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Shake-speares Sonnets txt Shake-speares Sonnets, text ebook Shake-speares Sonnets, adobe reader Shake-speares Sonnets, chapter 2 Shake-speares Sonnets, Shake-speares Sonnets 6384c8 Shakespeare S Sonnets Are Universally Loved And Much Quoted Throughout The World First Published In To Much Critical Acclaim, The Sonnets Has Been A Consistent Best Seller In The Arden Shakespeare Series Katherine Duncan Jones Tackles The Controversies And Mysteries Surrounding These Beautiful Poems Head On, And Explores The Issues Of Sexuality To Be Found In Them, Making This A Truly Modern Edition For Today S Readers And StudentsThis Revised Edition Has Been Updated And Corrected In The Light Of New Scholarship And Critical Thinking Since Its First Publication

About the Author: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare baptised 26 April 1564 was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world s pre eminent dramatist He is often called England s national poet and the Bard of Avon or simply The Bard His surviving works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several other poems His plays have been

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    There is very little we know about William Shakespeare, the son of a glove maker from Stratford upon Avon Oddly enough, this ordinary middle class gentleman wrote the most enthralling plays in the past and possibly the future history of literature Perhaps for this reason, Shakespeare s Sonnets, one of his rare works of straightforward poetry, have long been considered a key to its author s biography.Was Shakespeare obsessed with a Fair Youth , did he ever feel for a Dark Lady Or are the Sonnets a sort of mannerist exercise, in the style of Petrarca or Ronsard, the author of Hamlet devoted himself to, for the sheer purpose of honing his lyrical skills These questions have given rise to a rather copious amount of commentary, without providing any decisive answer.It might be the absence of dramatic pull or the ever returning subjects of the fair and foul lovers, the fickle and perishable nature of beauty, the inexorable and destructive passage of time Whatever the case may be, the Sonnets are probably, on first reading, the heaviest and most challenging work to fathom in the entire Shakespearean corpus It takes a fair amount of gnawing and chewing to start to appreciate the throbbing beauty of these poems.

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    I have thoughts about the gayness of Shakespeare s sonnets, but they re not as clear as Sandra Newman s are in

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    Sonnet 29 is a perfect example of why these poems are really not for schoolchildren When in disgrace with fortune and men s eyes I all alone beweep my outcast state Of course a teenager beweeps plenty and likely feels outcast often enough, but there is something very adult about the weary despair in the first two quatrains of this sonnet.I thought they were quite pretty, back when I was a lit major in college Now I find them entirely devastating, and contemplate which ones I d read at whose funeral.Currently, Goodreads has granted this volume four and a half stars My dear Goodreaders if you will give four and a half stars to the sonnets of William Shakespeare, what are you out there giving five stars to Always love these Arden editions.

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    I love Shakespeare, especially his sonnets But between the long winded and confusing introduction and the printing of the book in general, I did not enjoy this reread as much as I had expected I prefer Barnes and Noble s clear and to the point printing of the Sonnets As for the lover s complaint, I guess I ll just find a seperate printing In regards to the sonnets themselves, I couldn t love them As I am not scholar, I dont entirely understand the exact meaning of each and every sonnet But I love the imagery the sonnets have the beauty of clear, fresh water As I read them, I can feel forest ground beneath my feet and roses bluming in my heart.

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    Oh wow, these were beautiful Most of them I didn t understand but the language was beautfiul.I still have to film a review for this and I m just really intimidated, dear God, how am I to make sense of these I don t have the book at hand whilst writing this review but the two lines that stuck out to me the most were Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck And yet methinks I have Astronomy, Gaah it s just so beautiful But yeah, let s get this review going.There are 154 sonnets in this collection and they all tie in together As if Shakespeare was trying to tell a story or rather to show the development of love in the life of a specific young gentlemen The first 127 are adressed to that young man Shakespeare is trying to persuade him to marry and make lots and lots of babies so that the young man s beauty is immortalized in his children.I found that very interesting That this fear of ageing and getting wrinkles and a sagging body were so present in the 1600s Shakespeare really idolizes Youth and Beauty and emphasizes how important it is that those shouldn t be lost It was rather depressing.He then moves on to talk about love in general And jealousy And lust And all the messages are wrapped in complex and beautiful language that I really enjoyed reading this out loud, but most of the time their message remained hidden to me I don t like to look up interpretations and explanations when it comes to poetry because I think that poetry is a very personal matter between the poet and each reader And if I didn t get the poems on my first read through, I m perfectly fine with that Then that s how this was meant to be And I m meant to re visit this sonnets over time and maybe find reasoning in them when I m myself old and wrinkly Some of these poems were also rather meta By that I mean that Shakespeare wrote about immortalizing himself in his poems because his poems will live on and be remembered in the future when he s been dead for hundreds of years And boy, was he right I thought that was really interesting that Shakespeare intentionally tried to live on as a legend The last 28 poems are adressed to a woman This woman is clearly and object of desire and set off some hardcore BDSM vibes D Being referred to as the Dark Mistress and bringing pain to her lovers I was rather appaled But I really appreciated the last two Sonnets 153 and 154 because I think that the quintessential message of the Sonnets lays in these two and their message was rather clear Love is love is love is loveCannot be killed or swept aside

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    This book is a perfect example of how I ve been using the ratings system Everyone everywhere is agreed that the Sonnets are some of the best literature ever created Thus its rating should be off the charts it should take a small constellation of stars And yet, the little stars themselves talk about not how intrinsically good the material is, but how much the reader enjoyed it, thus making the rating system subjective rather than objective This is acceptable, in that it is the job of English departments to argue about some hypothetical objective rating system, but does get me unhappy when I necessarily give something eminently wonderful less than five stars The sonnets eminently wonderful But they are a chore Not the easiest pleasure reading, to be sure I should, by all rights, memorize about six of them.

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    These stunningly beautiful poems delineate love, time, beauty and lust in the darkest, rawest, most fluid nature Its fair to say the Bard has officially won my heart.Some favourites include sonnets 17, 18, 27, 49, 54, 55, 60, 93, 99, 130, 139, 147, 152.

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    Inner note Do NOT ever read again Shakespeare s sonnets in Spanish.

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    After I graduated high school I dated a boy from out of state and we would see each other over weekends Since we were a few hours apart, we spoke on the phone regularly and he would leave me voicemails I m well aware that I m dating myself here and what s extra shocking is we didn t text message either Gasp He wrote poetry and would regularly leave poems he wrote for me on my answering machine Cute Romantic Yuck We didn t last long I couldn t handle the mushiness To me, it feels so disingenuous I ended it when it was time to leave for college.Later in college I needed a class to satisfy my English requirements so despite my issues with mushiness I signed up to study Shakespeare Big mistake Huge I passed with a C and patted myself on the back for enduring to the end.I share these details because 1 I ve experienced being woo d via poetry and 2 I ve studied it So when I picked this up I knew what I was getting myself into However, the glutton for punishment that I am, thought perhaps I d done some maturing and could find some merit in these sonnets.Well, I didn t mature much.I m not anti romance In fact I love a good love story Even love letters But poetry just does absolutely nothing for me.That said, I ll give myself a smidgen of credit for maturing because there were two sonnets that I really did like Two Out of over 150 So that means I ve matured in my taste for poetry 1.33% Progress is progress so I ll call that a win.Peace out Shakespeare Till we meet again And, in case you re curious, the two sonnets I did enjoy are 43 and 116.

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    Wow Honestly, I will never not be in love with Shakespeare I d read mostly his plays and less of his poetry, so I decided that it was high time to change that And was I glad I did His sonnets are some of the most stunningly beautiful pieces of poetry that I ve ever read I m not kidding I want to write some of my own poetry now I want to study sonnets and read all of his other works of poetry I want to get married solely to use Sonnet 91 as my wedding vows If you re new to Shakespeare, don t fret Give yourself a little free time, some quiet, and his words will course through your body like it s your own blood In all honesty, I was a little daunted by A Lover s Complaint, since it was a lengthier poem but, I m pleased to tell you all that it was fairly easy to read and decipher So, please, if you re worried that Shakespeare is too hoity toity and upper class, don t be His works are true pieces of art that deserve to be shared with everybody.As for Kerrigan s introduction also wow I learned so much by reading the part that people normally skip He discusses the themes of Shakespeare s work love, death, Time, Will as well as places it in context to the other poems of the time He discusses some of Shakespeare s history, along with London s history, and argues for not reordering the sonnets to make them coherent All in all, this edition of Shakespeare s sonnets and A Lover s Complaint is well worth the purchase It s beautiful, academic, awe inspiring But be warned this book is best read with a highlighter or underlining tool so that you can mark your favorite passages If, you know, you re into that sort of thing.Get the full review here

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