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    Victor Garber does a wonderful job of voicing the many characters in this whodunnit mystery Howard the dog and Chester the cat are as lovable as in Bunnicula, but the story was long and wordy, so my kids seemed to lose interest toward the end 2.5 stars

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    The Empire Strikes Back of the Bunnicula series, and the only kid s book I ve read with a Scarlet Letter reference.If Garfield mixed with a little Buffy, it d be the Bunnicula series Thinking house pets investigate generally nonthreatening events that seem supernatural I loved these a s a kid, even naming a plush Benji I had Harold after the Dr Watson like canine viewpoint character The books were generally free of real conflict and stakes but fun for a tyke.Then there s this one.Doughty but slightly slow Harold and paranoid housecat Chester are dumped at a kennel while their master s vacation What happens to Bunnicula, the vampire bunny As in most of these books, he s written out early on to avoid dominating the book Our two heroes become embroiled in a classic Agatha Christie style murder mystery.Yeah, that s right Murder The eccentric cast one by one disappear off screen As Harold and Chester are informed of their vanishings and deaths, they quickly realize they have to solve the case to survive.Seriously, this is a book when our heroes contemplate if a bulldog would poison a poodle to keep an illicit paramour.Howliday Inn has a surprising amount of tension, stakes, and menace for a kid s book about talking animals I was stunned at the plot twist that happens about halfway through and wondered if I d misremembered the events of the entire series I also think it s a generally fair mystery, and I was quite amused to see here the seeds of what I considered a proper mystery tale The embryo of my book Murder With Monsters started here It s telling that I recalled so much of this and blanked on the later books in the series.With its length and font, it s basically an entertaining short story I only wish Howe had continued to write animals mysteries this engaging and dark.There s only one quibble I have with this series Mr Howe, how many dogs did you kill by convincing children that their canines loved chocolate Headcanon Harold is a descendant of Snuff from A Night in the Lonesome October.

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    I read some of these when I was little and I loved them I loved the ones with the puns in the title I d like to get them just to have I think Bunnicula is just classic and neat looking and fun He was a cute way to get your vampire fix.

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    Probably my favorite of the series Chester, who has clearly read far too much Poe and Agatha Christie, smells a mystery the minute they get to Chateau Bow Wow, while Harold is concerned with the dynamics of the new animals they meet There are toy poodles vying for the affection of a bulldog, and a cat who his even insane than Chester I think my kids were even invested in this one than the first one.

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    Howard and Chester are so cute and mysterious, and I cannot wait to read their next adventure I rate Howliday Inn 3.5 stars.

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    I remember reading this book as a kid Unfortunately it s advertised as a standalone novel but to understand the plight of the characters, you have to have read James Howe s Bunnicula series, so you ll have to pay a boatload of cash to get the series I did like Howliday Inn it s quirky, off beat humor was rather dark but still appropriate for children The book is vividly written, illustrated in black and white and has a very original plot At times it got a bit silly though, which was kinda annoying.

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    It was okay Not as great as the first one, but okay Loved the puppies at the end.

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    Pretty good follow up to Bunnicula While not as entertaining or humorous as the previous installment, it s still an enjoyable read and we get to spend some time with Harold and Chester.

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    One of the few series that I remember fondly from my childhood and is just as funny and enjoyable when I go back to it as an adult This book doesn t have Bunnicula in it but Chester and Harold are than capable of carrying the story on their own as they spend some time at an animal boarding house that Chester is convinced is infested with werewolves Another really cute and fun story in this series, really glad I decided to reread them

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    James Howe presented the setting of this book by saying there was a dog named Harold, and a cat named Chester The pet owners included two boys one loved each pet and a mother and father They decided to go on a road trip and could not take the pets with them so they boarded them at a kennel Once there, the two pets quickly took a distaste to their new environment There was a strange doctor who greeted them and a boy that seemed a little odd Then when they got inside they came across several dogs and a cat named Lyle During their first night they observed strange howling noises and Chester explained to Harold that those were the cries of werewolves Is this the cry of werewolves or is there some other mysteries that have not been discovered Read to find out I personally loved the characters and the setting as well as the scary mystery theme I believe the best character is Lyle because he is hilarious and very entertaining This book kept me on the edge of my seat at all times However, I did not like that it built unnecessary suspense I would highly recommend this book to people who like mystery You will like this book if you have read Bunnicula and The Compund because the books have a lot of adventure I hope you have as much fun as I did when reading this book

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Howliday Inn summary pdf Howliday Inn, summary chapter 2 Howliday Inn, sparknotes Howliday Inn, Howliday Inn b26760d Not A Great Place To Visit, And You Wouldn T Want To Live There The Monroes Have Gone On Vacation, Leaving Harold And Chester At Chateau Bow Wow Not Exactly A Four Star Hotel On The Animals Very First Night There, The Silence Is Pierced By A Peculiar Wake Up Call An Unearthly Howl That Makes Chester Observe That The Place Should Be Called Howliday Inn But The Mysterious Cries In The Night Chester Is Convinced There Are Werewolves Afoot Are Just The Beginning Of The Frightening Goings On Soon Animals Start Disappearing, And There Are Whispers Of Murder Is Checkout Time At Chateau Bow Wow Going To Come Earlier Than Harold And Chester Anticipated

  • Paperback
  • 195 pages
  • Howliday Inn
  • James Howe
  • English
  • 06 September 2019

About the Author: James Howe

See this thread for information.James Howe has written than eighty books in the thirty plus years he s been writing for young readers It sometimes confuses people that the author of the humorous Bunnicula series also wrote the dark young adult novel, The Watcher, or such beginning reader series as Pinky and Rex and the E.B White Read Aloud Award winning Houndsley and Catina and its sequels But from the beginning of his career which came about somewhat by accident after asking himself what kind of vampire a rabbit might make , he has been most interested in letting his imagination take him in whatever direction it cared to So far, his imagination has led him to picture books, such as I Wish I Were a Butterfly and Brontorina about a dinosaur who dreams of being a ballerina , mysteries, poetry in the upcoming Addie on the Inside , and fiction that deals with issues that matter deeply to him He is especially proud of The Misfits, which inspired national No Name Calling Week