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Tomorrow, When the War Began pdf Tomorrow, When the War Began, ebook Tomorrow, When the War Began, epub Tomorrow, When the War Began, doc Tomorrow, When the War Began, e-pub Tomorrow, When the War Began, Tomorrow, When the War Began e5ef2f6b016 When Ellie And Her Friends Return From A Camping Trip In The Australian Bush, They Find Things Hideously Wrong Their Families Are Gone Gradually They Begin To Comprehend That Their Country Has Been Invaded And Everyone In Their Town Has Been Taken Prisoner As The Reality Of The Situation Hits Them, They Must Make A Decision Run And Hide, Give Themselves Up And Be With Their Families, Or Fight Back

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    aussie teens are no joke if they ever decide to band up and take over new york, we should be very afraid these kids know how to mobilize and all that outback tends to athleticize a body our chubby doritos eating teens do not stand a chance but i would totally read that book.i truly love teen survival tales, and this one scratched my itch, and there are SIX MORE BOOKS i mean, hells yeah that is a lot of surviving american survival stories tend to only go trilogy oh, you hardy aussies, you can go for seven fortress should have prepared me that their country s children are made of flint and steel and endurance.did you know it gets to be 120 degrees in australia last week it was 80 here and i almost murdered the sun with my bare hands and no one was even trying to kill me if i had been expected to forage for food or build a shelter, i would have probably surrendered to the first person offering me an ice cube.but these kids they come back from their camping trip to find the entire town held captive and soldiers on the streets and houses bombed and low flying jets everywhere and they take care of business some will fall in love, some will get shot, some will blow shit upthey are practical and resourceful teens, farm kids mostly, so not too squeamish, and they justtake care of business.and they aren t even vampires there are some unfortunate things that happen to animals apart from that i am looking forward to finishing this series even the elusive number six this summer.come to my blog

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    Wow, what a marvellous book I ve heard so many good things about it I had to read it for myself I m so glad I did It starts with a group of teenagers from a small country town going on a camping trip All well and good, it s when they return a few days later that they find that life is not as it was.Look, I m not going to go into any major plot essays here Let s just say this book is about personal triumph over adversity, the courage of the human spirit, and teenagers being teenagers I highly recommend this book to everyone, and I can t wait to read the next in the series Kudos to you John Marsden.

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    It was unthinkable but it was very possible This was a kind of dystopian with plenty of actions and, surprisingly, ample supply of food Story their town was invaded overnight These kids were left free because they were camping in remote mountain area, appropriately or inappropriately up to you really , called Hell.That sounds promising enough although I kept wondering if it would have been a better book if the group picked someone else other than Ellie to write their story down That s so meta of me Haha A whole lotta exposition here Like I do understand how it was necessary, it was still not an interesting way to semi info dump on me though See I get that these kids had experiences and a lot survival skills than city kids They sure knew how to take care of themselves They were very self sufficient almost from the very beginning It was just that some plans they thought up were too unrealistic I think they were so minute, down to every last details and these were often last minute things they need to make up so sometimes they were too jarring Whenever Homer gave one of his monologues , I got to roll my eyes he s a teenage boy for christ s sake, not a politician People don t go aroung giving monologues you know, this ain t Aaron Sorkin s script alright Point so made.But I did love that they actually considered view spoiler surrendering That they would be better off in the Showground with the others than sneaking around at night and risking getting shot death hide spoiler

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    I find myself giving weird, abstract, and emotionally based reviews for books that have billions of reviews saying pretty similar things to each other So forgive me for this weird, abstract, and emotional review I do agree with the others this book is an incredible social commentary on war, and you ll be on the edge of your seat, etc blah blahAfter reading this book for the first time, I watched the recent movie adaptation In doing so I realized, with shocking clarity, what the story isn t about It s not about teens defying the enemy and fighting the good fight music swelling as they gather like a small glorious army in front of the camera, guns cocked and ready The movie, by trimming the story down to a short 90 min, really tried to push that image, I think I felt like they had gone down a list and ticked off the important events and lines from the book Tweaked a few things here and there, cut things occasionally, but in the end tried to remain faithful But the most powerful moments in this book aren t the explosions or the planning or the little romances It s someone crying out like a wounded bird after her house is demolished It s the helplessness that feeds on the characters If we do this, if we succeed, I ll be able to feel pride again It s the looks that are shared quickly and quietly It s these brief moments in between the action, the reactions that come from these broken people that feel so startlingly real I have to catch my breath I ll admit, the first book of the series seems to be the most action movie esque of the series The full weight of the events has yet to truly devastate and eat away at the characters You could still describe them as whole shocked, yes, and battered, but whole These teens aren t dumbed down, thankfully, but none of them are typical flawless action heroes either, despite their cleverness and defiance They feel real and complicated and brave and scared and falling apart all at the same time John Marsden writes Ellie so convincingly, I never once doubted her voice, never doubted that Ellie once existed somewhere, still exists, will exist Her faults are painted red and raw and it s sad that some readers dislike her because of that.I seriously think Mockingjay helped prepared me for this series It s such a heartbreaking relief to discover YA that doesn t tie things up nicely or have people act and feel in artificial ways Because actions and feelings are messy, and John Marsden knows that He wants you to know it, too, even if you don t like it.If you re looking for an action packed story about heroes with good guys and bad guys and an ending you can see coming from a mile away, don t bother with the Tomorrow series But if you want a story about human beings in full display of their brokenness, please read this series It ll rip your heart out and shake you up And we need that once and awhile, don t we chokengi

    titikchokengs I put this book on my favorites shelf as a symbolic gesture to represent the whole series I feel like all of the books are too short anyway, so I think of them as one giant story.

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    Finished it a few days ago Definitely one of my favorite stories of 2011 This is the first of a seven book YA series by John Marsden, and I m going to let this one review cover them all Spoilers for Book 4 of the series areincluded.I discovered this series via The Book Smugglers post on hype Then it was like, where has this been all my life I see the first book is supposed to be a major motion picture Says so right on the cover I have my doubts Can the movie version possibly begin to approach the quality of the book I don t think I ve ever liked the movie version of a story half as well as the real book except for The Hunt for Red October But that was at least half due to Sean Connery, of course What an actor What a voice And, of course, it s voice that makes the Tomorrow series, too well, and good plotting and excellent writing, too But the whole seven book series is told in Ellie s tight focused, not quite objective point of view Ellie grows and changes so much through the course of the story, not always in positive ways, but always in believable ways.Believability is the key to the Tomorrow series What a job Marsden takes on, getting us to believe that Australia really has been invaded and these kids really are acting on their own, pushing back against the conquest of their home and country.Here s why it works First, Marsden never explains who the putative invaders are, which is important because there just aren t any real world candidates for a country that both would and could conquer Australia He s such a good writer you barely notice the care he s taking to avoid naming the bad guys.Second, the tight pacing keeps us hurtling forward, so we don t have time to worry over implausibility but there s not much implausibility to worry over, either All the action really is believable, and you know what I was particularly impressed by In one of the books here come the spoilers , nothing the kids try to do actually works They try to help a group of New Zealanders take out this super important airfield, but the Kiwis fail and disappear and the kids have no idea what went wrong They never find out, either Then the kids try to hit the airfield themselves, two different ways, and both methods fail,and the kids barely get away, and the book ends with nothing accomplished And I thought that was great You know if you re really taking action against an occupying force, you re going to have weeks like that.Though when they actually do get the airfield later, I mean, whoa Quite a job I loved it Third, the tight focus on a small group of kids is also very important we don t get an omniscient view of Australia We see only what Ellie sees, know only what she knows Everything s colored by her reactions That enhances believability AND heightens the tension ARE her parents still alive She doesn t know and neither do we Marsden does such a great job keeping the kids on their own it s not like there aren t any adults around, but the kids really CAN T let the adults take over making the decisions because well, read the books It really works out that way and it s all totally believable.Fourth, the characters carry the story way than clever plotting could ever do on its own Ellie and Homer, Fi and Lee, Robyn and Kevin, Corrie and Chris they are really, really believable kids Far from perfect, but so very real I particularly love Homer what a guy Nearly a juvenile delinquent when he s bored in normal times, but in a good natured sort of way Then suddenly he s got an enemy invasion to face and man, he can really pull it together The tension between Homer and Ellie is perfect neither one can stand to let the other be the unquestioned leader I loved Homer s Stand back and let a MAN through attitude, and the way Ellie would roll her eyes and let him through because he had a crowbar and could get the door open but then take over again ten minutes later.And the relationship between Ellie and Homer is perfect, too not romantic, and yet Ellie can hardly stand to watch a romance develop between Homer and Fi because she nevertheless feels so territorial about Homer, except she knows she s being mean and jealous and tries so hard to get herself out of the way between them.That s what I mean by not perfect but very real I mean, I have a new model for Perfect Teen Characters now I mean, I feel I ought to take notes I kind of like the occasional perfect character think Ender in Ender s Game, for example but Marsden s aware he s putting his characters through a ringer and he doesn t back off from what that does to them Like, the small and large nervous breakdowns suffered by various characters well, I should think so, given what they re all going through And the hardening we see in Ellie and Lee as they both do pretty grim things and are hurt by that, in different ways.In fact, about the only quibble I have is the on again off again relationship between Ellie and Lee I think it should have been on and then stayed on and deepened I mean, twice we get moments when Ellie is looking at Lee and she thinks He will never let me down When the going gets rough, he will always come through And yet then then she ll back off from their relationship Well, at first that made sense, what with one thing and another, but by the end I couldn t see it Steadfast loyalty and competence and the nerve to go right to the wire when things go bad And she s at least mostly in love with him, at least some of the time Well, why is that not all the way in love with him all the time, by the end Oh, well I think actually there is one thing besides great characters and clever plotting and great writing that makes these books sink into your mind and heart to stay That s the touches of philosophy we see, mainly but not exclusively in the epilogues Like this, in the first book Loyalty, courage, goodness I wonder if they re human inventions too, or if they just are We ve got to stick together, that s all I know We all drive each other crazy at times, but I don t want to end up here alone, like the Hermit Then this really would be Hell Humans do such terrible things to each other that sometimes my brain tells me they must be evil But my heart still isn t convinced And from the second Sometimes you just have to be brave You have to be strong Sometimes you just can t give in to weak thoughts You have to beat down those devils that get inside your head and try to make you panic You struggle along, putting one foot a little bit in front of the other, hoping that when you go backwards it won t be too far backwards, so that when you start forwards again you won t have too much to catch up That s what I ve learned And, from the last book in the series The old stories used to end with They all lived happily ever after And you d often hear parents saying I just want my kids to be happy That s crap, if you ask me Life s about a hell of a lot than being happy It s about feeling the full range of stuff happiness, sadness, anger, grief, love, hate If you try to shut one of those off, you shut them all off I don t want to be happy I know I won t live happily ever after I want than that, something richer I want to go right up close to the beauty and the ugliness I want to see it all, know it all, understand it all The richness and the poverty, the joy and the cruelty, the sweetness and the sadness That s the best way I can honour my friends who died That s Ellie And it s so in character these are exactly the sorts of big ideas that teenagers struggle with, and there is so much in the story to prompt a touch of philosophy I think it adds such depth to the Tomorrow series I wonder if it s possible the major motion picture captured that The story would be incomparably lessened if it was turned into nothing but an adventure flick, where things blow up with with huge fireballs but where nothing that happens really touches the characters and, in the end, all the sound and fury signifies nothing.So I may or may not bother to find the movie but the books are definitely keepers.

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    It s like I m reading a Movie into novel I didn t no while reading it s picturise as a movie or not But that s a movie stuff for sure After reading I have searched and found that it has been picturised and that s great This thing has been written for a film After reading the very 1st chapter I m sure of it Not so extraordinary but an enjoyable read In this life of froth and bubble,Two things stand like stone,Kindness in another s trouble,Courage in your own

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    Ellie and her friends Corrie, Robyn, Lee, Kevin, Homer and Fi live in and around a small rural town in an undisclosed part of Australia They decide to go camping, to go feral and spend a weekend over the Christmas holidays up the bush instead of at the showgrounds with the townsfolk Some of them, like Ellie and Corrie, are close, but not all, so over the weekend they get to know each other a lot better Ellie and Homer are both from farms and Ellie s family s property is the closest to the trail on coming home hers is the first place they reach, only to find that the dogs are dead Not only that, but her parents aren t home, the place is eerily quiet and the power s off There s nothing but static on the radio.Homer s farm is the same With the regular rural life so frighteningly disrupted, they re quick to realise something is very wrong and they could be in danger They learn that everyone in the town and from the farms have been locked up at the showgrounds, or rounded up and sent there The big houses in town have been taken over by the invading enemy an enemy that is faceless and nameless throughout this series, thus adding to the tension and avoiding fear mongering at the same time Ellie and their friends hide wherever they can, eating whatever s left over in people s kitchens that s safe to eat, and trying to locate their families They find another friend, Chris, in hiding and he joins them, filling them in on what happened.This is the first book in the Tomorrow series and follows Ellie, who narrates, and the others as they try to survive, stay one step ahead of the enemy, and inflict what damage they can Together they pool their resources their knowledge, and create deadly bombs out of lawnmowers, sabotage the enemies ships by putting sugar in the fuel and other such things Deaths occur, and the death of one of Ellie s friends at the end of a later book is a scene I ve never been able to forget The first enemy soldier Ellie kills face to face nearly undoes her It s not surprising that when, after seven books, the war finally ends and they all try to pick up their lives again, nothing is the same, they aren t the same, and a spin off trilogy called the Ellie Chronicles adds a whole new level of tragedy to her life.I didn t read this series until year 11 but it s popular with all ages It s exciting, it s empowering, and it brings to light the knowledge and resources teenagers possess that they re not even aware of, that are put into a whole new perspective in the face of an invasion for example It shows that you know and you re capable of than you thought you did There s a real theme in YA lit of teenagers surviving on their own, using their own resources and growing up too fast in the face of threat, violence and adversity I love these kinds of books It shows the strength of friendships, honesty, perseverance and fortitude, and while the premise may be fictional, the reality of what some children and teens must live through in some parts of the world, and the qualities they have that go unrecognised, unappreciated and unrewarded, make this book and the entire Tomorrow series relevant and familiar.

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    3.5 stars but I am marking it 4 because, well I do love this book This is such a fun start to a series I feel weird writing fun when the story deals with a foreign invasion of one s country and home grown gorilla groups responding to the invasion But it is fun Tomorrow is told from the point of view of a high school girl Ellie, she is one of 8 kids hiding out in the wild and unpopulated area outside of their hometown The theme is somewhat similar to Red Dawn if Red Dawn had been done better, told from the point of view of a girl and set in beautiful Australia Now Red Dawn fans, please do not be offended for a movie it was done decently But the character and scenario development is so much better fleshed out in Tomorrow, When the War Began While the book deals with survivalist topics, it also centers around the relationships of 8 teenagers so it has some sweet and fun light moments.Fans of the apocalpyse or survivalist genre, young adult books and Australian authors will enjoy this book.

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    As I said in my first status update for this book, I ve seen the original movie many years ago and kinda liked the concept despite it not making much sense I mean, think about it who would be stupid enough to want to invade AUSTRALIA Who wants to govern salt water crocs, boxing kangaroos, every kind of venomous spider and snake imaginale, koalas that scratch our eyes out or any of the other deadly animals on that continent It s true, there are a lot of resources in the ground I should know, most mining companies are my company s clients , but is it worth the trouble Not to mention that it s vast and you d need a way to not only invade but also keep what you ve taken.Since some of you might be scratching their heads, let me recap what the book is about We start off with a camping trip of a few teenage friends They wanna go bush camping in the wild and when they return, their families are gone, some pets have been killed and left, and the radio talks about an invasion It s not really clear who invaded or why, but apparently they were well enough prepared to kick the ass of most of Australia s military or maybe the military isn t any better at keeping their own territory as it is so vast.The kids decide to loot what they can, including weapons and ammunition, have a few dangerous run ins with invading soldiers, and start a guerilla war They don t appear to be the only ones, but the reader can never really be sure about that.The book is written as if one of the girls, Ellie, had written down a memoir of what s happened in case anything happens to the group Thus, the reader only knows as much as these kids do, which is not too bad a way to not having to think up certain explanations I like survival stories and I kinda like stories about people fighting back during an invasion so the combination of those two with Australia as the setting was what drew me in.Moreover, the story isn t too YA, which was a relief Yes, there is some hormonal stuff, but it was relatively light In fact, I was surprised to discover that the Bible played as big a part as who went with whom.There are a few elements I don t know why they were added like the hermit s story other than for tragic effect but it was a quick read overall and I was reasonably entertained No idea if I ll continue since I didn t even know there were other volumes until two days ago and was shocked to discover the series consisted of a whopping 7 books.All in all, nothing exceptional but the idea is what carries this on, I think much like those creature b movies.

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    Like many, many others I was captivated by Suzanne Collins s THE HUNGER GAMES It hooked me with its pulse pounding action, nightmarish vision of the future, and most of all its strong, capable female lead and wouldn t let me go I finished it in one sitting Unlike many others I was less impressed with the sequels Thankfully the books I wanted to read exist After a very average first instalment John Marsden s TOMORROW SERIES is the series that THE HUNGER GAMES promised to be.The school holidays are nearly over Sixteen year old Ellie and her friends decided to have one final adventure before the new term begins After a week camping in a secluded valley they return home to find their animals dead and their families missing While they were away their country, Australia, has been invaded Almost everyone they know has been taken prisoner Some have been killed Ellie and her friends decide to fight back.The first book in the series, TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN, does a serviceable but not spectacular job at introducing the characters and setting up the premise There s not a lot of action or suspense The characters spend a lot time working out how to set up their base camp and generally planning things Several of the kids fall in love and this leads to a couple of groan worthy moments.The second book in the series THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT is a much stronger entry A short section involving a character that can only be described as Dolores Umbridge s male counterpart doesn t work but everything else is excellent Like TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN there is less action than you might expect but what there it is several magnitudes violent It s a darker, dramatic and compelling book By book three, THE THIRD DAY, THE FROST, John Marsden has mastered the art of pacing The action scenes are longer and intense The series hits its stride.Unlike Suzanne Collins, Marsden never forgets that the thoughts and reactions of the characters caught up in the action can be exciting than any explosion This is why the scenes of Katniss hiding in trees and dealing with thirst, starvation and exhaustion in THE HUNGER GAMES are thrilling than the outlandish weapons, booby traps and genetically engineered monstrosities offered up in CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY And like the Suzanne Collins who wrote THE HUNGER GAMES Marsden knows how to construct an emotional roller coaster Terror becomes elation which turns to revulsion Hot anger becomes cold acceptance which gives way to panic Every feeling is vividly conveyed in the lively and introspective voice of the series narrator Ellie.And what a character Ellie is Fiercely independent, resourceful, stubborn and proud, unsure of herself, her place in the world and her future A young woman who lives life on her own terms and who will take a stand against anyone who tries to stop her Unlike Collins s Girl on Fire Marsden s Ellie only burns brighter as her series progresses.Ellie s indecision over which boy to choose soon ceases Her group of friends witness enemy atrocities first hand They start losing members Those that remain start taking lives close up with knives to the heart and shotgun blasts to the head The reality of their situation hits home The relationship that Ellie does end up having is a believably on an off affair The Katniss Everdeen who survives 74th the Hunger Games can t think of anything better to do than angst over which love interest to pick while her friends and allies plan revolution.First person narratives usually work when they re about their narrators, not the events that surround them John Marsden remembers this, Suzanne Collins does not THE HUNGER GAMES the book, not the series is primarily about Katniss At its core it s a fish out of water story In CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY Katniss becomes part of a much larger tale, the story of a revolution, and her narration of it leaves a lot to be desired Despite spending most of her time interacting with key players in the revolution Katniss is never able paint a clear picture of what is transpiring Characters regularly withhold information from her Significant sections of the plot are carried out by other characters off page Katniss develops into a character that is often too depressed or self absorbed to notice and or engage with what is going on around her.The TOMORROW SERIES is Ellie s story from start to finish The books are a coming of age narrative where adolescence is rendered as a literal battlefield The invasion exists to create rites of passage for Ellie to undergo Her narration describes her changing outlook on life, the universe and everything This is the main reason why the series resonated so much with me For all its apparent scale, for all its gunfights, car chases, explosions and epic treks across war torn landscapes, the TOMORROW SERIES is an intimate story about growing up.I was captivated by John Marsden s TOMORROW SERIES It hooked me with its pulse pounding action, fantastically realised settings I could go on about how rich and atmospheric Marsden s descriptions of country towns and the Australian landscape are but this review is long enough already and most of all the compelling inner life of its strong, capable female lead and wouldn t let me go The series takes a bit of time to find its feet but give it a chance Action Adventure stories YA or otherwise don t come much better.

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