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    Probablemente sea comentario de lector viejo pero siento que este libro podr a haber sido mucho mejor si contara con m s detalle Las descripciones de lugares son pr cticamente nulas, y es raro viniendo de un sistema que pone tanto empe o en generar una idea de detalle y ambiente id neo para la historia.La historia est bien, pero siento que perd mucho por no conocer el trasfondo de algunos elementos, aunque tenga una buena idea general de Mundo de Tinieblas Al principio se me hizo muy confuso tanto personaje y que a veces se los nombrara por su nombre mortal o inmortal, me costaba recordar qui n era qui n, sobre todo en un libro que avanza y se lee r pido por carecer de descripciones.Pese a todo esto el libro tiene momentos muy convincentes y cruentos sin caer en lo gore, pero no recomendado para lectores que no toleren torturas y sacrificios humanos

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    After millennia spent in the Pit, Demons have found the walls of Hell cracked and have come back into the world The years of torment have made them forget most, but not all, of what they once were, and are startled to find that in their re ascendance in the world that God is strangely absent They also note that without their former divinity, the Pit s gravity will suck them back into the void without human hosts Humans there are plenty of, and they have no qualms about simply pushing the souls of those who are to weak to resist out of their current bodies.When they do this though, they find out something they never knew about what it s like to be human.This story is about several of the infernal host, running the gamut of demonic experience There are all sorts of factions and motives behind the malfeasant denizens of hell Some seek to enslave humanity and retain greatness, others are full of questions the primary one being why Lucifer never really showed up in Hell , some even want to reconcile with God, provided they can find Him.However, there is one thing they all had in common They all fell because they thought God gave humans a raw deal and wouldn t do anything about it.It s been a while since I read all of it, and the last book in the trilogy has been dangling Nicky Khan still gives me shit about this I ll be reading through the last book soon I hope as a new initiative to start reading the shit on my shelf already before I continue to buy new ones.Many of the details are lost to me on this book, but it ll come back to me I hope I remember that I liked it though It s another morality play series Also, as somewhat of a religious neutral, I always find the arguments for the devil or fallen angels as an interesting point As mentioned before, demons fell because what they did, they did for love They honestly wanted to help man, and their creator damned them to hell for their troubles Makes for an interesting story is it wrong to question the creator when you think something is wrong or do you play the dutiful son and trust in the fact that he s all knowing This book tells the story of what happens when you answer that with a difinitive yea or nay.

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    This was a great book If your into stuff like the Crow or Constantine than this book would be right up your alley At first it was a little difficult because there were a lot of characters introduced But it all came together and you either liked them or were truely repelled by them A lot of research went into this, based on theology of religion, the war in Heaven and the fallen angels and demons, mix the mob in there, some artists and some other bad ass characters and you ve got your self a heck of a read

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    A wonderful start to an amazing trilogy Another literary jewel by Stolze.

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    Do not be fooled by the terrible cover art and the low production value This is an incredible series One of my favorite fantasy series.

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    Being a little familiar with the background helped, but should be accessible to others.

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