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☃ Space PDF / Epub ✑ Author James A. Michener – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Space, meaning Space, genre Space, book cover Space, flies Space, Space e2969fbdf3843 Already A Renowned Chronicler Of The Epic Events Of World History, James A Michener Tackles The Most Ambitious Subject Of His Career Space, The Last Great Frontier This Astounding Novel Brings To Life The Dreams And Daring Of Countless Men And Women People Like Stanley Mott, The Engineer Whose Irrepressible Drive For Knowledge Places Him At The Center Of The American Exploration Effort Norman Grant, The War Hero And US Senator Who Takes His Personal Battle Not Only To A Nation, But To The Heavens Dieter Kolff, Hitler S Rocket Scientist, Whose Specialty Is A Rare Commodity In This New Era Randy Claggett, The Astronaut Who Meets His Destiny On A Mission To The Far Side Of The Moon And Cynthia Rhee, The Reporter Whose Determined Crusade Brings Their Story To A Breathless World Praise For Space A Master Storyteller Michener, By Any Standards, Is A Phenomenon Space Is One Of His Best Books The Wall Street Journal A Novel Of Very High Adventure A Sympathetic, Historically Sound Treatment Of An Important Human Endeavor That Someday Could Be The Stuff Of Myth, Told Here With Gripping Effect The New York Times Book Review Space Is Everything That Michener Fans Have Come To Expect Without Question, The Space Program S Dramatic Dimensions Provide The Stuff Of Great Fiction BusinessWeek Michener Is Eloquent In Describing The Actual Flights Into Space, As Well As The Blazing, Apocalyptic Re Entry Of The Shuttle Into Earth S Atmosphere The New York Times

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    On my list of favorite books now My husband gave this to me when we were dating a surprise package sent in the mail through a secondhand bookstore I put off reading it because I was afraid I wouldn t like it it would be dated, too detailed my mom hates Michener for this reason , and I ve seen The Right Stuff But reading it was proof that he knows me too well Michener may be too detailed for some, but I loved the way he built this story bit by bit There s a passage in the book where a reporter describes how Korean pottery is painted, and it could summarize his method of writing layer upon layer, detail upon detail The book gave me such a depth of appreciation of the race to put a man on the moon It s one thing to read the facts of if, but to have it told through multiple perspectives of characters you become connected to, to learn just how much went into it through symbolic individuals it s kind of breathtaking There was so much sacrifice amidst the success.The book also gave me a deeper appreciation of how old some of the back and forth arguments about NASA are almost all of the stuff we hear about now in terms of politics was going on back then Even the science arguments of sending men vs machines was debated early in the story I was surprised by a sub plot about a religious and scholarly charlatan that would be believable today unfortunately I recommend this book to anyone who loves learning about the history of our space program and what went into it It s a beautiful story, so well told, that it will resonate with me for a long time.

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    I have spent the past few days in Space What a trip I am mind boggled at what the scientists, politicians and astronauts had to learn and do for our space program Totally humbled and mind boggled.

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    Published 32 years ago, this entertaining and enlightening novel evidences Michener s high opinion of such science fiction writers as Clarke, Weinbaum and Leiber as well as reservations about some tendencies of this popular genre He even indulges himself a bit in it by creating a fictional account of an Apollo 18 voyage to explore the other side of the moon A bit disconcerting is his creation of two fictional US states, Fremont and Red River which have elected Republican and Democratic senators respectively He doesn t tell us where Red River is, though it is obviously a southern state, but Fremont is located on land taken from Kansas and Nebraska His motive for doing this in a volume of realistic fiction is not apparent until the end when the electorate of Fremont votes to outlaw the teaching of evolution in it s public schools and to purge its public libraries of titles promoting atheistic humanism at the behest of a charletan preacher named Strabismus who provides much of the comic relief in a story mostly quite sober I m assuming Michener was chary of attributing such a result in a plebescite to any existing US state This novel abounds in well researched information about the birth and progress of the American space effort The four heroes of this novel are Dieter Kolff, a German rocket man escaped from Nazi Germany, Stanley Mott, an engineer scientist, John Pope, a test pilot turned astronaut and his wife Penny, an extremely savvy Senate counselor and political operative This book taught me much and also provided an enjoyable nostalgic overview of the exciting years of my youth, but it also reveals Michener s interest in and sensitivity to those eschatological concerns with which even the best informed and most gifted struggle.

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    Interesting well written The most readable book he s written, in my opinion Maybe it was just that I found the subject matter so interesting It s a good start to the U.S space program, but certainly not all inclusive He could easily have expanded this to a trilogy If it had any failing, it was the limits of the book.

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    All 832 pages were well worth the effort This is truly an American story with insights into the families of the USA Space Program and how it grew The astronaughts, the test pilots, the politicians, and others all come off as real human beings with aspirations, disappointments, and achievements This book is very different from Michener s other books less history and current events Many strong characters and many very weak ones.

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    Always enjoy a good Michener book.

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    Having both a great deal of science and politics, Kyle and I found it easy to like this book I enjoyed the problems and discussions that went into launching our first rockets Even the political side of this book flowed smoothly and brought the story together for the reader Space tries to get all of the viewpoints of the space race while maintaining Michener s ideas and thoughts on what should have happened It is always nice to be able to look on the past to see where we went wrong This books tries to do that along the way of telling somewhat accurately what really took place Looking back on the book, I wouldn t be able to pinpoint a slow part or a chapter that I could have done without I also liked how Michener intertwined the religious perspective Ironically, we read this book just before the space shuttle Columbia burned up in the atmosphere The book did not predict this tragedy, but it did talk about the problems that took place in starting of the shuttle program and the possibility for error At times I did have problems figuring out what parts were true and which were fictional Yet, it only spurred interest to check out a textbook to see what actually occurred I was also comparing this book with the movie The Right Stuff which tells the story of the pilots who eventually became astronauts This book filled in the holes where The Right Stuff left off.

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    this is the size of what i like to call, an airplane book long enough to occupy me during the multifarious experience of air travel and a plus that i am a space aficionado, a fan, though not quite fanatic read this book because i am fascinated in the space program and the character of man in most cases that realized this impossible seeming vision a man like my father, an engineer for boeing during the apollo period, and lived at cape canaveral nee kennedy space station, and me celebrating my first birthday on 20 july 1969 with a moon landing, nearly i dream of jeanie like in timing and this, my first michner, not unlike a moon landing perhaps i was impressed by the diversity of characters, not just the hemingway s i imagined, but gays, women, koreans, blacks, addicts, defectors, nazis, and texans and lots of stars, supernovas, pulsars and astronomy in fact, a hearty amount of scientific, mechanical detail oriented description of the tech that accompanied the space race highly recommended, practically a blast for cross country, trans atlantic flights.

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    I was so involved in this book that I started Googling what has happening while I was reading it because I was astounded to have such poor knowledge about the American space program Then I figured out that two of the major missions they discussed are fictional I mean, I know that Michener writes fiction, but so much of the rest of the novel is true that I guess I thought that would be too Anyway, I wish the book had started with the disclaimer about who was fictional and who was real so that I could have not been quite so confused in the middle.I have to say that the Apollo 18 mission was so stressful that I sat in my car during my lunch breaks to see what would happen I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the religious anti science movement along with the space programs Given my current era of no global warming and general political stupidity, it was a really fascinating discussion.Absolutely recommend Time to read reflective of having to wait through a few library cycles to get the book back This is another very long one.

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    I liked this book However, THE RIGHT STUFF is a far worthwhile read on the same subject SPACE is workman like and well, plodding It s not exactly dull, but it takes its time getting anywhere.If you love science fiction not science fiction mind you books by the likes of Carl Sagan, then Space will leave you feeling blah.

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