews I ve decided to let Goodreads do the work for me I m hoping this will at least let me express my thoughts on the title at the very minimum even though it might not be formatted as I have in the past My initial thoughts after reading Unraveled Amazingly perfect Awaiting the next book already Gena Showalter never fails to impress me.What I love about Gena s YA series is that it s relevant to the young adult age group while so full of awesome that adult readers would love this series too, which I do and probably a little bit than I do her adult books but I might only say that because it s been a while since I ve read one of her adult books If you enjoy any of Gena s adult series you ll probably just love this series If you love any paranormal adult series I m sure this series would fit you too.I m eagerly awaiting the next book in this series, which is titled Twisted and set to publish 09 11 11

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