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➮ [Read] ➪ Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1) By Carol Berg ➺ – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1), meaning Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1), genre Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1), book cover Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1), flies Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1), Son of Avonar (The Bridge of D'Arnath, #1) 9eaf5efe5670d Magic Is Forbidden Throughout The Four Realms For Decades, Sorcerers And Those Associating With Them Were Hunted To Near ExtinctionBut Seri, A Leiran Noblewoman Living In Exile, Is No Stranger To Defying The Unjust Laws Of Her Land She Is Sheltering A Wanted Fugitive Who Possesses Unusual Abilities A Fugitive With The Fate Of The Realms In His Hands

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    I have to give Carol Berg credit for her female protagonist Seri is in no way your typical fantasy heroine She s neither young nor blond, she s not virginal or a doormat She s a middle aged widow who s borne a child She s cynical and she shows her age I liked her because, unlike too many women in fantasy novels these days who are little than cardboard cutouts, I could identify with Seri she was real.But on the other hand, there s D Natheil He s nothing than a childish bully for than half the book I realize that there was a reason he acted that way, but it didn t make him any less annoying There s very little attractive about a hero who gets needlessly violent and then sulks or pouts and throws temper tantrums when he doesn t get his way.It actually gets worse when the secret of his past is revealed Instead of feeling happy for both he and Sari, I had much of a, the hell reaction, because there d been no build up Out of the blue, it seemed, we re presented with this fact and expected to accept it I didn t buy it And it seemed like a complete dues ex machina, even with Dassine s explanation at the end.Supposedly this whole thing was foreshadowed by Sari reacting to D Natheil, but that still makes no sense I, and I imagine many other people, just assumed that she was finally moving on from her husband s murder Because, despite what the romance novels and poetry try to insist, there is life after death where love is concerned most people can move on with their lives and find romance love again I thought that s what was happening here What it actually turned out to be, well, that made very little sense.One of the book s other main problems is in the beginning Nearly every other chapter was a flashback to Sari and Karon s life together This is one case when I would actually advocate telling instead of showing The constant, prolonged flashbacks may have set the stage for later events, but they badly broke the narrative and took away from what was happening at the present time And they were boring Dry, dull and after a while, I just started skimming them until the book got back to the interesting parts of what was happening in the present What those flashbacks were there to do could have easily been accomplished with a few well placed paragraphs in the present, maybe a remembrance of Sari s or something in the narrative Anything but what was actually done.I m still willing to give this book three stars despite those glaring faults, mainly because the first person narration of Sari s made up for D Natheil s dreadful characterization and once those awful flashbacks were out of the way, the story flowed well Particularly near the end where it raced its way towards the climax That was very well done.I doubt this is a book I d read a second time through or actually recommend to anyone, but I ve read many worse.

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    This book made me weep as I have never weep in all 16 years of my existence For yet another time, I realized what a great talent and a pen could do to twist and weave words until they become as painful and as vivid as reality itself This book is soo good i want to yell HALLELUIAH everytime it s mentioned The Son of Avonar was the reason why I was still awake at dawn, my eyes red and puffy and mountains of used tissue paper lay on the side of my bed Never have I read greater love and loss than the story of our heroine Maybe I have but Carol Berg, bless her mind, have a great skill in making the readers walk through a painful torture and still ache and long for the next.My God, this is one talented author From the first page until the last, I was bewitched and so enchanted I could barely look up from my ebook reader I would sing praises about this book forever if the author asks me too I have felt nothing but sorrow and anticipation as I scroll down a page to the next Ms Carol Berg is one of the rare authors I know that can work time shifts between the past and the present so well that I was as thrilled to read about the past as I am to know about the present I never liked time shifts I don t care much about the past and what author would really think that it s as exciting as the present This book proved me wrong Just as I was getting so into the past, the present takes in and I m again hooked I was like a fish being dangled into two hooks You don t just have to read it, you want to read it They are both so interesting The hero was, my God, a real hero Is it so bad to want him for myself And the heroine, no matter how much I envision myself in the heroes arm, they just fit each other At the end of the book, I just want to get inside the story and chain them to each other forever Oh such love Reality, thou art a cruel, unfair bitch Where do you suppose I can get a man like that The Son of Avonar is the true definition of an Epic Fantasy and I thank Carol Berg for making me weep buckets of tears and shredding my heart into pieces like no one and nothing have ever before.

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    This is the first Carol Berg book I ve read, but after finishing this last night I know it won t be the last First I have to finish this quartet The Lady Seriana has exiled herself from all she knows and all she is accustomed to, though with good reason and no hesitation Her husband Karon was brutally tortured and murdered for being a sorceror, and all their friends too The only reason she was not also burnt at the stake was because her brother Tomas, the best friend and Champion of King Evard, has done that much for her He did, however, murder her new born baby After all this tragedy, getting as far away from the city is the least she can manage After ten years spent quietly at a cottage in the country, eating what she can grow, wearing the same clothes every day, her peaceful existence is shattered by the appearance of a man, naked and injured, mute and without memory, running from the King s lieutenant Darzid and the soulless Zhid who come from another world.Grudgingly, she helps him, discovering enough to make her sure he is not a horse thief, and soon steps over the line from helping him to get rid of him to activily choosing to assist him, determined that this man would not go the same way as Karon But what she learns about the man s origins opens up a whole new sleigh of questions, and creates in her a cruel hope Son of Avonar is told from Seri s perspective, and jumps back and forth in time as she tells the story of her past and what happened to Karon whose fate we learn early on and the present day and her journey with the stranger This is the perfect way to tell this story, and I don t think a linear narrative would have worked at all It s also very important to know about Seri s past in understanding her present She s a strong, intelligent woman who uses her skill with words where others use brute force I loved that in Jennifer Fallon s Second Sons Trilogy, and it s used well here too.The world Berg has created here is very real It s also very cruel but that, too, is a part of the story I had the same feeling of tension I felt while reading Outlander, caused by the knowledge that awful things do happen to these people, that friends are enemies and love can be split asunder It s not that the plot is complicated it s not, though it is original and extremely well dished out but the characters are what drive the story There s rather a lot of detail, again like Gabaldon it makes me impatient, especially towards the end However, it s rarely superfluous, so I couldn t skip any or I would lose the plot My main quibble is that, in telling the story of Seri s past and how she met and came to love Karon, and their short marriage before he is discovered, I would have liked evidence It s not that I doubt their love, I just wanted to feel it I think that in the next two books I will get that, but since so much hinges on the relationship between Seri and Karon, I think taking the time to really explore the depths of their love for each other, rather than sort of skim over it or tell us it is so, would have made this a truly satisfying read.

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    I can t say how much I loved this book Carol Berg s writing style is fantastic, and you can t help but fall in love with Seri and Karon The author establishes the reader s interest in the present then cuts back to Seri s past and develops her changes and growth from a young woman, through love and tragedy, intercut with the present and the mysterious new sorcerer in her life Carol Berg cleverly reminds you of the years as they pass through the past, giving a countdown to the inevitable tragedy, and even though you know what is coming you still hope that it can be averted This is a fantastic read

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    I usually am completely in love with Carol Berg, but this book isn t doing it for me The characters are sharp and interesting, the plot is full of adventure and spicy twists and turns, the setting is full of danger and intrigue.but the story itself starts ten years after a big occurence and then spends than half of the book explaining the background It s really awesome that the author spent the time to come up with a detailed history for this world, but I don t necessarily want to read everything about it I think this is going to be the first time in my life I don t finish all her books in the series Please, Carol Berg, in the future give me less background and plot

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    The novel starts with a bang I look forward to finishing this series.

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    I actually read this a couple of years ago, but I just did a reread relisten in preparation for finishing the series.I always love Berg s characters and emotions they are vivid and engaging and the general atmosphere she creates OTOH, with every book I find plot holes or plot points that I simply don t buy So I think plotting is her weakness, but since I care about character than plot I am willing to overlook them.The narrator of this first book in the series, Angele Masters, is very good, and she s a fine teller of the tale Be warned, though, that the rest of the series has multiple narrators which irritates the heck outta me.

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    Son of Avonar is an amazing fantasy, written in a Lord of the Rings style but with its own special twist The descriptions are amazing, and the characters are detailed enough that you want to stay with them for another three or four books It is a little hard to get into at first, but once you pass the first couple of chapters it s than worth it The way Carol Berg combines two storylines about the same person while keeping the reader gripped on both is marvelous, and she flows smoothly from one story to the other Anyine who enjoys fantasy will love this novel.

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    Not as good as her recent Lighthouse books, but it was a good solid fantasy with an interesting protagonist Kept me sufficiently distracted from annoying people on the daily bus commute and from this wretched sniffing sneezing cold I ll agree with another reviewer that names are a problem in this series excessive Z s, V s and apostrophes in the foreign names and a typical French root for domestic aristocracy and Italian root for peasantry Not saying I could come up with anything better, but it does strike me as silly enough that it dampens the threat of the antagonists a bit.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was unusual, in that it was a fantasy book written from a first person point of view I enjoyed the detail and texture that the first person narrator brings to the story All the characters are rich in personality, revealing many different layers through out the story I must admit that I did not like the ending, but that I think is personal choice and not a writing flaw.

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