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❴Epub❵ ➜ The Dark Divine Author Bree Despain – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Dark Divine, meaning The Dark Divine, genre The Dark Divine, book cover The Dark Divine, flies The Dark Divine, The Dark Divine c5cf6f43b0c20 Grace Divine, Daughter Of The Local Pastor, Always Knew Something Terrible Happened The Night Daniel Kalbi Disappeared The Night She Found Her Brother Jude Collapsed On The Porch, Covered In His Own Blood But She Has No Idea What A Truly Monstrous Secret That Night HeldThe Memories Her Family Has Tried To Bury Resurface When Daniel Returns, Three Years Later, And Enrolls In Grace And Jude S High School Despite Promising Jude She Ll Stay Away, Grace Cannot Deny Her Attraction To Daniel S Shocking Artistic Abilities, His Way Of Getting Her To Look At The World From New Angles, And The Strange, Hungry Glint In His EyesThe Closer Grace Gets To Daniel, The She Jeopardizes Her Life, As Her Actions Stir Resentment In Jude And Drive Him To Embrace The Ancient Evil Daniel Unleashed That Horrific Night Grace Must Discover The Truth Behind The Boy S Dark Secretand The Cure That Can Save The Ones She Loves But She May Have To Lay Down The Ultimate Sacrifice To Do It Her Soul

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    I am not going to hide this review under a contains spoilers warning, because only a very young reader completely unaware of the current trend towards paranormal fiction or a severely mentally disabled person would not figure out the big mystery when, on page 64, Daniel barks at Grace when he invites her into his room and she makes the observation that, It looked like someone had been keeping a large dog in this closet room The door was marred by several claw like gashes like the way Daisy would leave scratches on my bedroom door when I left her home alone, only these scratches were much larger and deeper Whatever animal had been kept in here had apparently gotten out A page later, Grace remarks that Daniel looks, like a starved dog The Dark Divine is filled with growls, howls, yelps and even less subtle hints Yet our protagonist, Grace Divine, doesn t figure out the mystery until she is very blatantly told on page 236 Upon discovering being told the supernatural secret of her childhood friend and long time crush Grace rushes home and at this point, I have to interrupt to say that I would be questioning my beliefs, the world I live in, and possibly past episodes of The X Files and Coast to Coast AM But Grace, upon learning that mystical beasts do exist, simply runs home and blames herself Daniel Mr Long Time Crush told her that his, er condition is hereditary Grace is a high school junior currently enrolled in a chemistry she had to have taken biology to have gotten that far So she should understand about complicated things such as genes, yes Yet she spends the following morning crying and reflects, mostly I sobbed for what I now knew about myself.I felt like such a fraud My father told me my name meant mercy, help, and guidance But he was wrong All Grace Divine meant was blundering, meddling, disappointment Everything I touched everything I tried to help fell apart and slipped through my fingers Why did I have to press the issue, refuse to stay ignorant Why couldn t I stop myself from creating this mess If I had just stayed out of things, if I had just minded my own business for all these years, would everything be the way it used to Would Daniel still be the blondhaired boy next doorI gave up on this one a few pages after reading the above pity party Seriously, when someone tells you they have an unwanted genetic condition, what sort of person runs home and blames herself Unless of course you are the parent But if you re not the parent then how fucking self absorbed does that make you Granted, the majority of my reasons for disliking this book are personal I am much older than the target audience and as such, the surprises aren t actually surprises and the plot is incredibly formulaic As someone who spent my teen years rebelling as much as possible including rebelling against my Catholic schooling by discovering atheism I simply cannot relate the pastor s daughter and perpetual good girl Grace Divine Not only does she obey all of her parents rules, she doesn t even question them even when her parents rules are in direct conflict with what she desires Not that I m endorsing all teens to pull an Eric Cartman, but I do expect some independent thought Speaking of which, Grace is the worst excuse for a heroine since Bella Swan Actually, I believe I hate Grace a little bit than Bella Grace doesn t figure out anything for herself and frequently takes no for an answer when she questions Daniel, her dad and her brother as she blunders her way through this book My final reasons for disliking The Dark Divine are incredibly petty, but worth mentioning simply so I can get them off my chest I felt cheated by the cover Yes, I know that covers are ridiculously misleading But this one is so pretty, and a little sex ay Although I quit on page 263 out of 372 I am certain that the book will not live up to the cover The font appears to be bold and, as many others have pointed out, incredibly irritating to read.Despite the above gripes, the bottom line is that her story bugged me, so I am done.

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    Okay, I know it s dorky to add my own book to my to read list, but I was giddy about it being listed on GoodReads and I couldn t resist

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    Reviewed by Jordan B NielsenIn lieu of a traditional review of The Dark Devine by Bree Despain, I thought we d play a little game called Paranormal Teen Romance Mad Libs Our story features a girl named character name, usually containing a common noun and or adjective She s just your typical world weary teen, living in misty, woodsy, dreary weather locale , an hour outside of major metro area She isn t one of the pretty, popular girls, she s on the synonym for plain and synonym for clumsy side She has a friend who is kind of a synonym for air head In her free time, she really enjoys Photography Drawing Painting Reading circle one In spite of the fact that she s synonym for bland and synonym for self righteous and synonym for not very pretty she has pick a number than 1 perfectly nice guys who are in love with her, all of whom she distains for no good reason, when really such a synonym for dullard should be thrilled that anyone can even separate her from the wallpaper Then one day a new guy appears She is immediately drawn to him like a synonym for prey to a synonym for predator His name is select a name no one has given a child in the last 200 years Not only is he synonym for wildly attractive he s also got that synonym for dark and synonym for brooding thing going on To prove it, he drives a motorcycle While most sensible people would think he s Charles Manson Ted Kaczynski The Zodiac Killer circle one our narrator is completely enad of him, though spends pick a number than 1 chapters stubbornly insisting that she hates his gorgeous, gorgeous guts But there s to this jerk loser misanthrope recluse circle two than meets the eye he has a secret Through pick a number than 1 chapters our girl doggedly stalks this guy she claims to loathe with her head pick a place one might shove their head if they were quite stupid She tediously tries to figure out what the heck is going on, while it s plainly obvious to the reader by the abundance of werewolf claws vampire fangs angel feathers unicorn horns circle one that keep falling out of the dude s coat pocket At the point when he, and we, can t take her imbecility any, this mysterious guy breaks down and overtly explains to the girl that he is a chose a mythological creature Rather than question weather or not she was experiencing some sort of psychotic episode upon hearing this information, as anyone else would, she responds by biting her lip chewing her nails playing with her hair circle one and is generally synonym for nonplused by this improbable revelation Now in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship, the two take to nature and fly run really fast jump really high circle one through some trees, saying things like You have no idea how amazing you are Neither do we Mercifully, this gooey romp will eventually be disrupted by the symptoms of our romantic hero s paranormal affliction, resulting in shaking sweating clenching fists clenching gorgeous square jaw howling pick two So consumed is our main character by her nauseating new relationship, that she ll accidentally blow off her friend family member circle one s really super important birthday sleepover wedding child birth graduation holiday celebration funeral wake circle one which she totally promised she would go to But it s ok, because all side characters in this book are purely ornamental and seldom even given names And you shouldn t even consider thinking of her as a completely synonym for selfish word that rhymes with witch , she s just in love and you would like, totally do the same thing if it were you.But of course, in all this synonym for obsessive time they re spending together, our young lovers won t be consummating their towering inferno of feelings because he ll accidentally kill her in the process this book is completely unrealistic this book is full of sexist, puritanical overtones parents will freak out and refuse to buy it for their teens, thus hurting sales circle two But really the thought of these two getting intimate is thoroughly synonym for icky anyways, as they have about as much chemistry as a wet mop and a potato.Oh yeah And there is some sort of trouble involving a pick a scary monster , which, after a lot of synonym for hand wringing and consulting old books googling pick one will be wrapped up easily because of our guy s super human strength ability to fly general invincibility insistence by the publishers that he not die in the first book because they want to milk a franchise out of this circle one Did you get it filled out Congratulations, you are now a writer Go get yourself an agent because you re going to sell a LOT of books If you re into this sort of story, The Dark Devine will be right up your alley If you feel you got enough of it out of the 1000 pages of the Twilight Saga, I suggest you move along For reviews from The Rusty Key, visit us at www.therustykey.com

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    My GradePlot 5Setting 4Writing 5Originality 5Characters 5Passion 5Overall 29 30 96% ACover Title Bonus 4I won this ARC on Bree s blog in one of her monthly pre release celebrations for The Dark Divine I also got a bottle of matching nail polish as seen on the cover and a pedicure kit Summary Bree s website A prodigal son A dangerous love A deadly secret I stood back and watched his movements Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an instant I kicked the gravel a couple of times and worked up my courage again Tell me I mean why did you come back Why now, after all this time Grace Divine, daughter of the local pastor, always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared the night she found her brother Jude collapsed on the porch, covered in blood But she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night really held And when Daniel returns three years later, Grace can no longer deny her attraction to him, despite promising Jude she ll stay away As Grace gets closer to Daniel, her actions stir the ancient evil Daniel unleashed that horrific night Grace must discover the truth behind Jude and Daniel s dark secret and the cure that can save the ones she loves But she may have to lay down the ultimate sacrifice to do it her soul.Excerpt Bree s Website The first chapter is available to read on Bree s website It s very good PlotThe above summary does an amazing job at explaining what s going on without saying too much This book is written so well it all flows amazingly well and keeps you guessing what will happen next.There s a major artist theme going on in here too Both Grace and Daniel draw paint, him better than her, and it s a very cool common bond they share.The ending was handled wonderfully I enjoyed this entire book.SettingThe town is said to be near Apple Valley A lot happens in the art class, the parish, the Divine house and backyard and downtown.It s a fairly common setting with nothing really standing out.I particularly enjoyed the tree climbing and finding baby James the best OH And the angel memorial awesome.It s present time.WritingAmazing Seriously I can t explain how it s written but it s written very well It s not like books I ve read recently The tone is unique in a way that makes me second guess myself each page turn The details that you ll be guessing at are within reach but you don t reach them until the exact moment that Grace does LOVE THAT I hate figuring it out before the main character I had my guesses but so did Grace but neither of us knew until it was there.It s written in Grace s POV the entire time I wished I could get into Daniel s head a time or three He was very interesting and I wanted to know about him.OriginalityI knew what Daniel was when I read the first chapter on Bree s website But like I explained above Bree had me second guessing myself the entire book So, even though I d figured it out already I just didn t feel 100% confident that I really knew and that kept my interest at top notch I honestly couldn t put the book down I finished it at 2 00 am What Daniel is is easy to figure out but it gets explained very well I enjoyed the details and thought they were very original.CharactersGrace is the main character She s the daughter of the Pastor Pastor D vine She s still struggling with Daniel s disappearance from a few years prior and doesn t handle his return very well She s clearly head over heels for him and it makes her sad, angry, and heart broken.Jude is Grace s older brother He s a sweet guy, always helping others, but he s troubled by the attack from Daniel a few years prior He doesn t like or trust Daniel.Grace s Dad is cool He s all about helping others too He nearly goes mad trying to help Daniel and ultimately his entire family it seems I enjoyed his character a lot.Daniel Daniel is the black sheep of his family They abandoned him a few years back His mom choose his dad over him, only a young boy He returns to his home town looking for a fresh start.PassionThis is my favorite category but sometimes it s the hardest to review There are major sparks flying between Daniel and Grace I love that it was there in the story but it wasn t the front runner Their relationship plays a huge role in the book yet it was handled with great care I enjoyed their relationship immensely Me Beat around the bush No..OverallAmazing Awesome Superb An unexpected thrill of a ride I knew it was going to be good but it surpassed my expectations It was written so well Everything was covered and it ended well wrapped up.Cover Title BonusThe title is awesome The cover.it s beautiful and catches the eye but it doesn t represent the book very well I m not sure if I m missing something or what but I m not crazy about the cover after reading the book It s gorgeous but it lacks focus or direct representation of the story.

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    Good girl, studious protagonist checkDark, mysterious boy who is really the good guy but starts off being incredibly cruel checkUnexplained sexual tension that controls protagonist checkPerfect guy who isn t perfect checkLove triangle checkBest friend who gets protagonist to do something dangerous checkContrived plot elements to keep the reader in suspense checkI don t know why I keep reading these when this post Twilight formula for fantasy romances doesn t work for me Having said that, Despain manages to explain her fantasy elements and give good foreshadowing clues, Grace s family is actually involved in her life although I found her pastor family a little too tainted by Mormon family , I liked Grace and Daniel some of the time him than her , and the end surprised me I don t why It was obvious, but I wasn t too invested in the story at that point to think about it not the secret but the twist at the end The second half of the book kind of fell apart until the climax I had been anxious for answers in the beginning, but then Despian stretched out Grace s indecision without fleshing out her internal struggle just so she could space out vital information and race to the climax I wanted to know why Grace wasn t reading the letters I think she would have devoured I wanted to know what was going on with Jude when Grace gave up seeing Daniel for him I wanted to know about her father s plans and beliefs And I wanted to know about Daniel and what it was he wanted to tell her The climax was good, and I like said surprised me, but I wanted going into it.I m not sure what to rate it It wasn t my thing, but I can see girls who like paranormal romance really liking it and it s just as good and bad as everything else in the genre For that, I m rating 2.5 stars Just not my thing.

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    Sorry guys for totally forgetting to review this whole list of books I ve been a bit busy with school.The Gist Good girl Grace Divine cringes at name , daughter of the local pastor, has a run in with her childhood friend Daniel, now a mysterious bad boy, whom she hasn t seen in years since he disappeared and left her brother in a pool of blood Grace s brother, Jude, acts openly hostile towards Daniel and tells her his suspicions, but also starts behaving erratically As Grace and Daniel fall in love, she discovers what he d been trying to hide he comes from a line of wolf shapeshifters who are prone to temptation and corruption from their powers When gory murders are discovered in her town, Grace wants to suspect Daniel, but she has a feeling it s someone else, and they re after both her and Daniel.Genre Fantasy paranormal, werewolves, urban fantasy Maturity moderate romance, some disturbing violence, some crude language 11 New ReviewI started worrying when my edition had a Becca Fitzpatrick endorsement on the back.No wonder Fitzpatrick endorsed this book About 25% in, I realized it was basically her own novel, Hush Hush, except with werewolves instead of angels Brainless Mary Sue meets a hot jerk bad boy who seduces her while all the while I am throwing up red flags for potential sexual harassment and stalking behavior, all told in a boring, mind shredding narrative with a few grating side characters like a best friend and a cheesy villain thrown in at the end that anyone could have seen from a mile away Wow that was a long sentence The plot revolves around a lot of contrived mystery about weird murders and events in the town, when the author basically THROWS werewolf hints at us, mostly word choice clues that are SUPER awkward, ex so and so yips or barks BTW, to combat the dog references, I have added Grumpy Cat memes throughout After some religious filler from Grace s dad, a pastor, there s a lot of creepy romance, then a bunch of action that is basically Daniel saving Grace Everything else is emotionless filler, making this relatively short book a chore to slog through.The bad boy good girl dynamic seemed totally cliche to me, and included a lot of over the top corny lines that I kept cringing at Grace angsts constantly about how some family drama makes him forbidden to her It s a really long, stupid story I don t really want to talk about But of course, we all know to YA heroines, like small children, making something off limits makes it suddenly cool This trope AGAIN The bad boy good girl romance also, apparently, means to the author that Grace is conflicted that is, talks in that very dangerous YA doublespeak Giving into sexy temptation for Grace means protesting weakly when all along, she wants to do it Daniel shifted forward on the seat of his bike You coming What No, I can t I climbed onto the back of his motorcycle. p 104 This is the whole no means yes crap we get all the time in YA It s annoying girl, make up your mind and also dangerous, because it tells guys that even if a girl clearly says she is uncomfortable with doing something, she secretly wants to do it, and it is actually permission It tells girls to not speak their minds Here are some common examples of this kind of doublespeak I hate you I actually love you No, stop Yes, please Go away come hither, handsome hunk Don t touch me I m playing hard to get CharactersGrace s whole gig is squeaky clean Puritan Like, she is a legit freaking Puritan from the days of the Mayflower ankle length skirts, abhors swearing, even quotes the Bible in KJV with all the thees and thous She hates swearing so much even her narration is cleaned up in a really awkward way Pete called her something quite unfavorable under his breath. 320 Daniel told him to go do something to himself. Like, I get that Grace doesn t want to swear, but her not wanting to even think about swearing by relaying it in her narration is really annoying and obstructs the story and emotions of the other characters Well, it s not as bad as Tiger s Curse, where the MC angrily calls a guy a wily scoundrel So there s that Grace is the classic hyperinsecure girl who is ACTUALLY 100% perfect, she s just too dumb to see everyone worshiping her all the time She s pretty, supposedly smart and good at art, etc etc To make things worse, the cutest, smartest, most athletic senior on campus, Pete, is madly in love with her, but as I predicted, she stomps over his niceness to run straight to emo jerk Daniel, who doesn t even treat her like a person for about half the book until he takes a heel face turn and becomes a suddenly sweet loving model boyfriend She s also pretty mean to her friend, April, by constantly comparing her to a dog It s annoying because not only is she being mean, it s also part of the whole dropping dog werewolf hints every 5 seconds thing that Bree Despain does April was so like my old dog Daisy in that way.April s voice had a high, doglike whine to it. The way Grace compares April to a dog suggests April is dumb, blindly loyal, annoying, and clingy, and also suggests that Grace is inconsiderate and treats her so called best friend like crap.Despite Grace saying April s pretty dumb, she herself isn t exactly a genius herself For example, let s see how Grace treats medieval historical documents on loan from a foreign country I carefully turned to the last letter I d read Half of it was missing disintegrated in the hostile environment of my school bag. These are priceless, centuries old letters from the Crusades that her dad is borrowing from a freaking MUSEUM, yet Grace just casually tosses them into the bottom of her bag like they re old homework papers.Other examples of her lack of logic circuits when her brother Jude says Daniel is dangerous, Grace instinctively responds Jude has to be wrong for the sole reason that she s in love with Daniel, THEREFORE Daniel can t be evil. That s as far as her reasoning goes The things Jude said couldn t be anything but lies How could I feel the way I did about Daniel otherwise I gazed into Daniel s eyes They were deep and soft and familiar My brother had to be lying. Yes, you saw that logic gap Grace goes straight from gazing into Daniel s eyes to concluding Jude is wrong Unfortunately, dreamy eye staring isn t exactly a polygraph, no matter what stupid YA characters think.And as if to add insult to injury, all the while, she is spouting strong female lines, such as when, on page 196, she says, I m not stupid or fragile or weak, you know You tell em, Grumpy Cat Daniel isn t much better He antagonizes Grace constantly, proving 1 he s a jerk, and 2 they re gonna fall in love I felt something plink against my head Hey, Grace, Daniel stage whispered Kiss me and I ll give it back To make things worse, Daniel does stupid and creepy crap all the time to be a sexy sinner, ex jumping over a fence to hang out with Grace in a GRAVEYARD and telling Grace she has to kiss him for him to give her stuff back ew Need I say I d rather kiss a pile of steaming werewolf crap than this guy OR jumping into Grace s bedroom uninvited while she s in a bathrobe. Then, he makes a huge flip and suddenly, he s a sweet model boyfriend who is really damaged and tortured What I am it s why no one can ever love me Jude, Grace s brother, opposes Grace and Daniel s relationship, so OF COURSE he turns out to be cray cray Anyone can see that from a mile away He starts out as a jerk, then turns into a paranoid, crazy jerk It s plainly obvious that something s wrong with him, but no one seems to notice.Pete is the character I really felt bad for He starts out as a nice guy, but then, to crush all hopes of an alternate ship, the author just ALSO gives him a heel face turn and he becomes a cold unfeeling jerk and then a freaking psycho view spoiler He acts super out of character and even tries to RAPE Grace at the end of the book, probably just to highlight how saintly Daniel is Of course, between a plain jerk and a freaking RAPIST, it s no contest, but if you really need to have a RAPIST to show that Daniel is a good person, it s honestly kind of sad Also, rape is NOT a plot device to be used lightly, which Despain does there s no follow up Grace is like, hey my ex just tried to rape me, I m fine, it s all cool hide spoiler

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK Simply put, The Dark Divine exceeded all my expectations Paranormal, bad boy and ordinary girl who hasn t seen that before Well, the relationship in this story was very well done and evenly paced, and the paranormal aspect was so incredibly original and entertaining, so it felt like I was reading something completely fresh and new Bree Despain s take on werewolves which I m sure we re all familiar with is so INCREDIBLY original and actually makes sense I remember thinking, yeah, definitely Why not Bravo, Mrs Despain I especially liked the inclusion of useful, responsible parent figures I think we can all agree that parent figures in YA are frequently absent, so it was nice to have helpful parent characters Now, I do think that sometimes the Divine family was portrayed a little on the stereotypical side Grace and Jude are great characters, and I DO know boys like Jude, so no, I don t believe that he s unrealistic at all but sometimes they acted a little too contrived my cousins are children of a pastor, and they do NOT spend their free time at food pantries, nor do they discuss clothing drives Maybe they should , but But that one little mention is the only thing that I can think of to say about this book aside from the Divine family s kind of blatant portrayal, all the characters were very real, very well rounded, and easy to relate to It s always a plus to have grounded, practical characters with values and a good head on their shoulders Now Grace isn t perfect, but she is a genuinely caring person, and that made up for any lapses in judgment throughout the story Jude is a really interesting character, too At the beginning, he was a little too Richie Cunningham for me, but as the Prodigal Son scenario played out, both he and Daniel became incredibly fun to explore.Daniel and Grace s relationship was very well done It wasn t rushed, but it didn t beat around the bush it wasn t abusive, it wasn t superficial, it wasn t inappropriate Rather, I found Grace s devotion to Daniel and her ultimate willingness to help him very touching.Even though this book series really doesn t have a designated villain yet , the plot remained strong and interesting throughout, and the story was evenly paced The Dark Divine was a fast read, but that s mainly because I was so engrossed, I could not put it down I really can t praise this book enough Yes, there are religious elements in this story, but I suppose I missed the memo that decided that was a bad thing P Kidding aide, I hope that doesn t dissuade anyone from picking up TDD It is a well written, captivating, and incredibly romantic story, and I sincerely recommend it to fantasy YA lovers I d like to say thank you to Bree for the story she created, and the way in which she decided to tell it I m definitely a fan, and I eagerly look forward to her next installment

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    Three words I Loved It The pages inside are just as full of intrigue and mystery as the beautiful cover itself Wow What an awesome debut Picked this one up, and didn t put it down until I was finished Not only was there great charactizations, extraordinary writing and a infallible mystery, but the story itself was just spectacular I loved Despain s talent of weaving ideas of mythology seamlessly into the everyday world The daily struggle of Grace s life, being the person she wants to be, and being the person that everyone expects her to be as a preacher s daughter, marvelously parallels the life of the everyday teenager preacher father or not The plot was quick and engaging and the ending is completely satisfying, while leaving the possibility for a sequel without being a cliffhanger This was just a fun book to read I enjoyed reading about these characters and watching the plot unfold and the mystery ultimately revealed Like I said before awesome debut

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