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Celandine pdf Celandine, ebook Celandine, epub Celandine, doc Celandine, e-pub Celandine, Celandine e391d770f88 Set Seventy Years Before The Various, The Second Book In The Trilogy Follows The Adventures Of Young Celandine At The Onset Of The First World War Having Run Away From Her Detested Boarding School, Celandine Is Too Afraid To Go Home In Case She Is Sent Back As She Seeks Shelter In The Wild Wood Near Her Home, Little Does She Think She Will Encounter A World Where Loyalty And Independence Is Fiercely Guarded, And Where Danger Lurks In The Most Unlikely Of Places Celandine S Troubled Character Finds Both Refuge And Purpose Among The Secret Tribes Of Little People That She Alone Believes InThe Novels Of The Various Trilogy Are Full Of Mystery, Beauty And Adventure This Second Novel Is Both Page Turning And Life Affirming

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    Steve Augarde writes with remarkable brushstrokes of color and character He blends frail and strong people and Little People with unexpected story lines that encircle with cords of concern Imagery, rich in the smells and sounds of the land, contrast with the brutal behavior of girls in an austere boarding school In this second offering of the Touchstone Trilogy, Augarde successfully mixes psychology, mysticism, war on many levels , family, loss and discovery, and the fierce determination to be independent when culture seeks to inhibit The heroine, Celandine, is remarkable in her vulnerability and strength Her emotional journey explains the origin of practices of The Various in the first book, at the same time sweeping the reader along through marvelous adventures as this young girl is forced to discover her witci ways.

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    I thought this was the first of the series I ll have to go find the first one now That says something about it though, that it can be the second and not be dependent on the first That s rare sometimes in a middle book I wonder what the first is about

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    I remember this story about a girl who gets sent to boarding school What a nightmare Just writing the word causes my stomach to go in knots Of all the things A school you can never leave No wonder she ran away to live with the fairies Pity nobody else believed in them though I must say it s not so scandalous that someone would make something up just to get out of school either, and that s the truth.

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    Quite depressing, I did not like it nearly as much as I liked the first book.

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    Borrowed from library.

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    Best book I ve read this year Probably best book I ve read in the past THREE years.

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    I ve finally managed to read the book all the way through this time I think I started it twice but I kept getting sidetracked by other books and then forgetting about it and I m so glad I did because I really enjoyed it Steve Augarde has such beautiful writing and I love the way he s able to paint vivid pictures of magical forests and austere boarding schools with just a few swipes of his pen However, I was kind of disappointed to find that most of the book was not about fairies Rather, it was about the main character Celandine s life in an awful English boarding school which was interesting in and of itself, but not what the book was marketed as The fairies were really only in it for the last one hundred pages or so and even then they didn t really do much the story doesn t have much by way of a final act However, the story and characters are engaging enough that it was still a very fun read The multiple POVs, while interesting, were a bit confusing at times especially at the beginning When all the plot lines do intersect, they do it in very interesting ways but it takes a long time for all of the pieces to add up and the book definitely has a few slow parts I hadn t read the first book in the series before I read this one, but I don t think I needed to This is a prequel to the series, so I wasn t at all confused In fact, I think the first book made sense to me knowing what I know about the world in the book now SPOILERSAlthough I was confused about how Celandine got her powers and how they work Why does she have them What are their limits I would have liked to see explanation END SPOILERSThe world building in this world is very good It definitely does feel like the British countryside in the World War One era and the real war versus the world of the fae provides an interesting contrast Unfortunately, I would have liked to see of the latter and less of the former I did enjoy seeing the different varieties of the Various, which the author does such a good job developing In short, this book isn t exactly what I was expecting but I enjoyed it just the same I m definitely planning on reading the others in the series It had enough magic to make it qualify as a fantasy book, but I would have liked to see of it it read a little bit like a historical fiction read to me However, the writing quality was excellent and made the unreal seem even magical It s a nice book just not what it s marketed as.

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    Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadToo.comIn book two of THE TOUCHSTONE TRILOGY, we are introduced to Celandine and her life in 1915.Her governess is horrible and enjoys making her life miserable When she s sent off to boarding school, she hopes things will be better Instead, she discovers things can and do get worse She s bullied and accused of being a witch, and to make matters worse, her country is at war with Germany.When Celandine has the chance, she runs away from school and goes to the only place she thinks she ll be safe the secret world of the little people.Unfortunately, her existence among the Various doesn t stay safe A new tribe, the Ickri, descend upon the forest They bear the Touchstone and are seeking the Orbis Unbeknownst to the tribe, their king has gained his power through deceit and murder Now he s willing to do anything to obtain the Orbis, even if it means killing Celandine and the other tribes.Like THE VARIOUS, CELANDINE is a thrilling book told from several different points of view as we are taken back in time before Midge s adventure to learn how the Various and Celandine became acquainted and come to a better understanding of the events mentioned in THE VARIOUS.I enjoyed being introduced to CELANDINE, though I missed Midge and the characters in THE VARIOUS I am looking forward to seeing how Midge and Celandine s stories wind up in WINTER WOOD, Augarde s final book in the trilogy.

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    I have to say that when I first picked up The Various around age ten, I found the book rather tedious despite my love of the subject matter fairies, or the little people I, however, persisted, and made my way through Celandine , the prequel to The Various and Winetr Wood I enjoyed Celandine much than The Various yet failed to pick up a copy of Winter Wood until sometime earlier this year Having reread the first two books in the trilogy, I can now appreciate the near flawless writing stlye, somewhat let down by the simple plot line Celandine still remains the best of the three by far, and, while Winter Wood is also better than The Various , one feels it tries a little too hard to be mysterious and complex, focusing too much on the theme of reincarnation with a slight anticlimax followed by several tying of loose ends.Overall, I would recommed this book to slightly older readers than one would expect, so as the writing style can be properly appreciated This is not to say I did not enjoy the trilogy Celandine , at least, is a brilliant read I just felt it could have been better Nevertheless, I am sure many young girls will enjoy these books, rewarding the trilogy a four overall.

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    Book 2 in this series was definitely better then Book 1 The storyline is beginning to take shape and it becomes clear that this book is not really about faires or The Various as they are called in the book, but instead about the family on who s land they reside, and the relationship that develops with this family across generations In this light, this story, and this book in particular, is about a young girl s struggles in her life and how her relationship with the little folk help her deal with who she is and the struggles that are happening for her Subsequently, it is also about her impact on these people and their own struggles to find out who they are I would again suggest this book to an older or mature reader It s quite a dense read and the themes are darker and there is much saddness and loss But, it was good, the story does finally begin to take a concrete shape, and I really, really liked the main character, Celandine, and found her situation to be very relatable, even across different time periods generations I would read book 3.

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