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Queen of Sorcery summary Queen of Sorcery, series Queen of Sorcery, book Queen of Sorcery, pdf Queen of Sorcery, Queen of Sorcery 77cedb1a93 The Trail Of ProphecyLegends Told Of How The Evil God Torak Had Coveted The Power Of The Orb Of Aldur, Until Defeated In A Final Battle But Prophecy Spoke Of A Time When He Would Awake And Again Seek Dominance Over The World Now The Orb Has Been Stolen By A Priest Of Torak, And That Time Was At Hand The Master Sorcerer Belgarath And His Daughter Polgara The Arch Sorceress Were On The Trail Of The Orb, Seeking To Regain It Before The Final Disaster And With Them Went Garion, A Simple Farm Boy Only Months Before, But Now The Focus Of The Struggle He Has Never Believed In Sorcery And Wanted No Part Of It Yet With Every League They Traveled, The Power Grew In Him, Forcing Him To Acts Of Wizardry He Could Not Accept This Continues The Magnificent Epic Of The Belgariad, Began In Pawn Of Prophecy, Set Among Strange Lands Against A Background Of A War Of Men, Kings, And Gods That Had Spanned Seven Thousand Years A Novel Of Strange Fate And A Prophecy That Must Come True

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    A solid second book in this classic epic high fantasy series.This series is like sipping hot chocolate on a cold winter day It s straightforward, simple, but the foreshadowing is excellent, and it managed to surprise me a few times Of course, I should have seen it all coming, but I was so entranced by the story and the characters that I didn t.It s a relaxing and pleasant read with familiar characters, and a fast moving plot Overall, I found it less entertaining than the first book, but I will continue with the series, and I ve grown very fond of many characters.

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    For the first half of this book, I was slightly bored and felt that it was an echo of the first one they travel, run into enemies and Silk does business, get away, travel, run into enemies and Silk does business, get away I wasn t sure that I would continue reading the series after this book because I thought the book was just okay However, something changed about halfway or into the book and now I look forward to reading the next one The routine pattern finally changed and the plot became interesting as new information about Garion was revealed.Although my interest in the book was increased greatly by the end, I have three remaining criticisms 1 The main character, Garion, seems to have very little self insight The book is clearly from his perspective, but the lack of complex thought or emotion makes him seem one dimensional, unintelligent, or both 2 I know this is fantasy, but I really hate how all the people who belong to a certain race or country have the same personalities, tendencies, weaknesses, etc Stereotyping is encouraged because the author made all members of a group essentially the same 3 I hate fate and prophecies But that s just my own pet peeve On a positive side, the dialogue is a definite strength of the book Many authors are terrible at dialogue or minimize it, perhaps because it s so difficult to do well.Overall, I ended the book enjoying it and looking forward to the next one.

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    Queen of Sorcery, after another somewhat slow opening, is even interesting than its predecessor Pawn of Prophecy The world keeps revealing new and interesting elements, the characters actually develop in realistic and natural ways, and the story keeps maintaining suspense.Particularly the parts about the succession crisis in the Imperial Court of Tolnedra and the darker conspiracies of the snake ridden swamp kingdom of Nyissa were fascinating I am thoroughly impressed by how much Eddings can squeeze into a mere three hundred pages per book The only strange thing, perhaps, is how the storyline seemingly has to take the reader on a journey through every single country there is I feel like I am on a tour alongside the characters But in the end, that does not hinder any enjoyment.My academic interest also grows in the characters of Belgarath and Polgara arguably my favourites so far , as they seem strongly inspired by well known character archetypes deriving from the Old Norse world that I love to research I might ponder about this in future reviews if the trend continues.Overall, I am tremendously excited to keep going The Belgariad has so far been positively surprising and has challenged my preconceptions and expectations.

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    This is still such a great story It has been over 20 years since I had initially read this series To pick it up again and relive it has been so enjoyable It is such a masterpiece so well written with fantastic characters and an epic story.This picks up right where book one ends The characters are so great It s like being a part of this group immersed into their party as they are on their epic journey I love learning about each one of them and how they fit into the story There are questions that are touched on but yet still unanswered They do not catch up with the orb they are after, but is learned of it and who they are after New characters are brought in and it is so fun to see how everyone interacts and what part they play in the story.I love this series. it is as good if not better the second time around I am older and probably just appreciate it Eddings was an amazing writer and The Belgariad is an epic tale with amazing character development The story is outstanding and the world that he creates is so in depth that I can easily immerse myself into it.

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    I really enjoyed this reread Wonderfully fun story that expands the characters of the first book in a masterful way They re caricatures, but good ones Eddings doesn t take them too seriously There s a ragged old sorcerer who gives orders to the drunken king through a pirate, money grubbing spies, knights so noble brainless that they kill each other in droves for reasons they can t recall I like the humor the tragedies This is a simple epic story No high falutin language or imagery, just a simple boy his friends on an epic quest.If I have any complaint about this series it s that it resembles eating potato chips It s awfully difficult to stop until all the books in the arc are read On to Magician s Gambit

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    Books 1 and 2 really should have been published as one volume This is the one where their companions are almost complete and we get a lot info about what exactly is going on I ve always loved the characters in this series

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    I really really like the David Eddings books, and they were where I properly started out reading in the fantasy genre, back when I was thirteen or so I adore them and have read them time and again However, Queen of Sorcery is far from the strongest entry in the Belgariad, and this time during my re read it was very hard to prevent myself seeing the many faults I still love the whole series, but struggle with this particular book.One problem I have is the character of Garion With all the many, many, many clues that are dropped we know already that he is destined for greatness Even if it wasn t prophesied, the fact that he is distantly related to Polgara and Belgarath should mean that he is something out of the ordinary And yet this clever boy it is pointed out a number of times in the text that he has a great deal of intelligence is completely oblivious to what might be coming to pass I really struggle to comprehend how this could be.Sticking with Garion for now, Eddings in this book employs the tactic of tell, don t show We are told that Garion is seeking vengeance for the murder of his parents And then the matter is dropped entirely until he meets said murderer and then Eddings reminds us that Garion is mightily annoyed at this person That sense of hatred should have been carried through the novel in a better manner and shown through Garion s actions.Other than Garion, the other characters irritated me than pleased me in this outing Barak and Silk are very interesting and entertaining characters Silk, in particular, is a complicated little fellow and I could have stood to see much character development, and motivations for their following Belgarath apart from being told to Instead we are introduced to yet characters who seem to have absolutely no reason to be on page at all, such as Lelldorin He turns up, he shoots a few arrows, he tells Garion about a plot to kill the king, and then he is left behind with a near fatal injury Why And the trip across Arendia seemed futile, including a scene in the Arendish throne room that felt incredibly repetitive after a very similar scene in book one of the series, in the Cherek throne room.Speaking of Arendia and Cherek isn t it useful for the reader that you can completely recognise where a character is from by their appearances and foibles Chereks all have bristling beards, drink ale and hold grudges dwarves, anyone , while the Algar are all brilliant horsemen, with flowing scalp locks And so it continues across every race of man This just seemed far too lazy on the part of the world builder it makes a novel far interesting when race is not so heavily defined.The story itself suffers somewhat from middle book syndrome we are still gathering characters together, and discovering the overall arc of the plot There is a lot of travelogue style fiction namely, wandering around from place to place and having episodic adventures.And we have the PROPHECY and the VOICE Neither of these plot points were in Pawn of Prophecy at all despite the title and it feels as though Eddings felt they would be good additions to the overall story I know this isn t so, thanks to reading The Rivan Codex, a novel where Eddings describes how long it took him to develop the world and story, but it reads as such Suddenly we hear about the prophecy about Torak rising again, and the Tolnedran princess who will marry the returned Rivan King.As a personal preference I find prophecy to be a very tired device maybe it wasn t when the Belgariad was written, but it just creates such innate plot problems It takes away all freewill from the characters and is essentially one big deus ex machina if the author gets into any problems oh, that happened because the prophecy said it needed to Add to this the dry voice that speaks in Garion s mind don t mind me, I ve always been here, I can show you how to use the magic you never knew you had etc etc Again, a very cliched manner of moving the plot along need to explain to a dense boy what is going on Use the mysterious internal voice that is never adequately explained.So, rather scathing all round The thing is, this book is essential reading in the quintology that makes up The Belgariad You can t really skip it, unless you ve read these books before And, well, it s Eddings the prose is still smooth and very readable, the dialogue is still amusing and sometimes very touching I LOVE Eddings But this one, I m afraid, was a wee bit of a struggle.

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    As long as I know that my motives are good, however, I m seldom very concerned with the opinions of others Queen of Sorcery is the second book in The Belgariad series, preceded by Pawn of Prophecy I began my Belgariad journey almost three years ago and dug it a lot I didn t intend to just drop the series for years before continuing on, but alas. here we are Epic fantasy is like climbing under a comfort blanket for me I have such a soft spot for good old school SFF I was craving something lighter to go with my current mindset, so I turned to The Belgariad.I ended up devouring it in a day Turns out, I needed the distraction Despite the promise of the brief sunset, the next day dawned cold and murky with a chill drizzle that wreathed down among the trees and made the entire forest sodden and gloomy They left the inn early and soon entered a part of the wood that seemed darkly foreboding than even the ominous stretches through which they had previously passed The trees here were enormous, and many vast, gnarled oaks lifted their bare limbs among the dark firs and spruces The forest floor was covered with a kind of gray moss that looked diseased and unwholesome Queen of Sorcery picks up after Pawn of Prophecy It s essentially a coming of age story about Garion, the Luke Skywalker farm boy character His journey through various countries to track down the stolen Orb of Aldur, his growing powers and the people who join him along the way.This was such a fun sword and sorcery adventure I love the sarcasm, banter and comradery throughout Silk is funny as fuck and POLGARA IS QUEEN With this sequel, Eddings focused on the sprawling cast of characters and expanding the world Things start to pick up in pace, plus it s violent than the first book Which is clearly right up my alley Is it perfect Hell no There are a few issues with gender and race, unfortunately entirely too common for older SFF But it s a series that I hope will just keep getting better I am looking forward to continuing with the collection at some point This is one that I feel like I could easily dip in and out of However, let s hope it won t take me another three years to pick up the next installment

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    This was my gateway fantasy series, and while I have happily read hundreds of fantasy books since, the Belgariad will always have a special place in my heart.

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    This is one of my favorite series I read this series, it s sequel The Mallorean, and Belgarath the Sorcerer yearly.Queen of Sorcery is the second book in The Belgariad series by David Eddings In comparison to the first book, Queen of Sorcery gives the reader a lot information and a greater incentive to continue the series One of the things I liked the most about this book is that the reader starts to get to know the side characters a lot better and a lot of the things left unexplained in book one are cleared up in book two Eddings is not one for a lot of loose ends, which I greatly appreciate.Queen of Sorcery starts the same way Pawn of Prophecy does with an info dump prologue and then it proceeds into another info dump The prologue tells of a famous battle that happened centuries in the past and the second info dump gives the reader a rehash of Pawn of Prophecy It also reminds the reader that Garion is anguished and that the adults are keeping secrets from him.Unlike Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery tells the questing group and the reader the exact nature of their quest at the beginning of the book The Orb of Aldur has been stolen by Zedar the Apostate They have to retrieve the Orb before Zedar can deliver it to the evil god Torak, waking Torak from an ensorcelled sleep to take over the world.Queen of Sorcery also gives the reader a better sense of Eddings world Each country is populated by a different racial stock and each racial stock is a stereotype Thus far we have met the Sendars who are sensible and the Chereks who are rowdy, drunks and war like Queen of Sorcery introduces us to the Arends who are not very bright but very brave and who s nobles engage in almost casual warfare while severely mistreating their serfs , the Tolnedrans materialistic and obsessed with stature and the Nyissans who emulate the snake The Nyissans are also drug users and dealers, they sell poisons, are untrustworthy and are also slavers Got all that Good.Read More Here

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