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Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane txt Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane, text ebook Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane, adobe reader Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane, chapter 2 Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane, Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane 1c90a5 Midnight Sun Is The Companion Volume To Gods In Darkness, And Collects All Of The Kane Short Stories And Poetry The Complete Stories Of Kane Table Of Contents Death Angel S Shadow Poem Undertow Two Suns Setting The Dark Muse Sing A Last Song Of Valdese Misericorde Lynortis Reprise Raven S Eyrie In The Lair Of Yslsl Reflections For The Winter Of My Soul Cold Light Mirage The Other One The Gothic Touch Midnight Sun Poem Lacunae Deep In The Depths Of The Acme Warehouse At First Just Ghostly The Treasure Of Lynortis Early Version Of Lynotris Reprise In The Wake Of The Night Lost Novel Fragment The Once And Future Kane Non Fiction Essay Contents Death Angel S Shadow Pm Midnight Sun Undertow Nv Whispers AugTwo Suns Setting Nv Fantastic MayThe Dark Muse Nv Midnight Sun Sing A Last Song Of Valdese Ss Chacal WinMisericorde Nv Sorcerer S Apprentice Lynortis Reprise Nv Midnight Sun Raven S Eyrie Na Chacal SprIn The Lair Of Yslsl Ss Midnight Sun Reflections For The Winter Of My Soul Na Death Angel S Shadow, Warner Books,Cold Light Na Death Angel S Shadow, Warner Books,Mirage Nv Death Angel S Shadow, Warner Books,The Other One Ss Escape FllThe Gothic Touch Ss Elric Tales Of The White Wolf, Ed Edward E Cramer, White Wolf,Midnight Sun Pm Midnight Sun Lacunae Ss Cutting Edge, Ed Dennis Etchison, Garden City, NY Doubleday,Deep In The Depths Of The Acme Warehouse Ss The King Is Dead, Ed Paul M Sammon, Delta,At First Just Ghostly Na Weird Tales FllThe Treasure Of Lynortis Na Kadath FllIn The Wake Of The Night Ex A Fantasy Reader, Ed Jeff Frane Jack Rems,The Once And Future Kane Ar REH Lone Star Fictioneer

About the Author: Karl Edward Wagner

Karl Edward Wagner 12 December 1945 13 October 1994 was an American writer, editor and publisher of horror, science fiction, and heroic fantasy, who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and originally trained as a psychiatrist His disillusionment with the medical profession can be seen in the stories The Fourth Seal and Into Whose Hands He described his world view as nihilistic, anarchistic

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    Karl Edward Wagner was many things originally trained as a psychiatrist a profession he ended up rejecting , a longtime editor of the influential Year s Best Horror and Fantasy series, a poet, a writer of dark horror, an alcoholic it eventually killed him , and perhaps most famously the author of a series of odd stories and novels featuring the immortal Kane this iconic character is widely considered to be the most successful of all the Conan esque creations to follow in Conan s footsteps.I m reminded of the brilliant and troubled filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder whenever I see a photo of Wagner Wagner writes his Kane stories using a dark but vibrant palette of throbbing colors his pastiche of the classic Robert Howard style manages to stay true to the form while injecting his own brand of despair, various hallucinatory elements, and a deeply cynical outlook on life these tales of adventure often read as gripping horror stories plus swords sorcery, natch that are informed by a very modern nihilism and a free floating feeling of ambiguous menace.Kane himself is none other than that infamous brother slayer, Cain, cursed to immortality for his crimes by as Wagner sees fit to describe a long dead god it is interesting to see an author use a biblical character while completely rejecting the religion that created that character it is even interesting to see how that immortality plays out, story by story events and places and people that Kane encounters in one story become historical tales told by people in other stories no doubt with Kane silently smirking at the mistelling of those stories ah, immortality what a cross to bear Wagner cheats a little bit in these tales at different points in his career, Kane is a Machiavellian courtier, a bloodthirsty warlord, a murderous sorcerer his history is that of an immortal, capital V Villain, one who causes kingdoms to fall and cities to be sacked and towns to be plundered, happily manipulating events for his own obscure goals, an infernal architect of countless plans that result in the deaths of countless people he s not tragic or noble he s a monster the cheat comes in that we never actually see that particular Kane, those different villainous aspects at least not in the stories collected in this compendium instead the reader meets Kane between his notorious misdeeds and misadventures we don t see the cruelty or the devious machinations we see those presumably rare moments when Kane is on the run or is revisiting the scenes of his crimes or is just having a little side adventure that actually isn t hurting anyone we see Kane when he is kind when he protects the weak and rescues the innocent an odd but usually very effective strategy I came away from this book feeling pretty sympathetic to the character.4 5 stars for the first seven stories they amazed me thrilling, often sinister tales that portray a compelling antihero and atmospheres full of sorrow regret, or hot blooded but misguided vengeance, or the threat of sexual violence, or intangible dangers, or all of that combined Undertow cleverly uses parallel narratives to illustrate why Kane s girlfriend is someone we all should just avoid pursuing the bittersweet Two Setting Suns details Kane s journey with a giant as his companion attempts to reinvigorate his dying race The Dark Muse is very Clark Ashton Smith with its drug taking poet and interdimensional threat and scary journey through the ruins of a dead city the remaining stories of this first seven Raven s Eyrie Misericorde Sing a Last Song of Valdese Lynortise Reprise are all equally compelling.2 3 stars for the stories that follow I don t know what happened here Reflections for the Winter of My Soul that title and Cold Light have so much promise and do such an excellent job at creating an intriguing premise full of eerie atmosphere but they are done in by the terrible anachronisms of the dialogue it gets genuinely laughable at times and the extreme overuse of exclamation points Mirage and The Other One are not bad, but are also rather flimsy and unmemorable the less said the better of the Kane meets Elric adventure The Gothic Touch 1 star for the three modern day stories of horror featuring Kane in his new guise a drug dealing man of extraordinary wealth engaged in a battle against the forces of evil or just engaged in drug dealing the modern elements are eye rollingly awkward, with the exploitative use of alternate sexuality feeling particularly forced the protagonists are pathetic and irritating also an Elvis dildo, really ugh the experience of reading Lacunae Deep in the Depths of the Acme Warehouse At First Just Ghostly was repellent, to say the least.I hate to end my review of such an interesting and idiosyncratic author on a sour note, so I ll repeat myself those first seven stories were FANTASTIC so good that they have helped me pretend that those other stories don t even exist I am really looking forward to reading the three Kane novels, all thankfully set in archaic times.also, I wrote this review while listening to Love Rockets Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven and it was a strangely perfect musical accompaniment Karl Edward Wagner s stories of Kane are definitely a smart and stylish goth teenager s version of sword sorcery.

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    Short stories featuring a sorcerous barbarian who happens to have his origins near the beginning of the Bible What s not to like The only drawback of my consumtion of the Kane novels and short stories is now there aren t any It s a shame Karl Edward Wagner died young I d trade all the Tolkien ripoff fantasy on the racks for a few Kane stories.

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    This volume is packed with excellent sword sorcery yarns in the tradition of Robert E Howard and Michael Moorcock The Kane short stories are even better than the novels collected in another Night Shade Books companion volume.I appreciated the inclusion of the modern day horror Kane stories They re quite different from the barbarian fantasy tales, and the transition from those to the Clive Barker style stories was a bit abrupt, but Kane s presence just somehow works Karl Edward Wagner s essay regarding the creation of Kane was also very enlightening It s absolutely tragic that he didn t live to write dozens stories.

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    The companion to Gods in Darkness, or perhaps is it the other way around I actually find these short stories even compelling than the novels By all means, read both, but if you cannot, read this As others have noted, it s shame we didn t have Wagner with us longer, the same as Robert E Howard Maybe these two burned too brightly Of them both, I would say the Kane tales have far philosophical meat to them not that that makes them any less rip roaring when Wagner wants them to be.

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    Meet Kane Don t look him in the eyes.Kane is immortal , cursed to wander the world until he is destroyed by the violence he himself has created A warrior and sorcerer, equally comfortable in the shadow filled the halls of courtly intrigue as on the bloody battlefield where those intrigues inevitably play themselves out For the first time gather all the stories about his dark adventure into one volume Law is the jailer of man s natural wish Order, Cold letters of all that is free.Your civilasation has betrayed you at last And so from man s servant you has became instead Mastser.My ancient enemy Midnight SunPoor forgotten Karl Edward Wagner was probably the first fantasy author who really explored immortality and how it could effect a person This former psychologist used Kane s adventures to ask questions about morality and darkness and evil actually exist Kane has no morals because he lives in an amoral world that rewards the killer All the friends he has, all he loves, everything disappears with time What is there to hold on to Kane also investigating the death during their travels As immortal as he ponders much on it and explore whether there may be an afterlife Man does not live as long as he is by being stupid He struggles ahead and looks for power but gets tired sometimes of the game he plays with his mad god The friends he provides can be interesting and complex but usually stands Kane left alone on a pile of corpses.While Kane novels are dark and epic as the stories are short nightmares There is always a certain gothic elements and Wagner manages to give the stories a fluent rhythm with his austere prose The action scenes and horror scenes flow easily together with philosophy and metaphysics.Most stories are not very long but some bordered in the short novel territory All the stories are brutal, bloody, sexual, so they have hardly lost its grim darkness over the years Brilliant intro by Stephen Jones that we have much to thank for keeping so many fantasy stories alive for the present.There is also a short story where Kane meets Elric of Melnibone in The Gothic Touch And in the last short stories formed almost a chronological narrative when Kane comes to our world I envy you that face Kane for the first time , I must continue to spread these books to everyone I know.

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    Midnight Sun is a collection of ALL the short stories of Kane by Karl Edward Wagner Kane, the double of the Biblical Cain Under Wagner s recreation, Kane is an immortal villain who, after rebelled against his creator and the murdering of his brother Was cursed to live forever and wander the earth, until the day when the violence he first introduced into the world destroys him.Kane, is definitely one of the most memorable characters in heroic fantasy Under Wagner s pen, the character of Kane came alive, and the readers are invited to come along to witness the spectacles of dark, violent and grim adventures of Kane The stories in this book appear in the historical order of Kane s timeline Most of the stories are marvelous, and if you enjoy sword and sorcery, dark fantasy, with a bit of horror elements, then look no further, Kane should be on your reading list.

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    This is a solid collection of earlier books about Kane, all short stories, but it also has 3 interesting short stories not in earlier books, with Kane set in modern times Earth Which works, and is interesting I hope I can find .

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    I m not sure if this was the exact book I read, but I remember ages ago a friend lending me a tattered book of Kane stories by Wagner They were fun to read Very visceral and satisfying in a Let s kick some ass kind of way.I d like to get a copy of this

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    it took a couple of years before I could get my hands on a affordable copy, 150 , and worth every penny I have most of the stories in paperback, but a few have been only published in magazine format and are long lost my Wagner collection is complete.

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    These stories fascinated me as a kid and they re just as fascinating now.

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