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[Download] ➺ Rabbit  Author Ellen C. Maze – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Rabbit , meaning Rabbit , genre Rabbit , book cover Rabbit , flies Rabbit , Rabbit 38406552871b3 What If Your Bestselling Novel Attracts The Wrong Kind Of Attention Author Beth Rider S Second Vampire Novel Has Hit Number One And She Is Flying High On Her New Found Fame But At A Fated Book Signing That Runs Late Into The Night, Beth Is Confronted By An Evil She D Only Experienced In Nightmares Jack Dawn, A Supernatural Monster Belonging To An Ancient Race Of Bloodthirsty Immortals Known As The Rakum, Vows To Track Down And Kill The Young Writer Because Of The Vile Redemptive Message Her Book Is Bringing His PeopleThe Rakum Have Spread Evil Among Mankind Since The Beginning, Growing In Strength And Influence With Every Passing Century A Respected Elder Among His Brethren, Jack Recognizes The Novel S Destructive Potential And His Duty To Destroy Her Before The Book S Promises Annihilate His Kind His Method Of Subduing The Novelist Is An Ancient Punishment Perpetrated Against Humans Who Bring Them The Ultimate Displeasure Jack Marks Her As A Rabbit By Forcing Her To Ingest His Poisonous Blood, Beth S Body Now Regenerates Endlessly And She Is Set Free To Be Tracked By His Hungry Brethren The Plan His People Will Torture Her, Slowly, Night After Night, Until She Goes Insane Marking Her Was Easy Now Jack Only Has To Sit Back And Wait For The Rakum To Do Their WorstJack S Proselyte Michael Stone Was Brought Up From His Youth To Be Strong, Sensible And Oftentimes, Brutal But At One Hundred And Thirty, Michael Is Old Enough To Appreciate The Quiet And Ordered Life He D Carved Out For Himself Over The Years Aware That His Elder Has Marked A Human For Death, Michael Is On The Lookout As He Leaves Work Late One Night When He Stumbles Upon The Beautiful And Apparently Innocent Beth Rider, He Is Instantly Smitten, Despite The Fact That A Few Seconds Later He Realizes That She Is The Target Of His Elder S Fury Puzzled By Jack S Unreasonable Condemnation, Michael Takes It Upon Himself To Protect The Lovely Author From The Limitless Lust Of His BrethrenRakum Grunt Javier Millier Was Never One To Question The Fathers Nor Doubt The Word Of The Elders But After Reading A Curiously Odd Vampire Novel, He Begins To Doubt The Understood Deity Of His Race Soon Identified By Jack Dawn As A Traitor, Javier Goes On The Run With Elder Roman And A Mortal With A Personal Hidden Agenda They Also Are In Pursuit Of The Book S Author, Although Their Intentions Are Quite Dissimilar From Those Of Their BrethrenFacing The Most Terrifying Trial Of Her Life Against Creatures Known Only In Fables, One Simple Woman Will Unintentionally Threaten The Very Existence Of A Powerful And Accursed People In The Climactic Melee, It Is A Race To The Death, Or If Beth Has Her Way, A Race To The Life Of Every Rakum Who Makes The Choice

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    I have no idea if this will end up being a review or a bitch fest I guess it can be both My feelings are running strong This book shaved off some of my IQ points and I have a limited amount to spare This book made me angry The majority of it is insulting, condescending, and full of in your face heavy handed, judgemental, and simpleton religious fervor The main character is an emotionless nutt job, so high on her beliefs, that she has zero common sense I am going to share a little story about my younger brother He has found God and I am happy for him He is a better person for it But every once in awhile he scares me This book gives me a similar yet tenfold feeling My brother lost his wallet and all of the important things a person tends to carry in a wallet He had started going to church and was told to pray He prayed for his wallet to appear and low and behold it did A very nice stranger returned it to him, months after it was lost Instead of making the effort and taking the time to get a new license, social security card, and bank card, my brother prayed and was rewarded for his lack of action but that s ok because waiting in line to get a social security card stinks So now he prays for everything That is not ok Isn t God supposed to help those who help themselves I love my brother but come on Sorry, end of the family related rant So, back to the book, the main character, Beth Rider, sits back with all the faith in the world that she need do nothing I m not a fan For some other less personal but still legitimate reasons for my one star rating, I have provided a short list I disliked every character.There was nearly zero action.The story is predictable.I could have cared less what happened.The bad guys were generic Everyone was ignorant and grating.Had none of the characters ever read a bible verse before Come on The main character said ugh than anything else.The dialogue was unrealistic and degrading.There are massive amounts of homoerotic subtext My feelings on this in the context of the story are not flattering I am than a little offended and it takes a whole hell of a lot to offend me.I could go on and provide numerous specific scenes, sentences, and quotes but I think I ve gotten my point across This is not one of those books I can be considerate of, that I can understand other people liking because we have different tastes People who like this book concern me I can not recommend it at all.

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    I ve been thinking about how to write this review all day It s going to be very difficult to explain all the different reasons why I loved this book, but I ll try It s a totally new concept The story is fresh and I didn t know what to expect I was so pleasantly surprised that I could be surprised I have this horrible habit of trying to guess the outcome of a book I guess it s the writer in me , but the story of a race of vampires Rakum and their social structure, living amongst the human population, feeding from volunteers cows Some of them even develop emotional bonds with their donors Life for the Rakum has been privileged and spoiled for thousands of years They take extremely beautiful women and use them as breeders to enlarge their numbers, raising the pups , teaching them their ways.If a Rakum becomes a traitor or a human threatens to expose them or put their way of life into danger, they are marked as Rabbits They go on the run, but because they have been marked, they live forever, therefore their punishment is eternal They are hunted by the Rakum, caught, played with, tortured, until the Rakum become bored and set them free to be hunted by Rakum It is the ultimate punishment.Enter Beth Rider Author of a series of Paranormal Christian books where her vampire characters become Christians She is marked as a Rabbit because her novels are bringing Rakum to Christ She s not alone as she finds comrades in the most unexpected places, Rakum who are willing to die for her and her God Oh and there s Michael Stone, the Rakum who doesn t understand her strong faith but nonetheless is inexplicably drawn to the beautiful Rabbit It s a battle between good and evil that will leave you gasping in anticipation Ellen Maze s book kept me mesmerized I didn t want to put it down and I can t wait for the sequel.

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    The problem with writing a good book is you never know how far it will reach, nor the impact it will have on those who read it Beth was used to the somewhat overzealous fans, but what she wasn t prepared for was a visit from a monster straight from her tales He marked her for sport, but when her path crossed with Michael s he was certain there had been a mistake She didn t fit the profile of a rabbit Her book had been dangerous to their kind, prompting a disconnection that the Elders hadn t seen for a long time This woman s work was dangerous, and to secure their lifestyle she, and her influence, had to be forever silenced.Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider is Ellen C Maze s Christian paranormal It focuses on Beth Rider, a young novelist whose book has turned the lives of the Rakum upside down The steady paced novel introduces an increasing level of tension until you daren t put it down because you just have to see how things will play out Obviously being a Christian fiction, there is constant, yet not particularly preachy, injection of faith, God, and the power of religion, which means the book would appeal to those who both enjoy a faith orientated read, and those who find an overly religious tone too oppressive The balance in this book was good, and central to the unique plotline This is a fantastic story, with plenty to be taken away from it The you read into the meanings, the messages become apparent Hope, salvation, fear, threat, challenges, and trials will keep you reading, while the ever growing characters and their forming bonds will keep you hungry for .

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    NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR this listing is the 2nd edition, improved and re formatted RABBIT CHASING BETH RIDER from TreasureLine Books I am honored to bring it to you, so much closer to my vision than the original version For over 75 rave reviews of this book, please see the Outskirts version on for all the reviews Below my signature is the most recent rave review from an ecstatic reader.This book is categorized as Christian Fiction Horror Vampire.Enjoy Author, Ellen C MazeReview ByErika Nelson REAL NAME Verified PurchaseThis review is from Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider Kindle Edition I downloaded a sample of Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider after seeing it listed in a giveaways draw over on Goodreads No, let me explain I had seen it previously on a listopia list on GoodReads The cover image seemed to keep popping up into my head shortly after Then I saw it in the giveaways section and couldn t resist getting a little sample on the Kindle for myself to see what it was all about Before I knew it I had finished the sample and was already purchasing my downloadable copy, unable to even wait and see if I d win the draw.The story opens with a bang a glimpse of Rakum the name the vampire like creatures give themselves and the torture they are capable of dishing out to those in their way The focus quickly shifts to Beth Rider and we get another glimpse The focus shifts yet again this time to a Rakum member it is yet another glimpse but much intimate As the story unfolds we receive and pieces of the puzzle about who these people are, how they came into existence, and what Beth Rider s mission will become The story is full of action and these glimpses add yet another layer of immediacy to the tale They make the reader want to know and make it incredibly difficult to put down.This is a Christian tale which is very unique I have never seen a vampire tale that had such immense amounts of spirituality to it Ellen C Maze has not only told the story from the point of view of a Christian, she has also provided a realistic example of how vampires could exist on God s green earth She has most importantly, shown the reader why vampires should be revolting in our culture rather than revered There has been a huge market growth in the paranormal vampire genre in recent years It has been difficult for me to think of the majority of these as than just entertainment This storyline made me think twice about just how much books that are just entertainment affect our viewpoints of what is going on in the world.Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider is genuinely one of the best books I have read this year and I have read around a hundred or so this far If it had any faults it was in the sporadic spelling mistakes, and once in a while a clunky sentence or two Both of which, are nothing compared to the benefits I have gained by reading Ellen C Maze s story As I mentioned in the beginning of my review I had a difficult time getting this book out of my head before finally deciding to purchase it I have also had an extremely difficult time getting it out of my head since Every time I have read one of the other popular vampire books I wont mention names here I finish only to find myself reminiscing about my time with Beth Rider, the Rakum, and yearning for the place where vampires are revolting rather than scary or to be revered I am looking forward to reading all the books the rest of the Rabbit series along with The Judging books.

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    The real significance of the expression truth is stranger than fiction becomes apparent to novelist Beth Rider one seemingly normal evening at a book signing, when she is suddenly accosted by a stranger who later marks her as a target, a rabbit, to be hunted by a legendary ancient race What follows is one of the most original and inspiring vampire stories I ve ever read.Explaining all the reasons I love Ellen C Maze s Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider, without any spoilers, is almost impossible because, although the novel reads like any fast paced and exciting story of suspense, the underlying themes and symbolism are much complex.The unique premise of this novel alone of a fiction author who, unknowingly, writes the truth about and suggests the possibility of salvation for the creature known to most human beings as the vampire though not known as such to this race of beings themselves, we learn was enough to fascinate me and draw me into the story Many other factors, however, impressed me and made it a story that really touched me on a deeper level First, the character of Beth, who in the beginning of the story has no idea why she s been made a target, is a kind of archetype for all human beings, each of whom have an individual role to play in God s plan, even when they are unaware of that role or don t realize at all that their daily decisions and actions are part of that design Beth must learn, as all hopefully one day do, that what she had considered the gift of her talent, leading her to a particular career path, was, in fact, divine inspiration leading to a much vital role Further, the symbolism of a fiction writer whose creative work is the inspiration which can change the lives and spiritual destinies of so many is a great testament to the power of the written word and how what writers write can influence and transform another, for better or for worse The deeper symbolism, that this is exactly how God transforms man through His Word is significant still Over and over throughout the novel, I was struck by how much Rabbit reminded me of a parable While, on the surface, the author seems to be simply telling a fascinating story with a moral theme because these ideas are not presented in a systematically theological manner meant for scholars, but instead like one of those intriguing folklore tales listeners of any age can understand and enjoy delving into deeper layers of the story offers an even beautiful message of redemption, pointing toward fundamental truths about the love and mercy of God, the value of human life and the lengths God to which will go to bring each of His creatures back to Him.While indisputably a Christian fiction, I believe any reader who appreciates an original, well written and inspirational supernatural story will love and be touched by this unique vampire novel Highly recommended reading.

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    Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider is at heart a vampire fantasy novel Deeper than that, it s a vampire fantasy novel with spirit and soul I never thought I d see a vampire novel with Christian underpinings but Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider fits the bill I am totally amazed at how well vampires and God fit together in this book Beth Rider is an author who writes a series of novels whose main characters are very similar to species of beings called Rakum Somehow a leader in the Rakum race stumbles across these novels and assumes that Beth knows all about his race He decides she needs to be eliminated because she knows too much.One of the Rakum and a sexy one at that stumbles across Beth Rider and is instantly drawn to her because not only is she beautiful but she s been marked to be eliminated He fears his leader has made a mistake since he cannot fathom how Beth can be a threat to his race He pledges to help keep Beth safe and find out why she s been marked for elimination I don t want to give away too much of the story since I know you ll want to read this one for yourself I will say that he reads Beth s books to try to help her and is drawn to God through them and he s not the only one who feels this pull If you love vampire novels, I highly recommend you read Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider It s an awesome read that has vampires, romance, and religion all mixed into one fantastic book This book has a permanent spot on my bookshelf

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    Beth Rider, an ordinary Christian woman of extraordinary faith, writes vampire novels Successful ones So successful, in fact, that the Rakum, a race of wraiths vampires, are now reading them and turning toward God And a certain Rakum Elder can t allow that.Ellen Maze has created a new, wholly original kind of vampire story Her world is intricate and vivid, with a history that stretches back thousands of years I love how the Old Testament is woven into the plot It is populated by the ancient Rakum, Rabbits humans who have been marked, in a particularly frightening way, by Rakum , Cows a demeaning but accurate term for the humans labeled as such , Elders and brethren, masters and their pups.The book will hook you in the prologue A Rakum hunts a Rabbit named Schaffer and toys with him as a cat toys with a mouse before killing it At this point you don t know who Schaffer is or how he s been marked as a Rabbit, but you feel his terror and sense that when he says he s in hell, he s right You won t want to put the book down.And if you re wondering whether vampire novels and a Christian worldview are compatible, the answer, with this book at least, is a big yes.

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    This is one of my favorite books by far I am now reading the second in this series VERY well written, not hokey, very Spiritual and moving I absolutely love Beth and am inspired by her strength and importantly her FAITH I always knew a book of such topics as monsters vampires could be written with real love and honesty and with out someone having to have sex every other page I love this story, how refreshing Ellen you are one of my new FAVORITE authors you write very well, discriptive without being mundane Intense without being profane Awesome book.

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    I tried reading Chasing Beth Rider though I am not much of a horror fan particurlarly because my idea of horror comes from the era of Vincent Price and Jack Palance where horror movies featured goosebunmps and terror as opposed to icky blood and guts that came about in later years.But this is why Ellen Maze s novel intigued me as she has formed a style of horror unique to itself.Maze s novel is the story of Beth Rider, an author we meet on tour at a booksigning when she encounters a stalker who later attacks her in a bizarre ritual branding her a rabbit, which means she is to be attacked and tortured at will by members of his kind.Rider soon learns she is the target of an underworld of beings called rakum, creatures that appear human but shun sunlight and exploit humans They derive their health from cows, which in their lexicon, are humans that donate blood in exchange for friendship or affection.The terrified author is befreinded by turncoat rakum that explain to her why she is on such a strange hitlist.Her novel has characters that resemble rakum a bit too much for the secret society s top leaders Plus her novel has Bible verses which have caused Rider s supernatural frinds to defect and protect her The creatures discover that though her own words have no power, the Biblical words she quotes have power over the tyranny in the world they are leaving.It is on this theme I find Maze s novel amazing Pardon the pun to her name Unlike the Dracula stories, where vampires fear crosses, her novel moves us from a theme of salvation by religious relics to salvation from scripture.What is striking about Beth Rider, is her strong faith in God that I find borders on naivete When she is attacked again by these awful creatures, she holds on to her belief that God can use her to turn the tables on these ungodly beings and make their society collapse And Maze ends the story with a bit of surprise.Notwithstanding the dark sides of the novel, I would classify it as PG 13 , I see it as a novel of hope.

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    This is the story of Beth Rider who got marked, by the blood of an elder, as a rabbit which means every Rakum will be after her to do whatever they want with her for an eternity or as long as she will last Why is she marked Well her novels come with a message that changes the very soul of the Rakum who reads it And of course there is someone who just doesn t take this and marks her We meet a few characters, Rakum and human, and they all have their own take on the marking of Beth, the books she writes and faith Some are after her and others are protecting her.Beth is a strong lead female character, who knows what she wants and believes, she has her faith and peace and I found her a very likeable character This story is told from different characters, so you get to see Beth, the good guys and the bad guys Normally I m not much of a fan when it comes to telling a story from different perspectives, the story just seems to get lost at times then, but Ellen id a good job on this and she made sure you like most of the characters and dislike the ones, well you would dislike these kind of guys in real life too.The story is fast pasted When I started this I didn t stop reading and read it in one sitting Although a lot of stuff happens it isn t a heavy read and you don t get the information overload you seem to get in a lot of first novels This is a vampire novel but of a different kind A kind you don t find often and I absolutely loved it.I do want to say that this is a very Christian novel So if you are easily offended then you shouldn t read it But if you have an open mind I would absolutely recommend it I m not a Christian and well like I said I absolutely loved it.

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