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[Reading] ➿ In Love Again and Always By Carol Lynn Pearson – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 In Love Again and Always, meaning In Love Again and Always, genre In Love Again and Always, book cover In Love Again and Always, flies In Love Again and Always, In Love Again and Always 082069e0b87b9 Only Poetry Captures The Essence, The Mystery, The Yearning, The Full Joy Of Being In Love After Publishing Her Widely Acclaimed Poems In Such Places As The Ann Landers Column And Chicken Soup For The Soul, Author Carol Lynn Pearson Has Compiled Her Finest Love Poems Into A Beautiful Gift Book In Love Again And Always Again And Again You Ll Read This Collection Aloud To Your Loved One Whether By Candlelight Or Just Throughout The Day Remembering, Renewing, And Celebrating Your Love

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    This is such a good little book of love poems I really like Carol Lynn Pearson, and this collection is one of my favorites.My favorite poems from the book are EmbraceFilledSeeing You Seeing MeThe SignalOccupiedHomeCould I SleepTo the Sound of the RainFinal ComfortSo many of these poems seem to describe exactly how I feel about Dave THAT is good poetry I will share the words to just three of them Filled My life was a jar,Packed with pebblesTo the top.I didn t knowThere were spacesUntil you filled them.Like sand filteringThe empty placesFull,You are there betweenAnd around every thought,Every motion.There is no momentThat is notHeavy with you somehow.I am pressed,Pressed.Even breathingIs not easy now The Signal In case of crowdsOr other mufflingCircumstances,I ve designed a signThat should get through If you notice meBreathing,That will signalI love you Could I Sleep Could I sleepIf I slept with you Could I forgetThe fact of your skinWithin touching distanceLong enough to let go Lovers do sleep,I know.I ve seen it in the movies.But just now,Riveted awake merelyBy the thought of you,I can t imagine how.

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    I don t normally pick up poetry books I don t mind poetry, I just don t generally read it and when I do, I typically go for the well known greats ex Dickinson, Frost, etc So, it was on a random whim that I picked up several poetry books by Carol Lynn Pearson at the library I had heard several people mention her within a few weeks and I was intrigued by her story Look it up on Wikipedia This was the first book I started reading and I was hooked from the first page Simply Beautiful I don t know how else to describe it I love them I immediately bought this book and I think I ll have to buy her others This is my favorite poem from this collection Seeing You Seeing Me Seeing you seeing meTook my breath away.I never knewThere were Grand CanyonsIn me,And Mona LisasAnd Sistine ChapelsAnd the Alps Until that look,That amazed, amazing look,Crossed your tourist faceAnd I became the newestWonder of the world.

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    In Love Again and Always is an endearing collection of charming love poems with cleverly composed elements The poems inspire the heart fluttering recollection of why I fell in the love in the first place.

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    I couldn t help smiling while reading many of these poems A number of the sentiments in her writing are entirely accurate, at least in my particular case D

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    I love these Going to read this one again.

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