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❴Read❵ ➯ Intertwined Author Gena Showalter – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Intertwined, meaning Intertwined, genre Intertwined, book cover Intertwined, flies Intertwined, Intertwined 32e48e951204e There S Something About The New Guy At Crossroads High Most Sixteen Year Olds Have Friends Aden Stone Has Four Human Souls Living Inside Him One Can Time TravelOne Can Raise The DeadOne Can Possess Another HumanOne Can Tell The FutureEveryone Thinks He S Crazy, Which Is Why He S Spent His Entire Life Shuffled Between Mental Institutions And Juvie All Of That Is About To Change, However For Months Aden Has Been Having Visions Of A Beautiful Girl A Girl Who Carries Centuries Old Secrets A Girl Who Will Either Save Him Or Destroy HimTogether They Ll Enter A Dark World Of Intrigue And Danger But Not Everyone Will Come Out Alive

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    It s unfortunate that the premise is so appealing, because, for me, INTERTWINED was an overwritten, confusing, and crowded paranormal mess Too much was implied and told directly to readers, the characters were unappealing, and the whole thing was just way too long to hold my attention.Showalter has the unfortunate penchant of telling, not showing, and making her characters take agonizingly slow paragraphs to undergo a simple thinking process Any story that relies heavily on the main characters romantic appeal must work on showing us readers the attraction and potential, instead of telling us over and over again, X couldn t resist Y Z was scared to show her feelings etc.As a staunch fan of Showalter s adult Harlequin romances, I was disappointed that she seemed to feel the need to dumb down her writing for the young adult crowd Please It s the R rated sexual thoughts and scenes that need to go, not intelligent character development Teenagers can tell the difference between an author who knows the teen voice and an author who typically writes for adults and is just trying to make his or her way into the YA genre.It goes without saying, then, that I couldn t make myself care for the characters They were self absorbed, overbearingly introverted when it came to pondering, and didn t do anything really worth mentioning So Aden attacks a werewolf, gets bullied, and wants to lavish the vampire princess So Mary Ann has a few conversations with her friend and boyfriend, and continues to hang out with the werewolf even though his monstrous presence supposedly frightens her because she never knows what s going on.By this point, a discerning reader will simply ask the important question so what Where are all of these disconnected and emotionally distant events leading up to In the end it didn t matter, because I was already tired of being narrated to like I have an IQ of 50 by a bunch of unlikable characters I put the book down.I have to give Gena and Harlequin TEEN this, though they certainly have the right idea of what story elements will appeal to today s Twilight audience Readers looking for equally emotionally tortured paranormal romances will no doubt find their way to this new line I have not read Showalter s other YA books, but unfortunately I just cannot tolerate stories that insult my intelligence and nor should I have to Next time, Gena Next time, Harlequin TEEN.

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    I haven t been able to fully read a book in weeks, I was in a big reading slump and I needed it to stop So, I tried the only thing I thought would help me out of it, I read a book by Gena Freaking Showalter And guess what IT WORKED God, I love that feeling I could not stop reading this book, I was hooked from page 1 and even Gena tried to stop me from reading INTERTWINED because she told me that this particular series has no end and I know I will be sad and mad when I actually finish it but, for now, I m just going to enjoy the ride And what a ride it was Phenomenal.INTERTWINED is like nothing I ve ever read It s so unique and cool, I loved everything about it Gena once again blew my mind, she s the best I don t read a lot of YAs but, like the WHITE RABBIT CHRONICLES, I know this series will be a favorite of mine This is the story of Aden, a not so normal teenager He s not alone in his head, that sounds bad but it actually isn t He has 4 souls trapped inside his head Eve, Caleb, Julian and Elijah Aden would be a normal human if not for them, they all have special powers, Eve can travel through time, Julian can raise the dead, Caleb can posses other bodies, and Elijah can predict the future Aden lives in foster homes and he s moved into a ranch, living with other teens In this new town he meets Mary Ann, a girl who negates his powers When he s around her, the voices inside his head disappear and they both feel a connection toward each other, a brother sister kind of love Aden knows he s supposed to meet his girlfriend soon because Elijah predicted it and he does, a girl named Veronica and her protector, Riley, arrive into town not long after him I can t tell you much because I ll reveal too much and it d just spoil the entire book for you Trust me, you want to read this amazing book and experience it spoiler free for the first time All I can tell you is that there s no love triangle, if you re a love triangle hater like me, I d like to tell you fear not friend, Gena doesn t do love triangles, you re free to enjoy this book as much as I did So, go buy it There is so much to say about INTERTWINED Like I said, this book is so different from what I m used to read, even from Gena It is Aden s story yes, but it s also Mary Ann s We get Aden s POV but Mary Ann s as well and I loved that Basically there are two love stories Aden and Victoria and Mary Ann and Riley It was just so well written, I read this book in one day and I want I loved Aden from the start, he s so lost at the beginning, he has no friends, he thinks he s weird having souls within him But he s still strong and I loved his relationship with the 4 souls Despite them being annoying and him wanting some peace and quiet sometimes, Aden still cares deeply about them and them about him I found myself caring about them as well and I cried guys I cried, I won t tell you why, but I cried I loved watching Aden growing, his character really changed in the book, in a good way He matured a lot, became stronger and it was a great thing to see.Now, Victoria I liked her but I didn t really connect with her She s a nice girl who truly cares about Aden but she wasn t my favorite character I just didn t connect with her at all.My favorite is definitely Mary Ann though I loved reading her POV, she s the most normal of them all but she s amazing, such a great friend, a strong girl who has her entire life turned upside down in one day I fell in love with her and especially Rileyoh my god, RILEY You see Cole or even Frosty from the WHITE RABBIT CHRONICLES Well, you have Riley Pure bad boy la Showalter And guys, he s not human, he s something else and I loved him so much Him and Mary Ann were so cute together, I can t wait to have of them They entered the classroom together Mary Ann took her seat in the far right row, closest to the teacher s desk Kyle Matthews had the one next to her and he was already seated As Riley had done in their first two classes, he stood in front of his desired spot and stared Stared until Kyle was shifting uncomfortably Stared until Kyle picked up his books and founds another seat That right there is who Riley is and why I fell in love with him and why you will too.And for those of you who re wondering about the kissing Once again, fear not because Gena doesn t disappoints She loves the kissing part as much as we do.The story in INTERTWINED is great, a bit complicated to explain in a review and I don t want to write any spoilers so you ll have to read the book to understand but it s amazing Gena wrote such an unique, kickass, interesting and fun book, I can t believe I haven t read it before now The story will pull you in and you won t want to get out If I had to say one little negative thing it would be that the ending was a bit abrupt and rushed I was expecting a big fight and maybe a big cliffhanger but none of that, it was good and a satisfying ending but a bit easy for me Still, I cannot wait to read the next book and the next one after that, and then cry because there won t be a fourth book I ll just have to go and threaten Gena or her dogs until she writes it That sounds like a plan

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    I enjoyed this book and have only one real complaint When a book is the start of a new series, it would be nice to know that going in, maybe put a line on the cover, first book in the exciting new series, etc That being said and a little disappointed that I have to wait until the next book to find out what happens next, I found this book a fun read with lots, and I mean lots, of surprises.This book has a little something for everyone There are humans, well, sort of, since they have special abilities, vampires, werewolves, witches, goblins, fairies, undead, demons, ghosts, and maybe others as well It keeps you guessing all the time of what will happen next I couldn t put it down once I got into it.Aden is a great character, from the moment you meet him, you hope that his life will get better He deals with what he s been given as well as he can His ability and Mary Ann s were intriguing and something new I haven t read about before I m looking forward to the next book exploring their relationship to one another What else can Mary Ann do Or Aden It did take me a bit to get used to all the voices Aden hears, but after the first few chapters, I knew who they were and could identify who was talking, etc I d recommend this for anyone who enjoy a fast paced, action packed story.

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    I loved the concept of a character with four human souls living inside his head immediately And when the book opened on him in a graveyard, accidentally raising the dead and then being forced to decapitate them, I was even excited.I was very disappointed to find Aden didn t fight any zombies through the book, but I felt the use of his other abilities incredibly interesting.Many people enjoy reading paranormal romance I can handle it, but vampires and werewolves make me cringe straight away I felt in this book, the four people inside Aden s head, with their assorted abilities of time travel, seeing the future, raising the dead and possessing others, would have had enough interesting adventures on their own, and the introduction of the vampire and werewolf love interests was done only to pull readers of Twilight When fairies, goblins and witches started to make appearances, I was a bit unsure where it would go.In spite of this, I really enjoyed Intertwined I liked the friendship between Mary Ann and Aden, as well as Aden s relationships with the people inside his head I like flawed protagonists in novels, and I felt Aden was, though Mary Ann was a bit of a Mary Sue Invented details about vampires like the fact that you can only hurt them in their eyes and ears felt a bit unnecessary, and some of the fight scenes a bit prolonged.There were a couple of things I didn t like The vampires all had typical vampire names Victoria, Dmitri , and Aden and Riley always felt the need to protect Mary Ann and Victoria, and constantly assert their manliness by threatening each other Do teenage girls find this attractive or something I don t get it Those things aside, I felt this novel was well executed Though I went What when mythical creatures started to appear, my interest didn t dwindle, the story was gripping This will inevitably appeal to readers of paranormal romance, and if that s you, it s well worth checking out I think if I were of a fan of that genre, I would have enjoyed Intertwined a lot It s already far better than Twilight for me, and really action packed Based on Intertwined, I m definitely going to check out Gena Showalter s previous YA novels.

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    DO NOT READ THIS BOOK This is one of those moments when you want to do serious bodily harm to somebody, aka just maybe the author who decides not to finish a series Book 3 released 2011 book 4 forecasted for 2017 I mean really Why aren t these things taken off the market How reader insulting Gena Showalter, go take a flying leap to a destination occupied by guerilla forces of zombie s t Needless to say, I m madly pleased with myself for bothering to look up my forthcoming bookfest, and surprise, surprise colour me gobsmacked to realise the series has stultified and taken a head dive into a black hole Pfffttt I CURSE YOU WITH A DECADE OF WRITER S BLOCK

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    Quick reviewCover I like it Rating PG 13 Thumbs Up 4Overall There is a lot going on.Characters There is a lot of them.Plot Dull at first but it picks up.Page Turner Yes, I guess Series Cont Yes Recommend MaybeBook Boyfriend RileySUMMARY 50 word or less Got this as a part of an audiable.com sale The name brand of the author had me curious In the end, it was a little better than ok The beginning of the story was interesting but stale in a way But it took off from there and captured my attention For my full review see my blog post and pick for Riley, hot ReviewJessica Almasy does an amazing job at keeping the high number of characters straight with different voice inflections I love her Julien But I have to say, I probably enjoyed this story that much because of her great narration.

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    I was about halfway through this and although I was enjoying it, I wasn t sure it was enough to continue with the rest of the series That completely changed during the second half I was suddenly drawn in and couldn t stop turning the pages Vampires, werewolves, faeries, goblins and souls trapped in a human boys body HELL YES, sign me up The second half of the book was absolutely spellbinding and action packed and has left me itching to get my hands on the rest of this series

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    Ugh What happens when you mix Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, and Cookie Crisp You guessed it, blah.Each of them alone is awesome and delicious, but when you mix all of these elements together you get a bowl of cereal that s very difficult to keep down That s my problem with this book It had just WAY too much going on The whole book managed to mix Vampires Werewolves Vlad The Impaler Faeries Teenage Pregnancy Mental Health Abandonment Peer Pressure Poor parenting Time Travel Possession and Premonitions into a 440 page book Sorry, it failed Along with that, there were so many side characters, both corporeal and non, that I lost interest as soon as the vampire was introduced, which is 1 3 of the way into the book Note to the author, this book is like a pretty girl with way too much make up on Strip a few of the layers, and you may have a credible base.

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    I think I should receive an award for reading this book, sorry Torie, but it truly was a horrid experience, every time I picked it up, I would get a headache and fell nausea.This book was never on my radar Why did I pick it up you ask A person who I actually agree with on quite a few books recommended it to me when I was on one of those no reading times It was an unwise decision from my part, since this book took me off the reading market for a long period of time.This book tried to do so much in its short span it attempted to take on quite a few important issues , and it handled it so poorly that I would have been better if this were just the story of a werewolf and a vampire in love.

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