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    Loved it in a bitter sweet way. Disney has made us see the little mermaid story in the prince loves the princess sort of way. While the original story is a tad bit realistic. Not all plans are successful. Not all prince charming fall for the right girl. Following the prince isn't always the right way. Life should have more goals other than marrying the stupid prince charming(i am personally upset from him for not picking up the foundling). Love can be unrequited. But love in itself is beautiful :)
    ah this did make me cry, and confused me, as i am unable to select my favorite between the two, the disney's happy ending or the authors version of the slightly bitter ending...

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    I liked it.
    lots of fish.
    lots of mermaid.
    prince marry mermaid.
    tells all girls all around the globe to do anything to marry a man they want to marry.
    Not good children
    family friendly


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    So good 👍

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    Never really loved the story of little mermaid, as it's tragic and I'm kind of afraid of mermaids...But this one is the disney version, so at least it got a happy ending...

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    I loved all these Disney books when I was a little kid and today I woke up and said to myself why not reread them! I will always stand by my opinion that you're never too old for kid's books!
    Only one tiny thing is a bit disturbing here: the instant love factor - maybe we shouldn't teach kids to marry someone after knowing them for four days :\

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    Ariel the Little mermaid Was tinker About The Prince Eric And the Little mermaid Say Eric The prince

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    This was my first Disney's favorite movie! I had to read the book and loved it

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    Not even half the actual story and doesn’t even have an ending really. I thought this book was like a side story to the original tale, instead it’s just a half-assed attempt at re-telling the original.

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    So, today is the day that I preview and read the box full of books that has been sitting in the corner of my room. My husband has kindly let me know that two years of this box taking up space in the corner of our room needs is enough and it needs to move. I'll be making three piles, the first will go to my classroom, the second will be given away, the third will stay with me until such time as my future grandchildren will want to curl up with me to read.

    Today was the day I read, or reread the Little Golden Books version or the Disney version of The Little Mermaid.

    I was a teenager when the Disney movie came out and it was one of my favourite Disney movies, less because of the storyline and more because of the soundtrack (which I still love to belt out without warning to my family).

    Now is where I give the disclaimer that as a parent who read a lot to her children, I always hated the book adaptations of popular TV shows and movies; whenever they brought me one to read I would scream in protest inside my brain. I always felt that these books were published in order to make more money for Little Golden Books or for the production company that made the movies, and not for any literary merit - and it is literary merit for which I read.

    This story did not sway this long-held belief. The story is missing key components for the story to make sense. At one point the writer states, "Ariel was so upset that she ignored Sebastian's warnings and swam off with Flotsam and Jetsam." - What warnings? That could have been worded much differently to make sense without adding too much bulk to an already long story.

    I understand that it is very difficult to pare down a feature length film into a story with literary chops, that entertains children and parents alike, and leaves no confusing gaps, so I don't understand why the publishers would try... OH Right! I remember - MONEY. 😒

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