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Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave txt Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave, text ebook Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave, adobe reader Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave, chapter 2 Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave, Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave c6e848 Translated By Barbara Brayfrom The French Version Of The Albanianby Jusuf VrioniAt The Heart Of The Sultan S Vast Empire Stands The Mysterious Palace Of Dreams Inside, The Dreams Of Every Citizen Are Collected, Sorted And Interpreted In Order To Identify The Master Dreams That Will Provide The Clues To The Empire S Destiny And That Of Its Monarch An Entire Nation S Consciousness Is Thus Meticulously Laid Bare And At The Mercy Of Its Government The Palace Of Dreams Is Kadare S Macabre Vision Of Tyranny And Oppression, And Was Banned Upon Publication In Albania In

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Ismail Kadare also spelled Kadar is an Albanian novelist and poet He has been a leading literary figure in Albania since the 1960s He focused on short stories until the publication of his first novel, The General of the Dead Army In 1996 he became a lifetime member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences of France In 1992, he was awarded the Prix mondial Cino Del Duca in 2005, he wo

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    Mark Alem pressed on, his mouth dry despite his attempts to reassure himself After all, what did it really matter if he did get lost He wasn t on some vast plain or in a forest He was merely inside the Palace But still the thought of getting lost terrified him How would he get through the night amid all these walls, these rooms, these cellars full of dreams and wild imaginings He d rather be on a frozen plain or in a forest infested with wolves Yes, a thousand times rather He hurried on faster How long had he been walking now Suddenly he thought he hear a noise in the distance Perhaps it s only an illusion, he told himself Then, after a little while, the sound of voices burst out again, clearly this time, though he still couldn t tell what direction it came from.He went down another two or three steps and found himself in another corridor, which he deduced must be on the ground floor The sound of voices faded for a few moments, then returned, nearerMark Alem was practically running by now, his eyes fixed on the end of the corridor, where a faint square of light came in from outside Please, God let it be the back door An empty, seemingly endless hallway can give a person a sense of disassociation.There are no signs directing people in the proper directions at the Palace of Dreams Mark Alem finds himself lost not only in the corridors of the Palace, but also in the hour upon hour day to day work of selecting and interpreting dreams He is descended from a prominent family called the Quprilis They have contributed generations of powerful men to the Balkan Empire For nearly four hundred years the Quprilis had seemed fated equally to glory and to misfortune If its chronicles included great dignitaries, secretaries of state, governors, and prime ministers, they also told how just as many members of the family had been imprisoned or decapitated or had simply vanished There are very few powerful families in the history of humanity that have not found themselves on the losing side of a power struggle at one point or at several points in history After a few messy decapitations or quarterings these families eventually rise from the ashes sometimes those ashes are relatives and find that eventually the state has need of their services again Now Mark Alem s mother is a Quprilis which means it is not evident immediately to the people he meets that he is related to that family He is timid enough that he does not offer that information readily Of course when he is summoned to the Palace of Dreams to be offered a position they are very aware of who he is.He is assured he is the right sort of man.Instead of starting at the bottom he starts in the middle of the hierarchy He moves up so quickly he barely has time to settle into one job before he is sent on to the next one Given the nature of the job which is to select dreams and interpret those dreams with the most important ones being sent to the Sultan to help him make decisions about the course of action he will take in running the empire you would think there would be a long and arduous training regime There is not, at least not for Mark Alem, but as the plot advances we start to get inklings that he is a pawn in a much bigger, much dangerous game He is absolutely oblivious He is paranoid and nervous, but doesn t know exactly what he should be paranoid and nervous about He is too worried about his workload and whether his interpretations of these dreams are correct He wears out erasures writing what he thinks and then becoming paralyzed with doubt as to how his superiors would interpret his thoughts Like any good bureaucrat he finds it is much safer to stifle any creativity and pass along the most bland, safest interpretations of the dreams he finds in his folder Not that they need a reason to separate your head from your body, but certainly try not to hand it to them on a silver platter The empire is ruled by dreams Every dream, no matter how mundane, is required to be written down by every citizen in the realm I think it only seems reasonable that if I were to have a steamy dream say about my neighbor s wife that I would make a few changes like say make it two horses in a pasture or really spice it up and have a pig with a goat My luck somehow that would mean I was secretly plotting the downfall of the empire These dreams are collected and hauled to the Palace of Dreams where they start the cycle of elimination of those dreams that are deemed worthless or fabricated mine and those that are thought to be important are pushed up the chain for further interpretation As Mark Alem wanders around his work, usually trying to find a door and usually on the wrong floor to find it, he discovers that sometimes the dreamers are brought in for further questioning about a dream they submitted The questioning must be rigorous because sometimes those dreamers leave in a black coffin You re not paranoid if actually there are reasons to be paranoid.There is no sex in this book, barely a hint of desire There is one moment where he passes a house where he knows two pretty sisters live and Mark Alem might have felt a twitch or tingle, but other than that it seems as if the terror of his daily life is all consuming There is talk at the end of the book of an arranged married, but Mark Alem is about as interested in the details as he is in catalogued Elephant stool samples Ismail Kadare was in Albanian politics during the communist rule in the 1970s He wrote a satirical poem in 1975 that came to the attention of the government and he was punished by not being able to publish for three years In 1977 he publishes a book called The Great Winter that is flattering to Enver Hoxha, the Communist leader of Albania Kadare later said that the book was the price of his freedom In 1980 when the Palace of Dreams is published the book is immediately banned Not a big surprise, dictatorships tend to not appreciate books that are Orwellian or Kafkaesque in nature It seems to me that Kadare was fairly politically astute He managed to be critical without getting himself killed It also helps to be Albania s most celebrated writer In 1990 he applied for asylum in France Ismail Kadare dissident against a dictatorship or did he collude to survive Both I do believe and brilliantly in my opinion.This book is the English translation of the French translation of the Albanian version Yeah, I know, scary isn t it I don t read Albanian and I unfortunately do not read French so I have no clue how much this story has been sifted and strained and blended and fluffed I will say after I got over my initial shock at what the publishers had done to me, I mean seriously the publisher couldn t find an Albanian intellectual that has a solid command of English I found myself as nervous, paranoid, and as frustrated as Mark Alem in trying to figure out what really was going on This book is certainly a blatant condemnation of the Albanian government trying to control everything, granted they couldn t figure out how to control their subject s dreams, but if they could have they would This is must read for those fans of Franz Kafka and George Orwell.If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    I wonder why so few people have read this novel, because it s quite amazing I can t say that it s completely original, because it reminded me of Kafka The Castle and Saramago All the Names , but imagining an institution where people s dreams are analyzed That is a brilliant idea, masterfully developed by Ismail Kadar.Mark Alem comes from a powerful Albanian family, the Quiprili K pr l , and his relatives decide that he should apply for a job at one of the most influential institutions of the Ottoman Empire Tabir Saray, the Palace of Dreams Thus he begins his ascent to the top, although fearful and confused, never fully aware of what he is supposed to do In this huge machinery of control, the dreams from all over the empire are gathered, sorted and analysed, in order to choose one Master Dream that is presented each Friday to the Sultan Dreams are believed to foretell important political events, thus being of utmost importance to the Empire.We follow Mark Alem s journey through the mysterious Palace of Dreams, with its nightmarish passages where he usually gets lost, with the thousands of dreams stacked away in its huge underground archive, with the kafkian beaurocracy and the strange happenings that make people paranoid Without realising, Mark Alem becomes an active part in the events that will unfold in the story, bringing misfortune to his family.Absorbed in the world of dreams, Mark Alem comes to believe that this is the real world, powerful and vivid, while the reality outside gradually becomes gray, dull and less and less attractive He gets and isolated, his relatives remaining his only connection to the earthly world He seems oblivious to any romantic relationship and the only mention of a possible wife comes from his uncles, but we don t ever get to know the girl The lack of a sexual dimension makes the character a bit too flat, but contributes to his total immersion in the fantastic world of dreams, a sort of hell that Ismail Kadar wanted to create in his novel.

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    Mark Alem, integrante de la poderosa familia Qyprilli, ingresa a trabajar al Palacio de los sue os, organismo que estudia los sue os de todos los ciudadanos del Imperio Otomano, para descubrir augurios para el Estado Padece atrapado en laberintos interminables, perdido por los pasillos del edificio, o en su tarea de estudio de los sue os todo parece disparatado, pero lo angustia saber que tiene un sentido que se le escapa M s all de la met fora sobre el filoso sistema de vigilancia de los Estados totalitarios, la novela destaca por su calidad literaria, con momentos de atm sfera kafkianas.

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    Upravo sam poku ala da itam ovo srpsko izdanje Da, poku ala, i odustala Mislila sam u pitanju je prevodilac po etnik Na alost, u pitanju je prevodilac koji je o evidno upropastio ve dosta knjiga albanskih autora na podru ju Jugoslavije Dobar lektor bi ubla io tetu i malo popeglao tekst da makar mo e da se ita Bruka i sramota za Samizdat Ve kod druge re enice sam se zagrcnula po teno Preostaje mi da se do epam ovog autora u engleskom ili francuskom prevodu pa da u ivam k ovek u itanju Odavno ne naleteh na ovakvu kr kombinaciju prevoda i lekture

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    Surrealista y visual Mi primer libro de Kadar , un libro corto para la lectura lenta Lo ten a hace un tiempo en mi e reader y ya no recordaba porqu lo ten a entre mis pendientes Una noche, con nimo de recibir sorpresas me decant por esta novela, que con ese t tulo era dif cil no fijarse en ella El planteamiento es atrevido El escritor nos sit a en Albania, la cual a su vez pertenece a un imperio de 40 nacionalidades siendo como un boceto del imperio otomano , hay gente de todas las razas, credos y posici n econ mica El protagonista es Mark Alem, un muchacho de 28 a os perteneciente a la influyente y acaudalada familia Qyprille Mark Alem, apadrinado por su poderoso tio El Visir, entra a trabajar en uno de los m s importantes, sino el m s, rganos de control y seguridad, el Tabir Sarai en donde, gracias a las oficinas de recepci n, archivo, selecci n e interpretaci n, son recaudados y monitoreados los sue os de los ciudadanos, con el objeto de mantener la seguridad del estado.La realidad en la que Kadar ha puesto sus escenas me ha producido una sensaci n de despersonalizaci n Kadar crea una realidad con elementos irreales que desfilan como fantasmas de otros tiempos del pasado y del futuro, dejando vaguedad en el tiempo presente Esto por la presentaci n de imperios, de carruajes o sultanes, contrastados por la manifestaci n de otras naciones, de la vestimenta y del aparato, que imaginamos, es el estado Y ese estado de extra eza, el autor me lo sigue alimentando con la atmosfera y el protagonista, y el car cter on rico de la novela Hay un narrador, que nos gu a a trav s de la perspectiva de Mark Alem sin embargo, Mark Alem, no es un personaje con el que el lector intime, compagine o se identifique, es un personaje plano, lo cual aleja o produce indiferencia, lejan a El entorno del protagonista es el que maneja el transcurrir del tiempo en la novela y el clima de la misma Es un tiempo lento, el entorno es g lido, es un espacio pintado con la paleta de colores de Salvador Dal instant neamente se me vino a la cabeza Sue o causado por el vuelo de una abeja alrededor de una granada un segundo antes de despertar La realidad del palacio de los sue os se mece entre la levedad y la inercia, al menos as la sent yo M s all del t tulo y del tema del libro, el onirismo es omnipresente es imposible no caer en fascinaci n con algunos sue os que se le cuentan al lector Un gato negro con la luna entre los dientes corr a perseguido por la multitud, dejando en su huida el rastro sangriento del cuerpo celeste desgarrado Hasta aqu , es evidente el se alamiento a los gobiernos totalitaristas Un estado policial omnipotente y omnipresente, que busca escudri ar hasta en el m s apartado e ntimo rinc n del subconsciente del individuo Como est planteada la novela, la primera relaci n que establecemos con los so adores es como si el estado estuviera buscando un or culo de Delfos, o al menos eso esa es la excusa Sin embargo, la transgresi n de los sue os para m va m s dirigido a reprimirlos, porque la posibilidad de realizar los sue os hace libre a los individuos, y lo que quiere el estado son esclavos No existe pasi n o pensamiento mal fico, adversidad o cat strofe, rebeli n o crimen, que no proyecte su sombra en los sue os antes de materializarse en el mundo El Palacio de los Sue os, fue publicada en 1981 y vetada en este mismo a o en Albania, cuando a n era gobernada por el comunismo Viniendo Ismail Kadar de una familia con militantes comunistas, se ha se alado a Kadar como un comunista desencantado Hay muchas cosas que se me escapan, es evidente en el libro m s alusiones a Albania, y que no alcanzo a abordar por desconocimiento de la historia y la actualidad de este pa s.El Palacio de los Sue os para mi represent un ejercicio literario Es mi primer vistazo a Ismail Kadar y ahora entiendo porqu suele estar en la baza de los premios Nobel, este libro ya es un cl sico Me gusta eso que dice Carlos Ruiz Zaf n Conserva tus sue os, nunca sabes cu ndo te har n falta

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    The Palace of Dream, by Ismail KadareIf Kafka s The Castle and Orwell s 1984 got freaky with it and had a baby the result would be Kadare s The Palace of Dreams Karade is an Albanian and I would argue that the Palace of Dreams belongs to the long and productive tradition of subversive communist literature that cleverly disguises its critique in a novel about the fantastic Karade s subversion isn t so disguised it kind of hits in the face, but he s Albanian and not a Russian and he lives in France, but the novel is of this type The Palace of Dreams is a monolithic government agency that feels like it comes out of Orwell or the movie Brazil The agency s mission is to gather and interpret the dreams of all the citizens The protagonist, Mark Alem, gets assigned to a mid level position in Selection The job of Selection is to to choose the dreams that are worthy of Interpretation from those that are garbage Mark Alem starts at a mid level position because his family is second in the land only to the Sultan the book is set in the Ottoman Empire, but this time period is of little consequence The Palace itself feels like Kafka s The Castle It is a labyrinth in which Mark Alem is constantly lost and he winds up turning corners to find himself face to face with busy bureaucrats and big desks As he spends his time in Selection of the Palace is revealed It is by design mysterious Everyone works at their position but few know to what end It is revealed to him that there is a Master Dream that is of interest to the Sultan The Master Dream has something to do with major political events, such as assassinations and wars and has existed and interpreted for hundreds of years After of the Palace is revealed, Mark Alem goes to work one day and finds himself promoted into the division of Interpretation In Interpretation he reads several dreams and in particular one he choose earlier from Selection to be interpreted Little of the dream is discussed, but it has to do with a bridge, a raging bull, and a fire In a nut shell, the story follows the life of Mark Alem as a bureaucrat in the Palace He works, he has coffee breaks, he files papers, and he discusses his work with his family despite the fact that he is supposed to be secretive Underlying the Palace and the prose is a tension Everyone works, but because they do not know to what end and because they are forced to be secretive, everyone is paranoid and second guesses their selections and interpretations Then one day it all changes His family is raided by the secret Police Their servants are killed and his Uncle is arrested Mark Alem feels his family may know why, but he is left in the dark He goes to work the next day and the Palace is a buzz in whispered gossip The bureaucrats all talk of what happened to Mark Alem s family The next day there is retaliation Mark Alem s family, second in the nation, has retaliated in assignations and political moves Mark Alem finds him again promoted, but his time into a directors position As a director he has the access to research what has happened He discovers that the dream he Selected and Interpreted was a part of the Master Dream and predicted a power struggle between his family and the Sultan His family would gain power at the cost of his Uncle s life Mark Alem wonders if he were planted by his family to Select and Interpret the Master Dream He wonders if it was a coincidence that he is now a man in power or that if he were set up to be handed the Master Dream and raised to Interpret it as such He wonders and he waits, for he knows one day the secret police will come and take him Until that time he continues to work.Ismail Karade said that he wanted to create vision of hell I would say that he succeeded Mark Alem s life is directionless, mundane, and worst all he waits in ignorance of a when horrible future will catch up to him I think that having the knowledge that the future will be bad but not knowing when or how is one of the worst feelings of all time It creates anticipation and expectation and these feelings are often powerful than the reality itself At the same time, Mark Alem s life is mundane and pointless He is not waiting for death by living an exciting fun life, he is waiting for death by barely getting by in isolation and paranoia It is a hell, a very modern and distinct vision The only critique I could offer is that this reality of hell is present, but that the emotion behind those feelings isn t well captured The book is not character driven, but setting driven But I don t consider this a bad thing, but a good choice The setting, The Palace of Dreams is ultra cool The prose is quick and fun Together those elements make this a fun book to read The result is that Karade captures a modern hell in a fun way, and that makes this a really great book.

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    Fotografia de Gali TibbonFoi a minha estreia com o escritor alban s Ismail Kadar n 1936 Entendo porque que Ismail Kadar um eterno candidato ao Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 2016 surge como um dos favoritos 16 1Review em prepara oBiblioteca Municipal Ant nio Botto Abrantes imagem do exteriorBiblioteca Municipal Ant nio Botto Abrantes imagem do p tio interiorA prop sito de O Pal cio dos Sonhos de Ismail Kadar Desde 1887 existe uma biblioteca em Abrantes Em 1993 ap s profundas obras de remodela o e adapta o no antigo Convento de S Domingos inaugurada a Biblioteca Municipal Ant nio Botto Ant nio Botto 1897 1959 dramaturgo, contista e poeta, nasceu na Concavada, uma pequena freguesia rural do concelho de Abrantes foi um dos mais pol micos intelectuais portugueses, amigo de Fernando Pessoa, funcion rio p blico acabou demitido devido sua homossexualidade assumida apesar de viver com uma fiel e dedicada companheira Carminda Rodrigues Ostracizado em Portugal acaba por se radicar no Brasil Nem tudo correu bem acabando por viver de uma forma desregrada e em aflitiva pobreza A 4 de Mar o de 1959 atropelado na Avenida Copacabana, no Rio de Janeiro, ficando em coma, morrendo a 16 de Mar o de 1959.S me tornei frequentador ass duo da Biblioteca Municipal Ant nio Botto nos ltimos tr s anos N o posso deixar de elogiar o magn fico edif cio, a sua adapta o e todas as suas iniciativas, destacando a Biblioteca Itinerante de Abrantes que percorre todas as freguesias rurais e, sobretudo, o esp lio bibliogr fico que possui.E n o tem pre o poder encontrar um livro editado em 1992 ainda que nunca requisitado do escritor alban s Ismail Kadar O Pal cio dos Sonhos um t tulo que tamb m uma analogia perfeita com a Biblioteca Municipal Ant nio Botto.

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    Kadare s metaphor for a monolithic police state and its workings Set in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire I figured this out from several subtle hints in the novel along with elements from the late 20th century, this novel tells of a young man, Mark Alem, who is employed by the Palace of Dreams, the author s surreal intelligence agency, where dreams from all over the empire are collected, sorted, interpreted, with an eye to discovering which might be a Master Dream pointing to a possible coup or other upheaval in the State When one is discovered, the sultan s secret police can nip a possible plot in the bud and do away with any perpetrators Mark Alem starts out in the Selection Department and passes along a file containing what he feels might be a possibly incriminating dream a wasteland filled with garbage, a musical instrument, a rampaging bull, and a bridge When he is promoted to the Interpretation Section, he is faced with the very same dream We don t know his final interpretation, but agents from the Master Dream Section become very busy.A chilling and nightmarish novel, reminiscent of Kafka the claustrophobic, labyrinthine corridors of the Palace are evoked frighteningly Mark Alem must find his way from one department to another alone, hoping for help On his day off, he notices how pale and insipid the real world has become as compared with the inner lives of people in the Palace Atmospheric Very highly recommended I d advise reading the author s Three Arched Bridge first if possible to get some backstory.

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