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    This book assumes its audience knows the story of Noah s Ark and the expression we re all in the same boat It opens without introduction, takes a single sentence to settle the conflict, and ends the story with no other resolution Why are all these animals on an ark in a flood that s lasted weeks Who is the sole human aboard the boat How did they get there, and will they ever leave the ark These questions aren t answered, because the aim of the book seems to be alliteration The author describes the trapped animals discontent alphabetically, building the tension until a frustrated Noah explodes without explanation, We re all in the same boat Which is, of course, obviously true, whether you know this Bible story or the double meaning of that phrase Immediately, the animals calm down, and their change of heart is documented in the same alphabetical alliteration as before A Z, the animals aboard the ark pitch in to make their floating home habitable, hence creating a promise of peace even without a clear resolution.

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    Cute and clever illustrations introduce animals and the alphabet.

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    My 2 year old boy loved it I just didn t like that the title and key book scene is a bad dad joke.

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    There are dozens of books written for children about Noah, the flood that destroyed the earth and the animals that took refuge on the ark There are also plenty of alphabet books written on various topics to introduce children to the ABCs We re All in the Same Boat by Zachary R Shapiro and Jack E Davis is one book that would easily fit into both of those categories.This colorfully illustrated book will entertain both readers and those still just interested in looking at the pictures The cartoon like pictures feature animals wearing clothes, carrying umbrellas and enjoying cups of hot cocoa The text dances across the pages at all sorts of angles and each letter of the alphabet is in bold face type at the beginning of each animals name More in depth than many alphabet books, this ABC book provides a charming story to go along with the twenty six letters that make up the English alphabet.Read of this review

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    This is an amusing picture book of Noah and the flood that s also an alphabet book When Noah loads all the animals onto his ark, they re excited After a few days at sea, however, they re not so happy about it, the ants were antsy, the bees were bored etc, through the alphabet Finally, Noah has enough and exclaims We re all in the same boat The animals realize their predicament could be pleasant if they all worked together productively, so there s another alphabetical list of all the ways the animals help out It s a cute idea with a good message on how our own method of dealing with a situation can change it Illustrations are cartoony and comical, which works well with the text.Overall, I look forward to trying this as a read aloud for my library kids.

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    We re All in the Same Boat is a story of Noah s Ark Many children may know this story from Sunday School or church attendance, but those without a Judeo Christian background will also find something to enjoy in this book The book makes no mention of the Bible or religion, and, in my opinion, this makes the book accessible to readers and it gives me license to read it aloud in my public elementary school library The illustrations in this book, while engaging, were a little busy It was sometimes difficult to determine which animals in the picture the text referred to.At it s heart, this book is an ABC book about how people behave when they get frustrated and how they work together when they realize they re not so different after all.

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    This cute spin on the classic story of Noah s Ark shows it s young readers that sometimes it s best to work together in a group after recognizing differences and using it to make a situation better The adventure Noah and the animals go through are summed up by the central quote that carries the book that is We re all in the same boat Zachary Shapiro takes the opportunity of a classic story to create a lesson learned as well as incorporating language that will engage it s readers, as well as strong illustrations that are also associated with the language Very multifaceted and engaging read for elementary aged children This story falls into the juvenile fiction or fiction genre.

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    We re All in the Same Boats tells the story of Noah and his ark in a kid friendly way with the alphabet recognition in the background It is not until Noah gets steamed at the dogs who are demanding, the organutans who are obnoxious and the yaks who are yellingwhen he hollers, We re all in the same boat Silence ensues, the animals get sheepish, and attitudes are adjusted Then, the dogs are diligent, the orangutans organize their toys, and the yaks start yawning Colorful, giggle inducing illustrations accompany these animal antics A great storytime book for an alphabet, animal or ark program.

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    Love this book Noah rounds up the animals and they are all excited about their voyage After awhile, the excitement fades and his passengers start to get grumpy camels complain, kangaroos kick, yaks yell, etc Noah puts his foot down and yells We re All In The Same Boat and it starts to change the attitudes of those on board The camels were cooperative, the dogs were diligent, and the elephants were enthusiastic Wonderful story with beautiful illustrations

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    An A Z story about what inevitably happens when you cram a bunch of animals on a boat for months at a time Everyone gets cranky, until eventually Noah yells We re all in the same boat Both my boys love to yell that part I ve come to use that saying whenever I m getting really frustrated with my boys A fun book with a good message, to remember we re all in this boat together, and things go a lot better when everyone tries to be positive.

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We're All in the Same Boat download We're All in the Same Boat, read online We're All in the Same Boat, kindle ebook We're All in the Same Boat, We're All in the Same Boat 2f33e55ce715 Things Aren T Going Very Well On Noah S Ark The Animals Thought They Were In For A Great Adventure, But As Days Turn Into Weeks And The Rain Just Doesn T Stop, Noah Fi Nds Himself With A Boatload Of Cranky Travelers From Antsy Ants And Bored Bees To Yelling Yaks And Zoned Out Zebras They Re Going To Have To Learn To Cooperate In Order To Save This Voyage, And Noah Has Just The Right Words To Bring Everyone Together Brought To Life By Jack E Davis S Uproarious Illustrations, This Witty And Heartwarming Alphabetical Play On The Noah S Ark Tale Makes For The Perfect Rainy Day Read Aloud