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    I was happily reading this YA novel when I read somethingIt s not a spoiler, it s on page 50 of the book really on the begin and the Sandman is talking to someone and get confused hearing the expression Cool Eron the sandman live for almost 100 years as a sandman, staying on earth and observing the humans during the day, when he has nothing to do So, can anyone tell me why he don t understand an easy slang as cool Really a strange thing, to one that don t do a thing but observation of the society for 100 years during the day, no NO He say that He stay all day observing the humans For almost 100 years It s a lot of time, and strangely, by the most bizarre case of the universe, he never EVER heard the slang cool.It s just an absurd that the editor, the writer and the minimum 100 people that read it before it s release don t saw that COME ON It s a terrible error So put it aside FOREVER.This book is not for me sorry, but abandoned

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    2018 TBR Challenge Book 5 Trigger warnings for sexual assault, domestic violence, sexism, injury, and death loss I m a simple girl promise me a story with Sandman mythology, I ll pick it up I should know by now setting my expectations too high leads to the biggest disappointments Sleepless was not what I hoped for It was a mess of problematic romantic relationships and poor world building First of all, let s be clear the relationship between our protagonist, Julia, and her boyfriend, Griffin, was abusive Griffin constantly verbally assaulted her He drove her away from her friends and isolated her He emotionally manipulated her, making her feel so bad for applying to her dream school s out of state summer program that she was not going to attend it He ridiculed her and her interests He told her she was weak for crying Despite all of this, it is only his actions as a Sandman after his death that are portrayed as negative their relationship is not portrayed as being inherently negative, let alone abusive If this had been part of a larger narrative, I would not have minded so much Obviously, I do not believe censoring abusive relationships from stories is the answer but I do find the idea of writing an abusive relationship without addressing it as such to be dangerous It romanticizes the abuser s actions, which has terrifying implications for impressionable readers and, on top of this, Griffin was a poorly written character He was chauvinistic He slut shamed He was a disgusting, entitled dickhead to put it nicely who expected the world handed to him on a silver platter simply for existing Ugh.Julia s relationship with Eron was no better The fact that Eron is than a hundred years older than Julia is an alarm bell in of itself but the fact that Eron was her Sandman, literally watching her entire life and being in charge of her sleep, is a giant siren of nope The power balance is so off It is never addressed in text and just nope, nope, nope The sexual assault element similarly sickened me Bret, Griffin s best friend, sexually assaults Julia within the story and Julia completely ignores it There is no discussion of the issue within the narrative or in Julia s monologue, apart from a throwaway line that he was intoxicated implying it is justifiable minimising it just no I know that there is a very real problem of sexual assault victims not speaking out about their traumas for an infinitesimal list of reasons I hate to make assumptions about the mentality of sexual assault victims but the lack of narrative about this specific situation did not seem like any sort of purposeful commentary rather, none of the characters thought it was a big deal, that it didn t even need to be addressed red flag alert Other Cons The sloppy world building It all very vague and some of it contradicted itself For one, Eron s confusion with the modern world was nonsensical He observed it for a hundred years literally watching it unfold before his eyes but still got tripped up on modern lingo It didn t make sense I also found his obsession with his first crush disturbing, rather than endearing The female characterisation was appalling Julia was not like other girls Vomits There is a lot of slut shaming The side characters particularly Julia s parents had no personality Unemotive writing I found the fact that Julia was not traumatised by her kidnapping as a child very unrealistic It was purely a romantic plot device to make the LI save her life and I really did not appreciate that Abrupt and unsatisfying ending The plot was nonexistent What did this even achieve Overall Sleeples tried to tackle so many important topics and does none of them justice It should have focused on the unique Sandman lore, using its potential to build the fascinating world and plotline we were promised Instead, it wasted time on poor female characterisation and problematic romantic relationships This made Sleepless a difficult and nauseous reading experience that I would not recommend Blog Twitter Instagram

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    This wont be a long review because Sleepless isn t a long book I believed it was rocking somewhere around the 150 200 pages mark Sleepless had one of the best concepts I ve heard of read in a long time, but the concept wasn t enough to make up for the few issues I had with it.The two main characters, through likable, both are lacking in subsistence Neither ever feel fully fleshed out Julia is a nice character, but that s it She just nice Her thoughts are realistic and funny but there s not really much else going for her Also though it is possible I didn t fully believe that 3, yes 3, guys could be head over heels freakishly in love with her That leads me to Eron, our other POV and main character Eron is a sandman He sounded super sweet, but again, that s it He too was highly lacking in depth Both characters appearance wise sounded nice, but we also only got a tiny description of the two When it comes to the side characters Julia s boyfriend and best friend, I had no real feeling towards them what so ever Neither were anything to write home about.The plot of Sleepless could have really been something The start of the book has this nice steady pace that matches most other books in it s genre The middle of this book is 100% the strongest part When things actually start happening, and it gets a little spooky I was hooked I was really excited to see how things were going to play out and what direction the author would take it I was starting to get into the characters and started too feel like I was getting to relate to them Sadly, this was short lived The ending was a little anti climatic We had all this build up, things were setting up, characters were developing, relationships were forming, events were really coming together then nothing The ending is all shoved into a handful of papers and ended up being mundane and predictable Overall Sleepless is a nice light read it just had all this wasted potential I wish the concept behind this book would have plated out better than it did Sleepless wasn t the worst read ever, but wasn t the best If this book had maybe had 100 200 pages it could of used the extra space to fill it with action and really highlighted .READ THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS OVER ON OUR BLOG SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR

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    Cyn Balog was really trying to grab your attention in the first chapter when SPOILER ALERT Julia s boyfriend has a tragic death I did enjoy this book, I give it four stars because this book did have potential in it Sleepless was not like any other book where I would just read fifty pages, and if I did not like it, I would just move on First, the characters acted like real teenagers and you could feel a connection, well if you were a teenager The main characters had the same ideas and characteristics that teens today have about gossip, school, dialogue, and appearances Second, the author really tries to grab the reader s attention, but also understands that the book was meant for teens She uses few literary elements but she really hooks you in with suspense at every ending chapter In my perspective, I immensely enjoyed this book because it was about Sandman, which I never read in any other book sandman were people who seduced their charges sleep Eron was my favorite character because he was from another time but yet he wasn t self absorbed and always thought about Julia In conclusion, this book was really exciting because of the characters and author s writing.

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    I picked up this book because of the beautiful cover and that I mildly liked the author s first novel, Fairy Tale, so I was expecting the same fun, humorous stuff out of this one Man, this was an ultimate no What the heck went wrong Okay, all of the guys were totally undesirable leads I am not joking about this Griffin was a jerk He s an insensitive, chauvinistic I love that word , possessive prick I m serious He d say some of the meanest things to her and if Julia showed any type of emotion or felt bad because, you know, being upset over having your application rejected into a dream program you ve always wanted to go to is paramount to being an emo, melodramatic loser Anytime she actually felt upset about something, Griffin would just cut her down Sure, he d do something sweet but then in the next second say something that would really make you grit your teeth And then when she starts showing interest in another guy because that s the only logical thing after your boyfriend is dead and it s time to move on, he goes ape shit and is all territorial about it And slapping girls on the ass is not a way to show her how much you love her which he never admits or even shows that he has any sort of deep feelings affection for her A jerk boyfriend You bet.Griffin s friend I forgot his name is a cut out of the same mold, only stupid If a girl constantly avoids you, plasters on fake smiles, or says things that are gentle put downs, obviously it means she s not that into you, so could you please go away Guess he couldn t figure that out Not to mention he tried to almost rape her Or maybe that s to harsh, forcibly push himself on her, makes me want to cringe in disgust.Eron is a pussy He s such a weak, spineless guy who doesn t have the balls to admit how he feels, and instead has to just wander around in his own thoughts about how much he likes her Second, he doesn t ever really tell Griffin off when he s trying to flaunt the rules laid out for him, or is doing something that jeopardizes their operation He just leaves it up to that chick who s in charge to do it for him Then what s really weird is that he s been around for over a hundred years give or take putting people to sleep and an observer of the human world that he doesn t know what cars are Excuse me And hasn t picked up modern speech when his lady in charge has easily done so and uses it in her conversations with him as well What Plot hole Julia is just one of those many fishes out in the sea Not worth reeling in She s brainwashed by Griffin not to feel emotion and I don t know falls flat She lets people walk all over her but her maybe that s why her and Eron make such a good match and I don t know I didn t like any of the characters much.The concept of this story was good, I mean, what other books have you read about sandmen Not me Oh, here s an aside, Griffin is just raging mad that his girlfriend is falling in love with Eron and is causing this whole mess and screwing things over, but when Eron steps in and is like stop it, he does What Convenient and easy much Sort of a rushed, lazy, and cop out ending The book had interesting alternate viewpoints between Julia and Eron, and they both have beautiful images placed on each chapter The moon for Eron and the flower on the cover for Julia I think that s what it was Each chapter is short so reading is fast and the pace moves at a decent clip although it took me much longer than it needed to for me.My suggestion Skip this one.

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    Sleepless definitely had the potential to be a good book It s about sandman which i havent read in any other books and i keep remembering about that yellow guy from the jack frost movie But then then came the bad part Unecessary romance This book doesnt even have a love triangle any because the main character has 3 love interest nasty, i know The main character s boyfriend aka Griffin is dead and he became a sandman, replacing Julia s old sandman Eron Both are in love with Julia meanwhile Griffin s best friend is ALSO in love with Julia The conversation in the book is boring, the jokes arent even funny, characters are bland and one dimensional, and Julia is your typical something bad happened to me when i was a kid character and it s the only interesting thing that happened in her life She doesnt have any girl friends or any friends whatsoever that doesnt at least want to make out with her The problems in this book are resolved so easily they dont seem like a real problems, and then theres the emotion issue in which Griffin died and Julia didnt even cry, not even once I get it, you re strong but come on Your boyfriend is dead, why aren t you sad It s just not realistic because her inner monologue when Griffin died was like what should i do now he was the one who defined who i am, the one who made me interesting Also an actual quote from the book I wonder what I ll have to do this time to be thought of as normal again Before, it was Griffin who made me normal Now maybe I need to attach myself to a new guy And the logical choice is Bret Your boyfriend just died and you re worried about getting a new boyfriend Bitch that s harsh.

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    I love sleeping.After reading this book I wondered if there really was a Sandman who seduces me to sleep.Sleepless was a very easy and light read The concept was very original.It was not in anyway like my favorite graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, Sandman.However, I felt that this book did not live up to its potential.It was good but it could have been better.I was a little disappointed with the characters as well because they were not thoroughly developed.I liked Eron but I disliked Julia.She was the type of character I would never like.She doesn t have self confidence.She thinks too low of herself.She depended too much on Griffin.Arrrg.Anyways, if you are just looking for a quick and sweet read then this book is for you D

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    What a wonderful and dreamy book this is SLEEPLESS is honestly a breath of fresh air that left me on cloud nine It s got a truly original concept and Cyn Balog s writing absolutely put a smile on my face and gave me sweet, sweet dreams It is easily one of my favorites of the year Actually, I enjoyed it so much it inspired my future Halloween costume I plan on being a character from the book this year, Chimere, an Original Sleepbringer Simply put, SLEEPLESS is about a Sandman who falls in love with one of his charges, but it is much, much Cyn has created a beautiful, mystical and ethereal world that gives me a new appreciation for when I go to sleepytime Who knew that Sandmen had their own culture and rules SLEEPLESS is a delightful modern day fairy tale, much like her previous book titled, well, FAIRY TALE I absolutely adore her books as much as I adore her And that s a lot THIS MUCH holds arms as far apart as they can reach Eron DeMarchelle is a Sandman For 100 years he has diligently taken care of his charges, soothing and seducing them to sleep each night He has mostly followed the rules, except for once when he helped Julia when she was in danger Julia was a sweet red headed child at the time and she needed him Sandmen are forbidden to interfere in the lives of humans, but just once he had no choice but to break this rule Now, Julia is a beautiful young woman and Eron relishes every evening that he spends easing her into a blissful slumber Over the years, Eron has fallen in love with Julia and he is about to get his chance to share the same world with her You see, he is about to finish his time serving as a Sleepbringer and become a human once again No longer will he watch outside the windows of his charges for the right moment to sprinkle them with sand and take them to dreamland Soon, his mentor Chimere, an Original Sleepbringer, will choose another soul for him to train to take his place Eron will be released of his duties and be permitted to tend to his unfinished business , whatever that may be He s not sure what that business is, but he knows he wants nothing than to be able to talk to Julia as a human.But alas, things are never that simple His replacement does not seem to be taking to the job very well He is quite difficult and he s not able to let go of the people and things he left in the human world If he can t be trained in time, Eron will lose his chance at freedom But that s not the only problem he faces Eron has been frozen in time for a century, from his clothing to his view of the world He s seen things in people s dreams, but nothing that could prepare him for a very changed world Everyone he knew and loved is gone and he has no idea what to do next The worst thing is that he s been told he must stay away from his former charges once he becomes human This includes Julia, who he believes is in terrible danger once again He s broken the rules once, but this time it could cost him his only chance to be near the girl he loves If he does nothing, he could lose her anyway.SLEEPLESS is sweet, funny, romantic and imaginative It is a refreshing and one of a kind addition to YA, giving it something it s never seen before Cyn Balog literally gave us the man of our dreams

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    This was a very disappointing read When I first heard about this book, I was intrigued by the premise I still think it s an interesting premise, I just don t believe enough was done with it We never really get to know the characters that well except for Julia and Eron, and even that could have been explored in greater detail, especially the seemingly complex relationship the two should have The plot had so much potential, but wasted almost all of it And worse, the ending was not only contrived, but was so rushed I think I got whiplash.What really gets to me the most, however, has to do with the jacket blurb Of the many presumed obstacles in the way of Julia and Eron, there is one mentioned that that would seem, if not insurmountable, at least something that would add some drama But not only does this obstacle turn out to be nothing to worry about, it is never mentioned and isn t actually part of the plot of the book which either means whoever wrote the jacket blurb either didn t actually read the story, orI don t even know, but it s that than anything else that bothers me Well, that, and there were several editing and grammatical errors which just made me twitch Word to the wise, Ms Balog is should be used for the singular Using it to refer to a group reads very awkwardly.Considering I finished this book in an afternoon I suppose I shouldn t complain so much, as this really was nothing than a frivolous Saturday afternoon type of read And some of it was a bit entertaining I just always feel rather sad over what I feel is wasted potential over what could have been a good plot with thought and effort.

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    This is my first read by author Cyn Balog, and she caught me at the first word This has to be one of the most unique paranormal storylines I ve read in a while The idea that the Sandman is real, was such a different one, that I couldn t help but be captured Add to that the fact that it isn t just one, but multiple sandmen, and that everyone has their own who helps put them to sleep at night, and this is so intriguing Eron is Julia s sandman He has watched over her all of her life, helped her to sleep every night, and cares for her than he does himself I love it Julia is definitely someone who needs protection She had a very bad experience when she was little, and it changed her a bit She s naive and trusting, sad, and puts up with treatment in her life that just isn t right I kind of liked seeing this vulnerability Although I admire strong heroines, not everyone is going to be strong that way It was kind of refreshing to read a book about a character that isn t super strong Someone that appreciates some protection and care And Eron is there.Eron was such an awesome character Sandmen become so when they die, and Eron died one hundred years ago So you have a gentleman here who never grew out of his old world ways It was so endearing to read Their romance was sweet, but at the same time, fraught with some peril too, as things are out to get them.I ll definitely be looking for Cyn Balog books in future

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Sleepless download Sleepless, read online Sleepless, kindle ebook Sleepless, Sleepless 4d669a6958de Eron DeMarchelle Isn T Supposed To Feel This Connection He Is A Sandman, A Supernatural Being Whose Purpose Is To Seduce His Human Charges To Sleep Though He Can Communicate With His Charges In Their Dreams, He Isn T Encouraged To Do So After All, Becoming Too Involved In One Human S Life Could Prevent Him From Helping Others Get Their Needed Rest But He Can T Deny That He Feels Something For Julia, A Lonely Girl With Fiery Red Hair And Sad Dreams Just Weeks Ago, Her Boyfriend Died In A Car Accident, And Eron Can Tell That She Feels Alone Than Ever Eron Was Human Once Too, Many Years Ago, And He Remembers How It Felt To Lose The One He Loved In The Past, Eron Has Broken Rules To Protect Julia, But Now, When She Seems To Need Him Than Ever, He Can T Reach Her Eron S Time As A Sandman Is Coming To A Close, And His Replacement Doesn T Seem To Care About His Charges Worse, Julia Is Facing Dangers She Doesn T Recognize, And Eron, As He Transitions Back To Being Human, May Be The Only One Who Can Save Her Even Once They Ve Become Human Again, Sandmen Are Forbidden To Communicate With Their Charges But Eron Knows He Won T Be Able To Forget Julia Will He Risk Everything For A Chance To Be With The Girl He Loves Cyn Balog S Follow Up To Fairy Tale Has Wit, Supernatural Delights, And Star Crossed Romance Teen Girls Will Love This Story Of A Sandman Who Falls In Love With His Human Charge