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[Read] ➱ Whiplash By Catherine Coulter – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Whiplash, meaning Whiplash, genre Whiplash, book cover Whiplash, flies Whiplash, Whiplash 21e75bcd9dc13 Yale Professor Dr Edward Kender S Father Is Undergoing Chemotherapy When The Supply Of A Critical Accompanying Drug Suddenly Runs Out Unwilling To Accept The Drug Company S Disingenuous Excuse Of Production Line Problems, Dr Kender Hires Private Investigator Erin Pulask To Prove There Is Something Sinister Going On At Schiffer Engel S Manufacturing Facility In IndianaPulaski Uncovers A Bombshell Schiffer Engel S Intentional Shortage Is Bringing In A Windfall Profit In Excess Of Two Billion DollarsWhen A Top Schiffer Engel Employee Shows Up Viciously Murdered Behind The US Headquarters, Sherlock And Savich Are Called In To Lend A Hand The Murder Of A Foreign National On Federal Land Can Only Mean The German Drug Company Has A Secret Of Epic Proportions

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    In this Catherine Coulter thriller, a drug company that manufactures a cancer drug stops production, and has data stolen in a middle of the night break in by a do gooder trying to see if their drug stoppage is intentional But when someone from the company is murdered the next day, she s worried she ll get implicated in the murder, not just the theft, especially when the FBI starts poking around An interesting scenario In the other sequence, a senator is sure he s being haunted by ghosts, and after people close to him start dying, is he imagining things, or is there really a threat This one has lots of twists and turns you never see coming until the end Please excuse typos name misspellings Entered on screen reader.

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    Like any avid reader, I m always on the lookout for a new favorite author or series To that end, I occasionally pick up a chick lit thriller in the hopes of being pleasantly surprised But the truth is that I m usually disappointed by poor character development, plot holes, and deus ex machina Unfortunately, this book followed that trend of disappointment for me.I should ve known early Let me set the stage for the many absurdities in this book The female private investigator breaks into a building where a murder occurs later that night The FBI knows a woman broke into the building, making our investigator the Number One Suspect All she has to do is keep her identity a secret until she can find the real killer But that becomes difficult because she works on the side as a ballet instructor and one of her students is the daughter of the FBI agent on the case To make matters worse, the widower FBI agent wants the detective ballerina to watch his daughter for a few days because he ll be working hard on the case and even though he s never met the ballet instructor, his daughter speaks very fondly of her, so it must be a good idea to pawn the little girl off on a stranger.Seriously The author couldn t come up with a plausible plot device to get the FBI in bed figuratively and literally, of course with the detective What has he done with the daughter on every other case he s ever worked He doesn t have any options other than someone he s never met And why has he never met her if she s his daughter s teacher Who drops the girl off at class Any fiction requires some suspension of disbelief from the reader, some genres than others But this book takes that to a new level Chapter after chapter is filled with characters, events, and decisions that exist only because the author seemed too lazy to create some plausibility in the world she had created but needed a reason, no matter how ridiculous to propel the plot.I will continue to search for my new favorite author.

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    I really enjoyed this one as I do most books by Catherine Coulter.Even though this dealt with fairly heavy subject matter, and there were a couple of bloody spots, I would call this a light read The romance was next to non existent, the suspense wasn t all that suspenseful of a shocked surprise feeling but I enjoyed it all the same Love revisiting Savich and Sherlock I just wish that CC would go back to the way she wrote the beginnings of this series The first in this series had much romantic content But to contradict my own self, I didn t miss the romance side of it until I finished the book Solid 4 stars for me but I don t really know why LOL, just that I enjoyed it and it kept me reading

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    I eagerly await Savich Shewlock novels from Catherine Coulter, but Whiplash was a disappointment I have felt that the last few offerings in the series this is 14 have been going downhill and getting a little unbelievable Sean now has supernatural capabilities This book started off with a break in at a U.S office of a global pharmaceutical company While the culprit is listening to the morning news, she learns that a mutilated body was found in the woods the same night the woods that were her escapre Quite predictably, the investigating FBI agent the woods were federal property is her soon to be lover Randomly, Coulter takes us to Washington enter Savich and Sherlock The book tries to keep the two story lines afloat, but fails at both Both plots are so transparent I again find myself shaking my head at these successful authors They have betrayed the mighty pen and thier craft to mass produce drivel I am very disappointed because Savich and Sherlock used to deliver good dialog, action, humor, and suspense Now, we they are just the best, brightest, most talented they can do anything and be a successful couple And they always invetigate something that unveils a love as stronga and wonderful as theirs Please, Ms Coulter, don t give us of the same in your next offering.

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    This one is a weak 2.5 stars rounded down because it started out poorly and didn t really get any better, but it did have action at the end and that made it easier to finish The plot was unbelievable in the beginning and the mystery unsatisfying at the end because the characters had too many leaps in logic that weren t supported by anything the reader was shown They either just magically knew the answer based on nothing but their gut feeling or they had actually secretly found out some information that the reader didn t know about which is cheating So all the big whodunit revelations felt totally unjustified And the relationships between the boring characters were unbelievable too, with people who had only just met each other suddenly behaving as if they had some kind of deep abiding friendship and would go to the ends of the earth for each other It was weird view spoiler Okay so the book opens with a PI named Erin committing a felony by breaking into a pharmaceutical company CEO s office The pharma company makes a particular drug that is needed for cancer treatment, but suddenly that drug has become very scarce, forcing patients to switch to a much expensive alternative made by a rival company Erin s been hired by the son of a cancer patient who thinks this sudden shortage is just a bit too coincidental She s already exhausted all of the legal means of investigation and has finally decided that B E is her only option Once in the CEO s office, she spends about 2 minutes looking and miraculously stumbles across the exact smoking gun she needs Meticulously spelled out notes on how the CEO is going to sabotage his own company s productions and how much money it ll translate to for the rival company Even right down to the spin he s going to use in the media to try to claim that it was all just bad luck and or poor planning that led to the shortage How convenient.So Erin prints out this incriminating document and gets ready to head out but darn her bad luck, the CEO suddenly decides to use his office for a romantic tryst with one of his employees, on a Sunday night Erin has to shimmy out the small second floor window and run through the woods in order to make her escape as the police are called Next morning Erin is in her apartment looking over her stolen papers when she hears a news report saying that a dead body was found in those same woods and that the victim is an employee of the pharma company so they suspect it has something to do with the break in Now Erin is in a pickle because she her client can t just release the incriminating papers to the media as they d planned If they do, it ll be traced back to them and then she ll be the prime suspect in a murder Next thing you know, there s a knock on Erin s door and it s none other than the FBI agent in charge of the murder investigation that she just saw on TV, Bowie.But it turns out Bowie isn t there on business but for the absolutely ludicrous purpose of asking Erin, a woman he has supposedly never met before, to watch his 7 year old daughter, Georgie Sure, I totally believe this Erin is at first terrified to see Bowie because she s got the evidence of her B E spread out all over her kitchen table But then she decides that it might be handy to keep Bowie close and try to pump him for information about the case, so she agrees to watch the kid Things get worse from there as Bowie doesn t even bat an eye at Erin s very obvious and pointed questions about his investigation and he proceeds to blab everything he knows This is a guy we re supposed to believe is exceptionally smart and a stellar agent He s achieved the position of special agent in charge by only the age of 30 And yet he s a complete idiot.Next we re introduced to Sherlock and Savich, a married couple of FBI agents who are still allowed to act as each other s partners, for some reason This is the first book I ve read from this series but I gather that Sherlock and Savich are the main characters Savich is supposedly some kind of computer whiz who has named his laptop and uses it to glean clues from cyberspace He s also, apparently, able to commune with the dead, which was weird in this otherwise totally non paranormal story S S have been called in by a Senator who has been seeing a ghostly apparition outside his window for weeks S S camp out in the backyard and, sure enough, they see the apparition Savich then gets a feeling and knows it s a supernatural occurrence The next day, he s sitting at his desk and decides to try to make contact with the ghost, who he s sure is the Senator s 3 years dead wife This is a process that requires some concentration so you d think he d put a do not disturb sign on the door or something but he doesn t So he s no sooner made contact with her and gotten her to utter some plot conveniently vague words about how she has to warn him because he s in such danger and has no idea, when someone barges into Savich s office and breaks the connection So Savich is convinced that the Senator is in grave danger but then he s told to go down to the scene of the pharma murder, so he just shrugs and he and Sherlock leave without doing anything to protect the Senator, which I found very odd indeed.Bowie is kind of disgruntled about having 2 agents called in when of course he can totally handle things on his own, but after like 30 seconds of hokey conversation he decides S S are A OK and they re suddenly best friends They talk to the CEO and his lover and while Sherlock gets the woman to admit to the affair, not much else is learned The CEO flatly denies that anything was stolen during the break in and has conveniently disposed of his hard drive so no one from the FBI can search it Savich finds out through 5 seconds of playing on his laptop that the dead guy was the pharma company s Mr Fixit who did whatever needed doing in order to keep the company running smoothly, whether that meant greasing a few palms or breaking a few arms Savich also, again after a few seconds of internet searching, zeros in on the exact drug shortage that Erin was there investigating and pegs it as being relevant to the case, which is just like, WTF S S hypothesize that Mr Fixit was there investigating this shortage The CEO denies everything.That night, Bowie decides to bring S S to Erin s house for dinner and the three agents proceed to openly discuss all the particulars of the case with the civilian stranger Then idiot Erin proceeds to VERY OBVIOUSLY probe them for further information She even reveals to Sherlock that her current PI job is investigating a drug shortage I mean, come on Why don t you just come right out and say I M INVOLVED IN THIS And yet, despite Sherlock supposedly being a super smart agent and her having literally JUST been talking about this very subject in the previous scene and hypothesizing that the break in was related to this drug shortage AND having JUST gotten finished taking the statement of an eyewitness who saw the thief escaping from the pharma building and provided Erin s exact description, she still doesn t make the connection that Erin could possibly be the thief Are you freaking kidding me right now Instead, Sherlock decides to invite Erin to go with her when she interviews the CEO s wife, which I m pretty sure isn t allowed in an FBI investigation But, anyway, the wife says that she knew her husband was cheating and didn t care because he was rich and kept her in a 9000 sq ft house where she could freely take tennis lessons from a different 24 year old stud every week Sherlock, for basically no reason, gets a gut feeling that the wife still knows something so she decides to lie and say that the wife could be in danger.Back at the police station we re informed that the Germany based pharma company has arranged for some German policeman to come and assist with the case Bowie sends one of his deputies to pick the guy up at the airport Then the CEO is brought in again for questioning, along with his company supplied lawyers Bowie, Sherlock and Savich all take turns hammering on the CEO and predicting all sorts of dire consequences for him They ve got him ready to confess everything when the German cop bursts in and breaks up the moment This gives the lawyers time to hustle the CEO out the door before he can say anything incriminating The American s are all super pissed but the German claims he had no idea what he was walking in on and gets very pissy when they don t just accept his apology and move on He then does everything he can to turn the investigation away from anything to do with the company or conspiracies He suggests that the death was merely a mugging gone wrong seeing as how the US is such a dangerous place, etc..The next day, Erin is driving and realizes she s being followed Instinct tells her to jump out of the car and she avoids being blown up by mere seconds The car is totally demolished and Erin is struck in the back by flying debris, leaving her with second degree burns Bowie, S S all rush to Erin s side at the hospital as if they re all such close friends now that they d be devastated if she died, even though they only shared one meal together Sherlock also none too subtly hints that she s finally figured out that Erin was the thief all along, but she doesn t reveal this to Bowie Instead she says that she wants Erin to confess herself, and when she s not doped up on morphine The German cop shows up to ask why 3 FBI agents are hanging around this random ballet teacher s bedside when they ve got a murder to solve but they brush him off.Erin is soon discharged and the four of them go back to her apartment for confession time Bowie is completely flabbergasted to learn that she was the thief He d had absolutely no idea And then he rails at Erin for betraying him and S S, even though they ve literally only known each other for three days and she committed this felony before meeting him Nope, his feewings are hurt..but he doesn t take his daughter out of this known criminal s care Um, seriously dude Not to mention that Erin was responsible for picking his daughter up from school and someone had just firebombed her freaking car What if that had happened when Georgie was in the back seat But no, none of that occurs to our hero He s just mad that she lied to him And none of the agents even consider arresting Erin for this confessed crime.We flash back to the Senator s story and he s having lunch with an old acquaintance of his dead wife The woman ends up collapsing during the lunch and dying of arsenic poisoning She was eating the dish that the Senator has ordered every week for the last decade but that day had decided to go for something else Savich flies back to investigate and quickly concludes that this was an attempt on the Senator s life and the poor woman just had the bad luck to eat the dish instead.Back with the murder investigation, Bowie is still pissed at Erin but has decided that he needs to keep her with him at all times in order to protect her So she goes to the police station with him and sits in on an interview with 2 German high ups from the pharma company The German cop has some pointed questions about why Erin is there but no one tells him The high ups don t have much to say and basically deny any and all wrongdoing on the part of the company.A scene change later, we see the high ups and their lawyers along with the CEO We re in the CEO s POV for the scene and we get treated to a description of one of the high up as being a short, fussy little man who wears 2 inch lifts in his shoes to try to seem taller He also has a new 26 year old wife, younger than his youngest son The CEO is sweating bullets and lying through his teeth about what he s done with the drug shortage but he knows they re not buying it and he s being set up to either take the fall and go to jail, or to be disappeared So when they stop at a roadside rest stop, he jumps out the window and runs off into the woods.That night Sherlock gets a call from the CEO s wife claiming that there are intruders in her house and she s scared S S go tearing over there and end up getting shot at by an unseen gunman who escapes They find the wife in the closet and unhurt but find the CEO dead Bowie, who has been sleeping on Erin s couch since her confession, gets a call in the middle of the night to come to the crime scene Erin overhears and decides that she HAS to be there for some vague and undefined reason So after Bowie leaves, she picks up his sleeping daughter, carries her to the rental car, and drives to the scene of the homicide Once there, Bowie is pissed at her for coming, but not because of the terrible lack of judgement she s used by bringing his innocent daughter into this ugliness, or for putting her in incredible danger by driving her around when the last car Erin was in got blown up, but because Erin is still weak from her injuries and he doesn t want her over exerting herself Eye Roll The next day they get word that there s been a terrible car accident The Vice President was nearly killed, but he was driving the Senator s car So again, it looks like this was an attempt on the Senator s life and someone else was just unlucky enough to get caught in the cross fire Savich again goes back to investigate Back with the murder, Sherlock decides to go question the CEO s wife The wife isn t at home so Sherlock plays a hunch and goes to the tennis instructor boy toy s house For no real reason, other than her gut feeling, she keeps poking at them, insinuating that she knows than they re revealing, until the boy toy panics and knocks her out She comes to quickly and hears the pair arguing and panicking about what they ll do now They intend to tie her up so Sherlock pretends she s just coming around and that she thinks she fainted from low blood sugar She asks for some juice and the wife takes a suspiciously long time bringing it, but super smart Sherlock doesn t notice She drinks half the juice, then makes like she s going to leave and the pair, apparently believing that she has no memory of their incriminating acts, are allowing her to go But instead of getting out to the safety of her car and calling for backup since she s still woozy from her concussion, Sherlock decides to whip out her gun and try to arrest them on her own She fumbles to call Bowie while keeping a gun on them but naturally, there were pills crushed up in the juice she drank and she ends up passing out again.She wakes up in a playhouse prop room and uses a prop knife to cut off her duct tape bindings She also has an ankle holster gun that the two amateurs didn t find She pulls it and hides among the costumes just as the door opens and it s the German cop At first he pretends that he s there to rescue her, that he has the wife and Boy Toy in custody, but right after he says that the wife walks in They have a ridiculously long argument that serves as an info dump for the audience to help connect the dots It was the German cop who killed the CEO and the wife was in on it because of money.Boy Toy comes in and German cop shoots him in the head with Sherlock s regular gun because he s trying to set things up to look like Boy Toy, Sherlock and the wife all killed each other in a shootout so all the loose ends will be tied up Then German cop starts choking the wife Sherlock uses one of her two bullets to shoot him in the neck, but it s not enough to put him down Then we flash back to Bowie trying to figure out what s happened to Sherlock Her call to him had connected before she passed out so he knew she was in trouble but didn t know where to look He takes Erin with him to Boy Toy s apartment when they finally trace the cell s signal and Erin figures out that they ve taken Sherlock to the playhouse based solely on a framed certificate hung on the wall sure.Back in the prop room, German cop monologues about his dastardly deeds and Sherlock eggs him on to try to make him mad enough to give her a good shot with her last remaining bullet Bowie eventually bursts in and shoots German cop, but doesn t kill him Sherlock then picks up her regular gun, puts in a new clip, and walks off the scene with it, which totally couldn t happen when her gun was just used to murder a guy and would therefore be needed as evidence She calls Savich to inform him that she s fine so he doesn t bother to continue his frantic race down to see her He instead turns back around to continue the Senator investigation.Next thing we know, he s meeting with the Senator and just suddenly accuses him of being behind the murder of the woman and the attempted murder of the vice president Savich doesn t have any actual proof of this, and absolutely nothing that the audience has been shown backs up his accusations, but he makes them anyway and just swears that some way, somehow, he ll get the goods on the Senator The Senator smoothly denies everything and promises to have Savich transferred to Alaska in short orderSavich flies back to join Bowie, Sherlock and Erin as they confront the two German high ups Here Savich pulls out all this information that the reader was never shown, phone records, wire transfers, etc that prove that the guy who wears the 2 inch lifts was in cahoots with the German cop to set all this up He colluded with the head of a rival company to remove his company s drug from the circulation so the other guy s expensive drug would corner the market in exchange for a personal payoff Then Savich whips out a photo of the guy s hot young wife and reveals that she d honey trapped him She was actually working for the other drug company all along She targeted him, got him to marry her, then started spending all his money at such an alarming rate that it would make him desperate enough to do something like this But it was all an act and she s been banging a guy her own age the whole time 2 inch lifts guy bawls his eyes out in the interview and the other German calls him pathetic.Then we flash to the vice president s hospital room The Senator goes in to see him and since they ve been friends for decades the Secret Service leaves them alone The Senator immediately starts monologuing about how he s always hated the VP Apparently his dead wife and the VP had an affair early in their respective marriages The Senator had known, but pretended otherwise, all the while harboring this hatred for the VP But on her deathbed, the wife had finally confessed that their first born son was actually the VP s, not the Senator s That made him angry enough that he started plotting the VP s downfall When his wife s ghost appeared and told Savich that he was in danger, it gave him the perfect opportunity to attack the VP but make it look like he himself had been the intended victim He tells the VP that he s planning to kill himself and taunts him that he can t tell anyone the truth because all it will do is wreck his family s reputation since the Senator will be dead and free from consequences Then he leaves and Sherlock pops out of the bathroom having heard and recorded the whole thing She also confiscates the glass of water the Senator had tried to get the VP to drink earlier and of course it was poisoned The Senator is arrested off page It was a weak ending because if the Senator hadn t confessed, he would have gotten away scot free.The book closes out with Erin and Bowie embarking on a relationship they swept her BE crime under the rug and good friends with S S hide spoiler

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    Received a free copy via First Reads giveaway.Sigh Where to start Okay, positives Though it started a bit slow, in the long run, the book kept me reading until the end Well, maybe that was because I felt obligated to finish it so I could give an honest review.Yeah.I knew going in and having read some of the other reviews that this was not really a romantic suspense What I didn t realize was that not only wasn t it a romance at all , it also wasn t much of a suspense, either Oh wait, the cover of the book says FBI Thriller Really I m not in the FBI, but I can t imagine that the author s knowledge of the FBI s policies and procedures is much or less than mine Three agents simply decide to start sharing info with a self proclaimed Private Investigator Seriously The lack of real research was glaringly obvious.And the storytelling just seemed so flat to me There were far too many characters, and far too much telling, not showing None of the characters came to life for me Other than their physical descriptions, their personalities were some of the most cardboard I ve read in a long time.I ll admit, it s been awhile since I ve read a Catherine Coulter book, and despite the fact that I used to truly enjoy her books, if this book is any indication of her current work, then I may need to pass on future endeavors.

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    Series featuring Savich, and Sherlock FBI agentsI missed a few in this series but each book is good on its own I enjoy this couple and the writing of Catherine Coulter I ve never been disappointed in her stories.

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    This one wasn t up to the standards of what I had come to expect from this series of book.

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    Good read what a tangled wel was wovwn in this fast read interesting book

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    Excellent seriesI started reading d ing this series the day before surgery and am at b took 15 three weeks into leave I have only identified two of the murderers in the story plots which, if you knew me, is quite unheard of The characters build as the series continues and you find yourself looking forward to bumping into them in each book.loved the plots and haven t been disappointed yet

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