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[Download] ➵ The Tea House on Mulberry Street Author Sharon Owens – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Tea House on Mulberry Street, meaning The Tea House on Mulberry Street, genre The Tea House on Mulberry Street, book cover The Tea House on Mulberry Street, flies The Tea House on Mulberry Street, The Tea House on Mulberry Street 58e8bbb42fae4 Muldoon S Tea Rooms And The Year Marriage Of Proprietors Penny And Daniel Stanley Are Fading But A Perpetually Dieting Housewife Still Comes In To Escape Her Husband S Stick Thin Mistress, A Struggling Artist Pens Love Letters To Actor Nicolas Cage, And A Woman Returns To Search For A Long Lost Soulmate Behind The Cherry Cheesecakes And Chocolate Cappuccinos Are The Stirrings Of A Change That Will Redefine And Heal Lives And Lead Penny And Daniel To Discover What Truly Matters In Life And Love

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    This was a delightful read I couldn t put the book down, and when I needed to take a break from it, I returned to it a few minutes later The author invites the reader into a cosy world where the characters seem to be stagnant stuck in the routine of daily life, and are victims of their circumstances There are a few quirky characters that add humour to a novel that can, at times, seem rather bleak as it depicts how fragile we all are, and how pathetic our lives can become if we don t pause, re evaluate, and take action I especially enjoyed how the author touched on the plight of a creative person, and how much this character craves for her work to be well received and acknowledged The novel definitely has a mystical element throughout, and it will leave the reader needing a pot of tea by their side and perhaps some scones as well I read this book two times, and I willingly stepped into a world where characters are so diverse from each other, yet so similar, as their vulnerability emphasises their humanity The fact that they all enjoy sipping their tea devouring the scrumptious desserts in the same tea room, also emphasises this common need to belong and to find passion in life The outdated tea room s need for refurbishment symbolises each character s need for change and perhaps, their fear and resistance to it Similarly, it shows the shattering of dreams and hopes, and the need for healing Ironically, this need is greatly felt by the owners of the very tea room where many of the characters seek to find solace and comfort in as they take time to pause and live in the moment I highly recommend this novel It may seem like a light read but it deals with universal and deep issues and emotions, and this is delivered in a clever and entertaining way.

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    A mostly light, Irish novel In the style of Maeve Binchy with the plot driven by stories of individual characters A bit too much mid life crisis, infidelity, and broken marriages to be uplifting overall The main characters story was the most interesting and redeeming for me The other stories had some delightful moments.I m going to look for another novel by this author to see if it is of a different subject matter because I did like the writing style.

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    Ah Sharon Owens writes like one of my all time favorites, Maeve Binchy.

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    Really enjoyed this cozy read by Sharon Owens, I ve not read anything of her s before There are many stories of people s life that centers around a tea house on Mulberry Street run by a troubled couple Daniel Penny Owens is very good with her characters, showing the many complexities of relationships Very humorous at times, had me chuckling, while also very serious subject matter Highly recommend this novel if you re looking for something to relax with.

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    Welcome to Muldoon s Tea Room home of delicious cherry cheesecake and meeting place for the vast array of characters who inhabit this Belfast neighborhood Owners, Penny and Daniel Stanley have done little else but work in the tea house for the duration of their seventeen year marriage and that mundane existence is getting pretty old for Penny Their story is the focus of Sharon Owens THE TEA HOUSE ON MULBERRY STREET but truth be told it s really the customers that make a visit to the teahouse a real treat Fans of Maeve Binchy will quickly find themselves comparing Ms Owens writing style and characters to those of Ms Binchy Although a die hard fan of Binchy, I was completely taken by the Owens characters Her folks are definitely aggressive and fallible and apt to give in to their feelings My personal favorite in this compendium of personalities, was Sadie Smith who takes rather vindictive action when she discovers her cheating husband, Arnold plans to leave her and wed his young honey as soon as his parents are gone Seems he can t divorce Sadie now since she is the caregiver for her husbands parents and it would cut into his considerable savings if he had to hire outside help to care for them Sadie s revenge is as delicious as a huge slice of chocolate cake topped with ice cream and is sure to give every reader a big belly laugh.Then there is Brenda Brown, bohemian starving artist who spends part of her time being fired from various jobs, part of her time devoted to her art and part of her time writing fan letters that she rarely mails to the love of her life, Nicholas Cage This is only a demitasse size sample of the engaging, amusing and vibrant folks you may run into at the tea house Owen has a real talent for depicting the lives of ordinary people and their ordinary lives in an extraordinary way The book is definitely hard to put down and your housework is sure to suffer.For my final thoughts on author Sharon Owens and The Teahouse on Mulberry Street I will rely on a quote from a teahouse regular, Brenda Brown, and state I m a genuine fan.

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    I m a fan of tea rooms There are times I pop into my favourite local tea room for a latte, grab a window seat and watch people passing by, or other customers, and wonder what stories their normal lives hold Scandal New discoveries Family secrets Maybe it s because of this that I have given this novel a top rating I don t give out five star reviews easily, but The Tea House on Mulberry Street deserves this accolade The story is based in Belfast, Ireland the centrepiece of the novel being, surprise surprise, the tea shop This establishment is run by Daniel and Penny Stanley Daniel has had a sad and shady past, and is very tight with his money Penny several years younger than Daniel likes pretty things, and is very eager to refurbish the ever decaying tea room Both own and work in the tearoom, and basically it is their life For a while anyway..The other characters in the story are frequent visitors to Muldoons tea room..the eccentric and delusional artist Brenda Brown, who can t sell her artwork, and has an infatuation with Nicolas Cage constantly writing him letters Henry and Aurora Blackstaff the unlikely couple, him being into gardening and her into her literature and Bronte Bunch meetings Clare Fitzgerald and her pursuit of Peter Alice and Beatrice Crawley the elderly spinster twin sisters, who spend their lives collecting for charity and awaiting their moment of reward for their efforts Sadie and Arnold Smith Sadie being the rotund, foodie, housewife and Arnold, the purveyor of blinds and conservatories who also happens to have a bit on the side , Patricia Most of the comedy in the book comes from the Smith s relationship and it s down and downs It never seems to have ups Despite a sizeable part of the book being concerned with the characters infidelity I found myself asking who WASN T having a fling, at one point , there is a disaster, a revelation and a happy ending It only took me a few hours to read once I started I could not put this book down Be warned, like caffeine, this book is very addictive

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    I might be the only male that has read The Tea House on Mulberry Street, but it was in an effort to become a well rounded reader during a time I wanted to become a professional book reviewer If film critics have to watch everything, then I would be led to believe that book reviewers are to be held at the same standard My great aunt was giving away books and I took everything that was available While I eventually sorted through it and only kept what caught my interest, I did get to this one beforehand and came across something that was light, cozy, and okay.There is nothing that is too complicated about the premise of this story It follows a couple, Daniel and Penny Stanley, that own a tea house in the UK, and some strenuous drama that takes place between them during a tough situation that pops up I feel that for the audience that it is aiming toward, which is a reader that is looking for something light and expected that they are 98% sure will pan out in the end after drama induced circumstances, this is the book for you For me, this novel s greatest accomplishment was how it attracted my gustatory and olfactory senses, creating a cozy atmosphere that would be reflective of being in a caf or bakery in the UK.I have since either sold this book or donated the book to be sold, so it was a decent delight, but not something I wish to read and examine It was okay in my mind, but feel it is specifically reserved for those that do not have high expectations when it comes to how predictable it is and are easy to satisfy.

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    My first thought on reading this was, what a delightful little story While it starts out a bit doom and gloom with several failing relationships, it somehow brings humor into the gloom and ends with the happiest of endings.The main couple, Penny and Daniel Stanley, are the owners of the Tea house Daniel is a workaholic and concerned with his penny pinching than anything else Penny is disappointed in the relationship and goes on to have an affair due to Daniel s cold ignorance of her feelings.Another couple, Sadie and Arnold are also having trouble with their relationships Sadie on a continuous stream of diets finds out about his affair and after doing so, plots the most delicious of revenge that you can t help smiling in glee with how it turns out.Rose, Aurora, and Henry make up another lovers circle Aurora is concerned with her book club, and the addition to her house done by Arnold rather than her relationship with Henry He prefers to pitter in his garden all day long that is eventually destroyed by the addition While at the tea house he meets Rose, a recent divorcee who owns a flower shop and loves gardening as much as him As Aurora draws further into her club and a new man, Henry and Rose plant something beautiful.In addition to these stories there are also two side stories One is of Clare, who used to live in Belfast where the teahouse is located and is in search of a long lost love The other is Brenda, a failing artist who is in love with Nicholas Cage.Towards the end of the novel, a fire somehow fixes many things for the characters and everyone receives a happy ending A bit mushy for some, but sometimes a little lightheartedness is needed in a read.

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