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[PDF / Epub] ❤ The Hourglass Door ✅ Lisa Mangum – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Hourglass Door, meaning The Hourglass Door, genre The Hourglass Door, book cover The Hourglass Door, flies The Hourglass Door, The Hourglass Door 1f43e6622f22b His Past Her Future Can Love Bring Them Together In Time Abby S Senior Year Of High School Is Textbook Perfect, Until She Meets Dante Alexander, A Foreign Exchange Student From Italy Time Behaves Differently When They Are Together Too Fast Or Slow Or Seeming To Stop When The Band Zero Hour Performs At The Local Hangout, They Have A Bizarre Influence Over Their Audience, And Abby S Best Friend, Valerie, Is Caught In Their Snare Dante Helped Leonardo Da Vinci Build A Time Machine, Then Was Sent Years Into The Future As Punishment When Falsely Accused Of Being A Traitor As Past And Present Collide, Abby Learns She Holds A Special Power Over Time Itself

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    Average teen drawn to mysterious, beautiful, dangerous guy who just happens to be basically immortal sound familiar This read very much like Twilight especially in the beginning but I was pleased to find that a the characters weren t annoying oops sorry Twilight fans and b the storyline was better, smarter what do you expect with all the references to Shakespeare and Dante s Inferno And it probably says something that I could hardly put this book down, even from the first page Totally readable and very well written loved the word choice throughout, but wow, the prologue was downright lyrical.My complaints Hopefully this isn t too much of a spoiler but seriously, the book is called The Hourglass Door this book deals with time travel and any stories with time travel in them leave me with the feeling that my brain s going to explode trying to contemplate the paradoxes associated with it And secondly and this was a beef I had with Twilight, too , what s with all the teenage girls going for the dangerous guys And what s with all the kissing Yeah, I am so not a teenage girl, am I Also, a warning you are going to want to pick up the sequel immediately after reading this, and you won t be able to get it until summer 2010 Where s that time machine when you need it

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    I m not a big romance fan, but this sci fi fantasy story of two teenage lovers caught up in the tangled web of time travel, was totally far out Although there were few plot gaps, I loved this novel all the same.

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    While the plot was intriguing and kept me interested in reading to find out what happens, the character development was poor and I was not emotionally attached to any of the characters I m not even sure what the main character looked like really.

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    SECOND READ 6 25 11Re reading before starting the last book in the trilogy There was so much in this part of the story that I forgot about And it was fun to catch little bits that I missed the first time around, especially now that I know a bit about the story and can pick out hints and clues and understand things that Abby didn t yet Now on to THE GOLDEN SPIRAL FIRST READ 8 9 09Wow WOW I really liked this book dare I say that I LOVED it The beginning was a bit slow, so I guess I can t quite go that far It wasn t boring, it just took a while to introduce everyone and get the story set up But because of the prologue I was very intrigued to keep going I was sufficiently hooked by Page 100 thanks to a wonderful 1 hour pedicure , deeply invested by Page 200, and completely unable to put the book down by Page 300 I know there are no new stories to be told, but this one felt very fresh and unique I ve been reading A LOT of YA and I just haven t come across a story mythos quite like this one yet I don t even know how to describe it urban fantasy historical sci fi paranormal contemporary I can t wait for the next 2 books in the series to know how the story ends Dante Abby are fantastic This book definitely ends on a cliff hanger, so be warned.If you ve read this book I d love to know what you think of the prologue did you re read it after finishing the book I have some ideas on what some of it might mean but I won t write my ideas here yet.

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    I absolutely loved The Hourglass Door This is, obviously, the first novel I ve ever read by Lisa Mangum and I don t hesitate to say that she, along with many others, has a beautiful talent Her writing it wonderful Although she started the book with the writing style that I typically try to stay away from, I was instantly captivated I had been told that this particular writing style could be quite effective when used correctly and add emphasis to a story This is the first time I ve ever found that to be true Lisa Mangum has crafted a beautifully, unforgettable novel full of love and mystery.This is easily one of my favorite books The plot was wonderfully balanced between action, mystery, and love There were times when she d begin to reveal something and you d be able to guess exactly what it was, but only moments before you read the revelation a few lines later I found that so.smart Instead of leaving the reader wondering the whole time, she d bring something up and just as you guess what the answer is, boom You read it I don t know if she did that to play to her strengths or not but I think it was smart.I really enjoyed reading how Abby and Dante fall in love For the first 200 pages or so, he comes so close but pulls away from Abby You can literally feel how close they are to falling in love The final moment is kept tantalizingly close yet so far at the same time It was beautifully done This is possibly by far, the best romance novel I ve ever read.

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    To be very honest with you all, I had to force my way through this book The book just took too long to get going I was than halfway through it before I thought to myself what is supposed to be happening here Here s a breakdown of some of the good, the bad, and the ugly The Bad Like I said before, it took way too long to get going For a paranormal sci fi book, there was too much time spent on our main character s Abby normal life I wanted to read a book about time travel, not about random teenagers Also, I had no emotional connections to the characters I never felt bad for the one character that goes insane I didn t hate the bad guys or feel sorry for the good ones Altogether, I just couldn t relate to the characters and therefore, felt no investment in their lives The Good I would say that the only saving grace for this novel is the main male character, Dante His old school way of speaking, interesting personality and romantic nature are the only reason I kept reading this novel Still, as much as I wanted to fall in love with him, it just wasn t there for me The Ugly Lisa Mangum s way of writing is filled with an insane amount of similes that not only distract you from the story, but don t really help in the actual descriptions A smile can only be as full as blushing rosebuds or eyes can only be staring into you like dandelions in the wind before enough is enough Now, I know that there are many people who really enjoyed this book I m happy that you found it entertaining and fun, but as for me this book just didn t cut it I also understand that there are other books out there that don t have the best writing ahemTwilight , but at least those books have such a great story line, that you don t even think about the writing The story in The Hourglass Door just wasn t great enough for me to overlook the writing or the slow storyline.

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    The Hourglass Door is a really amazing book Mangum has a really beautiful way of writing, flowing like, with beautiful imagery and choice of words it was magical The plot is so intricate, every little detail thought out perfectly Her plot and base to the story was well thought out It just kind of befuddles me Not her writing, but the concept itself Time is interesting, and trying to explain what time is and how it works is a hard feat But Lisa Mangum does so with an amazing ability She explains thoroughly the concept of time and how it works, and instead of leaving me utterly confused and making my brain hurt from trying to understand it all, I felt like it s real, and completely believable, and makes me anxious to learn about it The way she writes and explains things flow together in a slow harmonized effect that wrapped around me, and held me in a peaceful, blissful, captivation A beautiful, brilliant read.

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    I read this book incredibly fast, but unfortunately it was because I was taking the quick like a band aid approach to finishing it I thought the internal dialogue of the main character was juvenile and obnoxious The plot was bizarre, and not even the romance was enough to keep me entertained I m usually very easy to please when it comes to wanting to read a mindless entertainment book, but this fell so short that I will not be reading the sequels.

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    Okay, so I had been told that this one was going to be the next big Twilight Please, please, please do not allow yourself to make comparisons if you want to enjoy this book I am sure that particular spurious rumor originated from the coincidence that one of the main characters is a handsome seemingly 17 year old boy who is actually several hundred years old and immortal oh, and by the way, he might harm the mortal girl he loves if he is not careful around her I ll admit, it sounds a little too familiar Aside from this obvious connection, most of the storyline is quite original and has to do with time travel than vampires In fact, there is not a single vampire appearance in the book I could tell from the first page of the prologue that I would enjoy the writer s sense of humor However, I was a little worried at the choppy and disjointed flow in the prologue This is quickly overcome in the first chapter The story is quickly paced and engaging The emotions are a little over the top and melodramatic at times even the main guy gets a little overly sulky at times But, hey, it s teenagers I even overcame my annoyance with the sarcastic banter between teenage friends which was all too realistic.I have to admit that I generally do not like stories that make me want the main character to ditch her current established relationship for a suddenly new, hot exotic guy in town And since this one starts off that way, I had to make myself keep reading with hope that the resolution would be acceptable And for me, it was The new, exotic guy would have been appealing to me if I had not watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie with my kids The seemingly sincere, Italian, romantic heartthrob was many times revolting to me because of my predisposed loathing for that type of character But, I think most readers would probably just swoon over him without reserve.I generally liked the author s style of writing with her continual descriptive metaphors However, despite how impressed I was at the imagery, at times there were so many metaphors that they seemed superfluous and actually slowed the pace of the plot I also occasionally came across passages that had unclear innuendo and found myself rereading pages several times before things clicked Although most of what makes this book captivating is its mysticism, I found the explanation too drawn out There are small clues along the way that seemed intentionally vague perhaps to encourage foreshadowing I longed for answers to why the mysterious guy from the past was there, how the band members controlled people, exactly how the time warp works, and why it is that touching Abby in the beginning freezes her time but doesn t later These are not revealed in detail until the end and could have been exposed earlier without distracting from the action of the plot.The ending was agonizing and did not turn out exactly how I had hoped However, book two seems to imply that the issues I had with the ending will be resolved eventually Overall, this was an enjoyable, worthwhile read I give it 3 1 2 stars.

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    Decent debut effort w room for In Lisa Magnum s debut novel, The Hourglass Door, Abby is in her final year of high school with everything in place a dependable boyfriend, two best friends, and an assistant director position for the school play Inside, though, she s itching for After alluring Italian exchange student Dante walks into her life, things begin to change Time stops, literally, when Abby is with Dante, and he has many secrets days long disappearances, gloves around his wrists all the time that may put both of them in mortal danger Magnum s writing was easily readable, and the story centers on an original concept for a paranormal romance that includes historical and inventive components no wolves, vampires, zombies, or fallen angels here The story arc was interesting, and pacing was pretty good The first half of the book depicts a strong net of family and supportive characters for the main character, Abby, which is often not seen in other books However, character development wasn t nearly as strong The two main characters, Abby and Dante, were likeable, but I didn t love them or their romance The familiar set up of a good girl being drawn to a threatening guy was similar to almost all other paranormal romances Side characters seemed like caricatures after the first half of the book, and character inconsistencies in behavior cropped up In the writing, some phrases and descriptions became noticeably repetitive Though the language and actions in the book were very clean, which many people may like, the characters dialogue sometimes suffered for it by seeming fake Despite these clean parameters, there s also one action between a student and a teacher that I couldn t believe could happen without repercussions Some inconsistencies or unexplained portions of the supernatural events and their mythology provided plot holes The ending was fairly conclusive, but there was an obvious set up for a sequel, which left things feeling somewhat unfinished In all, this was a decent debut novel from Magnum with a unique concept for a typical young adult paranormal romance Though I didn t think about the book much after I closed the cover, I plan to check out the sequel, The Golden Spiral Book 2 in the Hourglass Door Trilogy , when it comes to the library I d like to see where Magnum takes the mythology and the relationships between Abby, Dante, and the other characters.

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