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Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1) summary Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1), series Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1), book Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1), pdf Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1), Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1) c07d06efd5 Here They Come, And They Re Out For Blood For Too Long, They Say, Have Hot Blooded Babes In Brass Bras And Chain Link Bikinis Been Held Up To Scorn As The Embodiment Of Male Fantasy Wish Fulfillment And Non Functionality You Think Their Swords Won T Cut, Their Clubs Wont T Crush You Think They Look Cute

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    While the stereotypical image of the warrior in our culture tends to be male, warrior women were not unknown in the world of antiquity they left their mark on classical, Celtic, and Norse Teutonic legend, and found a literary prototype in the lady knight Britomartis, who rides through the pages of Sir Edmund Spenser s The Faerie Queen The creators of the sword and sorcery fantasy tradition in the early pulps drew on this background to create a few sword swinging heroines such as C L Moore s Jirel of Joiry and Conan s comrade in arms Valeria in Robert E Howard s Red Nails With the rise of women s liberation, their ranks have been considerably swelled in contemporary fantasy, and two anthology series of original short stories have appeared to showcase them the Sword and Sorceress collections begun by Marion Zimmer Bradley, and the Chicks in Chainmail series begun with this volume Having read the first volumes of both, I d say they re both quality work to the extent that they have a difference, it would be that the tone of the stories in this collection tends to be on the light hearted and humorous side than that of the stories in the Bradley collection though there are exceptions in both groups It should be noted that the term chicks in the title here isn t used in any disrespectful sense, any than gal is in the parlance of an older generation Twenty authors are represented with stories in this volume, some of them well known in speculative fiction circles, such as Roger Zelazny, Harry Turtledove, Josepha Sherman, George Alec Effinger who contributes a story featuring his series heroine, Muffy Birnbaum, barbarian swordsperson and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The great majority of the stories are quite entertaining, and they not infrequently have good messages like much of the fiction in this genre, they tend to extol heroic qualities of character My personal favorite is The New Britomart by Eluki Bes Shahar her real name she also writes as Rosemary Edghill , set in England in 1819, where a country baronet, inspired by Ivanhoe, decides to stage a medieval style tournament Toss in a powerful closeted sorceress with no scruples, a couple of visitors from Faerie, an Ivanhoe character brought to life by magic, a genuine dragon, a girl who wants to compete as a knight and a guy who wants to be a librarian, and anything may happen Other especially good selections are Sherman s Teacher s Pet, Elizabeth Waters Blood Calls to Blood I d welcome seeing her heroine as a series character , and David Vierling s spoof of old time pulp fantasies, Armor A Margaret Ball s Career Day, despite its invidious portrayal of its only Christian character who s a stereotype lifted from Hate Literature 101 , manages to be a strong story about personal growth, where the heroine learns some worthwhile lessons But almost all of the stories are well worth reading, not just these.Any collection of 20 stories is likely to have one or two that not every reader cares for, and this one is no exception Susan Schwartz bizarre Exchange Program, in which Hillary Clinton is killed in an Amtrak accident and winds up going to Valhalla or a grotesque parody of Valhalla falls flat, in my estimation And Lawrence Watt Evans The Guardswoman, whose heroine finally becomes one of the boys when she s able to join her male colleagues in traipsing to the local brothel for sex she falls into an affair with the male bouncer sends all the wrong messages about what sex, and camaraderie, is about But in general, the other sword wielding ladies in this book display commendably high morals they respect themselves, and insist on being respected.

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    How can you possibly resist a short story collection entitled Chicks in Chainmail In fact it s actually a feminist short story collection, edited by Esther Friesner, vaguely inspired I suppose by Xena Warrior Princess it came out in 1995, at the height of Xena Fever The stories all involve warrior women with swords, but while some could be described as sword sorcery and or epic fantasy, others are closer to science fiction, with some even verging on magic realism The main fault of the collection is that there are perhaps too many stories that try too hard to be all very self referential and post modern and transgressive and subversive On the other hand some of the stories are rather amusing, and some are genuinely very clever Overall it s an odd little collection, but then I m an odd little person so I got a certain amount of enjoyment out of this book.

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    I love that there s basically an entire series of anthologies that came about because a group of authors finally said ENOUGH with the chainmail bikinis Absolutely incredible As with all anthologies there were some stories I liked than others, but this was overall really great and challenged and poked fun at a lot of really annoying stereotypes that have unfortunately invaded fantasy books in the last century It s definitely not at all subtle, but it IS hilarious I mean it literally starts with a story about a man who has to disguise himself as a woman to be taken seriously as a warrior Amazing It is also just SUPER 90s, which I guess might be off putting for some younger readers but I absolutely loved it Like, there s a story in here about Hilary Clinton and the Valkyries which is totally the name of my new punk band Love it I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has wanted to throw certain fantasy books across the room because of how horribly female characters are treated, it s very vindicating.

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    No This lameass gathering of short stories basically claims to turn female tropes of sword and sorcery fiction on their ears Instead, it perpetuates just about every stereotype there is and is insulting beyond belief Only one of the stories is remotely challenging, and even that one features a bitchy jealous queen, and isn t it funny when chicks are jealous of each other Ugh All the others feature simpering or airheaded women warriors overwhelmingly concerned with fashion, their nails, shopping, makeup, their appearance and whether or not it s sexy enough, landing a man, and shiny objects Literally Shiny objects This book features a story where the Valkyries of Norse mythology are giggling dimwits who exist solely to literally serve the men in Valhalla s dining hall and whom Odin keeps placated by distracting them with shiny bits of jewelry or just plain old shiny objects while their brother Thor stomps around insulting and abusing them I can t even I cannot frigging believe anyone in 1995 actually thought this was at all appealing or a good idea Unless they were trying to alienate female readers In which case, good job None of the stories are even well written They all feel slapped together for the collection, and most go absolutely nowhere This thing just fails on about 100 different levels Do yourself a favor and pass.

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    4 2018 the original Still funny The one about Hillary Clinton re organizing Valhalla, supervising the young Valkyries, etc., has good memories of those days of Bill s administration.7 15 15 The newest addition to the series just came out, and I had to go back to re read the first books, from the late 90s I still love the stories, funny and thought provoking.I m a feminist from way back, but Friesner s chicks rock They make me laugh, they kick butt and take names More,

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    Settings intrigue, but action and surprise weak Some are engaging with fights and magic, but go nowhere Could be rated higher, but not compared to Fredric Brown s From these Ashes Complete 1 Lady of Steel, Roger ZelaznyNickname proves growing fame of Cora, alter identity so former cook Corak, now taken seriously as warrior.3 Spoiler Older Edwina cleanses his thigh wound, respects what she sees, will keep secret 2 And Ladies of the Club, Elizabeth MoonTo thwart king s new tax on extra female upper armor, Sophora Segundiflora, towering in body and intellect, contracts plastic wizard at tuppence each per temporary reversible reduction mammoplasty.4 King yields because treasury medical budget drained, prince s face needs fixing for arriving fiancee 3 Exchange Program, Susan ShwartzHilary Rodham Clinton in train wreck taken to Valhalla by Valkyries.1 She uses her First Lady experience to argue with Odin and get home 4 Goddess for a Day, Harry Turtledove Peisistratos dresses farmer Phye as Athena on chariot, fools Athens accepts his rule 1 Forgotten in background, Phye has to kick horny satyr in swollen parts for safety 5 Armor Ella, Holly Lisle Big beautiful Ella falls for greedy handsome prince, enlists Little Folk of Enchanted Forest to fool him.3 He falls for her too, and trickery, and shapes up 6 Career Day, Margaret BallNarrator mercenary takes daughter s fourth grade class and assisting math teacher Dennis on tour of magic planet where she works, but cheating hunky Vordo, warrior thews she lusts for, wants to beat her in fight.4 Calculus and geometry defeat wizard illegally helping hunk win Dennis cuter too 7 Armor A, David VierlingCromag the Barbarian rescues lovely Edaina according to the Barbarian Code.2 She resists with the help of a cast iron frypan, until he agrees to marriage 8 The Stone of War and the Nightingale s Egg, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Narrator queen Boadecia appointed maid to dainty spoiled Lotus, tries to help them both, as newest harem additions, to survive king and first wife Tai Tai politics She switches girl s jewel gift with Sun Zoo s hypnotic head stone he uses to train fighters, when he tries to kill Lotus.3 Boadecia uses stone and trickery to train harem girls to take down royal guard in six weeks to win bet against Sun Zoo and save all their lives Happy ending all unified and faithful 9 The Growling, Jody Lynn NyePeriods all coincide for women of Hee Kwal tribe when men gone over a year so berserker rage combats Abbs, Delts and Pex of Ma Cho and Buh Bah invading to Par Tee 1 I did not get all the puns equal vs muscled macho partyers 10 The New Britomart, eluki bes shahar Titania Queen of Fairies wants Feb 1821 tournament to eliminate Rowena and Wilfrid so she can marry Sir Arthur Mallory at Camelot Court, but Rowena magics in Templar Sir Brian de Bois Gulibert and blacksmith s daughter enters to win Wilfrid.1 I do not know what Britomart is or other references like Brian Happy ending puts all Rowena, Wilfred to catalog books for Titania s dragon instead of serving as the virgin sacrifice back in Brian s book 11 On the Road of Silver, Mark BourneFired by the new Planetarium boss, garden destroyed by slugs, Mrs Batchett is reminded she gave up warrior s life for love of human by a fairy, elf, and gnome.1 Trio reveal her absent minded professor husband is her beloved 12 Bra Melting, Janni Lee SimnerNarrator sells chain mail for women, but thongs and bikini offer no protection, thinks no problem, even when dissatisfied customer staggers in wounded.3 Many unhappy clients join opposing side for full coverage armor Not sure about thong bikini codpiece 13 The Old Grind, Laura FrankosGiant Fenia tired of grinding salt, leaves home, joins Vikings for battles.2 Half blind Odin mistakes her for Valkyrie, takes her to Valhalla she asks to go home 14 The Way to a Man s Heart, Esther FriesnerSince witches changed so many princes to frogs and killed them for special potion, school claims best swordmaiden win competition Amaryllis fibs to get Prince Destino from dragon and engagement to sister Princess Dimity of Yither.3 Sister does want school, gives credit and Destino to Amar 15 Whoops , Nancy SpringerGuardian angel Opal dislikes bumps when angry drivers give her cowardly 45mph slow Meggie the finger on the beltway commute.2 Encouraged when Opal slices off bumpkins gesturing hands, Mags speeds up 5 mph These were in the days of 70 mph freeways.16 The Guardswoman, Lawrence Watt EvansNarrator Shannar, first and only female city guard, writes letters to Mother, feels left out when other fellows regularly visit Whore Street together 3 Shannar joins them to find why they all go, befriends bouncer baby, marriage congratulations 17 Teacher s Pet, Josepha ShermanGuard Vassilia chases kidnappers of her Duke s son, when teacher Semyan accidentally changes them, not the attacking criminals, into cats, then mice.3 Finally as talking wolves they frighten away crooks, rescue boy, stay partners in human form 18 Were Wench, Jan StirlingDecades after rejected on her wedding day for fairy by Feric, now uptight Terion brings him magic books hoping he can lift curse that turns her into slut on full moon.2 Feric convinces Terion to accept her wild side, and they go off together 19 Blood Calls to Blood, Elisabeth WatersCop Lucy, with complicated fairy parentage, goes under Hill to rescue son Michael.2 Daughter Cynthia makes holy water for drinking and toy pistols with sea salt, their bodies are so bright the fairies give up Michael 20 Maureen Birnbaum in the MUD, George Alec Effinger All in italics excepts CAPITALS, narrator Bitsy, now rich divorced mother, hears best bestest ever friend Muffy, like you know natter, like pre teens She applies face make up and quest in Multi User Dungeon buys supplies, kills gooey globs, gains ultimate treasure 2 Few hours later, taxi to rich Mars prince gone, Muffy offers to buy meal with jewels Why were there no other multi users I kept hoping something important would interrupt No.In my young and foolish days, I had stages for frivolous luxuries facial cosmetics and computer games to wait for meaning to life, when I observed others happy even committed in lifestyles and industries, and alternative death This babble questions waste of time, regret, but I could only make same choices Typos 8 p112 118 empire for emporer

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    A must havethe whole series a must have

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    Overall I loved this book Most of the stories were fantastic, but there were a couple that were disappointing I m definitely looking forward to digging up in this series Lady of Steel by Roger Zelanzy A short scene of a man pretending to be a warrior women Other than the role reversal there isn t much here It s not that it s bad, it s just that it s so short there s no meat there I expect from Zelanzy 3 Stars And Ladies of the Club by Elizabeth Moon Oh this one was great Quite funny and flowing well, a story about women warriors conniving to evade a stupid tax and a wizard with a demon computer Quite well done 5 stars Exchange Program by Susan Schwartz not bad, but slightly offputting Thor and Odin Wotan came of as rather whiny little pussies and Hillary Clinton was actually a sympathetic character Considering what we ve found out about her in the last 20 years it s like a DNC wet dream 4 Stars Goddess For A Day by Harry Turtledove A wonderful little tale that left me wanting Pretending to be a goddess, skirting the bounds of false witness but yet honoring the goddess all the same I want of Phye s story 5 Stars Armor Ella by Holly Lisle Cinderella retold, with Ella convincing her prince to chase her and accede to all her demands Quite good and funny 5 Stars Career Day by Margaret Ball OMG, that was a great story I have GOT to get a copy of Mathemagics Magic math, and swordplay pays the bills 5 Stars Ar A by David Vierling pretty funny I kept picturing Rapunzel from Tangled catching Arnold Schwarzenegger 4 stars The Stone of War and the Nightengales Egg by Elizabeth Ann Scarsborough I found it quite interesting if a little sad A slave trains the emperor s harem in combat by using the Sun Zoo s art against him It makes me sad to read of slaves, particularly sex slaves, even if they are nominally happy 4 stars The Growling by Jody Lynn Nye Oh my Never let a woman get into a fight during _that_ time of the month I took me a moment before I recognized the names, but once I did I had a good laugh 5 stars The New Britomart by Eluki bes Shahar Didn t really grab me Don t know if it was the writing or that I just lost interest in reading for a couple of weeks, but this one was a struggle for me to finish The end was better than the beginning 2 stars On the Road of Silver Mark Bourne Overall not bad, but I had a little trouble getting into the story at the beginning Very much liked the concept though 4 stars Bra Melting Janni Lee Limner A very short story about warrior women not being satisfied with skimpy armor Good idea with the divergent views on armor among the two main characters, but not long enough to come to fruition 2 stars The Old Grind by Laura Frankas A young giantess leaves home to go A Viking with Rollo Who Walks During battle she gets mistakenly picked up by Odin and taken to Valhalla He then returns her to her home I liked the characters, it was well paced and entertaining 4 Stars The Way To a Man s Heart by Ester Friesner appearances can be deceiving A spoiled and petulant sword maiden storms out of school to go seek her prince, but ends up with unexpected help Well written and entertaining for a short work 4 Stars Whoops by Rachel Springer a guardian angel tries to impart self confidence on a shrinking violet, which causes some interesting events along the freeway Very funny 5 Stars The Guardswoman by Lawrence Watt Evans A young, rather naive, but very large and strong woman joins the city guard Eventually she joins the men on their weekly off night excursion to the red light district and finds herself a man Told as letters home to her mother, it s quite funny 5 Stars Teacher s Pet by Josepha Sherman a cute little story about a female warrior finding a helpful traveler in the woods who s than he appears 4 Stars Were Wench by Jan Stirling when a warrior woman is cursed and needs help she returns to her old bethrothed friend Unfortunately in order to break the curse she must voluntarily give herself over to passion, otherwise she ll be whoring it up every full moon Well done and rather funny, I cared for the two main characters 5 stars Blood Calls To Blood by Elisabeth Waters just your ordinary everyday case of elves kidnapping your son and spiriting him off to another realm to be held for ransom Nothing a cop can t handle Very entertaining, wouldn t mind seeing it expanded into a novel of it s own 4 stars Maureen Birnbaum in the MUD by George Alec Effinger Muffy recounts her experiences in what is essentially an RPG to Bitsy while spending a few hours getting herself ready to head to Mars and her Prince Wonderfully hilarious 5 Stars The paperback was well formatted with no obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes.

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    I ve read several of the anthologies in this series, and I always really want to like them I like the concept, and I very much appreciate the attitude but then I seem to never really love the stories I m just not a big fan of the tongue in cheek humor that the series focuses on.Lady of Steel Roger Zelazny A three page send up relying on reversing gender stereotypes It doesn t really give itself time to do much with the idea.And Ladies of the Club Elizabeth Moon When they try to start taxing women warriors on their breastplates, the women decide to use their health insurance to have their breasts magically removed much to the distress of the menfolk Exchange Program Susan Shwartz Hilary Clinton is mysteriously zapped into a Wagnerian fantasy land, and teaches the Valkyries to demand their rights.Goddess for a Day Harry Turtledove A Greek peasant girl coerced into masquerading as the goddess Athena receives the approbation of the divine.Armor Ella Holly Lisle A real estate centered, money grubbing prince meets his match in a shrewd and deceptive sword swinging maid I liked this one s positive cynicism.Career Day Margaret Ball A world hopping mercenary gets roped into escorting her daughter s whole class on a trip to see what parents do at work all dayArmor A David Vierling A send up of barbarian tropes Doesn t do much with it.The Stone of War and the Nightingale s Egg Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Legend has it that Sun Tzu served the Wu dynasty after being challenged by the emperor to make an effective army out of his concubines Sun tzu placed the emperor s two favorites at the head of two different files of concubines and when they failed to discipline their charges he cut their heads off despite the protests of the emperor After that the concubines drilled effectively This story is based on that legend, except no one gets their head cut off, and it s a warrior concubine doing the drillingThe Growling Jody Lynn Nye A very annoying story based on the idea that women who are menstruating are short tempered You can send up stereotypes in a funny way, but this just contributes to a false generalization.The New Britomart eluki bes shahar A faux tourney, put on my some 19th century esque aristocrats, becomes the occasion for quite a lot of planning and magical scheming on the parts of several young people Reminded me a bit of Gordon Dickson.On the Road of Silver Mark Bourne A dedicated but elderly educator about to have her job taken away and her programs replaced with Lazer Light Shows, finds inspiration in her past lives as a warrior woman.Bra Melting Janni Lee Simner A female blacksmith warrior, tired of having to wear impractical armor, decides to turn the tables on male warriors with an ingenious idea.The Old Grind Laura Frankos A young giantess, eager to see the world, joins a human army The Way to a Man s Heart Esther Friesner When young women wish to catch a princely husband, and princes are gaga for swordswomen, schools to train young ladies in the martial arts may or may not be the answer.Whoops Nancy Springer A deceased prudish spinster is assigned to be the Guardian Angel of a painfully timid woman They might actually be good for each other.The Guardswoman Lawrence Watt Evans The only female member of the City Guard figures out a way to be one of the crew even on their off duty trips to the brothels.Teacher s Pet Josepha Sherman A warrior woman and a travelling tutor are thrown together unexpectedly by a shape shifting spell gone wrong.Were Wench Jan Stirling A cold and aloof warrior woman is cursed to become a horny wench at the full moon.Blood Calls to Blood Elisabeth Waters The drama of mixed familes with issues to deal with are complicated when there s faerie blood involved.Maureen Birnbaum in the MUD George Alec Effinger A ditzy and make up obsessed woman tells her friend a far fetched tale that clearly seems to be based on a video game, not reality But was it actually true Probably the best story in this book I ve read several of the anthologies in this series, and I always really want to like them I like the concept, and I very much appreciate the attitude but then I seem to never really love the stories.

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    I just got Chicks in Chainmail in the mail today, I ordered it after reading Tansy Rayner Roberts great post On Influence I wanted to read some of the older works in the genre this is 20 years old by now so I decided to order it I am reading the stories as part of my 100 Short Stories in 2014 challenge.Don t let the cover fool you, this is a feminist book, but it is is feminism with a big smile on it s face and a wink It is clever and it is funny.The stories take the stereotype of the Strong Confident Never budging female warrior to task and make us laugh about the silliness of some of the stereotypes, while it makes me sigh that some of the stupid crap still prevails in fiction now almost twenty years later The warrior women of today in large still have no chinks in their armor and never shows any weakness or humanity really That stereotype makes the characters less interesting, so join me in laughing at it and support better female protagonists going forward.Oh yeah, and the stories are read out loud funny I am giggling and eating my way though the stories so fast Most of the stories were really good, funny and clever I have already brought the next volume and I have read a few stories in it But this first volume is definitely worth reading It is clever and funny and the women in it kick ass Go find it you can buy it used online Read my reviews of the individual stories here

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