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Twilite: A Parody (Twilite:A Parody) pdf Twilite: A Parody (Twilite:A Parody), ebook Twilite: A Parody (Twilite:A Parody), epub Twilite: A Parody (Twilite:A Parody), doc Twilite: A Parody (Twilite:A Parody), e-pub Twilite: A Parody (Twilite:A Parody), Twilite: A Parody (Twilite:A Parody) 1f58efe3b9a Love Between A Teenage Girl And A Vampire Can Be A Beautiful Thing Then Again, It Can Get A Little Ugly Just Ask Stella Crow Stella Is A Clumsy But Otherwise Ordinary Girl Whose Life Takes A Radical Turn The Moment She Meets Edweird Though Perfect On The Outside, Edweird Sullen Is Remarkably Unrefined On The Inside He Also Happens To Be A One Hundred Year Old Vampire, Trapped In The Body Of A Teenage Boy, Who Has Yet To Finish High School Nonetheless, Stella Is Unconditionally Smitten With Him But Not Everything Is Rosy In This Gloomiest Of Towns Edweird S Enemies Have Sworn To Put A Tragic End To Their Romance Against All Odds, The Bond Between Stella And Edweird Is Nearly Strong Enough For Their Love To Survive Most Love Stories Between An Impossibly Handsome Vampire And An Ungainly Young Woman Have A Magical Ending This One Not So MuchPublisher S Note May , There Was A Formatting Problem With The Previous Version Of The Book On Some Kindles For Those Who Purchased This Title And Had Problems With The Formatting, Please Download It Again The Newer Version Works On All Kindle Versions

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    I m a Twilight fan a big Twilight fan as of this date, I have read the four books of the series 8 times each but found this parody a hilarious read A lot of laugh out loud moments.

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    Die hard fans of Twilight, you might want to cover your eyes should you ever pass this book This parody is such a parody humorous or satirical mimicry Haters of Twilight will laugh until their pants fall off Stephen Jenner holds nothing back when gently poking fun this New York Times Bestseller Hell it even pokes fun of the parody So it s true, isn t it The whole lot of you vampires You crave me you yearn for me, and you can barely contain yourself from killing me that s why you love me and hate me all at the same time No human can compete with you That s why girls and women of all ages swoon all over you Hell, if someone wrote a book about you, well, it d sell a million copies the day it was released And if someone else was clever enough to write a parody you know, to provide some comic relief during these extremely difficult economic times that would probably be an even bigger seller, or at least it should be Stella when she figures out that the Sullens are vampires I hope to see you soon, certainly no later than when book number two comes out, published by the fine people at Little, Brown and Company, and read to you on audio books by Ilyana Kadushin Stella s letter to Mom aka Gargantuan Sideshow LadyAnd let s not forgot the many, many, many luscious descriptions of how hot Edward it as Stephen Jenner liked to point out His buns were forged from Bethlehem steel A hunk of coal would be transformed into a perfect diamond should they find their way between those luscious cheeks Oh, and he has perfect hair too Really nice like His blueberry eyes were gleaming down at me his French vanilla teeth peeking behind those cherry red lips his pectorals tenderly danced like ripe mangoes under his form fitting shirt I had this sudden urge for a fruit shake More fun Dang, you are one smart girl And pretty, too Scientifically speaking, I can safely say that you are pretty smart Edweird, scene in biology examining cellsThe down side to this book would be the fact that it gets stupid at the end It started out hilarious in the beginning but then died a bit then just sucked I think it may be the fact that I didn t relish the book and instead plowed through it If you by any chance read the book, stop every now and then to maintain the novelty of this book This book also needs a bit editing At one point the author calls Casper his actual name Jasper That s a big no no.Overall He knows where to hit it where it hurts.

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    If I could only have given it half a star, I would have Not deserving of a full star in my opinion In terms of parodiesthis one was just stupid and out there I thought with it being written by a single person, it would have had continuity to it, but instead it fealt like it was written by several people, possibly having seizures at the time of writing it.The language in it was inexcussableespecially considering this was a parody of a YA book that starts around the 11 13yr range Then to top it off, the cliches, pop cultural references, and endless movie tv song lyrics was just far too much I felt like I was reading someone s personal life long parody desire that only made sense to them rather than an actually well written parody that would have and certainly could have given SNL a run for their money.Bottom linedon t bother reading this oneit s a waste of your time and money If you read any parodies, give Nightlight a shot first.

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    After reading the VERY funny excerpts from this books Twilite parody.com webpage I decided to buy it Nearly wet my pants I know, not very lady like I m a little older than your typical Twilight fan but still a fan and am willing and able to laugh at this as well A lot of fun to read o

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    Really funny There are a ton of things that can be parodied in Twilight, and this book hits on a lot of them, and then some Stella s and Edweird s hike in the woods really sealed the deal for me Highly recommend.

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    For what it was an entire book parody on Twilight it was pretty funny I don t think anyone who didn t actually enjoy Twilight would like this, because a lot of it would go right over your head This author had obviously read all 4 books, and interjected a lot of small details from those in there.It got a little tiresome to read, but it did have parts that made me laugh out loud Mostly, those parts were the ridiculous writing And the I have read other books in the last few years, the I realize how badly Twilight was written It was still an entertaining story, but she can NOT write.One little snippet of the way he tried to copy that writing was this Every movement he made was graceful, like some kind of graceful animal that was moving gracefully There was also every time Stella interrupted the story for no reason to describe how perfect Edweird was.And my personal favorite, the doctor who is introduced named Smithjonesme When they question this ridiculous name, he says his mom s last name was Smith and his dad s was Jones and they couldn t decide between the two so they mashed it together Oh, and then added me at the end to make it even stupid sounding Hehehe All in all, a pretty funny book, but hard to read all in one sitting like I did without getting a little tired of the humor.

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    this book was really really stupid, but i suppose if you want to parody a book that is already full of stupid, you really have to step it up aside from the parts that were painfully dumb, it had me LOLing.

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    When I started reading Twilight, I totally loved it I didn t like the hype so much, especially around the movie I don t think it was that good So when a friend of mine said I had to read this parody, I did Well, sort of I tried to I failed It was terrible I tried to finish it, but I just couldn t That means a lot since I ve never, ever before quit reading a book while in the middle of it, even the worst books I finished But not this one It s just not funny I would recommend anyone NOT to read this Even if you DON T like Twilight, it s still not funny It s just not.

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    I have to say that I absolutely cracked up laughing reading this I read it this morning while running errands with my husband If you want a light, fun, funny read, read it Even if you love Twilight, you ll get a kick out of it.

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    This book was so stupid it was funny There were a few good puns and it served its purpose, to make fun of Twilight, but was just really dumb.

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