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[Reading] ➷ Master of the Game Author Sidney Sheldon – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Master of the Game, meaning Master of the Game, genre Master of the Game, book cover Master of the Game, flies Master of the Game, Master of the Game f32f9ecde92cf One Of Sidney Sheldon S Most Popular And Bestselling Titles, Repackaged And Reissued For A New Generation Of Fans Kate Blackwell Is One Of The Richest And Most Powerful Women In The World She Is An Enigma, A Woman Surrounded By A Thousand Unanswered Questions Her Father Was A Diamond Prospector Who Struck It Rich Beyond His Wildest Dreams Her Mother Was The Daughter Of A Crooked Afrikaaner Merchant Her Conception Was Itself An Act Of Hate Filled Vengeance At The Extravagent Celebrations Of Her Ninetieth Birthday, There Are Toasts From A Supreme Court Judge And A Telegram From The White House And For Kate There Are Ghosts, Ghosts Of Absent Friends And Of Enemies Ghosts From A Life Of Blackmail And Murder Ghosts From An Empire Spawned By Naked Ambition Sidney Sheldon Is One Of The Most Popular Storytellers In The World This Is One Of His Best Loved Novels, A Compulsively Readable Thriller, Packed With Suspense, Intrigue And Passion It Will Recruit A New Generation Of Fans To His Writing

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    I know what you re thinking How can you possibly rate this soap opera of a novel as highly as The Bell Jar You have lost all credibility now that you ve included pseudo romance novels on your goodreads list All I can say is, this book is the literary equivalent of crack Sidney Sheldon is a surprisingly talented writer, and the plot twists are many and dramatic You might throw your copy against a wall in frustration over a character s actions You will definitely lose sleep when you obsessively stay up all night reading just one chapter It s just addicting A definite beach book, but not so trashy that you d feel guilty reading it in public In fact, you might even read it than once.I have recommended Master of The Game to all kinds of readers and everyone has adored it Even macho guys Even snobby scholars Even so called nonreaders who never venture further than Us Weekly I was finally able to wean my grandma off Lavyrle Spencer with this A hipster friend braved ridicule at Skylight books so she could buy her own copy because of course I demanded mine back My sister bought the German translation because she misses it while living in Europe.Ok, so maybe this isn t exactly on par with Salinger But if the definition of a good book is one you love reading, this comes pretty close.

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    WHAT THE HELL DID I READ WILL SOMEONE TELL ME I am speechless,this book is absoultely BRILLIANT Too good for words I have never in my life read such kind of book I don t have any idea how in living hell am I gonna review this book because I don t think I am capable enough or good enough with words to describe what I went through while reading it or what I am feeling after completing it This book is truely entertaining and it s a kind of book which you get to read once in 10 years It s a saga of a billionare family including it s 5 generations The Blackwell family is a hideous f amily who are the richest in the world and is full of dark secrets,murders,thefts Evey member of this family has it s own story and every member has it s own secret to share The characters were both ambitious and desperate to get what they wanted.Nothing seemed like a limit in this book,nothing seemed wrong,whether it was Jamie using someone for revenge or Kate sleeping with someone for the sake of business or Evie killing someone for money.Every character wanted,needed money,power and control The way book started with Jamie Mcgregor s quest in searching diamonds in Africa,the way he overcame every obstacle in his path was just brilliantly written This book shows the desperate attempts of Kate Blackwell in making KrugerBrent the topmost company of USA and inorder to do so she did things which are shocking,ugly,mean and certainly rendered me speechless.I was out of mind in my attempt to complete this book.The characters were toooooo awesome,specially the characters of George Mellis and Evie just blew my mind OMG is what I could say at every turn in this book Normally books have good storyline with pinch of romance,drama and suspense perhaps but this book is just one of it s kind.A book with everything,it was an overwhelming experience reading this book.

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    Master of the Game, Sidney SheldonMaster of the Game is a novel by Sidney Sheldon, first published in hardback format in 1982 Spanning four generations in the lives of the fictional McGregor Blackwell family, the critically acclaimed novel spent four weeks at number one on the New York Times Best Seller List, and was later adapted into a 1984 television miniseries 2002 1380 9644422945 684 20 1368 592 1369 1376 1378 1380 1387 20 1371 581 20

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    Business is a game, played for fantastic stakes, and you re in competition with experts If you want to win, you have to learn to be a master of the game This is the first Sheldon s book I read and I want to applaud Not only it s unputdownable but also unpredictable book What can I say The writing style is superb Every chapter does not end with the cliff hanger, but it end with the twist The story is very well planed Master of the Game told the story of the Mcgregor, the Diamond trading family From the poor to very wealthy and powerful family of the world You guys will gone through sine the father generation Jamie Mcgregor till his daughter Kate Mcgregor who is the lead of this bookWanna know abt the MC Kate Mcgregor is such a character I hate and love Seriously, she is the MOST manipulative female character I ever met Her greedy ambition for power made her cruel in my eyes, but this lady is also intelligent that made me applaud for her out loud She is the master of her life, her game She manipulate people s life, her family, and even her beloved ones But that s it, I did enjoy to read about her She is such a strong powerful bussiness woman I want to be.If you don t mind tiny romance and love clever anti heroine and well planed plot full of the twists, READ IT I highly recommend

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    By reading this novel, I understood what is a page turner This soap opera style story is not my thing, but I managed to finish the novel pretty quick.I read this novel in my younger days and I don t dare to read this book nowadays It is one of the I would like this book better at my younger age book with the standard television drama show plots This book was a good novel and I could still remember the main plot I was charmed by the storytelling for a reader with no reading preference yet.

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    Erm. This was my first Sheldon novel when I was still in the idea that he was a she I m still perplexed as to whether put this as a book which I love to hate or hate to love.I was wildly cheering for Jamie all though his doomed to fail crazy plan to steal the Van der Merve diamonds with Banda.And then he did a total 180 degree on Margaret and became an misdirectedly cruel and vengeful sadist.It was similar with Kate I liked her when she risked everything for her friendship with Banda But all along, she was calculative and manipulative.Poor Tony, her son, falling victim to her deliberate ruses And I refuse to consider the evil spawn Eve, no matter how ingenious she was..Guess what I m trying to say is that I got so swept away with the story and that s what makes it a 4 star read Even though it s a book that I hate love whatever

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    I first read this book when I was 12 years old I had nothing to read one Friday night, so borrowed this from my Mum s bookshelf, without asking her I started reading and from the prologue onwards I was completely hooked I huddled under my duvet, with a torch, unable to put it down and had finished it by Sunday I was completely mesmorised by the sheer scope of the material the locations, the exciting adventures of Jamie and Banda and their tentative yet heartfelt friendship I felt sorry for Margaret, punished because of her father s mistakes and felt sad when little Jamie died because of his father s mistakes I loved the way Kate carried on her father s legacy and managed to make it in a man s world Yet I hated how she manipulated her own son because he wanted to do something different with his life The only characters I didn t really like were the twins Eve, a typical bitch and Alex, a typical doormat I didn t feel they were as interesting as their predecessors Of course the romance scenes were also a little lost on me, at the time, but on the whole I totally loved this book and I heartily recommend it It started me reading adult books, as Sweet Valley High never had the same appeal after this I ve read it many times since and it never loses its appeal and the story always feels fresh The mini series is also surprisingly faithful to the story, as many are not, so I d recommend that too once you ve read the book.

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    Kate Blackwell s empire was spawned by pure ambition and greed, and she oscillates in my mind as proud, self obsessed woman all in shades of grey Sidney Shelton s heroines have always been ruthless, powerful, ambitious and brainy Kate s nothing short of this combination This deadly woman goes around shuffling the cards of her own family members to fuel her naked ambition Story of passion, manipulation, hardships and betrayal There are logic holes and no apparent reason why the characters of the plot behave in a irrational way, but the pace with the story traveled kept me hooked Once readable.

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    Sheldon s story of big business, lust, greed, and revenge spans four generations, starting with Jamie McGregor, who leaves Scotland in 1850 to strike it rich in the diamond fields of South Africa He overcomes many hardships, becomes a millionaire, and starts the Kruger Brent company His daughter, Kate, pushes the company until it becomes a world wide conglomerate, and moves her headquarters to America To her chagrin, her son Tony wants to be a painter, not a businessman His twin daughters, Alexandra and Eve, are as different as can be One of them may be a killer The book is absolutely riveting, with Jamie s adventures putting him in a new danger on every page Kate, the so called Master of the Game, spends most of her ninety years buying and manipulating everyone in her path, in her relentless search for a worthy corporate successor.The author moves from scene to scene, from tragedies to triumphs and back again, at a breakneck pace with only the barest attention paid to character development and plausibility While I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story, it started to seem a bit melodramatic and predictable This book is pure brain candy, all fun with no substance Similar to a night time TV soap, you can predict what is going to happen, you know it is wildly improbable, but yet it has just the right mixture of intelligence, ruthlessness, and intrigue to keep you coming back More of Purplycookie s Reviews Book Details Title Master of the Game Author Sidney Sheldon Reviewed By Purplycookie

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    What a book 100 years of Blackwell family history felt like I ve read several awesome books Great story

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