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❰Download❯ ✤ Palace of the Plague Lord Author C.L. Werner – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Palace of the Plague Lord, meaning Palace of the Plague Lord, genre Palace of the Plague Lord, book cover Palace of the Plague Lord, flies Palace of the Plague Lord, Palace of the Plague Lord 061f8c712413c The Last Warrior Of A Fierce Norse Tribe Sets Out On A Perilous Quest Deep Into The Chaos Wastes, A Land Of Magic And Madness That Lies Far To The North Of The World Hideous Monsters, Ravenous Daemons, Even The Landscape Itself Threaten Him Every Step Of The Journey What Price Must A Mortal Pay To Steal The Treasure Of A God

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    From the extremely talented pen of C L Werner, Palace of the Plague Lord takes us on a brutal journey through one of Warhammer Fantasy s most dangerous realms and into the very home of the Gods themselves An epic story about an epic quest, PotPL follows Einarr, the last of his tribe on a bloody quest for revenge and hope for divine intervention While the scale of the novel starts off very small, and with a small cast of characters, Mr Werner deftly adds layers and depth to the story and setting Einarr quickly gathers a following of equally awesome characters and their quest is an absolute thrill ride The twists and turns and character development was probably some of the best I have seen to date, and the novel actually had me near tears at a few points This epic tale of adventure is definitely a hidden gem from Black Library, and any Warhammer fan would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn t read it.

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    Going into reading this I had not heard a lot about the story itself all of the hype seemed to be centered around how disturbing the book is with all of its vivid descriptions of the putrescence of the titular location That was a huge selling point for me I would imagine that it must be a lot of fun as an author to roll around in the rot associated with Grandfather Nurgle for a great example of descriptions of rot, etc., please read Beneath the Black Thumb a great tale, that is, until the space lizards show up.In Palace, we meet Einarr, a member of the Norsca tribe known as the Baersonlings With the Norscans firmly reflecting the Standard Viking Template, a lot of their time is spent raiding skirmishing which includes turf wars with adjoining tribes Their primary antagonists are the nearby Aeslings However, just as there are lines of division between gangs based upon colors, or conflicts based on religions, the beef between these two tribes goes a step further.Each of the tribes are affiliated with specific religions and they happen to be the dreaded Chaos Gods Where the Aeslings are worshipers of Khorne, the luckiest and mightiest of the Baersonlings are blessed by the God of Change, Tzeentch And, it is because of these avenues of worship that a seemingly normal rumble sets off a major chain of events.During the fight, Einarr unquestionably the fighter with the most grit on his side is marked by a shaman seer as a worthy offering to Khorne As his companions fall he is dragged back to the Aesling village to be prepared for the stake.However, some dogs are not meant to be caged and Einarr enacts an escape that sets a larger chain of events into motion One does not deny the Chaos Gods their bloody tithe and soon, Einarr s joyous return home is replaced with a mission of bloody justice to avenge his slaughtered kinfolk.However, his mindless vengeful wandering does not last long It seems that Einarr s mettle has not only caught the attention of the Blood God the Lord of Change has plans for him as well.Einarr soon finds that a change is upon him namely, his fist has been touched by Tzeentch s power Soon, he finds himself surrounded by other warriors who have received the call of the Lord of Change He also finds direction in the face of his unslaked anger a geas of sorts, to retrieve a prized item of Tzeentch s The Dark Claw, a trophy of immense power The only problem it is currently held in a fortress dedicated to yet another Chaos God the Lord of the Unclean, Nurgle.In a way, we can break this book down into thirds The first part is the introduction, and what sets Einarr on his quest The second portion is the quest itself, and the goings on in the Palace complete the third act the first portion is shorter than the other two Putting it all together, you have one amazing book Seriously, Palace of the Plague Lord is Werner at his top notch best.Let s look at some of the elements here Characters At first, Einarr is a bit hard to sympathize with like He is a case study in unrepentant braggadocio Luckily, Werner is too good an author to let his lead fall into the trap of being a one trick pony There is a subtle depth to this man who by nature most likely had an emotional culling imposed upon him But we know he feels love, loss, and, of course anger and rage.The party itself is wonderful, and very diverse This is a tricky feat to pull off remember, this group is not bound by friendship, or a quest to satisfy a prevailing good They have all been chosen by a corrupt god and, in order to curry favor from a trickster deity, it is mandatory to behave in a duplicitous, self serving manner.Since the part is predicated upon only the most tenuous amount of fraternal comaraderie, character development is illustrated via the revealing of ulterior motives, the acquiring of new skills, and the gift of physical change, all courtesy of Tzeentch Seriously, by the end of the book, it s pretty mind boggling just trying to imagine what this motley crew looks like.Villains Well, everyone is pretty much a villain here Werner bestows the same level of meticulous detail on everyone involved, which is especially important when it comes to the denizens of the Palace As I ll go into below, the hype you may have heard about the great detail involved in all things Nurglish in this book are all on point And so, the rotting, reeking warriors are masterfully done.And yet, for all of that, perhaps the most stunning, memorable creature is a bloodbeast of Khorne that rampages towards the beginning It is the most terrifyingly recognized and utilized creatures that I have seen in a Warhammer book, bar none.Setting Tops here as well I mean, this is the focal point of the book Remember, the eponymous Palace is not just a small fortress, it is a massive construct, as well as the lands around it And Werner has brought this all to putrescent life It does not get redundant, and each turn presents a new, stomach curdling horror I won t say I had to put it down, but for most of the reading the sense of unclean is palpable and you can almost imagine hearing the perennial sound of flies buzzing about.Best of all, when all is said and done, it is a complete, well structured story as well The Dark Claw is not, thankfully, a random Macguffin tossed in to move the narrative along There is a reason for it, and it all ties in to why events transpired in the manner in which they did.And then, the whole shebang is topped off with a knockout ending That is a lot rarer than it sounds You can read my full review of this book here

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    I bought this book in Iraq in 2008 solely because an review stated this is the most disgusting book I ve ever read It did not disappoint We spread it around different units just so people could experience how awful it is Good times

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    I couldn t put the book down, it was so good.

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    Let us start with the cover Isn t it great or what It s a old cover that appear in a now quasi mythic book called Realm of Chaos Lost and the Damned Published in 1988 made a great inpact But this is not about it.Well this book is the first depicting the forces of Chaos There are four forces of Chaos and Undivided but that s not a single god who battle for supremacy There s Khorne a God of Blood, There s Tzeentch the God of Change There s Nurgle the God of Decay and Slaanesh the God of Hedonism Each faction fights against themselves and against all living things human, elf, dwarf and everything else Well why I am telling you this Because each book tells us a story of a character than follows a faction and battle against othersThis book is one of best Black Library published and it has some elements that I ve never seen on a Black Library book On this book and the next which I will review later there is no good character Don t expect values that you could considered to be good The realms of Chaos are a harsh land that breeds harsh people Either you are the hunter and a fighter or you will perish There is evil everywhere There is perilous situations every day Do not expect honor or symphaty The only rule is the rule of survival.As you read this book you are drawn to a harsh and unforgiven battle After the first line of the first chapter you begin to see changes in you You begin to feel the cold weather that strikes the norcsan people You begin to feel fear and disgust And believe me in a good way C L Werner can really make people grip the book until the end He really can make you hate every character but at the same time connect to them You hate them but you want them to succeeed.If you are sick of reading about good characters than are perfect and almost godlike don t look here You will not find it And for you all that are into forgotten realms, dragonlance and warhammer Why is Raistlin one for me the best character ever made He was a true evil character and even there is was the most famous and people wanted novels depicting his strugle I think we are drawn to this characters that fight their way through fire and ice and still succeed Most people who read this books will cheer for Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers but why The Rebels are the good guys Well it s just it We like something different from everything that was made I think that s why stars wars is so special and Raistlin is the best character in the all realms.Having said that read onThe setting as I said is the realm of chaos.If you are a fan of Chaos then this is definetely your book It s brings some good memories from what chaos was before the changes they made to the setting remember the book I told you before Here we are presented with several characters and each are special on their own away Werner can really make characters, there is no doubt about it.This main character is a Tzeentch follower that fought for it against Grandfather Nurgle it return he would get another chance to get his woman back and the tribe I will not spoil you by saying what happens but know that as I said if you want to see the Chaos on the first person read this book It has some members from other tribes as well who help our adventurer Well help is saying too much maybe.Either way I loved the book and I would advice it to anyone, being a Warhammer fan or notI must re read it in a couple of years

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    I was expecting loads filth, considering the main cast of characters travel into a land of worshipers and creations of Nurgle, chaos god of disease, disgust and death However, I have overwhelmingly heard from others that this book is utterly barf inducing, so I may just be hard to gross out The monsters are great though Indeed, Nurgle s beasts are wonderfully and horrifically repugnant and the land is quite grotesque As with much of C.L Werner s writing that I ve read, the story is unpredictable in a fun way and at the end, there s a huge climax that twists and turns and twists again I don t want to give away spoilers, but I will say that the way the main character Einarr s friends aid him in the end, could have been developed much better and to me It was simply too simplistic and I dunno, was just a bit too basic and kinda like the plot of a cheesy movie It just made things much too easy and convenient for Einarr And Einarr himself seems like a pretty pathetic hero as he needs a lot of help and keeps making big mistakes Though, that does add to the dark, sinister mood of the entire story and kinda makes sense given the ending , as this is a Chaos novel Yet, his many, many faults do make him a very interesting character He s a much realistic incarnation, which is a stark contrast in this land of high fantasy I definitely recommend this book to Warhammer and dark fantasy fans alike Or to anyone who is morbidly curious as to how disgusting this book really is.

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    Cuando queremos muerte y destrucci n, recurrimos a las novelas Warhammer.En esta oportunidad nos encontramos con la historia de Einarr Sigdansson, un despiadado y feroz guerrero de una tribu Norsca, en las desoladas tierras del Caos En un desesperado intento por salvar a su esposa y su tribu, nuestro h roe se ve forzado a aventurarse a recuperar una reliquia sagrada en el Palacio del Se or de la Plaga, en alg n lugar perdido en las pestilentes tierras del dios Nurgle Un lugar tan inh spito, maldito y putrefacto que las tierras son t xicas, el aire veneno, y donde habitan las bestias m s corrompidas posiblemente imaginables Einarr Sigdansson y un peque o grupo de aliados embarcados en una misi n imposible.Una lectura pasable, aunque apenas Quer amos muerte y destrucci n, obtuvimos muerte y destrucci n Pero ciertamente no ser una de mis lecturas m s memorables Del mundo Warhammer nos quedamos por muy lejos con Drachenfels y las cr nicas de Malus Darkblade, en un podio dif cil de alcanzar.Hasta la pr xima,

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    I love the warhammer fantasy setting, especially anything to do with the chaos gods It was interesting to see how the northern tribes actually live under the influcence of chaos taken from Michael Moorcock s Eternal Champion novels without so much as a by your leave , and how they are still individuals with their own hopes and motivations, even if they are not very nice people The book went on for too long and the writing was very workmanlike, but I read Warhammer novels for the monsters, and I got than my fair share of that.

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    The best thing about this book is definitely the twist at the end I was definitely surprised by it The book is a bit too lengthy for the content inside and there are lots of times when I felt like scenes were stretched out to add pages to the novel Good book, but nothing really too special about it.

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    Yech Did not work for me Great cover, though.

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