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Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) summary Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) , series Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) , book Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) , pdf Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) , Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) 565ca7d88f What Kind Of Assassin Works Pro Bono It S Hard To Be A Badass Assassin When A Giant Is Beating The Crap Out Of You Luckily, I Never Let Pride Get In The Way Of My Work My Current Mission Is Personal Annihilate Mab Monroe, The Fire Elemental Who Murdered My Family Which Means Protecting My Identity, Even If I Have To Conceal My Powerful Stone And Ice Magic When I Need It Most To The Public, I M Gin Blanco, Owner Of Ashland S Best Barbecue Joint To My Friends, I M The Spider, Retired Assassin I Still Do Favors On The Side Like Ridding A Vampire Friend Of Her Oversized Stalker Mab S Right Hand Goon Who Almost Got Me Dead With His Massive Fists At Least Irresistible Owen Grayson Is On My Side The Man Knows Too Much About Me, But I Ll Take My Chances Then There S Detective Bria Coolidge, One Of Ashland S Finest Until Recently, I Thought My Baby Sister Was Dead She Probably Thinks The Same About Me Little Does She Know, I M A Cold Blooded Killer Who Is About To Save Her Life

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    It is a truth universally acknowledged that Gin Blanco, aka The Spider, professional assassin, always carries at least five silverstone knives on her at all times two up her sleeves, two down her boots and one in the small of her back Finnegan Lake drinks a lot of chicory coffee and the supposed caffeine content does not affect him the symbol for Northern Aggression is a heart with an arrow through it Mab Monroe s rune is ruby with wavy rays all around Gin Blanco s eyes are grey whereas Owen Grayson are violet and by the way, I still have to meet in my life somebody with violet eyes You might have guessed from my remarks what kind of problem I had with this book If there was ever a GoodReads contest for Queen of Repetitions 2011, I would vote Estep Because she not only recaps events of previous books in the series, she recaps CHAPTERS within the same book If we took away all the repetitions the book would probably be half its size.And it is with great chagrin that I say this irritated me and distracted me quite a bit It feels like like the author suffers from short term memory loss OR she thinks that it s ME suffering from it.The plot is good I enjoyed it quite a bit and that is why I am giving this book 3 stars anyway The writing is smooth Characters have become familiar to me, they are well formed and interesting I liked how she introduced Bria in the story, I liked that she got rid of donovancaine and I give my blessings to Owen Grayson I WANT to know how the story goes on But can I take another or multiple books of continuous recappings I am baffled who edited this book This could be easily a five star book if not for the fact that my intelligence feels insulted by it.If you re a lover of UF this is definitely a series I recommend reading If you can stomach the recappings.

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    4.35 Buddy read with my fellow UF addicts over at BBB, because we are bloodthirsty and love Gin s violent assassin ways a direct quote from my buddy Jo Loved it much, much better than the previous 2 books Hope it keeps going in the same direction Now I am on my way to Ashville, literally, and have to jump on the road RTC soon, hopefully

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    Sometimes there are tag lines in a TV show, book series or movie for a set of characters that really work and you look forward to seeing them or hearing them For Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn series it was There is always another secret and for Heroes it was Save the Cheerleader Save the World and Highlander s There can be only one I wish I could say the Estep accomplishes this too but while she has a ton of repetition and things that could be tag linesk none of them are endearing to me and most of them just annoy me now.For example Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy is actually one of the better ones Then there is Gray eyes on violet or gold or blue insert arbitrary eye color of various character here And two up my the sleeves, two in my boots, and one at the small of my back. referring to the locations of all of her Silverstone knives.It is a little distracting I think problem Number 1 that I m having with the series is that I m listening to it and so I can t just eyeskim the parts that are redundant I remember who Donovan Caine is, he was just in the last book and the guy you were uber hung up on I don t need to be reminded multiple times why your semi relationship seriously like 2 rolls in the hay didn t work out I know that you have 5 blades on you at all times I remember character XYZ because we have met them multiple times Stop with all the recounts of EVERYTHING Problem Number 2 get a new danger factor Rape or threat of rape to the MC or side characters only carries for so far It can t be one of the main danger factors in every book Does every bad dude have to threaten to rape Gin or the Client There are other ways to create fear and drama in a book.BUTEven with those things said the story is easy and I am starting to like Gin just a little all the time I very much like the introduction of a new love interest that can like our assassin for exactly who and what she is I also like that he calls her on her bullshit I don t judge you for what you ve done, Gin Why are you judging me for another man s mistakes Owen can definitely stick around.The plot was decent Another member of Mab s crew has targeted Rosalyn and is playing a nasty little game with her The I learn about Mab and her minions the I want her dead and Gin would just be the assassin to take care of that The addition of Gin s sister into the mix was really interesting too I m looking forward to seeing where all that goes.I m still waiting for this series break out moment It hasn t happened yet The stone cold assassin with a soft spot hasn t found my soft spot just yet But I still see a lot of potential and overall these are easy and don t require a lot of thinking on my part so they are a good easy read so far Still I m waiting for that one book that just hooks me and makes me decided that I can t wait to get to the next book in the series.

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    3.5 Not as good as the previous one, but still great Ok, so Gin is still an assassin, she still kicks ass and she still has that great personality and humor that I love and most people hate This book was a bit annoying though cause the author kept writing the same thing over and over again I mean, I read about why Finn drinks that coffee at least 4 times just in this book I get that most people read this over time not in 2 days and they need to be reminded of stuff from time to time, but for me this was damn annoying Still, I love this series It is fun and so fast paced, it feels like a 200 page read I love Gin s sarcasm and that dark, dark humor And I m so damn glad that detective, Donoavn, left, I really didn t like the guy Owen, though well, he s great can t wait to see what happens next D

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    Okay, so I ve finished the series now and there s nothing to say except that the quality has remained, Gin is still badass but going kind of soft and heroic and I love Owen.I only complaint is that Estep has this annoying habit of recaping things that she s never written about Particularly Donovan and Gin s relationship.Imagine if you read a story like Water for Elephants where Jacob joins the circus, falls in love, marries and has children Then you read the sequel and Jacob starts off the narration by saying Since last week when we fell in love and married, my wife and I decided to call it quits after she found me in the asian brothel with my transvestite lover.Well, damn, I kind of want to read that part You know, like to learn about why Jacob suddenly had a tranvestite lover and when he found time to go visiting Asian brothels Maybe I want to read how his wife reacted.Other than that, this series has been good to me and I eagerly await the next installment.

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    4.5 stars Things are hotting up I m glad the detective s out and Owen Grayson is in a much healthier dynamic for our Gin Estep does have some catch phrases which in the first book especially I found quite annoying, but as I get further in the series, the they become a part of the charm of the book for now anyway I m even warming up to Finn, who up til now has been my least favourite of the main characters A very enjoyable dose of urban fantasy brain candy

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    18 05 2016 Buddy read with my fellow UF addicts over at BBB because we are bloodthirsty and love Gin s violent assassin ways

    I m just wondering how exactly I went from being the Spider to the Robin fucking Hood of the greater Ashland area Three months ago, I was killing people for money Lots of money Buckets of it Now, tell me a good sob story instead and I ll take care of all your problems for free Instead of stealing from the rich, I m stabbing them to death for the poor

    With every book this series just gets better and better

    The favour Gin asked of Roslyn Phillips, the owner of the famed nightclub Northern Aggression, in the previous book has brought trouble for Roslyn in the form of Elliott Slater, the giant enforcer of Mab Monroe He is obsessed with Roslyn, and his obsession means bad news for everyone And Roslyn has come to ask Gin for her help in getting rid of him Now normally this wouldn t be a problem, except doing this would put Gin on Mab Monroe s radar, and even though Gin is determined to annihilate her for killing her family, she is not ready yet But she refuses to not help Roslyn, and if this gets her attention from Mab, then so be it

    Then there is the new detective, Bria Coolidge, who replaced Detective Donovan Cain when he left And what a surprise this was I really liked her and I m really excited to see what is going to happen between her and Gin, but I m also a little weary because I m not sure whether this is something that will bring Gin happiness or pain

    Nonsense, Jo Jo said We re family, darling Always will be Family, Sophia repeated Family, Finn echoed

    Gin has built the most perfect family Finn her foster brother, whom I adore the dwarfs Jo Jo and Sophia who are always there to help I just love these three together, how loyal and supportive they are of each other

    Because I m the Spider Because my retirement s been a fucking bore Because you asked me to do a job, and I never go back on my word Because we re friends, in a weird sort of way But mainly because nobody deserves to be treated like this except the bastards who live here I paused to let the cold venom seep back into my tone And you can believe that I m not leaving this place until every single one of them is dead

    There were SO many things happening in this book, and Gin was just as kick ass as always I really love this assassin and her bloodthirsty ways

    The confrontation between Gin and the very powerful fire elemental Mab Monroe seems to be getting closer with every instalment, and I cannot wait to see what is going to happen And finally we find out the truth of why Mab murdered them So very interesting

    Owen stared at me Someone who s passionate and full of life Someone who s funny and smart But mostly, someone who ll do whatever the fuck it takes to protect the people she cares about That s what I like about you, Gin That s what I admire about you That s what draws me to you His mouth quirked up in a smile Well, that and the knives Did I ever mention that I think weapons are sexy

    On the romance side I must say I m really starting to love Owen Grayson He is a much better beau for Gin than asshole Donovan Caine, and the little history given on how they met years ago was very enlightening I m very excited to see where things are going to go with them And damn the shower scene was hot D

    I am really enjoying this series A must read for all UF fans

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    Buddy read with my fellow UF addicts at BBB.This is what I was waiting for Getting so caught up in the book that I can t put it down Sure it took three books to get here but the important thing is that it did Because I would have been pissed otherwise I read for that feeling of being so high on the story that I crave the next page like a drug For that alone I usually give a 5 star rating However, I had to knock a star from Venom because of a few minor problems I know myself so I know that as the series progress and I get caught up in the world it ll stop being a problem I just won t notice it any so I ll mention these flaws now and be done with it I know I usually start with the good things but this time it ll be done backward because I want to get it out of my chest and then continue with the fangirling part of the review without any lingering feelings of guilt The first thing is of a writing style and it probably wouldn t have made a ping on my radar if I wasn t reading the first three books back to back Repetitions I think I complained about it in a previous review but I ll do it again one last time There are a lot of repetitions in these books There are some phrases that creep up every once in a while all over the book Like Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy I can chalk that up to trying to establish mental patterns People tend to think in a certain pattern and repeat stuff in their minds a lot Then there s the repetition of whole sentences I don t mean similar I mean identical sentences It happens both in the book and in the series as a whole so far It gets really annoying after a while And to top it off there a some paragraphs that read the same I guess it s done as a reminder of some stuff but after reading three books I think the reader will remember the basics of the magical system Which is precisely the thing that s being repeated over and over again The second thing that set my teeth on edge has to do with my favourite character Donovan Caine This is of a personal problem and I can see why Ms Estep did what she did but since this is my review and my opinion I m going to complain about it I thought that we re finally rid of that pesky little close minded fool But even gone he s still manages to ruin everything Because Gin is still very much obsessed with the guy And measures everyone up to HIM As f he s some kind of god instead of the hypocrite that doesn t know a good thing when it practically throws itself at him Bloody idiot Gin constantly thinks of him, what he would have done and how he left her Donovan really did a number on her And because of that she almost let something good slip between her fingers Thankfully she realized that she s making a mistake by not even trying and gave Owen a chance So these are the things that made me give a 4 star rating even though I basically read this book in one day Something that only happens when I really like a book And now to the pleasant parts of the review where I ll gush about all the things I liked Starting with Fletcher Lane The guy might be dead but he still plays a major role in Gin s life Not only the memory of him, of what he was like and the things he did for her, but the actions he took before he died and the parts of his life he kept hidden from his children And I think of Gin as his daughter because family is than bloodline As this series shows time and again I love that concept but I ll talk about it latter Now about Fletcher He had an altruistic strike a mile wide it seems and now it s slowly surfacing All the things he s done for the strays of Ashland and for those who can t take care of themselves Because the world Gin lives in is much darker than our own It s not survival of the fittest, it s survival of the cruellest And now that Gin knows some of the truth she s finally growing out of her self centred existence I liked her enough as a simple assassin but as someone who cares for people outside of her little circle I adore her Gin is a peculiar character In a way she s very straightforward and I like the lack of any real drama When there s a job to be done she doesn t whine about the things that need doing Even if it s something she doesn t really want to do or like she sucks it up and does what is necessary She reminds me of one of my all time favourite characters Mara Jade from the Star Wars Legends And she might even follow in Mara s footsteps and become one of the heroes in the full sense of the word Gin would and will use everything at her disposal to do her job No nonsense about honour and what s the right way to do things The job gets done one way or another I like that she doesn t rely on her magic because most UF characters are very predictable in their displays of power I like the down to earth vibe she gives off And I have a thing for sharp objects so I can t complain about her methods I guess that as the series progress she ll lose some of that and start using her magic and but I m going to enjoy the blood and gore as long as we have it The new romantic interest Owen that showed up in the previous book is simply amazing I adore him This is a relationship that has a future mostly because Owen understand how the world works and is secure enough in his masculinity not to be threatened and intimidated by a strong woman The fact that he genuinely wants to get to know Gin and not just do the nasty with her endears him even to me Add the banter and the thoughtful way he treats Gin and the fact that he s both intelligent and street smart and you have a perfect package Oh did I mention that the guy makes weapons I mean how cool is that He must be good with his hands and Gin will have her very own personal weapons maker to help on her suicide mission And Owen doesn t scare easily He had every chance to freak out and run for the hills Gin made sure to stuff her illegal actions down his throat at every turn after the initial discovery of her extracurricular activities But our boy didn t waver Didn t look at her as if she s a monster Didn t make her feel less for what she s had to do to survive More points to him in my book.In this instalment we meet Gin s baby sister Bria The one she though was dead but Fletcher had unearthed and left a picture of And she s a police detective a lot like Donovan Caine At first I was really worried about that because she s described as a crusader , a straight arrow just like Caine And we all know how that one ended Thankfully she is aware of the how the world works and is not as rigid She s even a bit of a badass herself And stubborn as hell The scene when she finally realizes that Gin is her sister is going to be epic Bria is Gin s last living blood relative But she has a new family that is perhaps even cohesive than your usual run of the mill family Finn, Sophia and Jo Jo and Fletcher s specter They are Gin s foundations, the people she loves most and can always count on And they prove that they re there to stay That they won t run when the goings get tough Without being bound by blood Just simple, real love and respect Genuine interest in the welfare of Gin And because of that they re willing to accept a virtual stranger in their midst and help Bria because of her connection to Gin Sure they can t trust baby sister yet but they re going to give her the chance to prove she deserves it Gin is one lucky girl to have found such a devoted family for herself And she knows it.Now about the bad guys Elliot Slater is one sick son of a b tch He was the target this time around and he than earned his demise even if it was only about his on page actions in this book Boy did I hate that giant In my opinion he didn t suffer nearly enough to quench my thirst for blood He deserved a lot painful death I think Jonah is next and I can t wait for him to look at Gin s eyes and see his death in them I m going to enjoy the moment when he realizes that he s been so close to the one he s looking for and never made the connection and is now going to pay with his life for all he s done to Gin And then there s Mab She a real psycho from what I ve read so far Mostly it s seen in Gin s memories The irony is that she made her own bed She set Gin on the path that will ultimately lead to her demise that night when she murdered the Snow family She did that not only out of hate but out of fear for the future because view spoiler some aunt with Air magic foretold that the Snow kid with the Stone and Ice magic will kill her hide spoiler

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    Another great entry into the life and times of one Gin Blanco.Good character development, nice setting up of future plots, relationship growth on both the romance and family front overall, a really fun book.

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    I ve given this series as much of my time as I could I was thoroughly intrigued by the ideas that Estep s stories held within their confines The first book was a wonderful read Even if some of her writing quirks were a little irritating I could ignore them for the characters, the story, and the otherwise wonderfully crafted prose And then I moved onto the second book and those quirks were prevalent as I read It s very repetitive, even obnoxious I ignored those things and continued reading and as it came to a close I was excited to see her FINALLY using her elemental powers Now, here we are with the third installment Estep still feels the need to remind us of things in that incredibly redundant style The Spider s mentor was Fletcher Lane she s got 5 silverstone knives on her person one at the small of her back, two up her sleeves, and two in her boots She palms the silverstone knives, she throws the silverstone knives, and she slashes the giant s throat with a silverstone knife as if we had forgotten that they were made out of silverstone This is only a minor gripe, but when Estep does it with just about everything, the type of coffee Finnegan drinks and why , the silverstone spider rune scars in her palms, the way someone is going to get dead , and it just grates on you After two full novels of it, well, it s obnoxious to say the least On top of that, nothing has really changed, she s supposedly the most powerful elemental JoJo had ever seen, and yetshe simply refuses to logically use her powers She fears growing too dependent on them, which is a legitimate worry, but she s supposed to be the city s best assassin is she not Why then would she not TRAIN those powers so when she finally NEEDED them they would be there and ready for her In my mind her mentor would have broken this flaw in her character during her training, but I could ignore that too It s when she simply refuses to use her powers in TANDEM with her obvious physical prowess when everything is on the line that I really just can t wrap my mind around SPOILER ALERT During the final showdown with Mab s right hand, instead of imbuing herself with the stone skin AND attacking him she only thinks to use it at the very last moment, like she s totally unaware that the man s a giant and could kill her with one blow You would think that she would USE the stoneskin to protect her from the brunt of the damage, wouldn t you She only uses the stone magic to strengthen her skin when she s weaponless and has nothing left to fall back on Okay, that s fine, but not what a competent assassin would have done Then when she s being pummeled by the giant she only thinks to use her recently unblocked ice magic to make a crude ice dagger Really She s this powerful Ice and Stone Elemental and she can only do two things with those powers Why didn t she blast him with ice to freeze him Why didn t she do as JoJo suggested and used her ice to slow him for a millisecond at a time At the very least she could have created some sort of ice slick when he charged her, causing him to slip Why didn t she do any number of things Instead of being this cold assassin, the best assassin in the city, she s just an incompetent that happens to be handy with knives It s just infuriating because we are TOLD time and time again that she is so powerful Nothing so far has SHOWN me that she really is an incredible assassin aside from the stellar opening of book one We re three books in and the greatest display of power comes at the end of book two, and that wasn t really an intentional use of her power, she was backed into a corner and she reacted Where is the calm, cool logic that an assassin is supposed to have How on earth is she supposed to be a match for the most powerful fire elemental in the last 500 years if she s not even a match for a giant without any elemental powers I understand that she s supposed to GROW into the powers and become this formidable opponent for the woman who controls the city, but so far I ve not seen any real PROOF that the Spider can do anything the author boasts In fact, all I can see is wasted potential I love the emotionally conflicted character I love the very southern Finnegan Lane, and Sophia and JoJo Estep shows off a flair for crafting words and creating beautiful, believable imagery, but it s brought low by her compulsive need to qualify nouns with adjectives at every turn We know it s a silverstone knife, Estep, just because we ve moved onto the next paragraph doesn t mean we ve forgotten The premise of this entire series had such great potential, it s unfortunate that it s been executed so poorly.

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