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A Heart of Blood and Ashes pdf A Heart of Blood and Ashes, ebook A Heart of Blood and Ashes, epub A Heart of Blood and Ashes, doc A Heart of Blood and Ashes, e-pub A Heart of Blood and Ashes, A Heart of Blood and Ashes 43c2d13ecee A Generation Past, The Western Realms Were Embroiled In Endless War Then The Destroyer Came From The Blood And Ashes He Left Behind, A Tenuous Alliance Rose Between The Barbarian Riders Of Parsathe And The Walled Kingdoms Of The South That Alliance Is All That Stands Against The Return Of An Ancient Evil Until The Barbarian King And Queen Are Slain In An Act Of Bloody Betrayal Though Forbidden By The Alliance Council To Kill The Corrupt King Responsible For His Parents Murders, Maddek Vows To Avenge Them, Even If It Costs Him The Parsathean Crown But When He Learns It Was The King S Daughter Who Lured His Parents To Their Deaths, The Barbarian Warrior Is Determined To Make Her Pay Yet The Woman Maddek Captures Is Not What He Expected Though The Last In A Line Of Legendary Warrior Queens, Yvenne Is Small And Weak, And The Sharpest Weapons She Wields Are Her Mind And Her Tongue Even Surprising Is The Marriage She Proposes To Unite Them In Their Goals And To Claim Their Thrones Because Her Desire For Vengeance Against Her Father Burns Even Hotter Than His Own

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    This book is a lusciously brutal foray into romantic fantasy, with a love story that burns so hot, you might singe your fingers while reading it I devoured it in a single sitting and have been struggling to re emerge back into the real world ever since It ll be a travesty if it doesn t top the Best Romance of 2020 lists There are enemies, and there are monsters Always slay the monsters first, because enemies may one day become allies but monsters never will I know we re barely into January, but I m just going to come right out and say it THIS WILL BE MY FAVORITE BOOK OF 2020I m confident in that, because I have been waiting for a book like this for years YEARS, I TELL YOU My two favorite genres are romance and fantasy Therefore, my favorite subgenre of all time is romantic fantasy.Do you know how many romantic fantasy books there are I do, because I have read all of them and there are simply NOT ENOUGH.With A Heart of Blood and Ashes, Milla Vane has crowned herself as the new queen of the genre for me Seriously, this book was THAT good.Okay, now let me try to get my shit together and do it justice in an actual review instead of just flailing all over my keyboard deep breath This story is centered in a fantastical world It has a sort of medieval setting, complete with towering castles, barbarian hordes, vengeful gods, and evil sorcerers Also, dinosaurs are a thing Just an FYI for those of you with shorter attention spans, this is definitely on the high fantasy side of the genre, with extensive world building.The great thing about that world building is that it never once reads like an info dump Milla Vane did a genius thing with this The female lead, Yvenne, has spent her entire life locked away in a tower, so you see the lands and cities she travels through from her awed perspective Everything is fresh and new, and because of this, the setting and history of all the places she visits unfolds in a natural, organic way.The story opens with the murder of the king and queen of one of these nations Their son and heir, Maddek the male lead , is a military commander at the time, fighting on the front lines of the allied nations territory.The message he receives about their deaths is cryptic Because the leaders of the alliance council know he will freak out when he learns the truth As much as these allied nations claim to be civilized and fair, they know the story they were fed about the deaths of his king and queen is total bullshit.And so does Maddek.Seeking vengeance, he abducts the daughter of King Zhalen, the man who had his parents murdered That princess would be Yvenne, and whoo boy do they have some instant chemistry.Real talk I m not typically a fan of darker romances In fact, I usually avoid the subgenre at all costs, because I almost always find the romances in them to read like glorified tales of abuse and manipulation Seldom do I understand the character choices.That said, I loved the hell out of Maddek and Yvenne, regardless of the fact that their interactions sometimes dipped toward the darker side of romance Because, through their perspectives, I understood them both, and though I might not agree with their choices, I could see why they made them.Thanks to the book blurb, it s not a spoiler to say that Yvenne is nothing like what Maddek expected He d been led to believe that she acted as an agent of her father and betrayed his parents by luring them to their deaths Imagine his surprise when he finds out that her hatred for her father eclipses even his own Instead of murdering her, he winds up betrothed instead.From the moment they meet, they re on the run Because Yvenne s father will do anything to keep the truth of what he did hidden And he s even desperate to keep his motivations a secret.Yvenne and Maddek are pursued through several nations, guarded by an incredible cast of side characters that I liked so much, I would gladly read a story from each and every one of their perspectives.Another thing I ll say is that this is not always an easy read There are some harder themes in here The violence is brutal and sometimes gory I was so invested in these characters that every time one of them was hurt, I got a little bit ragey on their behalf And it s not always smooth sailing for our hero and heroine It s like they chartered their course through a storm swept sea But what never flags is their heat.Good lord, these two set the pages on fire.One thing I loved, loved, LOVED about this book was how inclusive it was More than half of the cast are characters of color, men and women hold equal power in leadership roles, and sexuality is so widely accepted as being fluid that it s literally never made into a thing It s just written along the lines of she took her to bed , without further dissection, and amen for that.Another thing I loved was the way that Yvenne was portrayed She s easily one of my favorite female leads of all time I am sick to death of readers equating traditional male qualities as strengths in heroines Like, a heroine is only ever deemed strong if she swears a lot, and is violent, and is short tempered, and never cries, etc.Yvenne is not physically strong She spent her life locked in a room She has chronic pain thanks to a knee that was once shattered But Yvenne is not without strength Her mind is an exquisite thing Her political acumen is prodigious She was cutthroat and manipulative and deceptive and did anything to get what she wanted all for the good of her people and I fucking adored her for it.And Maddek Oh, Maddek At times I wanted to punch him in the face Then half a page later I wanted to climb him like a tree What I m saying is that I understood why Yvenne lusted after him and was pissed at him in equal measure.It s important to point out that I never, ever gave up on him I rooted for him as hard as I did Yvenne, and his character arc is as strong as hers He learns from his mistakes He strives to be a better man While he sometimes pissed me off, I totally got why he acted the way he did, and I never stopped believing that he would work through his demons.Which he does, and lord is it worth it I damn near cried when this ended.One last note is that while their romance is a dominant part of the story, it shares space with one gloriously complicated plot This is a highly political fantasy setting, with kings and queens and gods all vying for power on the same playing board Just when you think you know what is going on, the rug is pulled out from under your feet Just when you think these characters have finally made it to safety, a new threat emerges.I was honestly terrified that this was going to end on a massive cliffhanger and I d be left waiting in breathless desperation for the next one to come out.Fear not, fellow reader This ends with the HEA we expect from romance, but with room for installments.Now if you ll excuse me, I think I m going to avoid the massive book hangover this will give me by just picking it back up and reading it all over again.What a way to start the year Blog FB Twitter IG Pinterest Tumblr YouTube

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    Audio 4 Stars I would have preferred a male narrator, but that s just me.Story 5 StarsThis book was FRIGGIN SPECTACULAR My kind of action adventure romance because there s equal parts action and romance Read the blurb it s all that and with a fierce, fearless, strong of mind and heart heroine who doesn t back down from an asshole ish alpha hero Instead her actions and words make him realize she is the SHIT, and he needs to COME CORRECT And he does Can t wait for the next book in the series.

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    4.5 STARSI ve had so much hype ever since A Heart of Blood and Ashes got on my radar I m always on the looking for an epic fantasy romance, and this one sounded so promising Plus, I d read Milla Vane years ago not just under her pseudonym Meljean Brook The Iron Duke is still one of my favorite fantasy romances , but also when she published a novella under MV in an anthology So I knew she could write incredible fantasy worlds and she didn t disappoint with this first A Gathering of Dragons book It was a fantastic start to a new series that I already need of An enemies to lovers romance, slow burn, political intrigue, spilled blood, and barbarian warriors this fantasy romance has it all AHoBaA kicks off with the murder of our hero Maddek s parents, who were king and queen of their barbarian kingdom and part of an alliance council that formed out of a truce between all five kingdoms Now Maddek is next in line for the throne, but first he wants revenge against the rival king he believed killed his parents starting with their daughter But Yvenne offers herself up as his bride instead, because the one thing she wants most in the world is her corrupt father s death Neither of them expects the insane amount of chemistry to build between them or that they would start falling for one another.This book was SO FREAKING GOOD It was a little slow to get into in the beginning, with all the world building and info dumping we re getting hit with straight off There are a ton of characters and kingdoms to keep track of But once I hit my reading stride I couldn t put this book down I ve been wanting a new, epic fantasy romance to get obsessed with, and AHoBaA hit all the right buttons for me Alpha, barbarian warrior heroine who uses her words and brain to kick ass a delicious, sexy slow burn in a marriage of convenience and some epic world building The pacing is fairly slow but it s never boring I loved the amount of steam we got as well as a good dose of angst between our main characters I was HOOKED onto the romance I was so glad that despite everything going on, Milla Vane made the romance the main focus of the story.I do have to say, sadly, there are no actual dragons in this book they used to exist, but not any , but there are Dragons They are basically Maddek s bodyguard friends Other than that, I can t wait to read of this fantasy world I m so glad we don t have to wait too long for the next book only five months Even though this first book concludes Maddek and Yvenne s romance and revenge subplot, there is still an over arcing plot that deals with a dangerous, powerful being that s about to wreak havoc I m so looking forward to where Milla Vane will take us next ebook paperback

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    What do you get if you combine fantasy captive romance angst dinosaurs singe your eyeballs sexiness into one book Well, you get A Heart of Blood and Ashes of course This book had me from the very beginning until the end The world building, the characters, the romance every element I wanted in a fantasy romance is in this book Maddek and Yvenne are characters I won t soon forget If you re a reader of fantasy, you would recognize some of the tropes that Milla Vane used subverted in this book Yvenne is the hidden heir She s literally Rapunzel hidden in the tower but instead of waiting for the prince to rescue her, she schemed her way into getting kidnapped by him And then there s Maddek The conquering barbarian king hell bent on revenge after his parents were brutally murdered by the Syssian king He s just as compelling as Yvenne His journey from warrior to king was Vane s answer to Martin s Kill the boy, Jon Snow and let the man be born and I loved it But what sets this book apart from other fantasy stories out there is the romance One of my frustrations with fantasy is often how romantic elements or love stories were treated This book did it justice It s emotional, sexy, and satisfying The alliance between Maddek and Yvenne is the heart of this book Period.Don t get wrong I loved the dinosaurs and the battles and the magic and the political machinations but if the romance had failed, I probably wouldn t have loved it as much The romance between Maddek and Yvenne was truly breathtaking and unforgettable.Whether you re a fantasy fan or a romance fan, or both, I would highly recommend you check this book out It s fantastic CONTENT WARNINGS view spoiler rape, not on page but it was a big part of the story There s also sexual coercion dub con when the hero made the heroine jack him off when they first met hide spoiler

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    RELEASE DAY This book This book is fucking amazing It was, honestly, a perfect read for me 2019 was the year of re reads for me But 2020 looks to be the year of amazing new books if they follow in the path of A Heart of Blood and Ashes I ve read books by Meljean Brook, and I ve LOVED them especially her Iron Seas series so I was excited when I first heard she has a new barbarian romance series coming out under her pen name, Milla Vane So much so that I pre ordered the book.The cherry on top was when we got it for review from Berkley And so started the impromptu buddy read between Navessa, Sarah, and I We ve spent the last couple of days texting amongst ourselves our thoughts, feelings, and favorite quotes.I began reading in fantasy when I was just a child I migrated to romance for the relationships and depth of characters that so many other genres lack Finding an amazing fantasy story together with a heart stopping romance It s the best of the best There are so few fantasy romance books out there And fewer still that do it so exceptionally well.A Heart of Blood and Ashes is definitely on the high fantasy end of the spectrum There s a vaguely medieval setting, complete with barbarians, gods and goddesses, sorcerers, magic, monsters, revenants, and deeply political machinations It gets dark This isn t an easy world, with easily defeated enemies and challenges But the journey through this world, with these characters is so very worth it Milla Vane has done the world building perfectly It s so subtly done that you are never stuck in information dumps on places or peoples I viewed the world through newly free Yvenne s eyes, and through Maddek s widening sight We learned of people and places as we traveled with them We camped with them in the open, were stuck behind walls, rode through cities We met people at inns, in fields, and through memories Every moment moved the story forward, moved Yvenne and Maddek.Yvenne and Maddek s love story is strong, and fraught with hope It s also hot as hell Their chemistry fairly burned off the pages And than once I had to stop and breathe.It starts with blood and vengeance, and misunderstanding I usually hate the hell out of misunderstandings in a romance book, but it works really, really well here There s good reason, on both Yvenne and Maddek s parts to act and believe as they do When Maddek receives word that his parents are dead, with no other explanation, it s immediately obvious that no one is going to like the how of their deaths Least of all Maddek, who immediately vows vengeance on Zhalen How to get that vengeance By taking his only living daughter, Yvenne, and destroying her Except Yvenne isn t what he expects either When Maddek thinks to capture her, kill her, and toss her over her home city s walls, she surprises him And us Yvenne has reason than anyone to hate her father, and she seeks her own vengeance upon him Yvenne is one of the best female characters I ve read in a long, long time She s a strong woman, without the physical strength that so many strong women get She s frail, has a permanent knee injury, and struggles with physical tasks But she is also vicious, manipulative, honest, so very intelligent with a head for politics Yvenne sees to the truth of a matter and isn t afraid to say what needs to be said she also knows when to hold her tongue.I love her She s extraordinary, magnificent, and absolutely formidable.So begins an unlikely betrothal and race Yvenne and Maddek s journey is fraught with danger Not simply from outside, not only from pursuers, but from each other And those hurts are the ones that sting the most Never did I stop rooting for Yvenne and Maddek I always hoped they would come together, in love and trust.It s a hard road to get there Maddek makes many mistakes I wanted to strangle him than once However, he is constantly growing and learning, AND he APOLOGIZES when he s wrong Not just at the end, but right away In the moment He works to change the behavior that he had to apologize for He s not perfect He stumbles He makes some mistakes than once But he never stops working at having the heart of a king of being worthy of his to be queen This alone makes me adore him If I hadn t already I certainly would have by the end, with his speech of words he d left unspoken for too long to Yvenne There were many other things here to love the easy banter between characters the relationship between Maddek and his Dragon the inclusivity and diversity the way love was simply love, without qualifiers or explanations far too many things to go into them all in one review A Heart of Blood and Ashes, I already know just 6 days into the year, will be my favorite book this year If everything else I read is only half as good as this, I m going to have an amazing year of books.

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    Another BLANK OF BLANK AND BLANK fantasy novel.This one sounds like it s trying to out Game of Thrones Game of Thrones.

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    3 4 STARS 3I really liked the premise of this one and the world the author creates.I loved the set up and the story was intrigued I liked the characters a lot and the writing was great Maddek is a commander and the story starts with him learning that his parents, the king and queen of Parsathe have been executed.Yvenne is the last heir of Nyset and she has been locked away in a tower by her father.I loved Maddek and Yvenne.Maddek is a strong hero I loved the intimacy between these two I m really excited for the next read

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    As soon as I saw this book was releasing in 2020, it went on my most anticipated releases of the year A barbarian fantasy romance I NEED IT NOW When this book started, it was definitely a slower start as we got introduced to this fantasy world I don t think I was really invested in the tory until Maddek and Yvenne actually met and the chemistry between them instantly started sizzling between them I absolutely loved the enemies to lovers in this one and how Maddek and Yvenne tried so hard to act like they didn t like each other or weren t attracted to one another The they started to like each other, the I wanted them to just be together already for real There are a lot of politics in this book and it did take me a bit to wrap my head around them Honestly, I really only cared about the romance and how Yvenne was going to get revenge on her brothers and father I do think it didn t need to be over 500 pages for this book, but I did like the slow burn of the romance and how hard Maddek tried to fight any feelings he started to feel for Yvenne If you re a fan of fantasy romance, you definitely have to pick this book up

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    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review 4.5 stars I was excited to read this book ever since I laid eyes on the blurb and cover When I started reading and saw how long it was I got even excited In the fantasy genre, especially if it is the first book in a series, it can get very difficult and sometimes chaotic when introducing a new world to a reader So I really appreciate it when an author really takes the time to explain everything, but not dumping the information on the reader at once In the beginning it took me some time to remember the names of characters and tribes I had to get familiar with everything, but once that was done I was hooked to the story I love Fantasy Romance novels, and this book was an amazing addition to the genre Maddek is blinded with the revenge for the deaths of his parents, and can t see that Yvenne is innocent as well I fell in love with so many different characters, but Yvenne especially stole my heart with her determination and persistence She looked small and weak, but inside she was so strong She did everything in her power to convince Maddek that she isn t anything like her treacherous family It wasn t an easy road, and Maddek broke her heart and soul many times.However, she isn t some meek and obedient woman She was absolutely amazing She had to overcome so many hardships and learn things that are normal to anyone else She didn t give up and also didn t let Maddek bully her around She stood her ground and gave him her piece of mind whenever it was needed The banter and chemistry between Yvenne and Maddek was incredible The pacing of the story is slow, but it really gave me time to see everything happen in real time I didn t mind it at all, and I loved seeing the respect and love grow for each other They both had to learn many things and were the best teacher to each other Maddek had to learn to behave and think like a king, and Yvenne had to became the warrior queen she was destined to be The side characters were great and I enjoyed getting to know them The action was also very captivating and suspenseful as well The author had me on the edge of my seat a couple of times The romance was perfect, and I loved the attraction and fire between Yvenne and Maddek A Heart of Blood and Ashes was a complete story, the author took her time to tell it and create a new world The detailed descriptions were easy to read and really came alive in my mind This book was a great introduction to the series, and I already look forward to the next book.

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    She had promised to make his life a misery He still believed she would But in that moment, he d realized his life would also be a greater misery if Yvenne wasn t in it Epic Positively EPIC A Heart of Blood and Ashes is, without doubt, one of our favourite fantasy romance stories ever Embarking on this adventure of vengeance, lust, passion, loyalty and love we became instantly swept up in Milla Vane s fantasy dark romance We met a brave and battle hardened warrior and a heroine with the heart of a warrior queen who both consumed us in a rich, seductive, passionate and vivid world so expertly woven together with masterful storytelling What an adventure Netflix take note you NEED to bring this book to our screens Only a fool would underestimate you, Yvenne This is a lengthy book as the author really takes her time building her spectacular fantasy world It s so rich and detailed, and her imagination is extraordinary The world building is phenomenal and breathtaking, never does it halt the flow of the story, and instead drawing the reader into brutal and unforgiving a world of gods, monsters, warriors, and magic with a sort of medieval feel about it, reminiscent of Game of Thrones Witcher in a true fantasy romance We became instantly transfixed There are enemies, and there are monsters Always slay the monsters first, because enemies may one day become allies, but monsters never will Maddek is a battle seasoned Commander whose world is decimated when his parents, Parsathes King and Queen are murdered It is a loss and pain unlike any other Maddek has experienced He immediately sets out on a quest to seek vengeance on those responsible.He comes upon Yvenne, the daughter of the cruel King Zhalen, the man responsible for the murders of Maddeks parents Yvenne proposes a deal to Maddek to save her from a betrothal to an old King, she proposes she and Maddek marry and have a child, in order to both rule Yvenne is also seeking revenge on the King for his cruel treatment of her and free her people of his tyrannical rule Also true was that every wound inflicted on an entangled heart bled With a common enemy and a need to better their people s way of life, Maddek agrees to her deal Seeing her as manipulative and treacherous, as a woman not to be trusted, Maddek warns the marriage is in act only and that love and affection would not come readily He held her gaze for another long moment, an odd tightness squeezing within his chest Yvenne is not what he had envisioned as his bride frail and weakened by years of abuse and torment at the hands of her father and brothers, Maddek soon learns Yvenne s physical hindrances hide a courageous and tenacious heart She too, is a true warrior Maddek needs to see past his preconceived views of her to find the heart that beats beneath She was like a broken doll, put back together Put back together stronger The sparring between Maddek and Yvenne was at times humorous, other times heartbreaking and often very, very sensual The heat factor was off the charts The dual perspectives were paramount to the romance of the story, as we found ourselves despairing at Maddek s reasoning, though we did understand his feelings and reluctance Through Yvenne, we learn the heartbreak and torture she experienced throughout her life and her story tore at our hearts Pain and sadness would have been her only friends during her lifetime, if not for her mother, Queen Vysen s, love Yvenne s story broke us, her strength and beauty enamoured us If you intend to kill me, I only beg that you do it quickly My life has been a torment I pray my death will not be We can t say enough about the stellar writing of Milla Vane Vibrant and imaginative, haunting, brutal, passionate, menacing and exquisitely vivid, her words burst before our eyes It was magnificent The romance aspect was everything we could have hoped for Absolutely stunning and compelling reading And the end.spellbinding perfection We closed this story with eyes brimming with tears, hearts full of adventure, reflecting on a story that rendered us willing captives Bravo There is no cliffy ending, however we ll be beside ourselves waiting for the next book in the series, A Touch of Stone and Snow, to release in July Queen Vysen had told her that love was not something to avoid For when love was given freely or genuinely returned, everyone it touched was strengthened by it Yet love could also blind, just as anger and hatred and fear did I could be wielded as a weapon It could hurt, when it was rejected betrayed or lost It could be confused with lust, or with pleasure, or with gratitude for it often entwined with other emotions and was not so easily separated from them Available to purchase below US UKCome and say hi, at TotallyBookedBlog TBB on Facebook TBB on Instagram TBB on Twitter TBB on Pinterest

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