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    I received a free copy of Wrapped Up in You This has in no way influenced my review which is honest and unbiased Wrapped Up in You brought me back to the merry gang of Heartbreaker Bay, and it was so good Ivy had always been in the background when it came to the group of friends And now, I understand that so very well.Kel is a new addition, he s Caleb s hot cousin, and he started out just as big an enigma as Ivy was Closed off, a little bit stand offish, but with a soft, strong heart.I enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters, and I have several quotes I can use for my TTHH on the blog, as well as for my Safe Sexy I may have to wait a while to use them, though, as it s still a while until this novel is released.If you re looking for a story where there s hot romance, strong friendships, and a big dilemma that could break everything that had just started to be built, this novel is for you

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    Great addition to this series

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    I received this arc for an honest review I absolutely loved this book It took me 3 days to read it because I ve been so busy ,I really hated every time I had to put it down It s got all the feels, I laughed, I cried and I got angry ,then sad at the different situations and best of all it has a happily ever after too The chemistry between Ivy and Kel was sizzling and the slowburn was tantalizing I ve only read the first book in this series but can be read as a a standalone I need to catch up with the previous books now to see what I ve missed though I f you like Bella Andre or Melissa Foster this author is probably for you too

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    Ivy Snow and Kal O Donnel wow is all I can say Opposites attract Learning how to trust Both have pasts that taught them to not trust Both needed to learn how to forgive Both had huge issues to put to bed instead of each other and let s hope they learn how Jill seriously knows how to put words on paper my heart is still racing Love this book

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    4.5 stars

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    You know how sometimes a book hits all of your personal preferences to the point where you almost feel like it was meant for you That was this book for me I m ambivalent about Jill Shalvis sometimes her prose varies from clever and cozily relatable to just kind of sloppily written in my opinion, and her characters and their friendships and romantic relationships with one another often feel undefined and indistinguishable for me, with almost every hero, heroine and their stories starting to seem identical from one book to the next I can t get as invested in the recurring, ever expanding group of friends featured in these Heartbreaker Bay books as I d hoped because so many of these characters seem to have the exact same personalities and interact in the exact same ways with one another to the point where they all just kind of blend together So clearly some of Jill Shalvis s books, and particularly in this series, are a miss for me But when her books DO hit with me, they lift my mood and spirits like almost no other novels ever, and I m very happy to report that that was the case with Wrapped Up in You The hero, Kel, is a law and order , tough sheriff type with a sharp mind and previously broken but still extremely kind heart He s outdoorsy a weirdly big plus for me don t ask , insightful, honorable, hardworking, slyly funny, and had me wondering where I can find a guy just like him in real life Kel, as a distinctly flawed yet undeniably wonderful man, stood in such favorable contrast to another romance novel I just read which featured a so called hero who acted like a semi sociopath for the majority of the novel It s such a pleasure to see Shalvis bucking this trend by continuing to give us heroes who are imperfect yet still men we can actually love, root for and daydream about The heroine, Ivy, was a lot like my other favorite Shalvis heroines tough, fiercely independent and kind of prickly due to her trust issues yet loving, loyal, generous and passionate She runs a food truck that specializes in amazing Mexican food, which is a plus for me since 1 that s my favorite type of cuisine and 2 I continue to respect how Jill Shalvis gives her heroines varied skills and jobs that run the gamut from blue collar to white collar but are all relatable as opposed to the billionaire heiresses, glamorous supermodels or Most Famous Actress Ever heroines we get in some other romances The thing that made Ivy stand out for me was her very interesting backstory she had to be a rootless chameleon by necessity, always moving on physically and emotionally before forming real ties, so watching her trust her true self and others enough to commit to a permanent life and love was really gratifying Anyway, like a lot of novels by this and other romance authors, the book is essentially about the hero and heroine overcoming past scars and trust issues en route to coming to terms with who they truly are and what who they truly want We all love and relate to those themes, but sometimes they play out in the form of endlessly repetitive, circular conversations and rambling internal monologues because there s very little actual plot Thankfully, Wrapped Up in You has a real story about how Ivy s past and her family ties may now put her in direct conflict with our law enforcement hero I don t want to spoil anyone so will avoid delving into details, but I found it a nice change from the usual plots or glaring LACK of plots we get in a lot of romance novels So the hero is an all time favorite, I love and admire the heroine, some of the dialogue and prose is among Shalvis s very best, and this book had of an actual and somewhat unique plot than what we find in many romance novels Most importantly, it s an extraordinarily warmhearted, funny, quietly insightful book that s genuinely inspiring without veering into cheesiness and sexy without being excessively explicit The tagline is deceptively simple but fitting Trust me It s love Watching these people learn to trust themselves, each other and the beautiful, scary, jumbled but glorious mess known as love was one of the best reading experiences I ve had in several months

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    I enjoy the Heartbreaker Bay series for many reasons It takes place in San Francisco The demographics is amazing rich and poor, straight and LGBT, young and old, Friends and family I will also admit that some of the stories are better than others But this one is the best Wrapped Up in You has become my ultimate favorite The main characters are newcomers Ivy has been there about a year selling amazing tacos from a not so legal taco truck Kel is a by the book sheriff on leave after a dirty deputy tried killing him in Idaho She is a survivor, one of the few to make it after a terrible childhood He was raised by his loving grandparents in Idaho since he was dumped off by his mom She has nothing and he was left everything.From day one there is chemistry, hot tacos are a conversation starter, dares get the temperatures rising Him being a cop is a conversation stopper Resistance is futile We have no control over who we love Thankfully for the reader neither Ivy or Kel realize that they should surrender to love Their journey is bumpy Their walls are thick Family is complicated The Heartbreaker Bay series is a community of great characters Revisiting them is always a pleasure In Wrapped Up in You they are quite active in trying to influence love They don t just give a coin to toss in the fountain They give love and support More importantly they give acceptance throughout the story making me love the characters even but not as much as Ivy and Kel Take a trip to San Francisco Enjoy the sites Meet the citizens and fall in love with Ivy and Kel.

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    Having grown up constantly on the move, Ivy Snow is content to finally be grounding herself in San Francisco with her successful taco truck Then the sexy as sin Kel O Donnell comes to town and Ivy Snow can hardly resist his charm and their natural attraction to one another But Kel is only temporary and Ivy isn t even sure that she deserves the kind of long lasting love that all of her friends have.Jill Shalvis is an auto buy auto read author for me She is truly a master of fun, sexy small town romances and her Heartbreaker Bay series is no exception Though not my favorite installment, Wrapped Up In You offers plenty of swoony worthy moments, a stubborn female protagonist, and a sexy male love interest who knows how to get past her walls This installment is also just Christmassy enough without being too Christmassy, so if you don t celebrate the holiday, it ll still warm you up during the winter months.The only issue that I have with small town romances, including Jill Shalvis books, is that characters from previous stories are so happy to have found their true loves that they re almost out of character in later installments Sadie from book 7 is extremely dopey and gushy here, though she had some serious emotional issues to overcome in her own story While I m glad she s happy now that she s found her soulmate, I felt like she wasn t the same person I had just read about before.

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    Kel and Ivy are one great couple Plus it was great to catch up with all of our favorite characters from Heartbreaker Bay Kel is helping out his cousin Caleb while Kel recuperates from a work injury Plus he was totally blindsided by his partner when he found out she was a dirty cop.Ivy is attempting to plant roots since she fell in love with San Francisco as soon as she ended up there and wants to make a life for herself there She has a successful taco food truck, lots of friends, whom she keeps at a distance of course, and a brother who comes and goes in her life on the regular Kel has major trust issues and knows when Ivy is withholding information from him However when she does come forward with something, he doesn t believe her Ivy is heartbroken, distraught, and feeling very lonely Ivy finally opened herself up and it go thrown back into her face Can Kel find out the truth and make things right before it is too late Will Ivy have it in her to forgive him and realize that her friends have her back, always Kel and Ivy are hot and heavy and have an instant attraction and connection but neither really know what to do with it Can the both overcome their pasts and find that they are meant to be with each other Do their wishes from the wishing well come true

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Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay, #8) download Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay, #8) , read online Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay, #8) , kindle ebook Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay, #8) , Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay, #8) 29b2fa545800 It S Love Trust Me After A Lifetime On The Move, Ivy Snow Is An Expert In All Things Temporary Schools, Friends, And Way Too Many Mr Wrongs Now That She Owns A Successful Taco Truck In San Francisco And An Apartment To Call Home, Ivy S Reinvented Life Is On Solid Ground And She S Guarded Against Anything That Can Rock It Like The Realities Of A Past She S Worked Hard To Cover Up And Especially Kel O Donnell Too Hot Not To Set Off Alarms, He Screams Temporary If Only His Whispers Weren T So Delightfully Naughty And IrresistibleKel, An Idaho Sheriff And Ranch Owner, Is On Vacay, But Ivy S A Spicy Reason To Give His Short Terms Plans A Second Thought Best Of All, She S A Tonic For His Untrusting Heart, Burned Once And Still In Repair But When Ivy S Past Intrudes On A Perfect Romance, Kel Fears That Everything She S Told Him Has Been A Perfect Lie Now, If Only Ivy S Willing To Share, Kel Will Fight For A True Love Story