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The Prodigal Mage explained The Prodigal Mage, review The Prodigal Mage, trailer The Prodigal Mage, box office The Prodigal Mage, analysis The Prodigal Mage, The Prodigal Mage dbc7 Many Years Have Passed Since The Last Great Mage War It Has Been A Time Of Great Change But Not All Changes Are For The Best, And Asher S World Is In Peril Once The Weather Magic That Holds Lur Safe Is Failing, And The Earth Feels Broken To Those With The Power To See Among Lur S Sorcerers, Only Asher Has The Skill To Mend The Antique Weather Map That Governs The Seasons, Keeping The Land From Being Crushed By Natural Forces Yet, When Asher Risks His Life To Meddle With These Dangerous Magics, The Crisis Is Merely Delayed, Not Averted Asher S Son Rafel Has Inherited The Father S Talents, But Has Been Forbidden To Use Them Many Died In The Last Mage War And These Abilities Aren T To Be Loosed Lightly Into The World But When Asher S Last Desperate Attempt To Repair The Damage Leaves Him On His Deathbed, Rafel S Powers May Not Be Denied For His Countrymen Are Facing Famine, Devastation, And A Rift In The Very Fabric Of Their Land

  • Hardcover
  • 503 pages
  • The Prodigal Mage
  • Karen Miller
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9780316029209

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10 thoughts on “The Prodigal Mage

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    I absolutely loved Kingmaker Kingbreaker, and I really wanted to love The Prodigal Mage as well The things I loved about the previous novels don t hold true in this book I loved Asher s character and really understood where he was coming from in The Innocent Mage and The Awakened Mage I liked his attitude and ability to set everyone straight In The Prodigal Mage he comes off as a bitter old man Asher and his wife argue and fight nonstop in this book It really bothered me When they aren t arguing with each other, they are yelling at their kids Have you ever had to sit and listen to a couple argue with themselves and yell at their kids for long periods of time If you have, I ll bet you didn t enjoy it Well that s what you are in for with The Prodigal Mage Asher doesn t want his children to use bad magic, but he won t explain to them why So of course, being kids, they do it anyway When Asher s son Rafel is told not to go into the whirlpools or over the mountains, of course he wants to It s what kids do I have to say that most of this book is arguing and debating about the same tired issues We knew the world wasn t going to be wonderful after the end of The Awakened Mage, and the problems the world faces in The Prodigal Mage are predictable Of course the two races are going to fight for supremacy and not work together Of course the people will expect the all powerful Innocent Mage to fix all of their problems in an instant Of course not everyone trusts Asher Sigh The inaction and slowness of Kingmaker Kingbreaker did not bother me at all because I loved the characters Even without the characters there was a meaningful plot I can t say the same about The Prodigal Mage The characters are all extremely grating, and there is no plot to speak of, just danger As other reviewers have said, this book is mostly setup, so don t expect any kind of conclusion here The ending was a bit too predictable to me, and feels like a repeat of the previous novels I don t think I want to continue with this series, though it pains me to say so since I really do love the world created The problems the people deal with are real, and they bicker and complain just like real people On one hand realism is nice, on the other hand if I wanted to hear people complain I would go to a city council meeting, because that s what this book feels like, one big complaint fest.

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    The Prodigal Mage is quite unique amongst fantasy novels that I ve read It is very much character driven so you should not expect a breakneck paced plot The father son relationship is central to the story and is explored quite well.Rather than facing a human villain in this story, the main antagonistic force is the land itself the weather The land is dying, poisoned by left over magic from a defeated dark lord While this may sound potentially bland, I felt the sense of impending doom as much as any other book I ve read This is also not to say that this book doesn t have it s fair share of human antagonists There is plenty of conflict here amongst people who have strong disagreements but must ultimately live together.This was my first Karen Miller book While the first of a series, it also follows on from a previous series This was not a stumbling block for me, it simply felt like I was stepping into a fully realised world with a very rich back story All I needed to know was explained, though the theology and religious beliefs of the world remained something of a mystery to me This was fine though, it just made the world feel familiar yet exotic.The world building was nicely done The focus was not on geography, or even culture, it was all about the people The inhabitants of this world had their own turns of phrase, which gave them a unique voice but without feeling clunky and unnatural In fact, the dialog was one of this book s biggest strengths It definitely brought the characters to life.In the third act, the plot headed in the direction I had been hoping for The book ended on a big cliffhanger which left me keen to get into book 2 so I can continue this adventure.

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    As a followup to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker books, this one fails on several levels Where the first two books had the strength of Asher and Gar s friendship to sustain them, there is no such emotional bond in this one.First, the book is split into two parts, I suppose according to the turning point for Lur itself, but I found it to be somewhat awkward The first part spans about 20 years The first beat establishes Rafel s burning obsession with magic and his rebellious, stubborn nature as well as Arlin s backstory, painting him as a child warped by his father s abuse and hatred for Olken There are a few emotional moments, but they are far in between Rafel, though understandable, is very unlikeable and lacks the sweetness that Asher had once he settled in his friendship with Gar and such He comes across mostly as an arrogant pup Which he is Which he is supposed to be Miller establishes interesting developments in the Olken Doranen area, with Doranen wanting to leave and Olken wanting to purge them Then there s something weird going on, Asher tries to fix it, ends up killing himself a little Fast forward 10 years, Rafel s grown up, but only in age not character, his relationship with Asher is much fraught, and they discover that Asher didn t really fix the weird thing after all Lur is threatened, people die, and everyone freaks out Pretty standard stuff and though it lacks the real emotional heft, I read on anyways.The second part is mostly Rafel and Asher quarreling and Asher quarreling with everyone else about how to save Lur And it s just pages and pages of Rafel spewing resentment and Asher trying to be a father and dealing with his own despair at being powerless to help Lur Pages and pages Rafel is no sympathetic, I would say even less so after failing to grow up after the events of the first part of the story, and though Asher is the interesting and complex of the two, the constant despair and frustration is grating Then finally, both are pushed to the breaking point and the story finally gets to the meat of it with only about 80 pages left to go And then you get to the end and it s utterly predictable.I really did not enjoy this one There was nobody to root for and it was all pretty standard quest material, so no interesting surprises there Plus, you leave Lur behind and with that the problems of the Olken and Doranen, so you don t even have the interesting racial tensions and possible genocide part I m going to read the second one to see if Miller can make Deenie a round and likeable character there s potential therebut I m not holding my breath.

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    This book didn t make me feel sympathetic or any other kind of connection with the characters to make me want to read the sequel to it All the characters seemed to be really extreme either extremely cocky, extremely arrogant, extremely stupid, extremely fragile, extremely helpless, extremely annoying or extremely ignorant There seemed to be no middle ground, no mixture, people either listened or they didn t, or they were too arrogant to even think about anything else I don t think it was realistic in terms of character.Disappointing since I had read Karen Miller s Riven Kingdom trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed them perhaps these books are far too Young Adult for my liking Possibly Kingmaker Kingbreaker should have been read first, though if Asher is anything like he is in these books in those too then I doubt that There was a lot of refrencing to those books, and fair enough, this does come after those, though it isn t necessary Perhaps Young Adult isn t the way forward, though I am still very disappointed and highly recommend the Riven Kingdom series of books, particularly if you didn t seem to enjoy these books much, either.

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    The Prodigal Mage is the first book in a duology called Fisherman s Children It s the continuation of the story from the duology Kingmaker, Kingbreaker Basically, this is book three The story picks up 10 years after book two as we meet Asher s children and learn that the Kingdom of Lur is in trouble again This book has A LOT action than the Innocent Mage, and is also much darker I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how life has progressed in Lur since the last book ended and got sucked into the story I did really miss some of the characters that died in the last book though Similar to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, The Prodigal Mage is just the beginning of a new adventure and ends with a huge cliffhanger, meaning you have to read the next book the Reluctant Mage to see how it ends I can t wait to do so

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    Where are the women in this book Even when the author is female it is most of the time a male dominated world with marginal roles for the women why do the women in fantasyworlds keep on wearing long dresses as if they live in OUR past Okay it is mostly set in a kind of medievel world But I have sometimes the feeling that Tolkien made a template and every new writer fills it with his or her own story and forgets that we live in the 21th century but this aside Even Danthe is just on the side, arguing, crying and pleading but not contributing The daughter is even less there, and is a weeping girl who is too sensitive for her own good.I understand she grows in a strong character in the next book so I wait and see Don t get me wrong, I like Asher but I liked him in the first series The son I can understand but do I feel for him Not really I am sorry to say.

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    Goodness gracious, I finally finished this I honestly don t have time to review this now but will try to write something for the next book in the series It was quite good, but if this is your first K Miller book you d probably think it was terrible What I know about her is she pretty much just builds characters in book one, then the plot takes off Her writing style is absolutely unique, amazing voice, good job Karen

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    Karen Miller is a popular fantasy author from Australia Apparently she has written quite a few novel down under but only a few, recent ones have made past our borders The Prodigal Mage is the first book in one of her new series and I thought it was quite good.But I m not really sure whether or not it was much better than just quite good There are a few things that I really liked, mostly about the writing style, and other things that weren t so exciting.Here s what I really liked The speech that is used for each character and the development through that speech This is quite an impressive feat The story follows a few different characters, but the main ones start out as children and develop into adults by the end of the book She not only makes this happen through descriptions and good character development, but also by starting the voice of the children appropriately to the age They mess up sentences, they have a hard time pronouncing everything, and they are meek and compliant to their parents and other adults As the story develops and they get older, their language grows with them The childish aspects of how they act and how they think become and acute and intelligent The process by which Karen does this is actually very impressive High props to her for that The relationship between characters is deep, passionate and real This book is about family People may not really catch that as they read through it, but that s an aspect that I picked up right away and it made me happy when I read about those things Yes, I said happy for lack of a better, descriptive word Of course, this isn t a perfect family and a large part of the story deals with the values of trust that come along with family Values that might not seem so common to all individuals these days There are times when we are ready to give up on loved ones, but even through the secrets and the mistakes we tag along on the journey of life and do our best This was very well depicted in The Prodigal Mage There was never really a villain I mean sure, there are annoying people and there are taints left from an old villain But for the longest time, there is no Sauron no Darth Vader it s man vs a collapsing world Even though this might seem at times to take away from the entertaining aspect of the world that Karen has created, I believe that it has set the stage for a different type of character development from what we are use to seeing in other novels of the genre If you read this book, I think you might agree that it has set a good stage for the upcoming volumes of the series.A couple downers It is pretty slow A lot of internal character development in this book and that means that not as much is happening in outer world events It s a sacrifice she had to make for the characters and I think that in the long run it will pay off The downside is that you actually need to get through this book to keep interest for the next ones If her readers are bored with volume one, she might lose potential fans before the second one is out The magical elements of the world she created were really interesting, but she didn t play with them enough I was hoping she would find ways to put of the different powers into play, but she never did That was a bummer and only added to the overall slow pace of the entire work.The Prodigal Mage is a fun read It s pretty simple and the language is very well put together Despite the couple swear words here and there, it is a fairly mild book compared to some of her others, but I m getting the impression that this will change in the following volumes I d recommend this one to anybody who is in the mood for a bit of a psychological fantasy novel if there is such a thing if you re looking for fights and dragons and wars, you ll have to look somewhere else.

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    Book three of the Innocent Mage series introduces us to the next geneneration of mages Opening some 8 10 years after the defeat of Morg, Asher is now a leader in the kingdom a republic than a kingdom now , with wife and children This story focuses on the evolution of Asher s son as a mage in his own right, with the parallel and forumlaic backstory of father and son conflict The son who wants to use and flaunt his power, vs the older and wiser father who seeks to suppress him The overall story shows promise, with new protagonists, conflict and the still unanswered questions of what s beyond Barl s Wall Book three is an okay story, in an okay series, with an okay plot and okay writing The premise continues to be solid, and overall not a disappointing read, but I still struggle with the author s writing style Do we really need to create and overuse new words and slang for every character to emphasize they live somewhere else After the first 100 pages I found these language gimmicks distracting to the read, than helpful to the story apparently fratched can be substituted for angry, frutstated, vexed, pissed, worried, upset or confused, and so we see the word at least once on every page Also, as has been my complaint with the prior two books, the same story could have been told with 50 100 less pages The extra length did not seem to add depth or substance, and just made an overall good read, a bit of a chore, when not supported by a storyline of sufficient engrossing depth.

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    I would not say that this series can be read just like this You will not get the entire back story Sure you could enjoy it, but you really should read the series that takes place 10 years before And the prequel that explains why all these people are in trouble anyway.But anyway this book 10 years ago they saved Lur and got rid of Morg The Olken and Doranen are now equals before the Doranen were the Lords and if the Olken used magic they got killed Asher the hero from the previous series is married with 2 kids He is a stubborn mule as always The Olken and Doranen still bicker and are idiots The country is not saved after all and after 600 years of magic hitting it the world is falling apart.That is our story Can Lur be saved Is the rest of the world dead Will anyone be left standing, cos honestly this world is going to hell Some people just should not be allowed to have magic.People argue, whine and are idiots Still it s nice old school fantasy I do wonder how it will play out.But yes, I do think the books should be read in order.

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