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    Because I love you, I said Because you are in my life like the music at the edge of silence 3 stars for the serial killer plot4 stars for the action and resolution And 10 stars for the continuing story of Robert Parker and his wife, Joan After about 1978, everything is about Parker s worship of Joan, her cancer and change in personna, and the breakdown and eventual, happy restructuring of their marriage Okay, here goes Buckle your seat belts.The Spenser Show that Robert Walter Mitty Parker created, and we all love so much, has become the Susan and Spenser Show In real life, the Robert and Joan Show and I find it fascinating and poignant I even find myself rushing through some Spenser action sequences to get back to Spenser and Susan I see here many reviews and reviewers with disdain for Susan I get it I love the action man Spenser, hard and smart and bursting with integrity Great stuff.But as Parker s marriage broke down, so did his heroes in fiction Spenser s worship of Susan was wonderful, because it expanded him as a character and as a human being, and I suspect for Parker, too, that loving Joan who appears in the dedications almost every book filled him with joy and life.For us, around book 8 A Savage Place, things began to break down I understand now that Joan had an affair in real life, as did Spenser in the book That Parker had his Spenser take on this affair in fiction, is extraordinary, and the results are actually quite courageous.Joan left Parker for a while, for reasons I might someday research For now, we experience the breakdown in A Savage Place book 8 through to A Catskill Eagle book 12 All this through Parker s eyes, through his pain and fear and confusion and struggle It s clear that Joan in real life needed something that was missing, or she was selfish and arrogant, or Parker failed her or for some other reason we may never know For Spenser, it was something missing in him, too, falling for Candy.When Candy is lost, something dies in Spenser I am sure in Parker s life too, something died inside him The books become a way for Parker to express his struggle, his deep needs, and his growth and maturing life This pain of loss, and joy of Joan continued until the day he died In The Widening Gyre and Valediction the breakdown deepens and Susan leaves Spenser, reflecting Joan s leaving Parker in real life The desolation of a strong, self confident man is apparent in these books We know that Parker IS Spenser.And in A Catskill Eagle we see Spenser Parker taking on the dragon, ready to sacrifice all to recover part of himself, his Joan Susan Parker, through Spenser, relinquishes all laws and rules to reach his Joan Susan His Spenser becomes a brutal murderer, with many innocent or mostly innocents injured or killed Perhaps this reflects something of his behaviour in real life Since there is no biography of Parker yet, we can only speculate and extrapolate from Spenser Susan into real life.In Taming a Sea horse and Pale Kings and Princes we see some fabrication, some self lies about his marriage, through Spenser s thoughts We see a brave face while his heart adapts, but never fully recovers.In Crimson Joy, we see a straightforward serial killer plot, adequately done in the first half, but not thrilling Because it s Spenser, it s better than average and the thoughts of the serial killer are, thankfully, mostly infrequent The second half of the book picks up well, along with the relationship thread, too.We discover in this novel, Crimson Joy, THREE coincidences, stated below the spoiler tag, which are pretty obvious and highly unlikely Spenser hates coincidences, never believes in them, so Why would Parker to this I believe he uses this structure to explore his new, maturing relationship with Joan, to allow her views and needs to change him, and to show those changes continuing to develop through the dialogue in this novel Each of the novels since Ceremony has shown this struggle, and now I read the books not only for fun with Spenser the admirable thug, but through to Spenser the caring heart He has no choice, after all.We also see Susan changing, becoming honest with herself, discovering what she needs to live, and what she can sacrifice for her Spenser This is an ongoing process.Parker uses Susan s therapy sessions, the limitations of doctor patient privilege, and the choices a doctor must make to protect not only their patient, but society at large This also impacts the therapist, her life partner, and the legal system.The bottom line Spenser is the alter ego of Parker, and Parker simply cannot fully inhabit his super hero Spenser without a secure and loving relationship with his extraordinary wife, Joan SPOILERS BELOW Coincidences 1 Spenser is brought in to help the investigation, 2 Susan is the killer s therapist, and3 Spenser and Susan are life partners.The setup between the killer, the therapist, her life partner and the law are exploited by Parker here, intentionally It s not meant to be sophisticated, it s meant to be personal There is a hint in the last half of the book that Susan feels the thrill of the chase, just as does Spenser She has her own challenges and risks, her own needs to feel independent and capable, and she finally goes too far The thrill of the chase that Spenser knows and loves, is now reflected in Susan as well, and she only avoids the abyss because Spenser and Hawk restrain her, and force her to accept their protection.She later accepts this Spenser said, You wanted me to insist You wanted me to win the argument Wanted is too simple, Susan said She had shifted her gaze from her martini to the ongoing afternoon outside her kitchen window I wanted and didn t want I needed both my autonomy and your protection By acting the way I did, I managed to have both It s good to see both Spenser and Susan growing, working together to achieve a balance Two very strong, very opinionated and skilled people, learning to live and love together.Thrilling, actually.Note Parker and his wife, Joan, separated at one point but then came to an unusual arrangement They lived in a three story Victorian house just outside of Harvard Square she lived on one floor and he on another, and they shared the middle floor This living arrangement is mirrored in Spenser s private life his girlfriend, Susan, had an aversion to marriage and living together full time Living separately suited them both, although they were fully committed to each other Explaining the arrangement in an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Parker said, I want to make love to my wife for the rest of my life, but I never want to sleep with her again She was the music at the edge of silence Raymond Chandler s letter regarding his dead wifehttp www.lettersofnote.com 2013 07 More here, NY Times Death and the Private EyeAND now, the Ballad of the Sad Chair and How It Was Tamed and Returned to Happy Domestic Life The teller is Joan Parker, the widow of Robert B Parker, the best selling mystery writer who died in January 2010.http www.nytimes.com 2010 07 08 gar The word maroon appears twice in this novel.

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    This isn t a bad mystery In fact, it may be better than I think it is It has a serial killer in it, and I don t like serial killers Nobody likes serial killers, you say Yeah, I know everybody hates them as people But I also hate them as characters I particularly hate them when they come equipped with all the cliches Freudian traumas, symbolic calling cards, their own little internal monologues usually in italics adorning the end of a chapter or two, and their obsession with either the detective himself, the detective s significant other, or both And the serial killer in Crimson Joy has it all.Still, Parker doesn t brood over all the perverse violence, but crafts his narrative deftly and lightly The dialogue is good as usual particularly noteworthy when Spenser goes on a local talk show , and Spencer and Susan s eternal discussion of their relationship which usually irritates me is actually interesting here His professional and personal objectives to solve a crime and keep her safe come into conflict with hers to honor her client s confidences and maintain her autonomy , and the way they maneuver delicately around each other with love and mutual respect is both admirable and instructive.And the final chase and fight on the shore is pretty good too.So give it a try I liked it And if you don t mind serial killers as characters you might like it even than I did.

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    A serial killer who targets black women in their 40 s is leaving a trail of blood and fear in his wake as he terrorizes the female populace in Beantown Private Eye, Spencer is brought in unofficially to help catch the serial killer when the cops fail to cuff the perp shortly after murder turns multiple.Susan, a psychotherapist and Spencer s love interest is also part of the unofficially investigation Once the killer announces himself as being in law enforcement, Spencer and co turn to her for answers of the perps psyche in hopes of stopping him before he strikes again.Unfortunately for Susan, her input into the investigation becomes a little too hands on with her s and Spencer s worlds colliding when it s learnt that the killer may be one of her clients.I ve not read all of the Spencer novels but still found Crimson Joy book 15 to be accessible and easy enough to read as a standalone on its own merits The characters are well written and there is little backstory of relevance given the book focuses heavily on the serial killer with typical and predictable tendencies As far the plot is concerned it s a pretty straight forward serial killer cat and mouse chase with little else coming into play Susan and Spencer s personal relationship adds some depth but really, Crimson Joy doesn t make the grade with the modern day crime fiction My rating 2.5 stars An easy, 1 or 2 sitting read which provides some nice, but short lived entertainment.

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    Serial killers are the cockroaches of crime fiction No matter how many you see, there s always a million Even Robert B Parker doing his updated version of old school detective novels with Spenser couldn t escape the siren call of doing a book about a wacko murderer back in the 80s when the serial killer as villain took over the genre.A psycho has been killing black women and leaving a red rose with the bodies Spenser s police buddy, Quirk, gets a letter from the killer claiming that he is a cop so he d like to get some help from outside the Boston PD Spenser joins the investigation, but things get strange when someone breaks into Susan s house and leaves a red rose Is the killer one of her psychiatric patients The whole issue gives Spenser and Susan an ethical dilemma between her need to protect patient confidentiality against figuring out if the murderer is among them.This is a very meh Spenser book for me Most serial killer stories bore me to tears these days, and the series was always at it s best when Spenser goes up against plain old criminals The killer is one of the 80 s style villains that was extremely common He s got a distinct signature, a pattern that he never breaks, and a domineering mother to give him an instant pop psychology motive.The conflict between Susan s ethical issues as a therapist, and Spenser s concern for her safety is mildly interesting, but the two have started to get very smug about their happy relationship They almost break their arms patting themselves on the back for the way they handle it with a minimum of friction to each other.Probably the most entertaining aspect is when Spenser goes on a talk radio show to try and draw the killer out and spends a painful hour listening to every moron in the Boston area call in with their misinformed opinions and dumbass theories Spenser decides that the whole concept is a forum for public masturbation It s amazing how big the forum got over the next couple of decades.There s also a funny footnote in this era of CSI Even though the killer leaves semen at his crime scenes and it s analyzed for blood type, DNA is never mentioned once How was anyone ever caught before the popularization of the lab geek as hero Next up Spenser shoots some hoops as well as criminals in Playmates.

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    After many Spenser novels and going against mobsters, hitmen, drug kingpins, and terrorists, its good to see him go against a serial killer Even though there was a bit of drama with Susan it didn t effect my enjoyment of this novel.

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    Crimson Joy is the 15th Spenser novel by Robert B Parker The story follows Boston based PI Spenser as he tracks a serial killer the press has dubbed the Red Rose Killer This 1998 release features his girlfriend Susan Silverman, a psychoanalyst who has gotten involved in the case I like the relationship between Spenser and Susan, which seems healthy and genuine In this novel they are both tested by determining where to draw the ethical line between their professions and their relationship It appears one of her patients may be involved in this horrendous case For me, this novel had me experiencing a gamut of various emotions From joy and laughter with some of Spenser s witty comebacks, to admiration of Spenser s expressions of what Susan means to him and why, how they balance each other out, and even fear and sadness relating to some of the characters in the novel I really liked this one and rate it a strong 4 Good series I m not reading them in order, it is not completely necessary The advantage to doing so is that they were written over such a long period of time, where many changes have taken place in our everyday world, especially in technology The reader has to place himself in the current time frame of the novel being read, but it is not difficult for me I am still enjoying the cast of characters and the plot lines Parker came up with Thankfully for us readers, he wrote so many before his death in 2010.

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    I have a hard time giving a Spenser book a two star rating but I came close with this one Just not much to it The ending saved it but still disappointing.Anyone with mommy issues should enjoy this book A psycho killer is stripping, duct taping their mouths and tying up African American ladies He then takes a gun and inserts it into their lower opening and fires the gun He leaves the victim with a red rose laying on top of her Spenser is helping the cops find this serial killer It then turns out that this psycho may be a patient of Susan Silverman, Spenser s girlfriend She too gets a red rose.Lots of Spenser and Susan sitting around talking Not a lot of action or mystery here.

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    Robert Parker is always seeking to extend the boundaries of the conventional private eye story Susan Silverman is present for than just grown up love interest Susan is a psychologist and Parker is clearly interested in psychology.Crimson Joy is not a mystery for many chapters Instead, Parker makes the killer a central character, his mental make up and motivation gradually exposed and explored.Hawk is a presence, humour and smart dialogue play their part but this is essentially a serious book.

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    This almost put me on a reading slump

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    Crimson is the 15th in Parker s lengthy 42 Spenser series and while we ve polished off only a handful so far, we feel pretty intimate with him and lover Susan and sidekick Hawk In this tale, police buddy Lt Quirk is on the hot seat with three dead black woman in their 40 s murdered, with enough calling cards to determine a serial murder spree by the Red Rose killer When Quirk gets a note from the killer that suggests the slayings are the work of a cop, he created a small team of himself, cop Belson, and Spenser and Hawk to work the nearly clueless cases A fourth death occurs, with the usual MO, including male fluids on, but not in, the female black victim When a fifth murder joins the group, and this time the victim s husband confesses to all five killings, the police superiors accept all the credit and close the case but our team smells a rat and keeps on looking Susan and Spenser are soon personally involved, when a red rose is left in psychotherapist Susan s office hallway, and Spenser gets phone calls from the perp Occasionally we get POV narrative from the killer himself, and insight into his childhood abuse that precedes his present day events Our principals soon deduce he might be a patient of Susan s, and the process of closing in and catching the bad guy eventually gathers steam.We enjoyed the story, even though it was not necessarily the most original plot The very real threat mostly to Susan added to the suspense and we were glad to see Quirk et al get their man despite being told to stop work So all in all, another fun entry in a dependably entertaining set.

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