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    Whenever I m not feeling a strong connection with the monthly First Read picks, I usually opt for the children s book option And this month was no exception.While I enjoyed most of the illustrations in this book, I didn t feel a strong connection to the story For me, it didn t really have a clear message or direction for kids I also felt like it was a little too wordy, and that the wording was perhaps a tad too high level Not my favorite children s book but it was cute.

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    Great illustrations, cute storyBest part of this book The illustrations They re so dynamic and show movement and excitement They emphasized the story of the boy who imagines he is a tiger in all of his daily activities And I especially enjoyed the little animal toys scattered through each page It was fun to try to find them all, playing with him in all his adventures.I will say that it seemed a bit wordy for a small children s book Some pages had several long paragraphs describing how the tiger boy acted I just expected something a bit shorter, not that the text is bad or too much I actually would have liked to see a few pages to add illustrations Could have done that and split some of the longer passages between pages to draw it out .Anyway, it s a cute story with imagination and a sweet ending

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    The tiger illustrations were much better than the text.

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    I received this as a Kindle First Reads book for August 2019.The first thing I noticed about this book based on the cover alone is that, although I like the artwork, it s because it reminds me distinctly of Calvin Hobbes in both style and color choices, particularly in combination with the tiger theme it might be a boy in a tiger suit instead of a boy and his imaginary tiger friend, but the parallel is still unmistakably there I am not sure whether this is a coincidence, a nod, or a ripoff.So, I was immediately turned off by that But, I thought I d give it a chance because maybe the story itself will save it.It did not save it sigh Okay This book is trying very hard and I think it s a work of love and it had potential, but it didn t work for me.The way I saw it, the basic story is about a little boy finding escapism in being a tiger because he doesn t want to behave That s pretty much what I got out of it I don t have kids so I can t really say how a parent might feel about that message, but as an adult in general, I wasn t too into it From a child s perspective, I am not sure there is much to hold their interest.Overall, I found this book difficult to read and pay attention to, for these reasons 1 Another reviewer stated that he felt the areas where san seriff font was used fell flat, especially for a children s book, and I have to agree because a it was incongruous and felt like I was reading a business letter overlayed onto a comic book, b this specific san seriff font made my eyes feel like wandering despite how short this book is, it took me a really long time to finish it because I couldn t concentrate on the font , and c why use that at all when you already have a interesting font that is used on every page for the little catchphrase or if you wanted to save the special font for the catchphrase why not use a simpler sariff font for the rest 2 The cadence feels like it s supposed to rhyme, but it doesn t I kept having to reread things over and over because I couldn t retain it and things weren t connecting.3 It feels a little patronizing because it crosses the border from whimsical and child like into, well, inane I realize this is a children s book and sometimes inane works for that, like with Dr Seuss, whose writing and artwork I have never been a fan of even as a child , but I can at least understand the appeal it might have to others I wasn t into it where this book was concerned.Honestly, points 2 and 3, along with a few other oddities I ll talk about below, made me wonder if this was translated by a non native English speaker from another language into English, as these are exactly the kind of oddities and unnatural wording choices that can result from that Having looked at the author s profile on , I am now convinced of that than ever.Other points of interest for me include The oddly gory reference when the boy sits down to have breakfast in his tiger suit and reaches for blood, but corrects it to orange juice I wasn t sure what it s implying, like is it human blood he is referring to Tigers eat meat because they are carnivores, but they don t generally attack people as far as I know OR drink blood animal OR human , and even if they did why would this little boy even think about stuff like that It just sent my mind to weird places and felt gross.The inconsistencies over what is tiger and what is not were very distracting for me His appetite being a tiger appetite as a metaphor for how hungry he is makes sense because we can imagine tigers having a voracious appetite I would concede that even describing his coat and hat when he goes outside as tiger coat and tiger hat make sense because they were drawn to look like a tiger, so it could be taken literally to describe the clothing items.However, describing his cereal as tiger flakes does not make sense because there is no such thing as cornflakes for tigers, nor is there anything tiger y about his cornflakes unless it was trying to reference Frosted Flakes which does have a tiger as a mascot, but that seems too obtuse Or, fiery breath is not a tiger thing, that s a dragon thing, so that made no sense to me.This happens several times throughout where tiger is or other descriptors are appended to words like a metaphor or literal description, except that it can t be taken metaphorically or literally because either the item doesn t look like a tiger or it can t be related back to tigers to generate a successful metaphor.Or, it s inconsistent in sometimes calling something tiger, but not always such as when referencing his parents, who are referred to as both mom and dad but later as Tiger Mom and Tiger Dad or things that I thought were opportunities to describe as tiger but were not.Finally, the end is confusing He climbs into bed with this parents to sleep, but when you turn to the last page he is somehow back in his den his own bedroom with no explanation I get that it s bringing us back to the first pages to sort of close out his day and show that he wakes up and goes to sleep in his den, but it makes no sense because he crawled into bed with his parents and it s implied that he slept there and there is no transition from his parents bed to his den.

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    The tiger a child in a costume doesn t like to take baths, brush hair or teeth, and gets into a bit of mischief There s good imagination in the story I love the use of orange and blue in the illustrations It was a good book because children like to pretend they are something else, such as an animal It s fast paced, easy to read, and entertaining This was an August First Reads book, which is how I discovered it.

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    Story about a tiger boyThe illustrations are beautiful The story is so cute and simple as well as linear I could see myself reading this to kids and having many different part of the story where I can read this with lots of animation It ends well A series can easily be made with animal children

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    Very creative, very cute I really thought I was a tiger.Great illustration and very creative storytelling I would recommend this book for any child or any adult with a young adventurous child to read it to.

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    Fantastic history.My little girl love it Its easy to read the graphics are so pretty and it shows love, patience and dedication from the tigers mom and dad to his tiger son who likes to make some naughty adventures throughout the day.

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    this was my august first reads because if you re bored of the selection of The Same Thriller Book Again then go for the children s book.i loved the flow of the illustrations but the text was a weird one for me, perhaps because it s a translation

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    A tiger s dayThis book is about a little tiger s day It shares his experiences from getting up going to bed Those experiences are what every child has done while growing up The book could be a good book to read at bedtime.

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A Tiger Like Me summary pdf A Tiger Like Me , summary chapter 2 A Tiger Like Me , sparknotes A Tiger Like Me , A Tiger Like Me d657a49 Life Is Fun When You Re A Tiger Like Me A Little Boy Um, No, A Tiger Tells Us All About What He Gets Up To On An Ordinary Day How He Wakes Up In His Tiger Den, What He Eats For Breakfast At His Feeding Spot, And How Little Tigers Feel When They Are Wide Awake, Hungry, Thirsty, Or In The Mood For Adventures But At Night, Even The Wildest Of Tigers Is Happy To Curl Up In Bed With Tiger Mom And Tiger Dad And Become A Cuddly Little Tiger CubWith Warm Illustrations And Playful Text, This Delightful Story First Published In Germany Shows Just How Sweet Life Can Be For A Little Tiger

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • A Tiger Like Me
  • Michael Engler
  • 18 August 2019
  • 9781542044561

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Tiger Like Me book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Engler author readers around the world.