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    A logophile in true sense and without missing the crux of what she wants to express express feelings and emotions everyone of us can relate to Absolutely loved it The sections Volumes and Reflections are something worth reading than once Cannot miss this book of poetry and word play.

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    loved it

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    For me, poetry is much than just words and thoughts, it is a special, unique language and music of words that appeals to the most delicate strings of the soul I got great pleasure from Between The Lines Volumes of Words Unspoken by C line Zabad and it will stay with me forever C line certainly has the talent and not only the talent of the writer, but also a unique gift to deeply feel the world in which we live and share her feelings and thoughts through delightful poems They are all different in meaning and in emotional content, but they all give food to the each soul and it is priceless

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    True and touchingThe book describes such intimate feelings into words It spoke to me as if one soul is speaking to the other I know you love words.Do not fall for them listen to the tone of action behind them If they move you just as much, then by all means fall.Fall Hard logophile

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    Melted When I started this book, I was a different person and after reading this book I am a different person The life facts were brought into picture perfectly in very simple words Whatever I write and term it as review wouldn t do justice to the depth of the book A must read, if you re going through heart break or being depressed

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    GorgeousThis is a beautiful moving collection of poems and I adore each and every one The descriptive language is gorgeous and left me overwhelmed with emotions, always a sign of good words.

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    2.5 So my favorite part of this book was the volumes section I definitely enjoyed those poems and found them much easier to read I didn t connect much with this and sometimes found the sentences confusing and had to re read them This wasn t bad it just wasn t for me.

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    I didn t expect this book to touch me I have been on a quest for good poetry by new authors and I FINALLY pick up a book of this new era of insta and tumblr poetry that is satisfying right when I was about to give up With a few exceptions, your work and you deserve attention compared to the current best selling authors of the same genre that are not ever worth mentioning Your poems are smart, inspiring, they have structure, they have flow, they have rhythm, they have vivid imagery, they have simplicity and I haven t found myself bookmarking and underlining so much in a modern poetry book before Some of the poems and phrases, however could have been joined together very well to make long, memorable poems For some, I felt as if I had read them before But overall effective and inspiring writing.

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Between The Lines download Between The Lines , read online Between The Lines , kindle ebook Between The Lines , Between The Lines f3a6041f7ed7 How Does One Describe A Feeling Some Say There Are No Words That Can Perfectly Reproduce One S Feelings In Another But Poetry Comes Close Written With Incredible Honesty And Self Knowledge, Between The Lines Is A Stunning Collection Of Poems From C Line Zabad Ranging In Length From A Single Line To Full Pages, Her Poems Mimic At Once The Brevity And Vastness Of Feeling Her Verse Is At Times As Free As A Cloud, Other Times As Solid As Stone Her Words Are Philosophies And Feelings In Their Own Rights, On Love, Loss, Loyalty, Betrayal, Hope, And Disappointment On Life Zabad Encapsulates The Thrill Of Love S First Blush And The Freezing Burn Of Heartbreak Her Feelings Flow Freely Throughout The Collection, Lending Her Poetry Uncommon Authenticity And Power Nature Thrives Between The Lines Of Her Verse, Reminding The Reader That Tears Are As Natural As Raindrops Whether You Re Looking For New Ways To Think About Your Own Feelings Or Are Simply Passionate About Poetry, You Ll Find Plenty To Love In This Collection To Better Understand The Complexities Of Emotion In Yourself And Others, You Must Read Between The Lines