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    I read this book as a part of a small group of friends I tried to enter into the discussion with an open mind, but I have to be honest this book is terrible There s just no easy way to say this the author is a chauvinist The basic premise of the book is based on Ephesians 5 33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband It built a case up for why women should always respect their husbands, regardless of his actions, and thus the husband will love his wife in return In other words, women are to take the initiative The author seemed to imply that if a woman does not show her husband his due respect, then she is to be punished by having love withheld This is one of the most disturbing concepts I have ever heard I feel that love and respect both have their place in a romantic relationship Women deserve respect, and men deserve love It goes without saying, however, that the woman will love her husband, according to this book Nowhere does it mention respecting the wife.I really wanted to toss this book after only a couple of chapters, but I plugged away I m almost sorry that I did, as there was a chapter that referenced a woman that was in an abusive relationship and how she was counseled to show her husband respect and his behavior would change Again, I haven t read anything this disturbing in a long time I do not believe that the Bible condones this whatsoever if I did, I would not be a follower of Christ This book has very little to say what Christ teaches on the matter how He treated women as equals in a society that did not , and everything to say about Saint Paul s views which, I admit, at times, border on misogynistic I would not recommend this book to anyone.

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    I have to say that I did not enjoy reading this book at all and would not recommend it to anyone First, it bothers me that he bases the vast majority of the books basis on a single verse The description for this book says that Dr Emerson has done extensive biblical research on his proposed idea of men needing respect and women needing love However, I see very little that verifies this claim Extensive biblical research would show Dr Emerson s thorough and careful exegesis of Ephesians 5 33, which would include the historical background, the verses and even chapters surrounding the verse, the background and point of the book of Ephesians as a whole, who wrote the book, why it was written, and who it was written for, as well as a look at the greek that the original verse was written in That would be extensive biblical research, what Dr Emerson did in this book, I m afraid, is not an example of this in the least.Tying along with that thought, I can find no sources in the back of his book where Dr Emerson credits the work of anyone else Pretty much the entire book is comprised of his own research and inflated with lots of inserts that he has received from readers or people who attended his seminars While that s very nice and all, it hardly counts as a credible source that would support his findings On page 14 he says this The insight that I finally found in Scripture, and which I later confirmed from reading scientific research emphasis added What scientific research is this Who knows, he never tells us I find it very hard to consider Dr Emerson s book from an academic standpoint when he only quotes his supporters and I can find nothing that any of his colleagues or others on the same standing as himself in the subject may say about his love and respect idea.Despite numerous other reasons for my dislike of Dr Emerson s book, these two reasons are enough to completely discredit the book in my mind Beyond these two reasons it is obvious as you read the book that the entire thing appears to be a huge infomercial for his seminars and DVDs, which is terrible I continually get the impression that I am trying to be sold something.All in all, the book is a great advertisement and appears to be very effective in promoting Love and Respect Ministries However, I believe anyone looking to strengthen their marriage or prepare to go into one look to other, much credible, books I personally suggest His Needs Her Needs by Dr Harley.

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    The best marriage book I ve found so far Based on the fact that women need love and men need respect For years that concept turned me off of reading this book, until the wall was so great that I had nowhere else to turn to find out how to talk to my husband again This book saved my marriage by teaching me how to talk to my hubby in a way that showed him what I was feeling in my heart in a way he understood.By the way, I don t recommend taking this book from page 1 if you are in dire straights Instead read the chapters that call out to you the most i.e She Fears Being a Doormat He s Tired of Just Not Getting It and She Worries About Being a Hypocrite He Complains I Get No Respect In the end I didn t read the entire book but what I did read gave me than enough to initiate breaking down the wall with my hubby Thank God.

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    Love Respect is one of the worst so called biblical books on marriage that I have ever read which is not an over exaggeration The writer s egregious exegesis should not be ignored Dr Emerson Eggerichs clearly hates women and uses twisted biblical concepts to degrade and humiliate women while promoting male superiority At no time does he acknowledge that love is God s first priority His video series is equally demeaning to women and glorifies the male ego to the exclusion of a woman s God given needs He is rude, caricature ish, disrespectful, and abusive to women all while attempting to be funny Eggerichs essentially blames women for the majority of all problems in marriage while giving a free pass to men on their sinful nature which is the result of the fall of man from a Christian s perspective I found this book to be misogynistic drivel based on gross misinterpretation of one scripture verse which is wholly unsupported by Christ s own example of male female relationships in the Bible Eggerichs carefully yet decidedly fails to support his androcentric arguments without once pointing to Christ Himself The book has a thinly veiled bitter tone against women throughout however, the DVD seminar punctuates clearly Eggerichs true motives in presenting such biblically unsupported material to feed his ego and gain attention admiration Eggerichs is a classic narcissist One of the glaring tools of manipulation that Eggerichs uses to shame women into showing respect for their husbands, without holding husbands accountable for selfishness, is the he would die for you mantra which, by the way, is wholly unsupported by scripture The reality is that there are numerous examples in the Bible beginning with Adam that speak directly OPPOSITE to this assertion and he cleverly ignores these examples in favor of his own ear tickling words In my opinion, Eggerichs deliberating fails to recognize that Adam, in his pre fallen state selfishly allowed Eve to make his decision for him in lieu of following the truth that he received first hand from God Almighty, and then does not hesitate to throw Eve under the bus for his lack of leadership Did Adam willingly choose to die for Eve as a result No He blamed her in order to save his own skin for his sinfulness and then when that didn t work, he blamed God Here s another example that shows a lack of he would die for you mentality in the Bible by so called Godly men Have we forgotten Abraham who tried to save his own neck by portraying Sarah as only his sister and not also his wife to the Pharaoh of Egypt Abraham was so fearful of losing his own life that he said to Sarah, I know what a beautiful woman you are When the Egyptians see you, they will say, this is his wife Then they will kill me but will let you live Say you are my sister, so that I will be treated well for your sake and my life will be spared because of you Not exactly supportive of Eggerichs demanding insistence that being respectful somehow makes a man want to die for his wife Utter excrement There are other meaningful examples as well such as King David but I need not belabor the point that Eggerichs has no Biblically supported clue regarding man s inherent and ungodly lack of desire to protect anyone but himself Eggerichs is extraordinarily prideful in the presentation of the material that he so obviously wants to be true regardless of Biblical evidence to the contrary He s made a fortune on this false dichotomy, in fact This book is remarkably redundant, poorly written, and strongly biased in its message I remind you that respect is not something exclusive in terms of need to men or have we forgotten 1 Peter 3 7 8 I would never recommend this book and or video series to anyone seeking to seriously understand and improve their marriage in God s way If I could give this book half a star, I would For a greater understanding of my concerns regarding Eggerichs LR, please follow the link below to review Mark Baker s academic study regarding the many flaws of this damaging teaching.http www.hopeforlifeonline.com wp c

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    My boyfriend s parents bought us this book because they found it so helpful for their own marriage My boyfriend and I read it together, but we only finished it because we told his parents we d read it.As a woman, I found I did not relate at all to most of what Eggerichs claims about women Yes, I desire love, but I desire respect at least as much, possibly so, and frankly I don t think the two ideas are as separate as this book suggests Eggerichs fails to clearly define either love or respect or what makes them different, and then muddles the two over and over and over and over and over with his many anecdotal stories Being disrespectful is unloving Those aren t separate things.Eggerichs repeatedly asserts that when a woman is angry or upset or aggressive it s because she feels unloved as if love is all women desire and the lack of it is all that can upset them I reject that Sometimes I get angry because my boyfriend hasn t thought ahead, or I feel I m pulling of the weight than he is, or he said he was going to do something and then didn t I don t feel unloved I know he loves me I also know he makes mistakes sometimes, and I m not so fragile and needy as to think that every single time he makes a mistake, maybe he doesn t really love me after all That s ridiculous, and it s a pretty dim view of women to think we are all so insecure that every time we re upset, it s because we re not sure we re loved.I particularly reject Eggerichs call to wives to be silently respectful so that their husbands will be interested in their thoughts and feelings I think healthy relationships are founded on good communication, and silence is the opposite of that Yes, of course, there are counterproductive and disrespectful ways to communicate, but it s not as if the options are a disrespect or b silence If I disagree with my boyfriend, I will tell him so, and tell him why, and then we will talk about it I won t yell at him, won t call him names or be sarcastic or derisive I will just talk to him That has worked wonderfully for us so far and I intend to continue to do so.And, by the way, if my boyfriend disagrees with me he does the same In the Peacemaking chapter, Eggerichs tells men to apologize even if in your mind most of the guilt or blame is hers I hate that advice Am I so irrational and emotional that my boyfriend must pretend to think he s wrong and I m right in order to resolve an issue If he tells me he really thinks I m wrong, will I just crumble and cry and feel unloved Absolutely not I am an intelligent, rational person and I am fine with arguing different perspectives until we come to an understanding As long as both my boyfriend and I are seeking to resolve our issues, we can be honest about disagreements and work through them I don t need nor do I ever want him to patronize me by pretending to think I m right I m a big girl, I can handle him disagreeing with me.Both my boyfriend and I felt a little horrified at some of the anecdotal examples Eggerichs provides Perhaps it s because we ve only been together four years as opposed to decades , but we could not imagine being so disrespectful and having such poor communication skills as many of the husbands and wives Eggerichs describes I don t belittle my boyfriend in front of other people, behind his back, or to his face I don t belittle him, period, because I respect him And he doesn t stonewall me when he s upset He tells me why he disagrees and we figure it out together.Perhaps if our relationship had devolved to the level of disrespect many of these couples describe, this book would have seemed insightful Overall, though, we both found it filled with ridiculous oversimplifications, flawed gender stereotypes, and way, way too much repetition.I will say, though, that Love Respect has been good for our relationship It has inspired a lot of conversations about how much we agree with each other in our disagreement with this book It makes us grateful that we can communicate and that we respect each other as thinking adults.

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    I don t know if everyone will view this book with the same Aha I did or if it is just the timing in my life Some women don t like this book because they view it as blaming women my husband hates every sermon on marriage because he views it as blaming men I think this book is very balanced and contains the proper amount of disclaimers on stereotypes, etc and gives hundred examples of how both sides can start off the crazy cycle of her disrespect makes him unloving, repeat though once he said the wife being critical and negative often kicks it off He takes one verse in the Bible and writes a long book on it, this bothers some people, though he does refer to other scripture as it pertains and if you don t like personal stories, then this book will drive you crazy The concepts of blue pink and crazy cycle are named rather cheesiely, but as still good concepts I didn t read the middle section addressed to men on showing love so I can t judge that yet Some say that he says the women should take the start but the book clearly says whoever feels they are mature should be the one to die to self and start off the positive cycle But back to women feeling blamed, really if you think about it, what is liberating saying things are bad and are mostly his fault so I ll just wait and hope things get better and he will love me the way I want OR saying things are bad and they are part his fault and part mine and the my part could be anywhere from 1% to 99%, as Bill Clinton says, No one is right all the time and a broken clock is right two times a day though he was referring to politics not marriage, anyway , so let me take some principles and work on self improvement in showing respect and see what happens, which could 1 be complete restoration as my respect motivates his love or 2 somewhat improvement or 3 nothing changes except me realizing that I am obeying God s word to unconditionally respect my husband Some good thoughts to remember We often think all are supposed to love unconditionally but people have to earn respect, this isn t true, both should be given unconditionally in obedience to God.Women don t often stop to think of the ways we are behaving disrespectfully We often think we have things together at home and scheduling, etc and order our husbands around but then lament that they then aren t leaders We often think that we have things together spiritually and lovingly try to change them to our image of what a Christian husband should be and make them feel judged and guilty We often try to behave as their Holy Spirit instead of this is biblical too, and until reading this book I don t think I understood it letting our quietness and respect change hearts We try to change them and even when motivated by love, don t realize that it comes across as disrespect We often are tired and grouchy and negative around our husbands and save our best behavior for the world when really we need some self control and to go to God to vent Often we give the impression often unknowingly that while we love our husbands we don t really like them, which makes them feel contempt and can totally ruin a relationship and don t worry in all these topics he gives lots of disclaimers about abuse, the need for honesty, etc He gives lots of great practically examples about words to use, keeping it light and how to remember that men and women see the world, their relationships and communication in different lights.I could go on and I really should read it again but hopefully others will read this to improve an already good marriage Of course this book isn t the only word out there there is much to having a good marriage and much in the Bible on the topic but for any couple who has been bombarded with the guy just needs to shape up message, or someone who wants a different look from the just love idea, this is a great book.

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    I believe this author has it wrong thinking women are interested in FEELING loved than in BEING respected and treated like intellectual equals So many women go out of their way to respect and love their men to the point of being doormats and yet still feel unloved and disrespected, and are then hit on the head with Bible passages to boot.It would be beneficial if the author spent equal time showing men healthy ways to communicate what they need in order to feel respected and loved I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated, feeling the entire weight of making a relationship work was placed squarely on my the woman shoulders, no matter how hard I tried I just disagree with this book on so many levels.The author takes one scripture verse out of the context of life and the rest of the Bible and makes an entire book out of it The bottom line in my opinion, is that respect is foundational in any relationship, no matter the gender Respect deserves far complex analysis and definition than this book even begins to touch.

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    I like the idea that women need love and men need respect When I read this basic statement, a light bulb went off in my head because this is how my husband and I function as people in a relationship However, I do not think that this concept applies to ALL relationships Some men value love than respect, and women value respect than love And they all value both Futher, I feel like the point of this book was made within the first few chapters After that, it just got very repetitive and was filled with endless snippets of emails from people praising the author for his help I would have liked this book better if it was much shorter and only had a couple examples from people instead of one on every page I did like the tips shared in the bullet points at the end of the chapters in the second section, but that was probably the only thing I found helpful I was a bit taken aback by the constant reminder that men need to be the head of the household, women need to speak less, and the underlying bias in the book that men always deserve respect I am a very strong, opinionated woman and felt like while I could change some things about myself, I will not become a silent, submissive wife That s just not me.

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    Okay, so I m a lifelong single guy Still, most of my good friends are of the opposite gender, as are most of my extended family members aunts, female cousins, etc who I talk to often However, I ve also had plenty of problems with the fairer sex, as well most of the people who have unfriended me on Facebook have fallen into that category, and many of them were my coevals So, my track record with the ladies has been kind of a mixed bag.That s why the message of this book was important to me Sure, I can respect people I ve even tried to be an advocate for people or pets that got on my nerves I hate to see any human being get mistreated, regardless of who he she is or what he she has done Respecting people isn t enough, though you have to show love After all, the greatest commandments tell us to love God and to love our neighbor This book inspired me to make a change on that front.

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    Like many Christian books, the authors have a really insightful point, namely that women need love and men need respect They make this point really well in about 10 pages The rest of the book is a broken record containing this same point told over and over and over and over and over and over and well, you get the point Some of the stories are humorous, and they definitely help make the point in the beginning But after about 25 pages there is no new information, just a repetition of the same mantra Don t waste your money Just ask someone to share the DVD with you from the back of the book The DVD is a 30 minute book promo that gives you the basic gist of the entire book in only 2 3 minutes Stop watching after that unless you enjoy watching infomercials Good point, but it s overblown to sell books.

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