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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Pawn of Prophecy
  • David Eddings
  • English
  • 05 January 2019
  • 9780345468642

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    At Gordon Ramsey s P trus restaurant 1 Kinnerton Street Knightsbridge, London SW1X 8EAin case you re interested , I can get a Roasted beef fillet with braised shin, baked celeriac and Barolo sauce for the reasonable price of 65.00 pounds.I haven t tried that dish yet I probably never will , but it sounds fabulous What I have tried, though, is my Mom s Roast beef, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables I still make it whenever my kids are in the mood, and it costs me about 15.00 dollars Canadian for five people, and it s delicious Yes, it s simple yes, it is plain in comparison to Ramsey s feast but it makes me feel good, tastes great and satiates my hunger Gladly running the risk of sounding like a boring guy, I think, in the big scheme of things, that I will always like my Mom s dish better than Ramsey s, even if I tried it in the company of sayHarrison Ford I would always remember that Roasted beef fillet with braised shin, baked celeriac and Barolo sauce fondly, but I d go back to my Mom s dish before I ever made it to P trus again.I feel the same way about David Eddings Pawn of Prophecy.There s nothing fancy about Eddings tale of Garion, Belgarath and Polgara We ve all tasted the ingredients in a similar dish hundreds of times at least we have if we re fantasy geeks Some of those dishes have been tastier think A Song of Ice and Fire at least that s what I ve heard , some have been filling think Lord of the Rings , some are perfect aperitifs think A Wizard of Earthsea , some are great appetizers think The Chronicles of Narnia , and some are perfect desserts almost anything by Guy Gavriel Kay , but it is always nice to have something familiar and tasty and simple That s what Pawn of Prophecy is for me now that I have finally read it.I ve started a few fantasy series lately, and they ve slipped out of my memory as soon as I ve put them down, but ten minutes after finishing Pawn of Prophecy I walked into a used bookstore and bought Queen of Sorcery, and I plan to read it soon You see, I need my Mom s Roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner every couple of Sundays, so I m not about to wait.I m going to let Eddings cook for me again soon.Bram and Ryan were right to love this book as boys lose the guilt Brer Ryan It might not be mindblowingly inventive, but it is comfortable, and sometimes that is better than mindblowing or just as good.

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    Eddings has really created a beloved series of books that can be recommended to young and old alike It is not deep or etremely thought provoking, it s just an enjoyable combination of adventure, humor, and fun Garion, a naive farm boy, finds out that he is not ordinary at all As he discovers his powers, he grows to adulthood through the ten books that comprise the Belgariad and the Mallorean Critics might find some elements a bit formulaic, but few can deny that it is a fun series to read For me, it was my first introduction to fantasy after Tolkien, and it was very refreshing It was written in the 1980 s when there wasn t much new stuff around We had Anne McCaffrey and her dragons, and Terry Brooks came along I guess there was Ursula LeGuin and CS Lewis as well to fall back on, but Eddings really put together a compelling story with memorable dialogue that my wife and I frequently quote from.I think many of the reviews of the Belgariad are too harsh This is a book that you can hand to your kids without worrying what strange ideas they might pick up Somebody reviewed the books as xenophobic What rubbish If you create a country like Cthol Murgos where the people have an evil ruler who promotes cruelty, or a country like Nyissa who are constantly in fear of being poisoned and have strange mannerisms that imitate their snake god is that xenophobic No, it s doing what every author needs to do They create a world that we can escape into and people that we can relate to If you have to superimpose our world onto the canvas of the Belgariad you re looking too deeply Eddings writings are not social commentary or overly symbolic It s not CS Lewis or George Orwell It s about having fun Sorry for the tirade, but I get bugged by reviewers who are so full of themselves that they can t admit a book is a good read because someone might think of them as juvenile or unsophisticated

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews There is nothing I hate than trying to review one of my all time favorite books from my teenage years We all know the reason the book just never lives up to your memories of its perfection A fact which if we are honest with ourselves is inevitable, because we personally have changed too much, the world has changed too much, and our tastes have changed too much since the initial reading This is true to a certain extent with David Edding s Pawn of Prophecy.Back when I picked up this first novel of The Belgariad in 1984, I was a 13 year old or a 14 year old I can t remember which any just getting over an addiction to Dungeon Dragons and trying to transition away from my pre teen persona into my young adult one I had also just recently made the life altering discovery of J.R.R Tolkien, whose books made me fall in love with fantasy and ruined my dreams of ever being considered a cool kid in high school It was hard to be cool when you were reading The Hobbit and making jokes about what exactly JRR was talking about when he wrote it was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort , but I probably shouldn t really mention that in this review So when Pawn of Prophecy found its way into my hands, it must have been fate, and I fell very hard for all things related to Belgarath, Polgara or Garion A love which lasted into my early twenties and began from the very first page of this novel.As a teen who adored the Council of Elrond chapter in The Fellowship of the Ring, the prologue to Pawn of Prophecy was like getting a fix of my favorite pharmaceutical product Where else except for The Silmarillion could I get to read about ancient gods creating a world only to have its perfection marred by some horrible act and throw creation into a state of constant strife Not too many places So within minutes, I was addicted to this story of maimed Torak and his eternal conflict with his godly siblings over possession of the Orb of Aldur, and I had to have Honestly, it was just a great hook From this beginning, Mr Eddings immediately thrust me into the story of a simple farm boy named Garion I learned of his earliest memories, hiding under a table watching his Aunt Pol cook I experienced him growing up with his childhood friends, playing games, and even saw his first romance between himself and a local girl Zubrette I also read about but payed little attention to the introduction of a wandering storyteller named Mister Wolf, who seemed like the comic relief than a major character Boy, was I wrong on that And like all good fantasy books, Mr Eddings provided me with constant foreshadowing that there was some terrible evil lurking right around the corner, waiting to destroy all this normalcy A feeling which he deftly stoked by scene after scene of Garion experiencing visions of an unknown antagonist stalking him Naturally, one day Garion s quiet farm life did end and end suddenly Mister Wolf arriving at the farm unexpectedly, bearing news that a mysterious object has been stolen by a thief whom no one will name This news shocks Aunt Pol, causing her to pack up her and Garion s things and leave the farm with Mister Wolf, dragging our clueless teenager along against his will From there the true adventures began, and what a tale it was A huge, colorful world inhabited by different cultures, grand characters, and even ancient gods opened up before Garion All of it there for our young farm boy to see and experience and me tagging along behind Mr Eddings dazzled both of us with his constant unveiling of ancient mysteries, evil villains, grand conspiracies, divine prophecies, and wonderful history And the whole time, I a teenager myself witnessed one thing Garion dealing with the normal teen angst of a simple boy ripped from his safe home and thrown into a larger, dangerous world than he ever imagined Every adventure, every heartbreak he experienced slowly turning him into a young man before my reading eyes Something that I was also struggling with in my own life though in different ways.It was a grand ride that Mr Eddings took my teenage self on during those years, and I adored every one even when I was 19 instead of a 13 year old, because for a few hours I could go back home and visit my teen heroes Garion, Belgarath, Aunt Pol, Silk, and all the rest They felt like family to me And it all started with this book.Later in life I returned to Pawn of Prophecy to revisit my old friends Like many times when you visit your childhood haunts, I found that things had changed specifically me I was older No doubt about that The mirror doesn t lie after all Plus, I was a father now Responsibilities and all that other grown up stuff weighing me down And I have to admit that I was now a bit jaded about life Things were gray now and a lot less black and white than back in my teen years So Pawn of Prophecy s straightforward fantasy about good guys defeating bad guys did not energize me as much as it once did The best comparison I can give is going to your twentieth high school reunion excited to see your old girlfriend boyfriend only to realize they aren t sixteen any, have put on thirty pounds and gotten wrinkles just like you How dare they change That is how I felt as I sat there reading about my old friends Garion, Belgarath, and Polgara.So why the five 5 star rating if I felt this way on my re read you ask Simple I try to rate my favorite, childhood books by what I thought of them when I read them the first time Maybe rating certain novels that way is wrong, but I cannot think of another way to be fair to a novel which I dearly loved at an earlier period of my life It isn t the books fault that I have gotten older after all And the truth of the matter is that when I read Pawn of Prophecy not once but numerous times in the 80s I absolutely loved it The simple plot and world spanning journeys of Garion bedazzled me, making me want and , and in my obviously biased opinion, it is still a great book for the right person maybe another 13 year old boy trying to grow up Because I truly believe that even in its simplicity Pawn of Prophecy can still speak to that person and begin them on their journey into the world of fantasy novels For that reason and all my personal memories of it Pawn of Prophecy will always remain a 5 star book and one of my all time favorite fantasy novels.

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    And there we go after posponing and postponing I ve finally kicked off the last of the old great fantasy series on my long term fantasy reading quest Pawn of Prophecy is everything everyone makes it out to be That is, it is a book which at first seems like a derivative, annoying teenage farmboy fantasy with very few redeeming qualities For those who stick with it, however, it contains so much By the end of the book, I just wanted immediately.After a painstakingly slow beginning, the book picks up pace, and by the end, it becomes a real page turner Most of the characters are significantly enjoyable than their equivalents in many similar fantasy series, and while I understand that some people are annoyed that they re seemingly invincible and face few real challenges to their progress, I found it somewhat refreshing to not have to read through the kind of setback some authors use to create fake suspense.While there are plenty of downsides, the world of the Belgariad becomes and enjoyable by each chapter.

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    The first volume in the five book Belgariad series, which I ll happily admit to reading and then rereading throughout my mid teens Farm boy Garion enjoys a peaceful childhood in the care of his loving and occasionally stern Aunt Pol until the arrival of assassins sees them both on the run and Garion increasingly aware that he s much important than he could have imagined This is where the classic chosen one fantasy template gets going in earnest and it s rarely been done better The scale and detail of Eddings world is often staggering and the interplay between the characters a frequent delight Some elements will seem overly familiar to modern fantasy readers, from the prolonged info dump in the prologue to the boy with a great destiny central protagonist It should be remembered, however, that many of these elements became tropes because of Eddings success Genre history lessons aside, this series remains a hugely engaging read and the first volume is no exception.

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    Classical Fantasy in its finest Brought back some of my childhood and the first Sparks of Love for the genre Yes, I am sure my feelings are tainted by nostalgia, but if I had kids, I would definitely be reading this to them, just as my dad used to read it to me Yeah, totally worth it

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    3.5.A lovely story, very similar to Grandma s bedtime stories.

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    I thought I m too old I thought this wouldn t be challenging enough I thought I d be bored.Instead, I was deeply engrossed in this book, couldn t put it down Didn t want to put it down.This book is like sipping hot chocolate wrapped in a blanket while it snows outside It s familiar, comforting, and it s fun.Of course, it s neither deep nor complex, but it resulted in a wonderful, heartwarming Saturday afternoon, and I can t wait to continue the series.

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    Okay, I see all the glowing reviews and all the 4 and 5 star ratings sigh Here I go again While I don t actually dislike this book I m pretty far from liking it either Mostly I struggled to stay awake and keep my mind on it It starts out slow meanders around trying to find a plot in the midst of it s standard epic fantasy stereotypes and finishes telling me I should get the next book Not for now, thanks The book wants very badly to be a standout epic I mentioned elsewhere that it felt as though the book kept yelling LOOK AT ME I M AN EPIC FANTASY The novel begins by introing us to the deities of the book s mythology, telling us about the evil one of them and the mythic event that set things in motion view spoiler I do wonder why the deities made the powerful gem in question when misusing it could apparently undo not only their work, but them hide spoiler

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    Review here for the entire Belgariad.I noticed that most of the reviewers give this a nostalgic loved this when I was young rating And they re right to do so This is the perfect series of books for a young reader clever enough to hold its own, exciting without being too graphic, and the youth don t notice just how bad the prose is.I mean, it s hilariously bad It s not that the Eddings machine can t write for beans it s that the writing does all the hackneyed nasty cliched things that you re supposed to get out of your system sometime shortly after high school For an effective drinking game, swig every time Eddings writes a Tom Swifty I can t swallow this peach, Garion choked Or just sip it happens on every page so you ll drink your share either way On rereading, though, two things struck me other than the bad prose The first is, the characteriations are really swift, moving directly and smoothly from yes you care about this person to this is what s happening to this person , usually in a couple paragraphs Drawing parallels for me to the adventure novels of the late 19th and early 20th centuries The brevity of the characetrizations are a real strength The second thing I noticed was that there was something else going on here glimpses of a cosmology of wonder and fascination beyond the play of the story itself It was as though, every once in a while, the bottom dropped out of the floor and you realized you were in the midst of the ambitious project of an undiscovered author, the one thing he cares about than anything else, and you have a front row seat to teh story he wants to tell, yes, but importantly you can see him constructing the stage props by hand in the wings, scrambling for everything he can get his hands on, and by some happy accident conjuring a genie that grants his greatest wish.

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Pawn of Prophecycharacters Pawn of Prophecy, audiobook Pawn of Prophecy, files book Pawn of Prophecy, today Pawn of Prophecy, Pawn of Prophecy a18a6 A Magnificent Epic Set Against A History Of Seven Thousand Years Of The Struggles Of Gods And Kings And Men Of Strange Lands And Events Of Fate And A Prophecy That Must Be Fulfilled THE BELGARIADLong Ago, So The Storyteller Claimed, The Evil God Torak Sought Dominion And Drove Men And Gods To War But Belgarath The Sorcerer Led Men To Reclaim The Orb That Protected Men Of The West So Long As It Lay At Riva, The Prophecy Went, Men Would Be SafeBut That Was Only A Story, And Garion Did Not Believe In Magic Dooms, Even Though The Dark Man Without A Shadow Had Haunted Him For Years Brought Up On A Quiet Farm By His Aunt Pol, How Could He Know That The Apostate Planned To Wake Dread Torak, Or That He Would Be Led On A Quest Of Unparalleled Magic And Danger By Those He Loved But Did Not Know For A While His Dreams Of Innocence Were Safe, Untroubled By Knowledge Of His Strange Heritage For A Little While THUS BEGINS BOOK ONE OF THE BELGARIAD

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David Eddings was an American author who wrote several best selling series of epic fantasy novels David Eddings wife, Leigh Eddings, was an uncredited co author on many of his early books, but he had later acknowledged that she contributed to them all.David Eddings first books which were general fiction sold moderately well He later switched to writing epic fantasy, a field in which he achie